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Falling for a Hero

By JustWatchMeFly

Action / Romance

Wounded Bird

I sighed for the fifth time during my conversation with my brother, I appreciated his concern but it was getting annoying now.

"I'm on my way home now Tony, stop worrying."

I could hear him shuffling around, must still be in the lab.

"You better not be trying to tell you're just now on the way home, cause that's what it's sounding like. Do you even know what time it is?"

I stopped under a streetlight, shifting my weight from foot to foot.

"Yes, I know what time it is. I had extra hours tonight, but I'm almost back to the apartment, just two more blocks."

He slammed something and angry mumbling was heard.

"Dammit! You are in Gotham city Lisey, you can't just walk home at night. Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

He had a point, Gotham was notorious for its violence, gang related and the more high profile criminals or super villains. Of course there was Batman and Robin, they usually kept things under control but that didn't reassure Tony much.

I had been unsure of coming here in the first place but after seeing how terribly understaffed the hospital here was, taking the transfer offer was an easy choice. All I'd ever wanted to do was help people, make a difference like the rest of my adopted family.

Tony was one of the leading innovators in bio-prosthetics, Bruce, my adopted dad was the foremost in genetics specializing in the impact gamma radiation could have on curing cancer. Aunt Tasha was a Russian Diplomat, Uncle Clint and Uncle Steve were government agents, most of what they did was classified. And Thor and his wife Jane's work in the field of astrophysics was groundbreaking, they were well on the way to a Nobel Prize.

Needless to say, I wanted to make them proud. They'd done so much for me, taking in a mess of a two year old that was just barely alive after the car crash that killed my parents. I know I didn't make it easy all the time, but I grew up with people what made me want to be better. So I became a pediatric nurse, and this offer of a transfer was a big deal for me. I was getting a chance to start from scratch pretty much, the children's department left much to be desired and I was excited to make changes.

But Tony was the only one who was freaking out over it. He overprotective to a fault, always had been and I had had just about enough of it.

Even though I'd been here for almost four months now, Tony still hated the idea of me being here. He called me twice a day and sent me all kinds of self-defense gadgets even though I was red belt in Taekwondo. I could take care of myself but Tony insisted on installing a state-of-the-art security system in my little apartment, it was a sweet gesture but he was smothering me.

"No, that wasn't my plan. Look you've got to stop doing this, I'm fine."

He huffed, and I could just see him crossing his arms and glaring at the phone.

"No, as long as you're walking around Gotham you're not fine! Why can't you just come home?"

Just as I was about to snap at him and tell him just why I wasn't going to do that, I heard a loud crash coming from the alleyway closest to me.

"I'll call you back tomorrow, I've got to go Tony."

I hung up before he could start yelling, and put my phone on silent. Grabbing my pepper spray, I slowly walked over to the dark alley trying to see what had made the noise. It sounded like it came from the fire escape, so I looked up trying to see if anyone was up there. Just as I was about to get out my little pen light to get a better look, two figures fell from the lowest part of the fire escape on to the dumpster.

I jumped at the noise and quickly backed away as one of them rolled off right in front of me. It looked to be a man dressed in some type of dark green uniform with…

Oh crap! Those were question marks, this is one the Riddler's goons.

Just as I was about to take off and forget I heard anything, a hand shot out and grabbed my ankle. Surprised, I squeaked and tried to get him off of me but his grip was like iron. I felt a thrill of fear race through me as he started to stand up, looking at me with a leer.

"You picked the wrong alleyway girly."

Before I could spray him in the eye with pepper, a groan came from the dumpster.

"Why can't you just shut up?"

From the shadowy top of the dumpster, a much smaller person jumped off and landed a kick to the green clad man's head, promptly knocking him out. As the smaller person moved closer, I instantly recognized him as one of the hometown vigilantes that ran around Gotham saving the day. It was Batman's partner Robin, this was the first time I'd ever seen one of them this close. But upon a further look Robin didn't look so good.

He was bleeding in several places, there was a nasty looking cut on his chest. His black eye mask was ripped, a thin gash right above his eyebrow causing a trickle of blood to run down his face. If he wasn't carful it was going to get in his eyes. And he was cradling his left hand, probably sprained his wrist.

He laughed and walked closer to me, limping in just the slightest.

"Why do pretty girls like you always go in dark alleys?"

