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Little Do You Know


Caroline Forbes finds herself trapped by a witches spell with none other than Klaus Mikaelson, the big bad wolf. Feelings she has kept buried since their meeting finally surface in a passionate explosion. Faces from the past reappear and secrets that have been kept hidden for centuries come to light when history repeats itself, throwing their lives into chaos. How will they pull through this time?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Klaus stands on the front porch of the Gilbert house, tears welling in his eyes as they focus on his brother’s burning body. Kol wasn’t supposed to die...daggered maybe but never death, only long enough for Klaus to obtain the cure so he could destroy it only to be reunited with his youngest brother in time. His eyes leave his brother’s body and land on the fear stricken Gilbert siblings. “What did you do!?” Klaus demands, rage prevalent in his voice.

“We had no other choice Klaus.” The doppelgänger replies anxiously. The overwhelming urge to rip their heads from their shoulders surges through him, just so he’d be done with them and all the destruction that came with them and this godforsaken town.

“I will burn this house to the ground and when you try to flee, I will kill you without a second thought.” Klaus’ voice is dangerously low, his eyes burning with a fire neither of the siblings had seen before.

“If you kill us, you’ll never get the cure.” The hunter steps in front of his sister.

Smirking at their stupidity and futile attempt at saving their meaningless lives Klaus says, “I was never going to use the cure. I was going to destroy it. LET ME IN!” He bangs threateningly on the magic barrier that protects the Gilbert’s from his rampage, they jump back in fear stumbling towards the kitchen. In a moment Klaus is doubled over in pain clutching his head, Bonnie emerges behind him.

“Let him in Jeremy.” She instructs as she enters the house, the siblings look at each other in confusion; but trusting Bonnie Elena nods.

“Come in.” The pain in Klaus’ head subsides and he speeds into the house, rage coursing through his veins. He would make them suffer, not just for Kol but for everything and everyone they ever hurt. Elena would not have it easy...First Klaus would kill Jeremy, forcing Elena to watch as the life fades from her precious little brother’s eyes. Followed by the overdue death of the Salvatore brothers, stringing those out as unpleasantly as possible; ironically the way she’s treated them both. Klaus would make her beg for death, but would not give it to her.

“Go into the living room!” Bonnie yells at Elena and Jeremy, they run; turning to see Klaus following closely behind. He was mere millimetres from wrapping his hands around the doppelgänger’s throat to snap her neck, just to feel an ounce of satisfaction, when suddenly a barrier separated them. He bangs against it with all his strength but it doesn’t budge, Bonnie stands nearby with satisfaction spread across her face.

“Witch! Let me out! You can’t do this!” He demands, tiring from his relentless efforts to escape.

“You don’t know what I can do Klaus.” Bonnie turns and leads the Gilbert siblings from the house, leaving Klaus alone. He paces vigorously across the living room, fuming; this is not what he had expected his night would entail, rather that he’d have Hunter for dinner. Out of the corner of his eye Klaus notices a reflective object lying under the coffee table. He turns his attention to see his brother’s phone, the earbuds still wrapped lazily around its middle and a lone crack down the centre of the screen. He sits with his back against the couch and picks up the phone, he unlocks it; a picture of his brother and his siblings smiling, a genuinely happy moment Klaus only remembers too well. He slides down lower so his head is resting against the couch cushions, opening the photo gallery he swipes through thousands of photos; Klaus blinks restlessly to avoid the tears that threaten to fall. The majority of the photos comprised of Kol with numerous women, Klaus can’t help but smirk at Kol’s antics. Kol was the sibling who saw and seemed the fun side of eternal life, he got into horribly atrocious situations but always brought a smile to his brothers’ faces, even Elijah. Klaus stops at a photo of himself and Kol at the night of the ball; arms draped around each other, smiles from ear to ear, and tucked away in the background the Rebekkah who appears to be pulling an incredulous face for what she believes is comedic affect, she is accompanied by Elijah who’s face screams I wish I was adopted. Klaus stares at the picture, the tears brim his eyes but he blinks them away; refusing to allow this to get the better of him he locks the phone and looks around the room. His eyes land on his brother’s body and he can no longer hold the tears back. They fall freely and this time, he just lets them go.


Caroline sits on her bed weighing up her options, call Elena..Don’t call Elena..She calls, but is overcome with disappointment when she is connected with voicemail. She huffs in annoyance, this was becoming the new norm for her; she’d call Elena and all she would get is the silent treatment. She knows Elena’s still mad at her for telling Stefan about Elena’s little rendezvous with Damon, but it had to come out at some point. She tries to call one last time...This is Elena, leave a message...“Elena, you can’t just keep ignoring me; you’re my best friend and I-” Voicemail Full, please try again later. She sighs and ends the call. “Fine, you don’t want to talk to me on the phone, well you’re gonna talk to me in person.” Caroline gets off her bed and opens her closet taking out black skins, a dark grey tank top and a black zip up hoodie. She throws her hair into a messy ponytail and heads downstairs, she grabs her car keys off the hall table and heads to Elena’s house. Caroline is completely exhausted, she’s spent the past two days at the Lockwood mansion with Tyler; he’d been mourning his mother’s death and Caroline knew she couldn’t leave him on his own. She feels horrible about Mrs Lockwood, being as close to her as she was this was hard on her too. Caroline spent those two days whispering words of reassurance and support to Tyler, that was all they did...No movies to take his mind off it, no walks to clear his head, just Caroline sitting in his mother’s room with him in mostly silence. Caroline arrives at the town square and pulls up next to the 24hr liquor store. Picking up two bottles of bourbon and two bottles of champagne, Caroline heads to the register.


