The White Wolf

Chapter 2

Draco’s POV

The front doors to the castle open silently and he slips inside without any disturbance. The walk back to the Slytherin dormitories was always difficult and he knew that explaining the blood on his robes would be problematic if he got caught and he wasn’t in the mood to get a detention.

He freezes as he hears footsteps ahead and ducks into an empty charms classroom. He waits, crouched on the dusty floor in the dark for a heart-stopping minute. He curls his nose up in disgust at being forced on this floor until they pass. Finally the footsteps fade away and he can continue.

He manages to reach the dormitory entrance but almost collapses from exhaustion from his night out.

“Basilisk” he tells the wall tiredly, and as soon as the door opens he stumbles as ungracefully as a Malfoy can, down the steps to the common room.

He looks at his watch only to see that it was almost four. Shit, he hadn’t realised he had been gone for so long. When he’s out in the forest all sense of time slips away and he can run for hours.

He silently slips into his room careful not to wake the other boys, and takes off his dirty robes before climbing into bed.

As soon as his head hits the pillow he is out and the world fades away as he dreams of the forest that is calling his name.


Harry’s POV

Harry hated mornings. No not just hated, despised. As Ron drags him down to the great hall for breakfast, he curses himself for staying up late writing that stupid essay for potions. Blasted Snape, why did he love to torture them by handing out foot long essay’s every week. When they arrive Hermione is already at the Gryffindor table, her head buried in a rather thick book. As Ron and Harry slide into their seats next to her there was no sign that she even notices.

“Hermione, hello anyone there?” Ron asks as he nudges her.

“Stop it Ron, I need to finish this chapter before Ancient Runes” she huffs not even bothering to look up.

“Like you haven’t already read the book five times”

Hermione looks up. “You can never be too prepared Ronald, honestly we’re now in our 6th year its time to start studying..”

Harry tunes out Ron’s reply as he eats his toast and looks around the great hall. As his eyes rest on the Slytherin table he notices Malfoy. For the first time since he has known him, Malfoy looks dishevelled and tired. His hair is not slicked back like usual, but instead looks as though he had just climbed out of someone else’s bed and couldn’t care less what people thought. Which is surprising considering how vain Malfoy is. There are also purple marks under his eyes, as though he hadn’t gotten much sleep last night., he feels his cheeks heat up at the thought. Though despite this Malfoy looked good. Harry had not realised before but Malfoy had changed throughout the years and was no longer that small, thin boy from their first year. They were now in their sixth year and he had grown taller than even Harry and his skin no longer held that sickly pale tinge.

During the summer holidays he must have worked out because you could tell even from the Gryffindor table that he was packing quite a bit under those robes.

Harry had heard the whispers from all the girls about his ‘transformation’ and how hot he is, though he had never taken them seriously. I mean Malfoy hot, no way. But seeing him now, Harry could understand where the girls are coming from. Though hot is not the word Harry would have used, Malfoy looks…. beautiful, there is no other way to describe him. Beautiful, yet there was something dangerous in his aura despite his casual air. The glint in his eyes shows that despite his lounging posture, he misses nothing. It’s almost predatory. The prince of Slytherin looks as though he owns everyone and everything in the room and this normally makes Harry’s blood boil, but today he cant seem to bring the anger to the surface.

As though sensing his stare the prince looks up and catches his gaze before Harry can look away. He freezes as his eyes lock with Malfoy’s. He can’t move. Malfoy has trapped him in place.

He’s looking at Harry as though he is a hunter and Harry, his prey.

Malfoy’s mouth suddenly turns up into a mocking sneer and he flips Harry the bird before looking away and releasing him. Harry slowly comes to his senses and glares in Malfoy’s direction before looking back down angrily at his toast. He can’t stop his cheeks from staining pink despite the death grip he has on the table.

“Hey Harry mate, you alright.” Ron asks, snapping him back to the present.

“Yeah fine” he manages to choke out “it just got a little warm in here.”

“We’ll we have to go or well be late to transfiguration and then McGonagall will have both our asses.”

“Yeah, come on lets get out of here.”

As they walk out of the great hall, he looks back over his shoulder at the Slytherin table but Malfoy is no longer there.


Draco’s POV

Potter’s staring this morning had unnerved him. When he had gotten a weird feeling that someone was watching him he had looked up into the eyes of his nemesis. It wasn’t Potter’s staring that unnerved him; it was that there was no hatred in his eyes. He had soon fixed that with a Malfoy sneer and a good old-fashioned hand gesture. He didn’t need fucking Harry Potter to start thinking that he was anything but the enemy.

“Hey Draco wait up” came Zabini’s voice from behind him.

“What do you want Blaise?” Draco replies without turning around or slowing his strides.

He senses without looking that Blaise has caught up to him, the scent of his overpowering cologne fills his nose making him want to sneeze.

After his first transformation all hid senses had been heightened. At first it had been disorienting and he had had trouble coming out of his room without wanting to throw up from the overload of sounds and smells. He now looks over at Blaise and notices each of his individual absurdly long eyelashes and the little flaws and blemishes that make up his absurdly beautiful face.

