Supernatural Healing

By JustWatchMeFly

Adventure / Action

It's What They Would Have Wanted

I had felt loss before, it wasn't a new concept for me. But this…this had shattered my whole world.

The fallout of what is now being called the 'Meta-human Civil War' was devastating. Many people I'd come to call friend were now dead, there were many lost in the fighting. But I never thought it would end like this.

Steve was…dead.

And so was Peter.

My relationship with Tony would never be the same, after what happened he couldn't look me in the eye. I still loved him and always will but…some things you just can't move past. Not easily and definitely not quickly anyway. This was one of those things, I could only hope with time things would get better between us.

Dad had gone off grid early on, not wanting to get involved. I understood, conflict wasn't his thing. He did try and send me letters every once in a while though. But I would have given anything for him to have been there, I know it was hard for him too. He and Peter had gotten so close…

Clint was avoiding Tasha, their relationship was rocky after choosing different sides. I could tell he felt terrible about everything and hated how it had all turned out. So I hadn't seen much of him or Tasha, both of them had steered clear of me after the…after the funerals.

All I really wanted was for Clint to ruffle my hair and shoot me the rare affectionate smile. And for Tasha to slap him on the back of the head and start talking about everyone in Russian. I wanted Bruce to roll his eyes and scold me for getting in too late and give me a hug that made me feel safe again. I wanted Tony to get that crazy look in his eyes and show me his latest invention. I wanted to see Peter grin and laugh when I tripped, just one more time.

I…I wanted…

I wanted to see Steve go down on one knee and ask me to marry him with the beautiful ring I found when I finally forced myself to clean out his room. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him one last time.

I wanted things to go back to when we were all happy.

And still alive.

My once tight nit family was broken, I was broken.

When the dust cleared, I went back to Asgard with Thor. I couldn't stay here, not with the ghosts that haunted me every day.

I was surprised to see Lady Frigga there waiting on the rainbow bridge. She didn't even have to ask me what happened, the second she saw me she just knew and hugged me tight and let me cry into her arms. It was the first time I cried since everything happened, it was the first time I let myself feel. Only then did I realize just how shattered I really was, there was no coming back from this.

For the first few days there I didn't come out of my room, not even to eat. But eventually I was lured out with the promise of getting to see Loki, it must have been specially arranged because when I got down there the guards let me right past.

It must have been the doing of the Queen because one of the guards quickly lowered the barrier and then shoved me inside.

Loki had his back to me and when he turned around a look of shock blossomed on his face.

"Anna? What are you d-"

Before he could finish I ran over and threw my arms around him, breaking down. For a while he just held me, stroking my hair and murmuring comforting things into my ear. It was several hours later when I finally looked up at him, my eyes red and puffy.

"What has happened to make you so upset Anna?"

It took everything not to start crying again.

"Steve and Peter…they're dead."

His eyes widened, he knew who they were and what they meant to me. Quickly he pulled me close again, saying nothing. Because what was there he could say?

It was only when one of the guards rapped on the barricade, signaling it was time to go that Loki let go of me. After glaring at the guard his eyes softened and he helped me up.

"I am so sorry for your loss Anna. Whatever I can do, let me know."

Somewhere deep inside I found a tiny smile for him. Nothing like the joy filled ones of days gone by but it was all that was there.

"Thank you Loki. I'll be back tomorrow."

Then I left to go thank Lady Frigga, for without her I'm sure I would have stayed outside of his cell. And come back the next day I did and every day after that.

I also spent time in the healing room, it made me feel useful again. I learned of techniques not known on earth, so someday if I ever decided to go home maybe I could still help people. It was one of the things that kept me from becoming hard and bitter inside, Steve wouldn't have wanted that for me. He'd have wanted me to be happy again, so would Peter. But home had been with my family and now I wasn't sure where that was anymore.

A few months turned into two and a half years, the pain still there but slowly dulling into the background. I only went back to earth twice a year. At Christmas time to see dad and Aunt May and to try and make things better with Tony and everyone else. And to visit Steve and Peter on the anniversary of their deaths. It got easier over time but it was only when Loki sent me to the one place he thought might be able to make my pain go away and make me forget, was the crazy lifestyle I thought I'd left behind set into motion once again.