I smiled in spite of the situation.

"Curious I guess. Whoa, hold on there!"

He stumbled forward and just before he could fall, I caught him. I felt my heart clench, he couldn't be older than fifteen or sixteen and here he was out protecting the city.

"I'm fine, go home. It's not safe to be out at this time of night."

I scoffed and put my arm around him, supporting his weight.

"I don't think so, you need stitches on that cut and your wrist looks like its sprained."

He tried to push me away but hissed in pain when he moved his hand.

"I'm…I'm fine."

I rolled my eyes.

"No you're not. I'm a nurse, I can help you."

There was a second of silence before he sighed.

"Fine, but we need to leave before big green and ugly wakes up."

I shifted my arm to where I was supporting most of his weight.

"Sure, my apartment is right around the corner. I've got stuff there to patch you up."

He didn't respond but let me help him out of the alley and onto the sidewalk, I tried to be gentle and jostle him as little as possible. Slowly we headed towards my building, taking it easy as I didn't want to injure him further.

"So what's your name?"

Surprised I glanced down at him, he hadn't said all that much.

"Oh right, sorry. I'm Annalise Banner, but call me Anna. I guess it would be useless to ask for your name wouldn't it?"

He snorted and shook his head.

"Yeah no, not a chance. You can call me Robin, but I'm guessing you already knew who I was."

I smiled to myself, of course I knew who he was.

"Right, Robin okay. No names I get it. So how old are you?"

He raised a brow at me.

"Really? I'm sixteen."

Hmm so I was right, he was so young to be out doing stuff like this. Looking ahead, I could see my building only a few yards away, we were almost there.

"Just out of curiosity where's Batman? He isn't in another alleyway is he?"

Robin stopped short, his face paling.

"Shit! I forgot all about him."

Frowning I kept going, gently pulling him along with me.

"Language! Now what do you mean you forgot?"

He laughed nervously and started messing with the ripped cape connected to his red uniform.

"I…I didn't tell him I was going on patrol. Bats doesn't know I'm out here."

I rolled my eyes, it figures. All boys were irresponsible and reckless, at least all of the ones I'd ever been in contact with were. Before I could start scolding him we were arrived at my apartment building, and since it was so late the lobby was deserted. So as quickly as I could without hurting him I got us into the ancient creaky elevator. He slumped to the ground and I leaned against the wall wondering just how I get myself into these situations.

As the elevator slowly started making its way to the seventh floor I sank down beside the young hero and sighed. If I knew it wouldn't make things worse I would have hugged him, poor kid looked like he needed one.

I got up as we came to a stop, the doors squeaking open loudly.

"Alright, just a little further now."

Helping him up, I fumbled around for my key, clumsily unlocked the door and hastily turned off the alarm system. After making sure he sat down on my dumpy little couch I rushed to my room to grab my first aid kit, when I came back I stopped and gaped at him.

He was in the process of peeling off his mask and I was pretty dang sure he didn't want me to see him without it. I hesitated for a second, wondering if I should say something or not but the creaky floorboards spoke for me. He whipped around, wide blue eyes staring at me in horror.

Quickly I tried to cover my eyes by holding the first aid kit in front of my face but it was too late, I'd already seen his face.

"Perfect, just perfect!"

For a second it looked like he was contemplating jumping out the window onto another fire escape but then he sighed in defeat and slumped down on the couch. Silently I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand. I frowned when he winced.

"I'm really sorry, about all of this. I won't say anything, I mean what would I say? I have no clue who you are anyways and even if I did I'm really good at keeping secrets. I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Robin remained quiet as I started wrapping his wrist, I was right in thinking he'd sprained it. So as carefully as I could I bound his wrist tightly and had him put on my old brace from when I twisted mine. Just as I was about to grab some disinfectant for his cuts, his uninjured hand darted out and grabbed my arm.

"It's not your fault, I was stupid and took on too many at once. But thanks for doing this Anna, you didn't have to."

I raised a brow and scoffed.

"Yeah right. I'm not the type to just leave when I can do something to help, so yes I did have to."

A crooked grin crossed his face, blue eyes alit with mischief.

"So, you new to Gotham? Cause it's kinda a dumb move to be out on your own this late."

I rolled my eyes.

