The Bedevilled Soul


Hell is empty and the all devils are here.. The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us,its the darkness in own heart we should fear. They say only bad people go to hell,but what happens when the good ones desperately seeks the kingdom of hell? A quest to find one thing. The only thing that can restores balance to the upside world. After watching her only reason and motivation for living well sadly sinking down like a stone. Keric must finally chose to either drown in her misery, or fight and take back what is rightfully hers. Hi..I'm darkrose I really hope you enjoy this story. Comment and vote this story. Enjoy!❤

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter one:Power

Power is neither good or evil,but its user makes it so . A weapon is mostly described as evil,however it can save one's life. The beholder decides whether it is used for good or bad.

Power is the ability to produce an effect,to influence,to change. And without change,what is life anyway..

I had always lived my life as a simple young woman with no problem. Why wouldn't I? I had everything an average person should dream of. My sister and I made an amazing team. I mean if you didn't compare her extremely tall and skinny physique compared to my petite shape. Or why we didn't share the same long coal black hair that cascaded down her back every time she walked.

Okay she was an exact opposite of me. And I had always envied that part of her. But the two of us,we were inseparable. Until all hades attacked.

Life had been all good for me. Our town was a small one besides other,but a town where the little spirit called 'peace' reigned. The people of Beladonia made it so peaceful. Various kind souls of generous,loyal and respectful people. From the old men and women,down to the little children.

Then there were the keepers. They claim to be the keepers and restorers of peace for the town. Bastards! Reeked with authorities even greater than the royal family. The only part of Beladonia that had to be wiped out.

"We're out of food again" echoed from the other room.

Typical. We we're always out of food. Who always wasn't? Curse the keepers! Storing any piece of foodstuff,and why not? They had the power to. 'For the benefit of the people' they had said,but we never enjoyed the benefits. Hard labours of the poor industrious men was always in vein. Since all they produced for the mouth of their families went to the pockets of our so called leaders.

Ignoring the voice from the kitchen I miserably crawled out of what you can call a bed. But can it really identity as one when it gives absolutely no comfort?

Still feeling sored from yesterday's own stress, I managed a stroll to the cup filled with water on the table slightly opposite me. I needed my strength, all I could get. I already knew what to do. We had to eat. To survive.

Upon stumbling on the pile of rubbish on the floor I stretched my hands,finally finding its way to the cup of water.

"No water!" The words flew right out of my mouth without even knowing. I shouldn't have been surprised. Tara always filled the cup with water every morning. But today its empty. I hated the situation. No food, it always had a quick fix but no water!That's worse.

I wobbled pathetically from the tiny room to question Tara in the kitchen.

"There's no water too?" Asking foolishly even when I already knew the answer.

"No" she bluntly replied without even looking at me. Fixing my eyes on her i already knew something was wrong. The Tara I know wasn't here. I slowly advanced towards her.

"Tara?" Slowly reaching for her shoulder as I called her name."Are you okay?"

Staring down and avoiding my eyes she just sheepishly smiled"Yes" She managed to speak further only after a loud sight then "Its just" finally staring at me,she continued."how long do we have to live like this? In fear. We know we're being treated wrongly. Why isn't king Rowland even doing anything about this "She paused,then continued as if answering her own questions"The keepers are even helping more than the royal family. The last time this happened they promised us a free supply of food. They even .."

"And where's the food now darling!" Frustration hitting me at all sides. I knew blurting out like that could start a fight,but nobody should be that blind.

"Why aren't you blaming the king? He is supposed to be our leader,our saviour. Why isn't he even trying?"

"He doesn't have the authority to do so. He's like an ocean without the water in it. Useless!"

"Useless? How can he be a king without power then. Its impossible kerik. Isn't that what makes him the king? The very first man in the whole kingdom."

Impossible? I thought as I watched Tara chuckled as she said the word,gladly making her point. If only she knew truly who these keepers are? You don't necessarily need to wipe out a nation with war,leaders who value their pocket more that the lives of the citizens do that everyday. But they do this with a big smile pretending to love you and cherish the people of Feledonia.

With their huge influence they turn people to puppets, even the so called king.

But why wasn't anyone else seeing this?

I quickly flashed a smile,avoiding any form of conflict. "Tara" Sweetly calling her name,I smiled again "I really understand you. You're right and I'm wrong,okay?"I lied. I was right and she was wrong.

Smiling back she held my hands softly.

"Okay then,of course"

"We should get going. You provide water,I get food."

"You know if others could hear you right now they'd think you were the eldest " She cracked up almost immediately like it was seriously amusing. Pleased with herself for always finding means to show she was older. Eleven months isn't really something to brag on about! She knew exactly what she'd done and collapsed into more laughter. Seeing her happy had always made me happy. From nowhere I found myself dissolving into laughter too,and for a moment,nothing else mattered.

No food. No water. But we had each other, that was all that mattered.


Suddenly,a loud bang at the door nearly made me jumped out of my skin.

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