“Hey don’t get all grumpy with me” he smiles cheekily. “I came to tell you some news”

“What is it?” he snaps not in the mood for Blaise’s games right now.

“I heard that Potter was looking pretty fucking fine after the holidays. I heard he’s grown quite a bit”

“You seem to hear a lot of things Blaise.” He growls.

“Maybe, but I know for a fact that this one is true.”

He lifts a perfectly sculptured eyebrow at him “Why would you think I would be interested?”

“Well, you have always had a fascination with Potter, haven’t you.”

“Things have changed Blaise I’m not the same person I was last year.”

“Maybe, but things don’t change that much, I saw you looking at him this morning.”

“Then you would have also seen me flip him off”

“Yeah but that’s just your way of telling someone you like them”

“Fuck off Zabini.” he snarls threateningly.

He just laughs in response, “I’ll see you tonight, and I’m going to whip Pansy’s butt at chess.” He says as he walks off.


Malfoy sprawls across the couch closet to the fireplace. It was the best seat in the common room so of course the proclaimed Prince of Slytherin lay there.

He listens to Pansy and Blaise argue over who is winning the game of wizards chess, but his gaze is drawn to the window and the full moon outside waiting for him. His skin itches; he needs to be outside, running. These runs let him forget who he is and what he is destined for. For a few fleeting hours he is just a lone wolf running free beneath the night sky with nobody to stop him.

“Hey Draco, you want to play next game” Pansy asks “I promise I’ll go easy on you” she teasingly taunts.

“Nah not tonight, I’m just going to go to bed”

“You do look tired Draco, have you been getting enough sleep”.

“I’m fine, stop worrying.” He snaps a little too harshly ”I’’ll see you in the morning. And Blaise please don’t cause a racquet when you get ready for bed, I swear the Gryffindor’s heard you last time you tripped over my trunk.”

“Hey that was one time, its not my fault your trunk is so bloody big”

“Sure it was, and nothing to do with your inability to walk in a straight line.”

He gracefully doges out of the way of the flying chess piece that’s thrown at his head and makes his way upstairs.

He gets under the covers fully clothed and waits until its safe to slip out unnoticed.

After Blaise and all the other boys are in bed asleep, Draco gets up and sneaks out.

Getting out of the castle is easier with the new senses and in no time at all the front doors come into view and he can slip outside. It’s the middle of the night but Draco can still see perfectly as he makes his way across the lawn to the Forbidden Forest. As he slips between the trees he allows himself to finally relax and transform.

Every time he does this is gets easier. Now he no longer feels much pain, and it’s over in less than a minute. He opens his eyes, stretches out his large body covered in white fur; so white that the light bounces off his coat. It isn’t until he starts running that he feels at peace and lets out a howl.


Harry’s POV

Harry tosses around in bed, but sleep is evading him. The moon is so bright that even his bed curtains cannot block out the light. It shines through every crack and will not let the darkness take him. Not that he wants it to, as he knows that as soon as he falls asleep the nightmares will claim him and if he relives Sirius’s death tonight he knows he’ll lose his mind.

He growls in frustration as he gets out of bed and sits by the window.

The cool glass comforts him a little and he slowly starts to drift off but movement out the corner of his eye makes him jerk awake as he spots a dark figure making their way across the lawn. He can’t make out who it is until they lift their face towards the moon and their hood slips back exposing their stark blond hair.

Draco Malfoy.

What the hell is he doing making his way to the Forbidden Forest? Could this be some sort of death eater activity?

He makes up his mind to follow him and hurriedly puts on his robes and invisibility clock and as silently as he can makes his way downstairs.

He pads out to the common room and steps carefully out of the painting.

A sleepy “who goes there?” calls out into the castle but Harry ignores it and starts walking.

As he steps out the front doors and into the night a voice at the back of his head cautions him to go back to bed, but he doesn’t listen. He is going to find out what Malfoy is up to. The moon is so bright that he doesn’t even need magic to light his way. He starts towards the forest where he saw Malfoy heading trying to go as fast as he can with the limited light.

He reaches the entrance to the forest but hesitates, how will he even find Malfoy? And what is he going to do if he does? He starts thinking about his bed and suddenly this didn’t seem like such a good idea.

No! He shakes off his hesitations; he is going to find out what Malfoy is up to even if it takes all night. The forest doesn’t scare him as much as it probably should, though the thick branches stop most of the full moons light so he casts a lumos spell in order to keep to the narrow path, knowing he could easily loose it if he isn’t concentrating.

He stops when he feels a prickling sensation at the back of his neck and he gets the sense that he’s being watched. When a branch snaps under his foot a soft growl comes out of the darkness ahead freezing him in place. A white hulking wolf comes out of the shadows ahead. Its grey eyes lock onto Harry’s and they look like molten silver under the moonlight. All his thoughts fly out of his head and all he can feel is the pounding of his heart and the sound of his breathe leaving his body in small quick gasps. Why is this the time that he decides to freeze? Do something, anything his mind screams, but he can’t move.

In that moment he knew he was going to die.

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