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Light my way ( HTTYD Fanfiction )


Imora Grimborn is a dragon hunter who's always in the shadow of her two older brothers. Viggo and Ryker Grimborn. One night, she was asked to spy on the Dragon Riders and steal the Dragon eye. But what happens if she meets a trapped dragon left to anyone's mercy? And most important of all, will she finally can complete her impossible goal of gaining true acceptance from her tribe? I do not own How to train your dragon or Race to the edge . I own Imora and her unique plot . Mostly takes place in Race to the edge ...

Action / Adventure
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" No." I say sternly.

" Imora its just a small deed." Viggo continues standing near his desk. I shake my head for the fifth time." Making me spy on your enemies isn't a small deed." I argue. He sighs and brings his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

" No, but you have done it countless times." Ryker remarks coming out of the shadows. I frown at his statement and let out an irritated sigh knowing he'll likely not leave this conversation. "Yes, but this is different ! " I exclaim.

" How?" Ryker asks leaning against the wall. " They have dragons! Everybody knows they can sniff us hunters out a mile away! "I rant.

" But what if you didn't have the scent or the looks of one?" Viggo inquires. I groan and facepalm myself. " You really are not going to let this go, are you?" I whine.

" No." He says brining his hands behind his back like always. Silence filled the air around us, I could tell both of them were thinking not only of a plan but a way to get me to cooperate with it.

Viggo made his way towards me and put his hands on both of my shoulders. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion; he was never the one who really showed affection, come to think of it neither of them did.

" What if I can repay you?" He suggests. " With what?" I add. " Anything." He mumbles. I let my thoughts flow, this was a rare opportunity so I couldn't let this go to waste. An idea popped into my head.

" A deed." I answer. He raises his eyebrows in surprise at my respons but nodded anyway. " Granted." The words flowed from his mouth. " You promise?" I ask cautiously. " I promise." He replies.

He walked back to his desk and sat down in his chair. Brining his fingers up to make a bridge, I thought about a plan. " So what's the plan?" Ryker requests.

" Perhaps we should lock you up as a prisoner so when Hiccup and his friends come to save the dragons, he'll see you." Viggo explained.

I shake my head again and pondered an idea. " What if I act unconscious on one of the cliffs so when one of the riders fly past, they'll see me." I beam. " That's not a bad idea." Ryker mutters.

" But what if they don't?" He retorts. " They will. When your up there you can see almost everything, besides I'll just wear ragged clothes and make small bruises on my arms to make it believable that I was attacked."

" You sure you can handle that?" Ryker adds almost mocking me. " Yes. Yes I can but, for how long am I supposed to stay there?" I ask tilting my head to the side.

" When you get enough information about them to use it against them. Oh, and your good with stealing so mind taking the Dragon eye with you when you come back?" Viggo insists.

" Sure whatever." I mumble as I walk toward the door acknowledging my leave. The door swung open revealing dark night sky with a chilling air. All of the so called 'guards' were asleep so there was no one outside.

I close the door behind me and went to my room planning on changing as soon as I can but, then I heard a whimper of pain. I stop and listen if I can hear the sound again. It came again but slightly louder this time.

Being curious by nature, I followed the sound all the way back outside to find none other than a white night fury. And that's not all, it's wing was trapped in one of the cage doors...

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