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Liar Game


Hate Series #1 Kendra Montefiore

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10 years ago .....

Well, what can I say ..... My life is perfect. I have a complete family who always supports us no matter how bitch I am. I have friends and all the people around us are always there.

I had a twin sister named Kezia Louise Montefiore, just between the two of us. She's my opposite. Talk about the character.. she's the most understanding person, based on the people around her. Since we're opposite, I was the devil and she's the angel. hell yeah, I am. Who cares? Not a damn inch of insecurity got me. The most important thing is how we loved each other as a sister. Period. No, erase.

One Saturday night. May 20 20**. My parents weren't in the house, they attended a seminar in Canada. Only the two of us and the maids are here in the house. everyone was asleep, not until I heard someone who opens the gate. I am familiar with all the maid and the guard's footsteps, and this one is different. I immediately hid in the safeties place,

in the Cabinet

For the first time in my entire life, I never felt so scared. I don't know why?

Should I go out and face whoever that is or hid still in this dark cabinet just to keep myself safe?

My heart is beating fast, every movement he does, every step he made. I close my eyes and pray that no matter what happened in this day, Lord saves us.

Suddenly I heard Zia's voice, asking for help. Thinking if I will help her, I shook my head and hugged my legs and close my eyes." It's just a dream Kendra". comforting myself every second, but it's not enough!

"Help !, Help !" Hearing her voice so terrified. I know she's afraid and she needs me but I couldn't. Then suddenly I heard the door closed and I saw a man standing in front of the cabinet but his eyes were away from here.



Making myself calm then I grabbed something near me to defend myself.

I stood up but suddenly .....

"Mommy !Daddy ! Kendra help ! " .....

"Shhhh no one will hear you. I killed them so better behave and be a good girl " I bit my lower lip to avoid from shouting. He's a devil. How dare he touch my sister like that.

"No, please! " she cried so loud as the stranger stripped her clothes and embarrassed her. Here I am, standing and watching them. My eyes start to tear down every time I'm hearing her voice calling out my name and asking for help.

'Sorry Zia'

Silence over the pass. My whole world became miserable. After the stranger raped her, then left...

As it is, witnessing the pain and agony of my sister had my eyes saw every moment the man-made my sister does, I couldn't bear the tragedy.

"Zia?" Approaching her as I lay low my voice, without knowing her body was not responding to my call. My hands touched and roamed around her, with tears and breathtaking moment seeing her body soaked in blood. Felling my feet to the ground covering my mouth to avoid squeaking in the pain of tears. Couldn't ask for help for I was alone in the house.

I went outside and still no sign of people near me.

I'm so damn selfish!

Haven't notice 'till it was morning, I was rescued from last night and my whole body was paralyzed then got my head to wake up as the sun's beam struck my eyes, then saw my parents in front of me with the police and investigators surrounding me, asking me the detailed of what happened. I couldn't tell and pull my tongue from talking, I was afraid and don't want to be judged.

"Oh my! Kendra?" Seeing my mum with tears then hugging me so tight and dad is with the police having a talk.

"Kendra baby" I stared at my mum and I saw how scared she was.

"Mum" holding my tears back but I couldn't, it's the only thing I can do.

Is to cry.

Since that day I became aloof to other people. My parents decided to leave the Philippines and sell our house. They needed to forget everything and accept the truth. Zia is dead. We started a new life together without Zia.

My whole life changed.

We began to start in Los Angeles California with peace of mind. When Zia died, I start to play instruments like her and some other stuff she does after she died.


Present Time

When I felt alone. I always play the piano, the one that Zia always played every time she felt sad. Here in the dark place with all my emotions hid and forever to keep. Every song that I played is always dedicated to her.

Symphony number 5

I start playing the piano and close my eyes. As I feel the music to my ears. How wonderful it was been 10 years before and her memories are still fresh. I smile bitterly. Zia. What will be my life if you are here, my dear Twin?

"Kendra" I glance at mom, standing there near beside the door. For almost 10 years we've stayed here, the case about Zia's death has been trashed.

"Hi! Mom " greeting her so cheerfully. She got closer and hugged me tightly.

"Dinner is served. Your dad is waiting downstairs " I held mom's hand before we left my favourite place.

This is our life. Simple and yet happy.

I saw dad reading a newspaper. I fake a cough to take his attention. He folds the newspaper and put on the table beside him.

"Hi, Dad" I kissed him before I sat on the chair beside him. This is our everyday routine. As always mom and dad will be home late, while me. studying here at the house. I don't want to go to school. Knowingly my senior high will be over this year then going back to the Philippines to take the course of Education. Though my parents turned down my offer of going back many times, I never gave up. Now, Philippines' waiting for me but soon as I'm done with my course I'll be heading back at L.A. again.

But my real plan is ......

To find that devil who killed my innocent sister. I will pay him big time. I secretly studying how to use a gun. When the right time comes, hide your tail devil because if you don't. I'll make sure you will taste your own blood in hell. You will taste my anger that you wish that will never happen.


Thanks for reading 😁

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