The library.

He knew I'd always get lost in a book so he pointed me in the direction of books that would keep me off of my more painful thoughts. And to my surprise I found a whole world hidden on my own, things on earth were not as I always thought they were. Myths and legends became truth, monsters, demons and angels a reality. I read everything I could find on the abnormal and supernatural things I never knew walked the earth and how to destroy them. I even learned that there was a group of people that took it upon themselves to protect the human race from all the things hiding in the shadows. They were, very unoriginally called hunters.

I wondered how I'd never noticed all the little things that made all of these monsters seem very obvious. Probably just because I hadn't thought it possible, now I know better. Because of my interest Loki had a necklace made that had all sorts of sigils and runes carved on it, just like all the ones I'd seen in the books. I took to wearing to all the time, along with Steve's dog tags which I never took off.

Loki even said because of the affect the bracelet had on me I might be able to see things normal humans couldn't now that I knew what to look for. I wasn't too sure about that though.

Lady Frigga had convinced Odin to let Loki out every once in a while, of course he still had to be chained but it was nice to see him outside of the dungeons.

It was one of those mornings that the Queen, Loki and I were in a little nook in the gardens reading. It was so peaceful, I had resigned myself to this being the happiest I would get. Spending time in a beautiful place with my best friend and surrogate mother, it almost overshadowed everything in the past. I could be content living here.

But that was not to be.

In the middle of reading a book on shapeshifters, I started feeling hot. I looked up to see if it was bothering anyone else and when I saw that they both were still reading I assumed it was just me and ignored it. It was only when Lady Frigga pointed it out did I notice.

"Annalise! Your bracelet, it glowing!"

I gasped in realization.

It had been so long since the bracelet activated I had forgotten what it felt like. Loki had jumped up and was at my side in an instant, which made the nearby guards jumpy when he moved that fast.


I just looked up at him, willing away the tear that wanted to roll down my cheek.

"I'm guess someone needs me."

He snorted and rolled his eyes before pulling me into a hug.

"It seems so, although I wish you could stay here."

I sniffed and moved out of his embrace.

"Yeah, me too."

Lady Frigga came over and grabbed my hand.

"Wherever it is that you end up Heimdell will still be able to see you. I'll ask him to keep an eye on you."

I smiled at her.

"Thank you my Queen, I will miss you."

She tisked and wrapped her arms around me in a motherly hug.

"None of that Annalise, you are family here."

The light got brighter and the heat intensified, the gardens started to fade.

"Goodbye my little dreamer, until the next time."

Then the Queen and my best friend vanished from sight.

I woke up in a dark place, and upon further inspection I discovered it was an alleyway. Groaning, I assessed myself for damage before trying to get up. Finding none I started to stand but stopped suddenly when dizziness almost made me fall back down. I guess it had been a while since I jumped and this one was harder because of it.

Looking up at the dusky sky I frowned.

"I know you can hear me Heimdall, tell them I'm alright will you?"

I didn't really expect a response but I could swear one of the slowly appearing stars shined brighter for just a second.

Staggering slightly, I braced myself against the grimy brick wall and took inventory. I was no longer wearing my long Asgardian dress but jeans and a t-shirt and to my surprise I had my healing bag with me. Over time in the healing room I had put together a grab bag of supplies, things not easily found on earth. Loki had put a charm on it, extending the amount of things I could put in it.

It was then I heard muffled voices, definitely male and coming this way.

"…from over here…sure of it."

The first one was low and rough, very serious.

"…don't have time for this…bleeding pretty bad…back and fix him up."

This one sounded weary but tough, and a little frustrated.

And they were getting closer.

"…fine. We should check whatever this out while we're still here."

This voice also sounded tired and it was laced with pain.

Then the owner of the voices rounded the corner and three men came into view. The first thing I noticed was all of them were extremely tall, my 5'3 stature making them look like giants. The second thing I noticed was one of them had wings. Wait, what?

They all stopped when they saw me, I took this opportunity to study them.