"I moved here about four months ago, I'm the new head of the children's wing at Gotham Hospital. And for your information I'm a red belt, I can take care of myself. Before you so graciously kicked that guy in the head I had things under control."

Flexing his hand, he gave me a disbelieving look.

"You looked pretty freaked out to me."

Digging through my bag for the disinfectant, I huffed.

"I never said I wasn't scared, I just said I could handle it. Now stay still, I need to clean this so it doesn't get infected."

Happy with how I'd fixed his wrist I decided to take care of the cut on his face next, leaving the larger cut on his chest for last because it would need stitches. After a closer look, I decided butterfly bandages would do.

"It might hurt a bit."

I took the slight nod as permission and started wiping the dirt and blood off of his face, he barely flinched at all. Kid was one tough cookie.

It didn't take long and as I was putting the bandages on when he startled me.

"So…you got a boyfriend?"

Shocked I looked at him as I finished with the sutures.


Robin rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Boyfriend, do you have one?"

Blinking, I shook my head.

"Um, no I don't. Why are you asking?"

He smiled innocently, which instantly made me suspicious and batted my hands away from his face.

"Oh no reason. It's just that I'm surprised, you don't seem like the loner type."

I frowned at that.

"You're right, I'm not. I just want to wait for someone who feels as strongly about helping people as I do. My last boyfriend didn't work out all that well, he was…Johnny was a jerk, he cheated on me. And before that, Peter and I realized we were more like siblings, so decided to just stay friends."

He looked at me incredulously.

"Wow, you suck at dating."

I glared playfully as I put the rest of the butterfly bandages away.

"Well it isn't like it's easy. Hopefully the right guy will come around sooner rather than later."

I shifted uncomfortably as he studied me, like he was trying to figure something out, so I turned back to the first aid kit to find what I'd need for his chest. I'm sure I had some surgical thread in here somewhere…

Ah there it was, oh dear. He wasn't going to like this.

"You've got to be kidding me! Pink, is that the only color you have?"

I held back a snicker at his horrified face.

"Sorry kid, that's all I've got. Turns out little girls like pink, makes them feel like princesses. So it's pink or nothing and if you think I'm gonna let you leave without stitches then you've got another thing coming."

He snorted.

"You are just as stubborn as Batman, you know that?"

This time I did laugh, motioning for him to take off his shirt as I did.

Me stubborn as Batman? No way.

"No it's true, I bet you and Nightwing would get along."

Robin smirked and laughed softly, carefully taking off his shirt.

"He's such a dick."

I raised a brow, both at the word and what he seemed to be implying about me.

"And what does that say about me hmm?"

His eyes widened.

"No, you're great! I, uh it's an inside joke forget I said anything."

I just rolled my eyes and as soon as his ripped and bloody top was gone, I started wiping off the blood and dirt like I did on his face. I frowned as he hissed in pain, the cut on his chest was deeper than I thought it was. As I started to sew up the cut I tried to distract him by talking to him.

"Nightwing's the guy in black and blue right? I thought he was a Bludhaven hero."

He winced as I jerked a little harder on the thread.

"Ah, he is. At least he is now, used to be local."

I bit my lip in concentration and nodded absentmindedly, not paying as much attention to what he was saying as I was making sure I got the stitches straight.

"Hmm, do all you heroes have an annual meet up and divide territory or something? Some kind of spandex only club? Or is it like an email loop to keep you all connected? I mean you all obviously know each other."

I paused in my work as he started laughing, not wanting to accidentally rip a stitch I sat back and grinned at him.

He finally look at me after he stopped laughing.

"You're weird you know that? There is no spandex only club and its high density Kevlar for your information."

I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

"So I've been told. I like to think it makes me unique. And excuse me, sorry for not knowing my superhero fabrics. Hold still I'm almost done okay."

He nodded and bit his lip as I quickly finished up the last few stitches and started to wrap his chest with the remaining bandages.

I only glanced up when he spoke again.

"Head of the children's department huh? You like it?"

I grimaced and sighed.

"Don't get me wrong I love my job, helping the kids is my everything. But most of the funds the hospital receives goes toward the more high profile wards, like trauma and reconstructive surgery, things like that. So we really don't have much in the way of room to improve in my ward."

Finished with everything I could do, I looked him over one more time just make sure I'd done all I could. Satisfied with what I'd been able to do, I sat on the couch next to him and closed my eyes.

