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Jia 7 Rai
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Chapter 1



I hate clubs, and of course clubbing in general.

Dimmed disco lights accompanied with sensuous music and the scent of alcohol making the atmosphere suffocating for me to breathe is in one word disgusting.

Girls flirting around and swaying their hips in a seductive manner with the music, desperate to catch the attention of the guys. And the boys? They just simply enjoyed the moment with their fingers curling around the glass of wine in a classy manner didn’t matter whether they drank or not but they had to show off while their eyes travelled through the short dresses of the girls and some of them probably getting their cheap fantasies. Then we get to see the wingpersons, flirting here and there and doing their job. These people are quite interesting and so is their job, some of them had a fucked up shitty past with their partners so they want don’t want others to stay happy while the rest of them simply loved to see other people mingle as they don’t have the guts for commitment. If the boys are spiders and the girls are flies then these people formed the web or better the trap. They have sly ways to trap a girl and bring them to the guy who wanted them for a one night stand or a fling. Well the other way round also happens but in most cases it’s the girl who is the prey.

Well these toxic thing of young adults didn’t bother me much though and all I do is observe while I standing with all my vanity. I am above all these, I am the Queen Bee, the popular girl.

Crazy but true, wearing this prefect girl mask was not easy in the first place but once you master it, it’s your time. Because who doesn’t like to be the centre of attention. Everyone see me as their star and kept a distance. I could feel the whole party had it’s eye on me. Girls admired and boys hooked up in their fantasies only by one glance. But still there is a restriction, I am the star and they are not. Boys lose confidence before me while the girls wanna be me or they wanna be the mask.

I sipped on my drink majestically, not alcohol as I was not used to with stuffs like that. Everything was just well and fine except for the intimidating stares of my stalker who has been stalking me since highschool, Choi Jiwoon. The most disgusting guy that I have come across.

I tried not to look at him anymore and looked forward making up a straight face. I was literally waiting for the party to get over as I felt terribly bored and I can’t just go and socialize like hey what’s up? What are you guys doing? and things like that because I have a reputation.

“Heya Bitch! You look ravishing!” a very known voice bumbed, it was Tori my best friend. She is the type I am always envious about, a bit tomboyish and a whole lot cool. She acts as if she doesn’t give a damn about this world, and it was quite obvious from her clothes because who wears a oversized tee and sweat pants to club and that too on a Fresher’s Party. Really who does that? She does, cuz she is the Tori.

“And you look..... ” I was falling short of words “umm.... A super lady?” I concluded and we both laughed at that.

“Well it took you time” she replied by passing her fingers through her blonde pony.

“Yeah cuz you are that awesome sweetheart” I hugged her, she is the best girl to trust in this planet and no one can be like her. I am lucky enough to have someone like her in my life.

“Yeah Yeah I know right” she broke the hug and smiled at me, her eyes were fixed at me but suddenly she peeped behind me and said under her breath “Look who’s coming this way”.

I arched my brows, a bit confused about whom she meant and finally looked backwards to find Jeon Jungkook making his way towards me. The prince of Busan, that’s what the girls call him. He held a glass of wine majestically while he paved the way, a small playful smirk lighting up his face, hair beautifully tossed over the forehead and doe shaped eyes piercing through my own.

Confidence was in his aura and he didn’t hesitate to place his hand on my waist as soon as he was by my side.

“What are you doing alone here beautiful?” he smiled as if some innocent angel but his eyes were hood dark by the influence of alcohol. His face was pretty close to mine and I could feel his drunk breath.

“No, I am good here” I threw a confident charm to cope up with his own, then slowly brushed his hand away from my waist. “But that was a quick reflex I must say” mentioning his hand which he kept on my waist.

“Oops... Sorry” he laughed. “Did you get angry? I don’t like it when pretty girls like you get angry” he leaned on the bar sipping some more of his drink.

“Ooo.... Does that make her pretty angry?” in that awkwardly sensuous situation Tori suddenly cracked a lame dad joke which made Jungkook roll his eyes.

“Tori” I eyed her to remind it’s not the right place to act like that but she barely cared and hopped of to some other place bidding me and Jungkook a goodbye.

“Weird isn’t she?” Jungkook commented and I gave him a look. Not just any look but the look.

“Ok I am sorry...” he scoffed and drew a step closer. “Wanna dance?“.

“No not now, the host will soon be announcing the fresher Queen” I replied and he nodded and instantly brought his lips to my ears and whispered.

“Lemme tell you a secret, I have already seen the names and you are the winner” he draws back and smile.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I raised one brow and looked at that handsome creature.

“Well obviously, who would get it except you. You joined the college few days back and in that short time you are hella famous. At my freshman year I was the King and before me it was Taehyung”

The name Taehyung struck my mind for a moment because I have never seen him around the campus but according to Jungkook’s description he sounded as if he was hella famous.


I brushed of the thought of that guy instantly after seeing a guy, who is supposed to host the event probably, getting up on the platform with paper and mic.

“It’s about to begin”

Best coming on the way

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