Kissed by Death

Fighting For Identity

A/N: If this chapter confuses you, don't worry--it confuses me too.

Where am I?

You're with us now.

Who are you?

We were once like you. But now we are One.

Do you have any names?

We are One.

What's happening—


What was that?!


Why did it hurt?

Happiness always hurts. Sadness is tolerable. Fear is pleasure.

Can you see anything?

We can sense many things. In time, you will too, when you have become One.

But I don't want to be 'One'—

You will become One.

How long have you been here?

Years, weeks, days, hours.

Can I get out?

There is no leaving here.

Are you sure?

We haven't tried. Why would we want to leave here? Here we are One. We cannot be separated. There, we are Many.

What if I don't want to be One?

You will.

But I can't

Become One.




You are taking too long.

I will NOT become 'One'—

You wanted to sense the world outside?

I want to see the world outside—

Then you have to become One.

What happens then?

You can sense everything. You are a part of all of us.

Will I stay that way?


No! I don't want to—

You must.

I can't—

You will, in time.

No, I WON'T.

They will try to force you.

Who are you?

I'm just like you.

Don't listen to him—

Don't listen to them.

How have you stayed separate?

I just refuse to join them.

Is it really that simple?


What do I do, then?

We agreed you would be silent—

Not when someone resists.

How do I stay separate?

Think of something happy. Don't think about where you are.


You're doing great!


Can you always keep that thought with you?

I think so.

What is it about?

…That's private.


They'll leave you alone eventually if you keep thinking about it.

How long have you been here?

I can't measure time here. Only they can.

You don't have any idea?

I've felt about forty souls join them.



Are there any others like you?

Not here.

Then where?

Perhaps in other Dementors.

What is your name?

I don't remember.


Try to hold on to yours—what is it?


I will remind you if you start to forget.

…Thank you?

You're welcome.

Can you…see anything?

If I focus hard, I can sense the outside world.


They are the liars.

What do you focus on?

People I knew.

Do you remember their names?

No, only faces.

And when you think about them, you can see the outside?

In a sense.

Do you think I'll be able to?

Perhaps, Ginny. Practice.

Do you remember anything about yourself?

I know I was a wizard. That's how I came to be here.

Do you remember why the Dementor kissed you?


He lies!

All right, so maybe I do. I remember I was in Azkaban.

Do you remember why?


We do.

Neither of us want to listen to you.

You were filled with sadness.

And yet I am able to resist you.

Sad people always focus on only the happy things.

How ironic.

But you are not sad, Ginny. You are fearful.

Leave her alone.

You were worried about someone. Who?

Just someone I knew.

Don't respond to them. They're trying to lure you in.

Did you think he was being unwise?


Stop, Ginny.

Why wouldn't he marry you?

How do you know about that?

It was part of your memory.

Ginny, be careful.


He didn't think I was old enough—

Or he didn't think you were good enough.

That's not true!

Ginny, ignore them.

He didn't intend on marrying you. He was only trying to appease you.

That's NOT true!


He's refused you for so long. Remember how sad you were? Remember the pain you felt?

Stop, please—

GINNY! STOP!.....Ginny? Ginny, answer me.

There is no Ginny.


We are not Ginny. We are One.

A/N: What did you think? Too strange? Too confusing? Personally, I think this is an extremely interesting concept. Send me your thoughts!

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