"Wow that sounds really frustrating."

A smile crossed my lips.

"A bit yeah, but I wouldn't be anywhere else. This is where I'm needed. Some of those kids have no one and myself and a few others are the only love they are getting. No matter how heartbreaking it is, you couldn't make me leave if you dragged me away."

Opening my eyes I looked over at him and found he was staring at me strangely, but I continued even though his stare was starting to unnerve me.

"And I'm doing all I can, in fact I'm trying to get the hospital to go for my idea of throwing a benefit to raise money for a new MRI machine designed especially for kids."

I sighed, getting sad thinking about one girl in particular. Little Lydia was stage 4 Leukemia and it would be a miracle if she went into remission.

"So you just need more money? Why hasn't the hospital had a fundraiser or a benefit like you said?"

I nodded wearily, why indeed?

"Believe me I've been trying since day one, they just don't seem too keen on it, there's more priority for other needs first but I'm trying to get more people's attention. Although I'd really just love if we had more visitors, several of them are terminal and can't leave."

Robin settled back into the couch a bit more and shook his head.

"You really are something, not a lot of people would keep at it like you do. I'm sure you'll get your funding soon."

I smiled, keeping at it was what I was good at.

"Well what can I say, I'm not a quitter. Thanks, I sure hope so, the kids sure do need it. And I can say the same thing about you, don't know if you hear it much but we all really appreciate what you do out there. Honestly, not many sixteen year olds could do what you do."

I bit back a smirk as a light pink tint appeared on his face.

"Yeah well…I just…thanks."

This time I didn't bother hiding my smile as I remembered something from earlier today.

"You know, it's funny that we'd run into each other I was actually talking about you this morning."

He raised a brow.

"Oh really?"

I nodded.

"Yeah, you were on the news and all the kids wanted to watch. A couple of the more recovered boys found some gowns and tied them on as capes and tried to reenact what they'd seen you do on the TV. And several of the girls have huge crushes on you. It was absolutely adorable."

His blue eyes lit up and he grinned.


My smiled widened.

"Really, the kids just love the ever so famous Batman and Robin. I can't begin to imagine what they'll think when I tell them I met half of the dynamic duo."

He started to reply but a big yawn cut him off, causing me to look at the clock.

"Oh gosh! It's past one, you need to get some sleep."

As I got up to get him a pillow and blanket, he started to protest.

"I can't stay I have to get ba-"

I leveled my best 'oh no you don't' glare at him.

"No way, you'll bust your stitches and I don't want to have to track you down and fix them. You are staying put mister, superhero or not!"

He looked like he was gonna argue with me but then thought better of it and stayed put as I pulled a quilt out of my tiny linen closet.

"Okay, but I'll be gone before you wake up."

I smirked and plopped a pillow on one end of the couch.

"Whatever you say tough guy, as long as I know you aren't out there by yourself tonight."

I waited until he reluctantly, carefully lowered himself into a laying position and I draped the blanket over him.

Turning to go off to bed myself, I stopped at the sound of his voice.

"Thanks Anna."

Even though he couldn't see me, I smiled warmly.

"Any time hero, now get some rest so you can go back to kicking bay guy butt."

I heard him laugh quietly and then I headed to my room. Only making a quick stop in the kitchen to put an energy bar out in plain sight and write him a little note telling him to change to bandage on his chest as soon as possible and be careful with his stitches. Then as soon as I got in bed I about passed out from exhaustion.

My last thought was me wondering if I'd ever see Robin again. If I did, I sure hoped it was under different circumstances.

The next morning when I woke up, after dressing hastily I rushed into the living room to see if my patient was gone like he said he'd be. And the room was clearly empty, blanket folded sloppily and placed on the end of the couch. And in the kitchen both my note and the energy bar were missing, good thing at least he had something in his stomach.

Robin seemed like a sweet kid and I wished I could've done more. All I can do is hope he got home safely.

Glancing at the time, I realized I needed to get to work so I rushed out the door with a smile.

I couldn't wait to tell the kids I had met the one and only boy wonder. That would totally make their day.

About two and a half weeks later as I was finishing up with nighttime meds for the boys, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Turning around I almost dropped my clipboard, it was the head of PR. What could he possibly want?

