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Taekook (onshort)


There you will found different types of taekook stories.. most of them will be fluff.. angst.. sad.. Pls support my book ..

Romance / Mystery
Mumu Mustafa
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Knock knock " "come in" Taehyung look from his file to see who came. "Yes . Mr. Jeon How can I help you? " Jungkook just gave the file whice he was holding. Taehyung take that file start to read that so he can see if their is any mistakes. While Jungkook was praying to god in his mind "pls god ... pls just make this file perfect"

Mean while outside of Mr.Kim's cabin:

" Jin hyung... Is Jungkook will be fine there " Jin just take a deep breath than answer "I dunno hobi" "Mr.Kim is so scary . Every one scare him.. I -" Hoseok was cut by a shout from Mr.Kim cabin. "Let's pray for kook hobi " "Yeah hyung... "

Back to Mr.Kim's cabin:

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS . WHY IS THERE SO MANY MISTAKES . ARE YOU BLINDOR WHAT YOU DIDN'T SAW THOSE HUGE FUCKING MISTAKES HUH... OR YOU DON'T WANT YOUR JOB . ANSWER ME DAMIT ... WHY IS THERE SO MANY FUCKING MISTAKES " Tae's screaming can hear the whole building. Jungkook was shivering in fear. Eventually he answer he doesnt want to loss his job when his husband's birthday is coming . "Mr.... Mr.Kim I-I am so sorry for my mistakes. Actually-y I forgot my glasses at home That's why this happend . I assures you I will give you the prefect file in two days" Jungkook was proud on himself that he didnt Sutter that much.But tae words left him shocked at the place . "I WANT THIS FUCKING FILE ON MY DESK TODAY " "But... But It will take like 7 to 9 hours " "I dont care. I want that shit today . Now out . " Jungkook just nods and left with that file whice tae throw on his face .

At lunch time:

"Jungkook stop working eat something " "Jin Hyung It's ok .. I have to finish this" Jin sigh and said "But kook this not healthy for you .. " Jungkook gave his hyung a small smile and answer in kid voice "Hyungie ... kookie is a strong boy " Jin chuckle. "You maybe be a strong boy you have to eat right ... Stop working and let's eat ... let goooooooo" "Hyung ... How about you go and when you gonna come back bring me a banana milk " Jungkook said that with a cute smile ... Jin sigh and nods he couldnt win Jungkook is a stubborn boy , So he just leave . But they didn't know someone was there watching everything.

At 8.00 pm:

Everyone in that office left there was only Jungkook and Taehyung. Jungkook still have some points left . He just wanna finish this as fast as he can . He really wanna go to his home hug is bby ,eat with him , etc . Moreover he had a headache now that was killing him (Same problem with me when I dont wear glasses )

"Jeon ... I am leaving . Left that file on my desk . "Taehyung shout that when he was waiting for his lift. Jungkook just nods and give him a trumps up not moving his eyes from the computer.

It's been like one hour tae left Now he is only one who left there. "Ting " A msg came to his phn . When he looked at his phn automatically there was a smile on his face his Husband msg him .


Hubby when u gonna comeeeee??

I miss you so much


I made lots of ur fav dishes todayyyyy

Come fast .. I , me, your husband , ur lomf, ur life , most cute adorable person in world MISS U .. COMEEEE FAST ...

That msg's give him power to finish this fast... He smile and kiss his phn wallpaper whice was his Husband and him kissing.

Finall he finish ... He walk into His boss Mr. Kim office left that file there take his things and left for his home where his lovely husband waitting for him . (Who is his husband 🤔??)

At 11.00 am:

He open the door with his keys So if his husband fall alseep he wont wake up . He walk in their home he found his love reheating foods. He really feel bad he made him wait .

"Love " As jungkook said his husband turn around with a big smile and run to him and hug him . After few mins he broke their hug "Jungkookie .... take a shower Ok ... I am coming with foods .. I'll feed you tonight ... You must be so tried . " Jungkook just nods and went to shower cuz he really was tried.

After taking a shower he wear a sweatpants and his glasses Then walk to dinning room where his love waiting for him with heavenly delicious foods. Jungkook just sat beside his love . Who started to feed him as soon as he sat with cursing his(jk) boss. "Your boss is a monster kook . How can he do this to you. Is not like their no other personwho make mistakes. He even make you do a work whice take atleast 2 days but he made you do this in a day .. You also didnt wear your glasses toda-" "Baby It's ok .. Let's sleep .. I am sleepy and Can you give me a headaches medicine " Before his husband can answer Jungkook left .

At Midnight:

Jungkook was in deep sleep thanks to his medicines But he can hear some sounds more like sobs or someone trying to cry in silence. Jungkook always sensitive with sounds when he sleep . So he woke up. He was cuddling with his hubby so just turn his his husband who's was back facing him . He felt his heart aches when he saw his live was crying . He just hug him tightly and whispering him to stop crying but whenever he was saying this his husband was crying more hardly . After 10is his live finally stop crying .So jungkook finally asked him but carefully "Love why are you crying . What happend bby . " "Kookie .. I am a very bad husband.. I make u suffer .. " "what are taking about love " "Kookie I shout at you .. You even forgot your glasses at home still I made you work so many hours " "Tae looked at me " Tae looked at kook "Tae you did what a boss should do. I proud of you that you dont watch me as your husband there you watch me as a empoloy . So whatever you did doesnt make you a bad husband maybe It's make you a strict boss but not a bad husband "

"But kookie you didnt even eat anything at lunch time . U know that make me so sad. I even cry .so promise me you will eat something no matter what your that monster boss gave you to do"

"Oh tae.... why you cry bby you know that hurts me . And I promise and My is beautiful monster who I love you know and how you that i didnt eat anything "

"I saw you and Jin and How can you love him huh. "

"Ohhhh... Cuz I can love ... I love you Mr.Kim Taehyung "

"I love you to Mr.Jeon Jungkook or should I say Mrs.Kim Jungkook"

"Yahhh ... lets sleep I am tried" Jungkook blused and cuddle with tae and fall alseep Tae smile at him he kissed jungkook's cheeks and also fall alseep.


The End

Hope u guys like it

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