The White Wolf

Chapter 3

Draco’s POV

When running through the forest he became more beast than man and he let the wolf take over and just embraced every sound and feeling. The ground is soft beneath his paws as he runs and the taste of blood from his last kill is still on his tongue, he knows that is going to disgust him when he changes back but right now it tastes like delicious butterbeer.

He slows from his run when a familiar scent fills his nose, its not the scent of the usual prey that fills the forest but something different. His wolf is still in control and it starts to stalk the unfamiliar prey.

His wolf is in total control now and it stalks out of the shadows with a growl and into a clearing where a lanky boy is standing with raven hair and skin dripping with sweat. His green eyes are wide and his pupils dilated from fear. Malfoy struggles to take control as his wolf keeps stalking forward. He knows this boy that scent is familiar and he has looked into those eyes before. Who is he?

His wolf is close now and he can feel his teeth being bared into a snarl, he’s going to pounce if Malfoy doesn’t take control. But it’s hard when he’s in the middle of a hunt and especially to come out of that mindset especially when his wolf isn’t finished.

“Please” the boy whispers barely audible but it’s enough. It brings Draco back into control and snaps him into reality.

Shit, he almost attacked Harry freaking Potter.

He takes one last look at those forest green eyes before turning tail and running away from the boy who made him forget who he was if only for a minute.

When he reaches the outskirts of the forest he allows himself to change back to his human form and quickly gets into the robes he stashed there before his run.

How could I have let that happen; Harry Potter saw my wolf. This is really fucking bad, he can’t believe he lost so much control how could he not recognise him. He could have hurt him. What if he hadn’t spoken? He might have killed him.

“oh god, oh god” he whispers into the night panicking from fear at what he had almost done.

He snap into a sanding position when he hears movement from behind and blends into the shadow when Potter comes running past him and out of the forest not pausing for breathe before making his way towards the school.

Draco waits until Harry has made it inside before he allows himself to leave the shelter of the forest and make his may quickly back to the castle.

He pauses when he reaches the doors, looking over his shoulder at the full moon that now seems to be mocking him for his foolishness before sipping inside and letting the doors shut with a resounding thud.

Harry’s POV

Harry only allows himself to stop running when he’s back in his dormitory and only when he’s under the covers of his bed does he start breathing again.

Holy fudging blueberry muffin, what in the holy hell just happened?

One minute he was looking death in the face, literally, as a giant wolf was ready to eat him and the next he was standing alone in a clearing wondering if he had imagined it all. Though that didn’t stop him from turning back the way he came and running for the hills. What was that? It couldn’t be normal for a wolf to give up its prey so easily, what had spooked it?

When it had stalked towards him, staring him down he had thought for an insane minute that he recognised those grey eyes though where from he couldn't say.

Just before it had turned and fled he thought he had seen a spark of recognition in its eyes. The wolf was definitely not normal, it was smart and also larger than the normal wolves that hunted in the forest. The white blond colour of its coat was also an enigma, that colour was not found in any wolves on this continent. He tried to calm his still racing heart and sort out his jumbled thoughts, trying to make sense of what he had seen.

Holy shit! Wait a hot second, he had totally forgotten the whole reason why he was in the forest in the first place. Draco Malfoy. Connecting the dots he realised that it was too much of a coincident that he saw Malfoy go into the forest and then he is confronted by a wolf with his same eyes and a coat the exact shade of his hair. He knew he had seen those eyes before, just this morning at breakfast when they had captured his. Could Malfoy have gone through an illegal Animagus transformation? Would he really go that far? Risk so much.

He had to calm down. Jumping rashly to conclusions would get him nowhere. He would do more investigation on Malfoy tomorrow and get his answers and find out if the self-proclaimed prince of snakes is running around as a wolf.

Aching and tired to the bone he manages to fall into unconsciousness easily and the nightmares that normally lay in wait are nowhere to be seen.

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