"Yes Mr. Evans what can I do for you?"

He cleared his throat and handed me a crisp white envelope.

"Mr. Wayne somehow heard about your attempts to raise money for the children's ward and has ever so graciously decided to hold a benefit. He's wants you there personally to receive the check. This is the formal invitation, I would've gotten it to you yesterday but I forgot."

Wayne…like Bruce Wayne? One of the most charitable men in Gotham City? I'd heard Tony and Bruce talk about him, apparently Mr. Wayne was in talks with Stark Industries to sponsor Tony's newest prosthetic for wounded veterans. Other than that and the little I'd seen on the news I didn't know much about him other than I knew that he'd taken two boys after their families died.

I had temporally lost my ability to speak. How on earth did this happen?!

Finally finding my voice, I stuttered out a thank you and watched as he left without another word. I don't think he really liked me, oh well.

Carefully opening the fancy envelope, I couldn't stop myself from grinning. Both the hospital's name and mine were on the invitation, this was like a dream come true! Bruce Wayne was friends with some of the wealthiest people in Gotham City, this was sure to raise enough money for that MRI machine and probably a lot more!

It was to be held on Saturday, two days from now just enough time to find something to wear.

I don't know who I had to thank for this but whoever it was, I couldn't be more grateful.

Tugging at my tie I glanced once more at the door, she should be here by now. Well nothing had started yet and I knew Bruce had sent a car to pick her up but I still couldn't wait for her to get here.

Who knows what could have happened if Anna hadn't helped me out that night.

When I finally got back to the Batcave I tried to sneak back in without anyone noticing but I'd run out of luck. Both Bruce and Alfred were waiting for me. After lecturing me for about an hour, Bruce asked me where I got the stitches and I told him all about Anna.

How she practically dragged me back to her apartment and insisted on fixing me up. I even told him about my slip up with my mask and how she tried to look away, promising she wouldn't say anything.

He was mad about that for sure and he gave me another lecture on the importance of protecting my identity. Like I hadn't heard that fifty times already.

But then I told him about the hospital and the kids, how I wanted to do something to help her after she'd helped me. Anna didn't have to help me no matter what she said, and I wanted to repay her somehow. Even if she did give me hot pink stitches.

I thought for sure Bruce would say no but shockingly enough he smiled and agreed with my idea of throwing her the benefit that the hospital wouldn't.

Maybe I could even convince him to go visit the kids as Batman and Robin, Anna would love that!

Then he grounded me from patrol for two and a half weeks and said I had to wear a tux for the benefit since it was my idea.

Great, my favorite thing…

At least by then my face would be mostly back to normal.

Before I knew it, it was the night of the benefit and here I was dutifully greeting our guests. All of the richest people in Gotham had been invited and were starting to arrive. But I didn't really care about them, I was waiting for Anna to get here. I was really excited to see her again and wondered what she would think of all this. And if she would recognize me, that could make for an interesting night.

"Are you just gonna stand around looking like a lost puppy?"

Groaning I turned around to see Bruce's other ward smirking at me.

Richard Grayson, or Dick the infuriating little shit. He was back in Gotham while I was grounded to help Bruce with patrolling and had been messing with me nonstop about the girly stitches. I wasn't so irritated about that, it was how he seemed to be annoyed that I was liked talking about her. Anna probably kept me from getting hurt a lot worse than I did, of course I was gonna talk about her. And she just had this...big sister vibe that was kinda cool.

Normally we got on pretty well, I really looked up to him most of the time. But right now he was living up to his name and being a giant dick.

Keeping the polite smile on my face, I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Whatever Dick, you just don't know how great she is. Once you meet her you'll change your mind, Anna is really something."

He rolled his eyes.

Why I ever though about trying to set Anna up with Dick was beyond me. If anything I wanted to keep her away from him and his player ways.

"All you've talked about the last two weeks is this girl, it is really starting to bug me. She can't possibly be as amazing and perfect as you say."

"I never said she was perfect, but she is amazing. I was in bad shape and Anna really helped me out."

His eyes softened just a bit. Ha, I knew he cared.

"Yeah, those princess stitches sure saved your ass."

Leave it to him to bring that up again, jerk.

"Oh shut up already! I'm just gonna go wait over by the…door."

I trailed off as I looked over at the door and spotted the person I'd been waiting for.

