He turned me to Mafia

il never be the same



woojin pov

as i turn her to mafia she has been feeling week i need her to get well before we go down im not with the weekness now she mafia.

i can get her a anything i can get her a dimond ring

my story is long bu it will make you hum song

my dad left me when i was 8 on my birthday he was not there to celibrate.

he told me he will be back i stood there waiting but he never came. so after a few days my mom went in his office she came out crying so i went in there and i did not know anything i should have cause i was twelve so i seen a lot of stuff like mafia boss meeting so i went to search it up and i was not even sad i had no feeling but when i was in middle school in class thinking what would my dad be doing. so i called him after school and he called hey son hows my little boy and i had to hang up cause i felt weird im already going threw alot. my mom is smoking at the dinner table i tell her to stop but she is drunk and she lost her job we are ganna loose our house if she dont pay thee bills and the rent. so i get a job at nineteen and pay for the house for my mom then i moved out i stared dating and she broke up with me and i came home to see my dad with my old mom. but he said he just needed to get a few things mom cryed and we said nothing but hi how are you good i got this im doing this blah blah my mom asked hows the mfia going my dad said just fine with a little sasyness so my mom went upstairs i was just fine and i was sad cause my girlfriend broke up with me lot of guys make fun of me cause im korean so my dad is leaveing and my mom is sleeping and i lock her house up to be safe i go home to my tiny aparment then i met a friend.

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