The one closest to me was wearing a tan trench coat and a crooked blue tie, he had dark hair and vey blue eyes. But the defining feature was a pair of jet black wings behind him, they crackled with power and it was beautiful. For a split second I was almost reminded of Steve, his blue eyes were distressingly familiar to the stranger standing there.

The other two stayed back a bit, the shorter (although not by much) of them taking a protective stance in front of the taller one. They had to be related, only a sibling would act that way.

I looked up to see piercing green eyes staring at me, he had short dirty blonde hair and was wearing a leather jacket. Ripping my eyes from his, I looked behind him at the tallest one. He had long brown hair and had big brown eyes. Before I could be painfully reminded of Peter and his puppy dog eyes, I noticed his shirt was ripped and he was bleeding.

Straitening up, I took a step forward intending to help him. I stopped quickly when I realized all of them had weapons pointed at me.

"Don't move!"

I gulped as trench coat man moved closer, a strange somewhat familiar looking blade in his hand. The other two right behind him, green eyes with a gun and long hair with a jagged dagger. Being nervous I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"You're bleeding."

Green eyes glanced back at long hair and swore, then went right back to pointing his gun at me. But it was then, when green eyes moved out of the way for a split second I saw it.

There was an anti-possession tattoo on the tall ones chest, just like the one on my necklace.

They were hunters, they had to be.

But before I could say anything, trench coat man darted forward and grabbed my arm and pushed me up against the wall.

"What are you?"

I gasped in surprise, the other two standing menacingly on either side of him.

"I'm a girl, human if that's what you're looking for."

He just tightened his grip on my arm and narrowed his eyes.

"No, a human could not give off the powerful presence I felt. I will only ask one more time, what are you?"

I just stared at him. What was he talking about? I'm not powe…the bracelet! And I was starting to think mister trench coat wasn't human himself, I remembered where I'd seen his blade before. It was an angel blade. That would explain the wings, maybe I wasn't going crazy. Still, it might not be a good idea to say anything just yet though.

"You heard him, answer the question!"

I jerked over to look at green eyes, he was starting to look angry.

"I'm just a girl, it's this bracelet you felt."

Slowly, I grabbed trench coat's other hand and brought it to touch the bracelet. He gasped and let go of me immediately.

"What is it Cas? Is she dangerous?"

Green eyes looked to Cas (AKA mister trench coat).

"No she isn't."

I felt relieved when his blue eyes stopped boring into mine, it felt like he could see straight to my soul.

"She wears a very old and extremely powerful relic though. It was thought to be lost centuries ago, the angel assigned to guard the wearer was devastated, they cries of anguish could be heard by all of my brethren. Heaven has been looking for it ever since, but with all that has happened lately it must have gone unnoticed. She is not to be harmed."

Angel assigned to guard me? What was he talking about, I'm sure I would have noticed a guardian angel by now. At least he stopped looking at me like I was a threat.

I was starting to get uncomfortable, this Cas guy obviously didn't have much of an idea what personal space was.

"Um, can you give me some space please?"

All three of them took two large steps back.

"Thanks. Uh you're still bleeding. I'm a nurse, I can take a look if you want. I have my bag with me… "

Long hair looked down at his still bleeding chest and then at green eyes, who was still looking at me warily. Whatever mistrust he had for me was overridden by his concern for his long haired companion. Grudgingly he moved out of the way and let me approach them. I looked up and do I mean up, at long hair, before starting to dig in my bag.

"What's your name? I can't keep calling you long hair in my head. And do you think you could bend down or something, you're really tall."

His lips twitched in something resembling a smile, as he knelt down.

"Sam Ward and this is Dean Ozbourne. That's Castiel or Cas, but you probably figured that out."

I looked at the two of them and started to laugh.

"Yeah right, if you didn't want to tell me your real names fine. But come up with better aliases than Black Sabbath members."

For the first time since I'd met him Dean (if that was his real first name) cracked a smile.

"You're right, but I wouldn't have you pegged a fan."

I smiled sadly and finished getting out what I needed.

"That was one of my brother's favorite bands."

They got quiet as I started working on Sam.

"What is your name?"

