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With the intension of having fun and messing around, the three young men head towards the bar to grab some drinks.

Guys! No hoes today okay?”

Taehyung screamed, making sure his friends heard him.

However after a few moments, Taehyung had seem to take an interest in someone and soon had head of somewhere more private followed by Jimin who as well had company.

“So much for no hoes, Taehyung!”

Jeongguk shouted while walking away but his friend had returned him with just an evil smirk and the female accompanying him, threw a middle finger.


Jeongguk was alone now and he needed someone too. Chugging his drink down, he headed towards the platform where a whole show was going on.

The dark lights accompanied by the purplish tone highlighted the figure of women who was currently stripping herself and dancing with the help of a pole.

The way she removed her clothing slow yet sensual manner, stirred more excitement and desperation within the crowd.

Every time she removed a piece of clothing, more cash was thrown towards her where she was moving herself along with the rhythm of music in an exotic manner.

He was impressed. Never had he taken so much interest and studied every detail about a women’s physical appearance so much.

He wanted her.

Only her, right now.

The shades of the light changing and moving from one place to another highlighted the unknown women’s features.

Her long, luscious black hair and her face were now more highlighted due to the change in lights position.

However, Jeongguk expression changed quickly as he found that face extremely familiar.

His mind tried his best to recall but he failed.

The women’s performance was soon over and another random girl had taken her place. Curiosity got the best of him and he decided to see the girl up-close.

He quickly starter to walk behind her but the amount of people kept increasing the more he walked through that narrow path.

Jeongguk ended up at a room where he saw lots of women. Some changing their accessories, others doing their makeup and some counting cash.

He finally spotted the girl he was searching for but now she was wearing ripped jeans with a white T-shirt.

The side of her face was covered by her hair and she was too busy counting cash to even notice someone staring at her.

“Sir, I’m sorry but you cannot be here. I urge you to step out.” A worker spoke.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes and stepped out, pissed at himself and the worker who tried to stop him.

I’ll definitely come tomorrow and see who you are.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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