Anna had just walked in the door and was smiling at the doorman as he escorted her in.

She looked amazing, the dark blue of her dress suited her. She had her hair pulled up with little whips around her face. Her dress was simple enough, rather plain not shiny or brightly colored like some of the other ladies here, but her bright smile and sparkling eyes made her beautiful.

"Who is that? She's a knockout!"

Now it was my turn to smirk as I looked back at Dick.

"That, is Anna."

His eyes grew wide and in a very un-Dick move his mouth dropped open.

"That's Anna?! You never said she was a babe!"

I smiled innocently.

"You never asked and I thought I was annoying you?"

Before he could find a comeback, Bruce grabbed my arm and tugged me toward her. With a smug wave at Dick I walked with Bruce over to her.

She smiled at us as we came up to her.

"Mr. Wayne I presume?"

Giving her one of his winning smiled, Bruce took her hand and kissed it. Oh brother…

"Call me Bruce, it nice to meet you Miss Banner. I think what you're trying to do for the children is fantastic."

She was beaming, with a slight flush to her face.

"If I'm to call you Bruce then you have to call me Anna. And I'm not all that extraordinary, I just want to do what I can. I really can't thank you enough, this is all so amazing!"

It was then Bruce shoved me forward.

"Well it was all Tim's idea, I just made a few calls."

Her green hazel eyes found mine and they widened ever so slightly.

She recognized me!

A smirk pulled at her lips.

"Well then I guess you're my hero Tim. Thank you so much."

Then to both Bruce's and my surprise she reached over and hugged me gently. Slowly I hugged her back, yeah she was amazing.

And I bet Dick was hyperventilating right about now and as she pulled away I saw him glaring at me from over her shoulder. This couldn't get any better! Shooting him a grin, I shrugged nonchalantly.

"It's a worthy cause, just doing what I could to spotlight it."

Bruce cleared his throat and smiled at her.

"Well I just saw the Mayor come in, I should go say hello. I'll leave you to mingle, Tim can show you around."

Then he walked off, with a warning glance at me and another winning billionaire smile at Anna.

She laughed and looked at me with a grin.

"Didn't think I'd be seeing you again.

I raised a brow.

"What do you mean?"

She smiled mischievously.

"Oh nothing, you just remind me of another teenager I know. So Tim, would you mind showing me around I don't know anyone here except for you and Bruce."

I grinned at her.

"It'd be my pleasure Anna."

Just as I was about to say something else, mostly likely really witty, Dick came over to us.

"I don't think we've met yet, which is a shame. I'd like to get to know the most beautiful girl in the room."

Great, he was turning on the 'Grayson Charm'.

I rolled my eyes as he smiled at her, what a moron. Who uses lines like that?

Obviously it was working though because her cheeks were quickly turning red.

Oh god not this again…

Sighing I motioned to him, trying my best not to scowl.

"This is Dick Grayson, Bruce's other ward."

She smiled shyly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Anna. So are you two like brothers?"

Taking my chance, I threw my arm around Dick and clapped him on the back.

"Oh yeah, you could definitely say that. Me and Dick are super close. Isn't that right?"

His smiled tightened and he shrugged out of my grasp.

"Of course, close as can be. Now why don't I show you around, before everything gets started?"

She looked at me and then back to Dick.

"I'd love to."

Dick grinned at me victoriously and offered his arm to her.

"Great! The art gallery is right over here."

She pulled back with a reluctant smile.

"I'd love to, but Tim already offered to. So maybe I'll catch you later?"

I had to hold back a big fat 'in your face you dick' as he blinked confusedly. Not a lot of girls turned him down, which was why I savored this moment even more.

"Oh sure, of course. Make sure he shows you Bruce's collection of Japanese weapons, it's pretty cool."

As he turned to leave, she reached out and put a hand on his arm.

"It was really nice to meet you Dick. I hope we have a chance to talk some more later."

The cocky look returned somewhat to his face as he smirked at her.

"Count on it Anna, enjoy the tour."

When she wasn't looking he glared at me.

"You win this round, but don't except it to happen again."

I waited until Anna had turned to look at the tapestry for a moment, before I shot the original boy wonder the bird and grinned at him. He just rolled his eyes and headed back toward the party.

Turning back to Anna, I spoke up catching her attention.