Startled I looked up to see Cas looking at me again and was unexpectedly close to my face. It was like he was trying to read my mind or something. I tried my best not to stare at his wings, but they were so pretty. Not at all what I though angel wings would look like though, I'd imagined then with fluffy white wings and halos. His were black with pure white at the tips of his feathers, and there were traces of a smokey grey all throughout.

"Oh sorry, I'm Annalise Harrison. But call me Anna."

Over time I had dropped Harrison, it wasn't like I had much of a connection to it anymore. And it would have been weird to be Annalise Harrison-Stark Rogers, not that it mattered now. But it might not be wise to give out my real (and very recognizable) name to strange men who hadn't given me theirs.

Before any of them could comment, I finished.

"There all done. You should be totally back to normal in a few days."

And I had done well if I do say so myself. The bio-bandages from Asgard were fantastic, they grafted right onto skin and cut the time it took to heal in half. His cut now looked like a week old scar.

Sam touched his chest in shock, and then frowned at me.

"How did you do that? You couldn't do that unless…"

I saw Dean grab for his gun again, a dangerous look on his face. While Sam quickly stood up and found the hilt of his strange knife.

Wow what gratitude, I save you from bleeding to death and you point a knife at me...again.

Cas moved closer again, glaring at them. And strangely, one of his wings curled around me protectively.

"I said she is not to be harmed."

Dean glared right back.

"The only things that can do that are angels and de-"

Frustrated, I cut him off.

"Look I'm not an angel or a demon."

Dean looked at me, surprised.

"How do you know about that?"

Slowly I pulled my necklace out from under my shirt to show them my anti-possession symbol on the necklace Loki had given me. Sam's tattoo matched it exactly.

Dean leaned forward to get a better look, distrust still in his eyes but now I could also see curiosity

Growing uneasy under his gaze, I turned to Sam.

"I saw your tattoo and I realized it matched."

Right, now this was getting awkward. They were all staring at me again.

"Thanks, for doing whatever you did."

I smiled at Sam.

"Glad I could help, it may itch a bit but if you leave it alone you should be golden."

After a beat of silence Cas cleared his throat and subsequently relaxed his protective stance.

"Where are you staying Anna?"

I looked down at my feet.

"I don't know, I just got here. But I kinda end up where I'm supposed to be."

Both Sam and Cas looked at Dean, I almost laughed at the puppy dog eyes they were sporting. Stepping away, a whispered conversation ensued. About me I'm sure.

The only words I picked up on were fate, responsibility and powerful.

After a moment Dean rolled his eyes at the other two, and looked at me.

"Since you fixed up my little brother Sammy here, the least I can do it get you dinner. And there are a few more things I want to ask you anyway."

I knew it! Brothers made total sense, it was sweet of Dean to be so protective of Sam.

I smiled, for the first time in a long time I felt needed. Less empty inside. This would be good for me.

"I'd like that. I'd be happy to answer what I can."

Sam frowned as we started walking out of the alley.

"It's Sam, not Sammy."

I think I sealed the deal with Dean when I saw his car. It was a sleek black 67 Impala, I would recognize it anywhere. I always had a thing for muscle cars.

"Wow that is a beautiful car! Is she yours?"

Sam groaned, while Dean grinned at me.

"Okay, I like you. You know Black Sabbath and you like baby. What's the catch?"

I smirked, for some reason finding it funny. There were a lot of catches with me.

"Ah let's see, I'm a bit of a nerd. I love to read and learn new things. Used to get on my brothers last nerve."

Sam started laughing at Dean, who had started scowling.

"That is perfect! What else? Say you hate pie, come on say it!"

I looked over at Cas, who was also amused at the brother's antics. I got the feeling that happy moments like this were few and far between for them.

"No, I don't. Actually my dad said I made the best apple pie he'd ever eaten, although he may have just been saying that to make me feel good."

Dean looked at me, a new light in his eyes.

"She makes pie Sam, today just got a lot better."

I rolled my eyes as we all piled in the car.

"There's a lot of things I can do, making sub-par pie is only one of them Dean."

Both Cas and I got in the back seat while Sam got in the passenger side and Dean the driver's side.