“You don’t want my ID, you know I’m 21.”

“Congrats on turning 21 by the way, that’ll be $62.”

“It’s on the house.”

“A birthday present, on the house.” Ah the perks of being a vampire. After throwing the bottles into the passenger seat Caroline heads to the pizzeria to buy a large pizza, half with pineapple and half with anchovies, for her and Elena to share; they would get this pizza whenever they had a sleepover, staring when they were in the first grade. She takes the pizza to the car and heads over to the Gilbert house, as she pulls up she gets an uneasy feeling in her stomach. Elena’s car is gone and there aren’t any lights on inside the house. She gets out with the bottle bag and the pizza, she locks the car behind her as she approaches the house. She knocks but there’s no answer so she turns the nob, and is surprised that the door opens. Elena always locks the door, she has a pathological fear of being robbed. Caroline focus’ her hearing to pick up anyone at home...nothing.

“Hello? Elena? Jeremy? Anyone...” She walks into the living room and places the bag and pizza box on the couch. She glances around the room then notices a figure lying on the floor, their back to her. Matt?...She speeds over to him and crouches besides him...“Ma-” It wasn’t Matt at all. It’s Klaus, tears staining his cheeks and earbuds in his ears. He’s clutching a phone to his chest as though it were his lifeline. “Klaus?” She places her hand on his shoulder. He leaps atop her effortlessly, pinning her to the ground. His eyes bright yellow and his fangs bared. He realises its Caroline as she whimpers beneath him, he gets off her faster than he pounced. He sits on the couch and resumes looking at Kol’s phone and thinking about how different his life is now going to be. “Klaus what happened?” Caroline picks herself up and walks over to Klaus.

“Why are you here Caroline?” His voice tired and hoarse resonates in her ears, she’s never seen him like this. Klaus looks at her tiredly, expecting her usual efforts of distraction.

“I came over to see Elena.”

“Ah, doppelgänger. Well sorry to be the barer of bad news love, but your bestie isn’t here. Just go.”

“Wait. Why are you here? What happened?!” Klaus looks up at Caroline sadly, he didn’t need nor want her to see him like this...weak...useless...pathetic. Caroline notices he despair in his eyes and sits down next to him, calmly asking; “Please tell me what happened.”

“Your friends killed my brother.” His eyes drift from hers and he stares into space.

“What?!” She stutters, not believing what she’s just heard. She had no idea they would do this, she’d been left out of the loop yet again. She turns her attention to the kitchen where the sight that befalls her elicits a gasp. Kol...His body lies there grey and motionless, his clothes charred and singed. This must be torture, having to sit in this room with his brother lying in the next. It suddenly dawned on her that if an original was killed, so were their entire lineage...thousands of people were now dead, all because of her friends. “Why would they do this?” Her anger finally catching up to her.

“The bloody cure. I don’t care anymore; once I get out of here their lives will pay the price. Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, and those bloody Salvatores...All of them.” His eyes burn red even though they still look into the distance.

“Klaus, you can’t do that.”

“Watch me.” His voice emotionless.

“Please Klaus, I’m begging you I’ll do anything you want just leave them be.”

“Leave them be?!” Klaus rises from the couch and turns to face Caroline. “I will not let them get away with my brother’s murder. I will avenge him.” The sincerity of his promise resonates deep within her. She looks away, realising she can’t change his mind.

“Why are you still here?” Caroline raises an eyebrow at the now pacing Klaus. He stops at the edge of the living room.

“Your witchy friend put a lovely little spell on this room keeping me trapped inside.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Afraid the barrier keeping me from stepping into the hallway would disagree with you.” Klaus raises both hands and presses hard against the barrier, showing Caroline that he really was trapped. This was a bit extreme, leaving Klaus in here with his brother’s dead body would only make him angrier. “Please love, just go. I want to be alone.” She nods and walks towards the hallway. “Aren’t you going to take your stuff?” He motions to the previously discarded bottles and pizza box.

“I think you need it more than me.” She turns to leave but is repelled by an invisible force. She tries to leave again with the same outcome. “Wonderful...”

“Something wrong?” Klaus raises an eyebrow, confusion etched into his face.

“Look’s like we’re going to be spending some time together, Bonnie’s spell must keep all vampires in.” Caroline approaches the spot on the couch where Klaus is now sitting and assumes the position next to him.

“Well this should be interesting.” A sly grin plays at Klaus’ lips.

“Hey, don’t get any ideas.”

“I promise to behave.” Klaus raises his hands in defence. Even though the mood has lightened, Caroline can still see the sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry for your loss Klaus.” He looks away from her and nods, he doesn’t need her sympathy...

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