"Sorry about him, Dick can be really annoying."

She looked down and smiled.

"Oh I don't know, he seems nice."

I groaned and put a hand to my face.

"You like him don't you?"

Eyes going wide, she started sputtering.

"N-no! What would give you that idea? I just met him!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, whatever you say."

Glancing back in the direction he'd gone off in, Anna smiled…again.

"Well I don't not like him, that's for sure."

I grabbed her hand and tugged her away from Dick's retreating figure and toward the art gallery.

"Just promise me you won't go out with him? Please?"

Recovering well, she smirked wickedly and shook her head.

"Now Tim, I only make promises I know I can keep. And I take my promises very seriously."

I just sighed and started showing her around.

Stupid Dick and his stupid charming smile.

The benefit was mostly over, after dinner Anna had come up to speak about the hospital and the kids. More than twice what we'd been expecting was raised, now people were trickling out and back home. I'd tried to catch Anna after Tim had finished showing her around but he planned well because right as they were done with the gallery dinner had started. And when the floor opened up for dancing, I never had a chance. If it wasn't Tim, it was one of the many other single guys here. It was a disaster heavy on the dis.

I don't know what his deal was but he was being really protective of Anna.

Yeah that's not gonna stop me from asking her out.

I don't know where he went but this was the first time I'd seen Anna alone all night, so jumping at the opportunity I walked over to her.

"Hey I think it's later."

She jumped and spun around, eyes wide.

"Don't' do that! You scared me!"

I bit back a snicker, she was really cute when she was flustered.

"Sorry, it's just this is the first time Tim hasn't been stuck to your side all night."

She smiled fondly.

"He's a sweet kid, but for some reason he didn't want me to talk to you."

I narrowed my eyes.

"Sounds like him, I think he just doesn't want me stealing you from him."

Grinning up at me, she raised a brow.

"Is that what you planned on doing? Stealing me away?"

Oh I liked her, she could play the game.

Taking a step closer I smirked.

"That was the idea, if you're game that is."

Not breaking eye contact, she blushed and let out a breathy sigh.

"Oh I don't know… You might have to convince me."

Moving even closer, I leaned down until our faces were only inches apart.

"You'll find I'm pretty convincing Anna."

Just as our lips were about to touch, she pulled back her eyes alit with mischief.

"Not that kind of girl Dick, you've got to work for it."

What a tease! I found myself liking her more and more.

"Oh, I intend to."

Before either of us could say anything else, the grandfather clock in the hall chimed, announcing it was very late.

Anna groaned at the sound.

"I have work in the morning, I'm picking up a shift for a friend so really have to go."

I frowned but walked with her to the door. We stopped after she said bye to Bruce, thankfully Tim was nowhere to be seen.

"Pulling a Cinderella on me? Not fair, you didn't leave me anything to find you with."

She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Well I'm not giving you my shoe, but will a phone number do?"

Grinning, I nodded as she pulled her phone out of her little clutch bag. After exchanging numbers, she turned to get in the waiting car but I stopped her.


Turning around she quirked a brow.


Just as I was about to ask her what she was doing tomorrow night, Tim popped out from behind the car!

"There you are Anna, you almost forgot this."

In his hand was a silver charm bracelet and a way too innocent look on his face.

Anna gasped and rushed over to him.

"I can't believe I didn't notice it was gone! My brother gave this to me, you have no idea how upset I'd of been if it was lost. Thank you Tim!"

Then she hugged him!


"It must have slipped off sometime earlier."

And the look on his face as she hugged him told me it was no accident that he had her bracelet. Little brat must have lifted it off of her wrist without her notice.

Pulling away, she beamed at him.

"Well I'm sure glad you found it. My Hero once again, thanks Tim for all of this."

That little…

He just smiled at her and then opened the car door for her.

"I owed you one. See you around Anna."

Then he closed the door but before I could yell at him, she rolled down the window.

"Bye Tim, goodnight. And Dick?"

I straightened as she said my name.

"Call me sometime okay?"

I just nodded.

"Yeah, I'll call you. Bye Anna."

Then the window rolled up and the car drove off.

I looked over at Tim, who was glaring at me.

"You were right."

Suspiciously he narrowed his eyes.

"About what?"

I laughed.

"Anna is really something."

A reluctant smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah, she sure is."

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