He turned me to Mafia

yes or no

hi this is chapter three im mad cause it was a long time to right

but lets read it babygirls

should she say yes she is worried what if i say no

what would he do if she said no what if shes not ready

y/n: yes i want to

woojin: there is no going back

y/n: what do you mean

woojin: once your mafia you stay mafia

she thinking what if she bail on him what if he kills me

so they got to training her after that it was war in her body

y/n: im ready

woojin: no your not and if you say you are im gonna rip your shit off.

y/n: okay gimmie that gun let me shoot

woojin: just cause you can shoot a gun do not mean your ready

it was silent woojin looked at the time and he was

surprised he was rushing

woojin: oh i gotta go baby

y/n: why its three in the morning?

he did not answer but that made her even more horny

him just standing here in his black button up shirt under his eye

is red his face sparkle in the sunlight his long diamond ear rings

and his red Jeannine pants and his green silk hair to the side

with those hazel eyes and a black mask

she finally got a answer.

woojin: i got mafia stuff to take care of.

y/n: take me with you

woojin: get ready

she put on a short red dress and a black leg strap on

with some black platform black mask they walked to the car

y/n: told you im ready.

woojin: okay shoot that boys mom and take the child

so he gave her the gun and she shot the lady nine times and the little boy cryed and screamed she grabbed the boy.

y/n: SHUT UP

boy: you monster

woojin: very well i got ropes in the trunk tie em up

she got the rope and and tied him up

woojin: oh and some tape

so she put tape on his mouth but she pushed him on the floor

so no one can see him being kidnapp as they drive

so they made it to the mafia house.

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