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1. All rights go to the owners of all animes/shows. 2. I made this because I can't find really any x readers for anything. 3. This isn't just for animes, but that is what I will mainly do x readers for.

Romance / Other
Age Rating:


Hi! So...first off, I want y'all to know the person writing before you judge me for it lol.

My name is Ash, I'm a pan gender fluid, and I'm an Emo weeb.

Okay so, some of the animes/shows I will mainly be writing are:

•Voltron: Legendary Defender

•My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academi


•Food Wars!

•Dramatical Murders

•Vampire Knight


•Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun

That's the main ones! There will be others tho.

I may do character x character as well, if requested. (No judging other people's ships)

Here is a request form:




Relation to character

I may do lemons so, request smut, fluff, or normal. I will put 🍋 next to lemon titles and ☁ next to fluff titles. Normal x readers/one shots won't have anything next to the title.

That's all for now! Thanks!
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