"I'll be the judge of that."

I smiled at Dean in the rearview mirror.

"I don't know, I've been on this health kick for the last couple of years. It's been a while since I've tried to make a pie. Much less eat any."

I watched as the two brothers started squabbling about pie versus salad as we took off down the road. It was endearing, there was more than meets the eye with this pair.

Now Cas's wings were much more noticeable as they were in a confined space. He was pulling them closer to himself, not letting them touch anyone. It looked really uncomfortable.

I reached over and touched his hand. He didn't move away but looked at me.

"Hey if you want to stretch out that okay with me."

He furrowed his brow in confusion.

"What do you mean Anna?"

I glanced at the brothers in the front seat and then back to Cas.

"It must be awkward to keep your wings cramped up like that. If you want you can spread out, it doesn't bother me."

He stared at me, shocked.

"You can see them?"

By now we had grabbed the attention of both Sam and Dean.

"Wait, what can you see?

I briefly met Sam's gaze and then looked back at Cas, wondering if I should ask his permission to tell them. As if he read my mind he nodded slightly.

"I can see his wings, it looks uncomfortable to keep the-"

I stopped as Dean hit the brakes, making me jerk forward before he kept going.

"Hold up. You can see angel wings? Is there anything else you can see that we should know about?"

I shrugged.

"I really wouldn't know, and Cas is the first angel I've met."

Dean started laughing.

"You are just full of surprises aren't you?"

Smiling I looked back at Cas, his wings barely touching my arm.

"You have no idea."

Dean just rolled his eyes and got back on the road. Since Sam was still wearing a ripped and bloody shirt, he'd decided to just go back to their place. For some reason I was strangely okay with that, I felt safe with them. I always ended up where I was supposed to be anyways.

Cas smiled appreciatively and slowly unfolded his wings, letting them spread across the entire backseat. They gently brushed against me, and unconsciously I let my hand skim over the black feathers petting them softly. They were so soft! He didn't say anything so I assumed it wasn't bothering him, so I left my hand there for the rest of the car ride.

When we arrived at wherever it was we were going, I was starting to wonder what all I should tell them. I was positive they had a lot of questions but I wasn't sure if I was ready to answer all of them. But all that was forgotten when I stepped inside.

They lived in a giant underground bunker, and it had a huge library. All three of them got a kick out of my reaction I'm sure, it was probably similar to Loki's when I first saw the library in Asgard. While I geeked out over all the books, Dean disappeared off to go make something to eat. At least that's where I'm guessing he wandered off to.

Browsing through all the books, I came across many I had read in Asgard. It seemed they were missing some though.

"Hmm, this one was very informative."

I hadn't realized Sam and Cas had followed me until Sam startled me.

"You've read that? The comprehensive history of unnatural weapons?"

I whirled around, surprised someone so ginormous could sneak up on me.

"Uh, yeah. But this one doesn't look to have as much on Heavenly weapons. This is abridged, the unabridged version is much better."

Sam's eyes widened and Cas frowned.

"Unabridged? Where on earth would you find something like that?"

I smiled knowing it wasn't anywhere on earth that I'd come across it.

"How about we wait for Dean before playing twenty questions?"

He just nodded, I'm sure he was thinking up all kinds of things to ask me. And could you blame him? I'd have tons of questions for me if I was them. I went back to looking at the books while Sam sat down, looking at me like I was some kind of puzzle for him to figure out.

Before I knew it, Dean was hollering that dinner was ready. I thought it was kinda funny for a tough looking guy like Dean to be such a good cook, looks are deceiving because this burger is amazing. All the boy finished quickly, eager I'm sure to interrogate me.

"So Anna wh-"

I cut Dean off, there had to be a few rules to this.

"Hold on, I have a few conditions. There are some things that are not mine to tell and some are still too painful to talk about. I can tell you still don't trust me, but if I'm gonna be straight with you, you be straight with me. Deal?"

There was a brief silence, as they all looked at each other before Dean nodded.

"Alright, fairs fair. We'll be honest if you will."

I smiled at them.

"Okay then, shoot."

Sam leaned forward.

