He turned me to Mafia

if i see you i kill you


after i made my first friend we became best friends and we trusted each other. so we moved in together and stared to tell our life story and how we are going to do once we paid our money and it got real i told him i was going to take care my mom and try to bail my dad out of prison. he was like why what he do i did not feel like telling him stuff i was going to but i got a call but it was a bad call my dad had got sick badly so he is home resting okay im on my way i we had a nice chat he told me that this is going to be my last chat with him i said to him dad im not doing this you was never there for me but if this is our last chat then okay i- just da-

umm if you die i will be mafia to remeder mom said you were ganna tell me sooner ut i went in your office when i was twelve and i searched it up on my phone an- son listen to me boy if i die you b the goodest my to ya mom okay and if those guys talk about you being korean then shoot em DO YOU HEAR ME HUH yes sir so he layed down and he said this is my last breath and my last word my last word is kill the man that got me sick and he died in his home. so his private nurce told me to leave and i did and went to my mom yelling eomma in her house if you dont know eomma means mom in korean she wass like what i said appa is dead appa means dad in korean. she said so i was mad why are you sad he was not there for you son so he just died in his home you did not come to say goodbye she said cause i had someone kill him then i just went crazy and i said if i see you i kill you crazy bitch and left.

OkAy CoMeNt yUo FAvOrAtE PaRt

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