Kissed by Death

Transferring Souls

A/N: Okay, so the 'One' makes another appearance in this chapter, and I just wanted to refresh your memory on how the scenes inside the dementor work:

-Anything written in italics represents the thoughts of the One.

-Anything written in bold represents the thoughts of the soul that remained separate from the One.

-Anything written in regular text represents Ginny's thoughts.

-*And for this chapter, anything with asterisks around it represents the thoughts of another victim of the dementor's kiss.*

Also, I'm aware that most chapters only have one point of view (ie Chapters 1 and 2 are from Ginny's pov, 4 and 5 from Harry's, 6 and 7 from Hermione's, without any interruption), but in this particular chapter I'm going to switch between who narrates each section. It shouldn't be too hard to follow, I just wanted you to be aware.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, or just include them in the reviews I know you're going to leave ;p


"What do you mean, they got out?"

"All three of them," Harry said, gritting his teeth. "They were able to push themselves out of the crate."

"Did you get them back?" I asked anxiously.

"With difficulty," he answered. "They almost got to my neighbors."

"We can't keep them in your flat anymore, Harry," I said authoritatively, sounding very much like my wife. "It's not safe for your neighbors, and you're not there over half the time anyway."

"Then where can we put them?" he exclaimed in frustration. "Where are we going to find a place remote enough where we can also keep a constant eye on them?"

I sighed. I'd had the idea in my head for a while now, but hadn't wanted to voice it out loud for fear of the repercussions. After what happened the night before, however, it seemed like I had no choice.

"There's an old shed out back," I said softly, making sure Hermione couldn't hear us from the kitchen. "It's a decent way away from the house, and I don't have any neighbors. I've been fixing it up—"

"Are you sure you want them so close?" Harry asked, sensing my hesitation.

"Definitely not," I answered truthfully. "But it's the best place I can think of—if it's too remote, we won't be able to keep an eye on them."

Harry nodded understandably, thinking it over. I could tell that he was just as reluctant as I to put the dementors so close to Hermione and the baby, but until we could find a more permanent place for them, it seemed to be the safest option.

"All right," he finally said. "But only temporarily. I'll find a place out in the country and start building something more permanent. Should we tell Hermione?"

I shook my head. "She would probably go in there and try to study them."

Harry smirked, knowing that I was right. Sometimes my wife could be too inquisitive.

We decided to move them that night, and I set to work making the shed more secure. Just as I was boarding the windows, I heard footsteps and turned to see my wife's brown eyes staring at me with sadness.

"What are you doing?" she asked quietly, stopping before she reached me.

"Don't worry about it," I responded, taking her hand. With a flick of my wand, the rest of the work was done, and we walked inside together.

"I need you to do me a favor," I said seriously, stopping her in the living room. She only nodded in response.

"Stay inside tonight," I ordered. She opened her mouth to ask why, but thought better of it and closed it. Instead, she kissed me lightly in response, her way of submitting to my request. I gently let go of her hand and walked to the fireplace, picking up a fistful of floo powder.

"Be safe," she called as I stepped inside. I smiled at her in response, throwing down the powder and speaking Harry's address.

When I stopped spinning, he was already standing, the crates piled up in the middle of his living room. I was taken aback when I saw that many of them were shaking, but tried to forget what was actually inside our packages.

"We'll have to make four trips," he said, nodding towards the eight crates on the ground. "Ready to go?"

I nodded, taking a hold of the first crate. Harry grabbed one as well, and we headed out the door.

Almost as soon as we were out, however, we stopped dead in our tracks. All of the lights in the hall were going off, and a sudden chill ran down both of our spines. We each set down the crate we were holding and ran, hoping we would reach the creature in time to save its prey. As an afterthought, I summoned one of the empty crates Harry had in his closet and it flew into my arms as I ran.


*Where am I?*

You're with us now.

*What does that mean?*

Join us, and we can tell you.

Don't listen to them!