"Where did you find that book?"

I knew he would ask that.

"Well, my best friend has a library that as every book ever written in it. I found it and many others there."

He frowned, not satisfied with my answer but as he opened his mouth to ask another question I beat him to it.

"Is Sam and Dean your real names?"

Dean rolled his eyes.

"Yes. How old are you?"

I grinned, this might just be fun.

"I'm twenty four. Are you guy's hunters? I mean you've got to be, look at this place."

All three of them frowned slightly.

"Yeah we are. How do you know about that?"

I looked at Sam, wondering if any of them would believe me.

"I needed something to take my mind off of…my past. I found the supernatural interesting enough to do so."

Dean looked skeptical but moved on.

"I guess that explains your amulet, somewhat. But how did you fix Sam so fast?"

Sam perked up.

"Yeah, I was gonna ask that too."

I smiled, glad for the subject change.

"It was an advanced form of science, the bandage grafted right into your skin. It speeds up the time it would normally take to heal. Don't worry it's perfectly safe."

Before they could ask where I got them, Cas sucker punched me with his next statement.

"You talked about your brother in the past tense."

I smiled sadly, thinking of Peter and then of Tony who was still very much alive.

"Yes I did, it was almost three year ago that Peter…died. Tony on the other hand is fine, physically at least. You have to understand though, my family is very complicated."

A look of understanding entered both of the brother's eyes.

"How so Anna?"

I looked at Sam and laughed, where to start? What isn't complicated in my life?

"Well first off, I'm adopted. My real parents died in a car crash long ago, but I found the best people in the world to take me in."

Dean smiled, as if he knew just what I was talking about.

"What happened?

Here goes nothing, I said I'd be honest.

"There was a war, it was all over the news. You might know it as the Meta-human Civil War, me and everyone I loved were right in the middle of it."

Sam's eyes lit up in recognition.

"I remember that! We were pretty busy with….uh other stuff so I really didn't keep up with it. Though I heard New York was pretty torn up. Meta-humans aren't really what we deal with so we tend to steer clear of that kind of thing in the first place."

I get that, probably a smart move on their part.

"Understandable Sam, it got really bad. Too bad for me both of my brothers were major players, each on different sides."

A suspicious look on his face, Sam leaned forward.

"Who are your brothers?"

I looked at Sam, a smile on my face.

"I lived in Avengers Tower Sam, make an educated guess."

He still looked confused and Dean was totally lost. I sighed, guess I had to spell it out for them.

"My last name is really Stark, if that helps."

It must have finally clicked for him.

"No way! Your Iron Man's little sister?"

Dean was just now catching up.

"I thought you looked familiar, that crap was all over the tabloids, which I only look at to find cases. But I remember seeing you."

I rolled my eyes, remembering how annoying the paparazzi was.

"What can I say, when you have family like mine there is no such thing as privacy."

Cas looked deep in thought when he spoke up again.

"What about your other brother? The one that died."

The smiled dropped off of my face.

"Oh, you mean Peter. He got caught in the crossfire and there wasn't anything I could do. Peter was my little big brother, younger than me but always looking out for me. I still can't believe he's really gone."

Sam and Dean exchanged glances but I continued before they could say anything.

"He wasn't the only one I lost though."

I let my hand drift up to the dog tags hanging around my neck.

"Steve, you might know him as Captain America. We had been together for three years."

I smiled, this was the first time I had talked about him without crying. Maybe I was finally reaching closure.

Dean coughed, catching my attention.

"You've got quite the story sweetheart."

I grinned at him.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg, my best friend is a Norse god."

I stopped Sam, who looked ready to start rapid firing more questions at me by holding my hand up.

"But it's my turn now."

I leaned forward and looked at Cas.

"So what's all this about me having a guardian angel?"

Subject and attention successfully shifted, I waited for him to answer me. He seemed to think about it for a second, staring at my bracelet.

"When it was first made, the power inside it sent out a ripple through the cosmos. In the wrong hands that power could be very dangerous, so an angel was sent to look over whoever was wearing it. It was a special assignment, one of heaven's most formidable warriors was charged with protecting it...ah, you."

