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My little Señorita


Emily has always been considered a disgrace in both her family and pack so when her mate rejects her she decides to free her self by running away and making a promise to my self to make name for my self,join Emily as she go through the journey of life.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Emily p.o.v

Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock I reluctantly dragged my self to the bathroom take my bath,undressing my self I entered into the bathtub wash my self in a strawberry and caramel scented body wash rinsing and wrapping a towel I made my way out of the bathroom and to my closet I picked out a blue jegging and a floral pink top today was my birthday and maybe the day I will find my mate then the rejects me and my best friend Hilda have be trying to avoid me since Monday and today been Friday I decided to go talk to her so she could explain the problem making my way down stairs i see my lovely parents and their amiable son Kelvin chatting peaceful passing them with a good morning and them pretending like the didn't hear me you see this is how it has been for five years now them ignoring me as if I don't exist just because I couldn't shift well I had my wolf but couldn't shift so from then the considered me a waste of space my parents ignored me the pack hated me and my big brother and his friends became my personal tormentor well enough of my life I entered the kitchen grab an apple and started going to school I start making my way to my locker but I saw Hilda working making her way towards me but what she says shocks me

"Emily I don't want to be friends with you anymore because I don't want a person as worthless as you"

I was shocked recovering immediately I gave her a small smile patted her shoulder telling her it's OK and I watched her make her way to the cheerleader squad a.k.a sluts group I sighed am already used to things like this but I couldn't believe Hilda would ever leave me for those slut's well as you see that how my life is not ever stays.

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