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Spring Day


The summary is a secret. Message me if you really want me to summarise it..

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

You and Jongin were best friends since you were children. Your mothers were friends and you two spent time together so much that you became friends.


You and Jongin were in class. It was an English lecture and the topic was Romeo and Juliet. You’ve never had a boyfriend or your first kiss. Jongin didn’t either as per your knowledge at least. You were in a trance kind of thing while looking out the window, then you felt something hit your hand gently, you turned around to see Jongin gently pushing his elbow against yours. You looked up at him confused. “Ms.Y/N” your teacher called out, which made you look at him and stand up. “Please tell me the meaning of love for you,” he said looking at you. I-I uhhh...” you stuttered trying to think the right words. “I don’t know,” you said sighing and looking down and your teacher signalled you to sit down. Jongin laughed at you quietly until you punched him on the side of his arm. “How come you’re laughing at me? Do you think you know any better?” You whisper-scolded him. Your teacher coughed at you which made you look at him after he got your attention he said, “Now... what about you, Nam, answer the question” he said to your classmate. You paid attention this time to what your classmate was saying. “The feelings of affection and need. Sudden feelings of attraction and respect. An emotion of care, affection” He said quickly and everyone looked at your teacher and he nodded, “Good enough, you many sit down” he said and went back to reading it.

Feelings of affection?

AN emotion of care??

Sudden feelings of respect???

All these things and you keep getting reminded about him, Jongin. That’s when you realised you fell for him. Every time he did something you found it cute. Soon enough you were head over heels for him. For example, when he was talking with a girl you would get jealous but you were very good hiding your emotions well and dragged him away from the girl saying that you needed him. “Huh, what was that for. Y/N? Are you jealous.” He teased you. But you kept your blush in somehow. “Nope.” would always be your response.

He walked you home and he waited until you were gone inside. You opened the door and waved bye to him. Then he did the same and walked off. You sighed and opened the door. You didn’t know how long you could keep up this act.

“Y/N!!!” your mom screamed, it was an excited one though. “Guess what?” She asked. “What is it, mom.” You said with no expression. “Jongin and his parents will be staying at our place for a while because their house has a problem or something.” You were excited as you got to see Jongin everyday. “That’s great!!!” You exclaimed.

Jongin and his parents came around at 6 pm the next day. Jongin’s parents will be staying in the guest room while Jongin in your room. Yes, it was crazy but since your room was big enough he could sleep on the ground. Finally, it was bedtime. “Should I sleep on the couch?” He asked. “Nope it’s fine” you responded with a firm voice. He laid down and there was an awkward silence before you heard him snore a bit. He was so cute when he was sleeping. You turned his side to look at him. Before you knew it your eyes started to drop and you were sleeping too. When you woke up you were very warm but it was nice. You opened your eyes and saw Jongin stoking your hair with one hand and another hand under his head. He saw you tilt your head and he looked down at you following your eyes. You looked down at his hand on your waist. “Oh...I..uh...” he said as he removed his hand and sat up. “Sorry...” he said as he rubbed his neck, which he did when he was nervous. “I got cold down so I came up...” he continued. You sat up and said “It’s fine” and you both went down to eat and head to school. It was a normal walk with comfortable silence. The day was boring. You came home with him, ate dinner and did your homework. That night you had a very weird dream. It was Jongin, he kissed you, you wouldn’t say kiss but a peck on the lips. You bolt right up and saw him on the bed again. You tried to ignore that dream and slept again. The next day you both were normal, did your homework together and ate together. “Just sleep up here” you pointed towards the bed as he was putting his sleeping bag down. “What’s the deal when you’re gonna come back up again?” You questioned him. He left his sleeping bag and slept on the bed. You both turned away from each other. In the middle of the night, you woke up. You were soo warm. You found his arms around you again. You pushed him “Jonginnnnn... it’s too warmmm.” You got up and went to the washroom. “Come back quick, I’m too cold.” You blushed a hidden blush and smiled at his whining. You came back and slept the other side to slow down your beating heart. And in the morning your legs were tangled, your face still faced the wall and his arms around your waist. You woke up first and slipped away from his grasp to make your way to the bathroom. You looked like...shit.

“Come back quick, I’m too cold.” These words ran through your head but you just ignored it thinking Jongin wouldn’t have feelings for you and saw you nothing more than a friend. You made your way down to the kitchen to eat some breakfast when you heard the water turn on in the bathroom. It’s probably Jongin. You thought and shrugged. He came down with a smile, “Good Morning,” he said to you while rubbing his eyes. He looked so cute when he woke up. His hair ruffled, his eyes still a bit closed under his glasses. “You look terrible,” you said trying to stop your giggles. “Thanks.” He said as he grabbed a bowl of cereal. You both started at each other a bit too long. “I’m gonna change,” you said breaking eye contact and going upstairs. You got dressed as he waited downstairs. As you made your way down he said, “Took you long enough.” He did his iconic smirk. “H-How did you change from that to this?” You said as you moved your hand in the hair. “Magic!” He said as he winked. The walk to school was normal. You both talked and laughed. You two didn’t have any classes together, which meant that you two wouldn’t see each other that often. That dream was haunting you, again and again, that day. You were at a café with Jongin that day. You two came to this café every single day. You were trying your best to not get awkward. But he noticed, “Y/N? Are you ok? You seem a bit off today.” he enquired, “Yeah, I..uh... I’m fine,” you replied. “Oh okay then.” He said while shrugging. Then your phone rang, you were so happy that it freaking rang for the first time. You looked at the caller ID, it was your dad. “Hello?” You spoke on the phone. “Okay, I’m coming,” you said and turned to Jongin, “I’m going first, see you later,” you said as you got up to leave.


That's it for Chapter 1!!! Chapter 2 coming soon...

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