Before I could ask him to elaborate he frowned and continued.

"Not much was known, not the specifics anyway. But a pattern developed, every person who came across the bracelet was a reincarnation of the first wearer. All pure souls, who were given the chance to change fate for themselves and those around them. It was whispered that the angel who watched over them…you, had a very close relationship with all of them, no one really knows though. But the distress and grief he felt when the last wearer was lost…it was felt by all."

I scrunched up my nose in thought.

"I've been wearing this for a very long time, are you sure about that? And you don't know who it was, like not at all?"

He nodded sharply.

"Positive, it may be with all the upheaval in heaven the…your return was not noticed. And it might have been hard to pin down if you were around something that could have masked the presence."

That made a lot of sense. I was almost always near stuff like that.

"Technically since you are the current wearer, you should still have a tie to the one guarding you."

Frowning at the bracelet, I wondered why I'd never seen him at all. There were certainly times I could have used a guardian angel on my side.

"So which one of those winged douchebags are we talking about Cas?

I looked over at Dean, he looked irritated at the idea of dealing with more angels.

"I do not know. I only know whoever it is, is very high-up."

Curiously I looked at Dean who still looked ticked off.

"Was there a certain angel you didn't want to deal with Dean?"

He rolled his eyes.

"I don't really like any of them, Cas being the exception. But yeah, there was someone I thought of that I definitely don't want to see again."

Sam seemed to be on the same wavelength because he laughed.

"That would be just our luck, wouldn't it?"

Even Cas appeared to know who he was talking about, because he frowned.

"Who are you talking about? Should I be worried?"

Dean grimaced.

"I can only think of one angel who fits all in all three of those boxes. Powerful, preoccupied with heaven or hiding from it, and actually likes humans."

Still in the dark about who they were talking about, I scowled.

"Come on guys, clue me in would ya?"

In unison they all spat a name, in a varying degree of distaste clear in their tone.


Okay then.

"He can't be that bad, I mean Gabr-"

Before I could finish Dean reached across the table and clapped a hand over my mouth.

"Don't! Angels can always hear when someone says their name. He wouldn't come running if we said it, but he might take interest in you. I really don't want to deal with him if we don't have to."

I narrowed my eyes and nodded, he'd better take his hand off real fast though.

He removed his hand slowly, like he was thinking I'd blurt out the archangels name the second his hand left my mouth.

"Don't do that again."

He shrugged and smirked.

"Sorry sweetheart, just a precaution."

I huffed, doing my best to swallow a yawn. Suddenly I realized I was really tired.

"I don't know about you but I'm about to fall asleep, can I crash here for tonight?"

Sam smiled at me as I failed and a large yawn escaped.

"I've still got a lot of questions for you, so I wasn't planning on letting you go anywhere."

Dean elbowed him.

"Way to sound like a creepy stalker Sammy. You're gonna scare her."

Sam glared at him.

"Whatever I'm not the one putting my hands over her mouth."

I laughed sleepily as the brothers squabbling about who was creepier. For some reason I didn't find Sam's statement stalkerish at all, he was just curious.

Cas rolled his eyes and got up.

"Here I'll show you a place to sleep."

He threw one last glance back at the brothers.


I giggled, that was a new one. But it sounded right coming from him. I followed him down one of the many hallways, hopefully to a bed. Finally reaching a room, he started to leave but stopped for a minute.


"Yes Cas, what is it?"

"If you want, tomorrow I can help you contact your guardian. He should know you've been found."

Smiling I opened the door.

"Thanks, I'd like that. Goodnight Cas."

He merely nodded and walked off. Sighing I entered the small room and fell back on the bed, thinking.

In the last few years I had been less forthright with my trust, it wasn't as easily gained as it had been in the past. But Sam, Dean and Cas had me trusting them almost instantly. It had been a long time since I had felt so comfortable around someone, maybe it was a sign.

Maybe, just maybe I could start to move on. It's what Steve and Peter would have wanted, I was disgracing their memories by not doing so.

Just as was falling asleep, I promised myself that whatever tomorrow brings I would stop living I the past and get on with my life.

It's what they would have wanted.

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