You're too late, once more. You should follow him. He has made the right decision-

Ginny, I know you're in there. I haven't given up on you.

There is no Ginny; we are One.

Ginny, listen to me. You are your own person! You are not part of them!

There is no Ginny! Be silent!

You're wrong. I know she's still there.

Silence! We sense fear.

And anger.

We are not interested in anger. Only fear and sadness.

He has plenty of sadness.


Harry ran ahead of me, reaching the scene of the crime before I did. The dementor dropped the man it was holding, who we were obviously too late to save, and turned to face him as he stretched out his wand.




No! You cannot leave us! It is impossible!

HARRY! Harry, I'm right here! Wait-why can't I see him anymore? Harry!

Focus on him, Ginny.


I see him! Harry, please! I'm trapped!

He won't be able to hear your thoughts.


No! You cannot take us, wizard!

He'll take us if he wants to.


"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" he yelled, fury filling his voice. I ran to the other side of the dementor and opened the crate, positioning it so Harry's patronus could chase the dementor inside. After doing this for almost a year, I barely had to think about what I was doing; it was almost second nature.

As soon as the creature was inside, I shut the lid, holding it tightly and sealing it with my wand. The box shook, but I ignored it. Harry ran to the body on the floor and growled in anger.

"We were too late," he observed, kicking the wall in frustration.

"There was no way we could have known, Mate," I said comfortingly.

Harry shook off my words, staring at the innocent muggle on the ground. I knew what he was thinking; what if this was the dementor that took Ginny? That was the thought he had every time that we captured one. It didn't help that he hadn't been able to save this one's victim—it only reminded him that he couldn't save Ginny.


I can't see him anymore.

He's shut us up inside of a sort of crate or something.

The top won't come off!

It's no use trying. He'll only capture us again.

Ginny, who was he?

...He was my fiancé.

Do you think he's looking for you?

Definitely, knowing him. How did I become separate again?

How should I know? I've never been there!

Ginny, if you join us, we can get free, you can see him again-

Don't give in again, Ginny. You're the only thing that's been keeping me from joining them lately.

I'm flattered.

They've been increasingly persuasive. I wondered if it had to do with your personality.

I doubt it. I couldn't persuade people very well while I was in my own body. It took forever to convince Harry to give me that ring-

Had you two been engaged for long?

Funny...I can't remember.

Don't worry if you start forgetting things. There's not much I remember about my life before.

There's nothing to remember….

Are you sure there's no way out of here? The dementor, I mean.

Not that I know of, Ginny.

Can you think of any possible ways-

You cannot leave here! It is impossible!

Ginny, I've been here for a long time-

Well maybe you haven't explored all of the options.

You are angry...

I know that without you telling me, thanks.

I'm sorry, Ginny. I'm sure we can find a way-together.

We have to. I have to see him again...


I sighed, closing the book I was reading. Why didn't Ron want me outside? And why was he being so secretive about that beat up shed? He's been fixing it up for about a month now and wouldn't tell me anything about it.

I listened intently for my husband's footsteps coming home, but didn't hear any. He was probably still out with Harry, finding and attacking dementors, risking his life.

My eyes opened wide. Maybe the shed had something to do with them. Was there something he was keeping from me in there, something that could help me find out how to bring Ginny back?

I bit my lip, knowing that I'd promised him to stop researching, and that I'd promised him I would stay inside tonight. My eyes shifted towards the window and I saw the shed a little ways off. I let out a deep breath and stood, taking my coat off the rack. Whatever was in there, I wanted to know, and I was going to whether Ron liked it or not.


We almost have opened the crate!...It's open! We are free!

Why can't I sense Harry?

Because he's not here.

There is someone…she is coming closer...she has many sad memories…


Do you know her?


She is very scared now…she is running…her soul is strong…it is precious…but there is another soul inside of her…


Ginny, there's nothing you can do…Ginny?

She is resisting! And now…there is a third soul…



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