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Hearts Through Time


Sara has traveled in time to where Humans and Vampires are at war. She meets Abel Nightroad and asks him for a favor: Could he help her return to her own time?

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Chapter 1

My name is Sara Bennett. I have black hair that falls a bit down my shoulders, white skin, and blueish-green eyes. I'm a senior in high school, about to graduate in a few months. That seems fun, right? But that meant that I'm one step closer to becoming an adult.

For a field trip, the school managed to get enough money to take the senior class to Rome. 'Why Rome? Why not somewhere with malls, like California?' I hate going somewhere by ship or plane. I am scared of flying and end up dying by either crashing or exploding, and on a ship drowning like the Titanic.

My friends convinced me to find some ways to stay calm. "Why don't you sedate me and put me to sleep or something?" I asked.

"Then you'd miss some beautiful landscapes. You don't want to miss those." one of my girl friends said to me.

After arguing for a while, I decided to try to get over my fear and get it over with. 'Just get it over with like how you did with roller coasters.' I repeated to yourself over and over. Pretty soon, after napping off and on, the whole senoir class made it to the city of Rome.

Rome wasn't such a bad city. The people all around made this city seem like it was the greatest attraction site in the world. No words could describe how I felt upon seeing the beautiful sights. Maybe having a sense of adventure wouldn't hurt.

The last thing to see today was the Vatican. The group, including me, followed the tour guide into the Vatican City. I came upon some art painted along the walls and touched it, feeling the smooth paint. I suddenly felt something and before my eyes I saw a progression of an Armageddon. I could feel my body floating. "What's going on?" I cried out.

I saw people building rocket ships to outer space, and landing on the planet Mars. On earth I saw humans being injected with something and transformed into vampires. Humans and Vampires are at war with each other after the population of the world increased so much.

"What is this?"

I thought this was something from a science fiction movie. Or perhaps something I've read before. I pinched myself to see if I was asleep. "Ouch! This is real."

I closed your eyes and hoped that this would all be over soon. I didn't feel myself move after a moment. The wind was blowing. I could feel it on your back. Opening my eyes, I found yourself back at the giant water fountain. But there were barely any people around.

"W-where am I?"

Everything looked the same except there was something different. "Did I travel through time or something?" I wondered.

This was a complicated situation. This was confusing. Would anyone be willing to help me out? But if this was the future, could it change the past?

"This is Einstein stuff!" I exclaimed. At least I knew my way around the city. But where to go?

I bumped into someone because I weren't watching where I was going. Thoughts in my head was tumbling around, trying to make sense of what was going on and what happened. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I was just-"

"No, no, it's my fault. I'm always not well aware of my surroundings." the person replied back. It sounded male. I looked up and saw a tall man wearing some kind of black priest clothing, small round glasses that hid crystal blue eyes, and long silvery hair put back in a pony tail with his bangs parted in the middle and framing his face. He looked … handsome, and held a light mysterious air around him.

"Where were you going?" I asked him.

"I was going to buy me some lunch." He paused. "But I don't have enough money. I always never have enough." He bowed his head and looked like he was in desperate need for something to eat. Feeling sorry for him I wanted to give some of my money to him for his use.

"I can give you some money. You don't have to pay me back."

"Really?" he beamed. He looked really happy. So happy that it might've been contagious.

"Uh huh. By the way, who're you?" I asked. I had forgotten that I didn't know anyone, and the presence of this guy made me feel strangely comfortable.

"Father Abel Nightroad." the man introduced himself.

"Oh, so you're a priest? I'm sorry for running into you." I apologized again.

"Really, it's no big deal." It was silent for a few seconds and I felt somewhat awkward, and so continued with a conversation.

"Abel Nightroad... that's a nice name." I complemented, groaning inwardly that what I said was lame.

"Thank you. And what is yours?" Abel had forgotten about the clothes that you wore were a bit strange but didn't even bring it up because he thought that maybe you came from a different country.

"Sara Bennett."

I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my money. He saw the money in my hand and looked kind of freaked out. "Uhm... where did you get that?"

I was a bit confused as to why Abel was asking me that. "This is... Don't you know what these are?"

"Yes, but they disappeared some years ago." But Abel wasn't asking the most important question.

"How did you get here?" he asked me. I told him that I was on trip to Rome, and then when I touched a wall in the Vatican I saw flashes of people fighting each other and many other changes. I told him that I felt like I was flying. From what Abel could conclude, he thought that I came from the distant past; not all people knew about the Vatican, with it being secret now, and he knew that there was something off. To be sure, I asked him what year this was. He told you what the year was. It was 3,000 and 50 something.

"What!? I traveled over 1,000 years in the future!?"

Abel didn't quite understand it either. He was just as confused as I was. "You must have came in contact with something that is somehow connected through time and space." I could tell that he must have read some books about time travel. Now what was I going to do? I've contacted someone from the future, and would it affect my past?

"I'll take you to Lady Caterina Sforza." Abel told me that she was a Duchess in Milan and founder of an organization with the Vatican. This was getting a little interesting.

"You should stay hidden with her so you can avoid being suspected as an intruder."

And even though I knew where the Vatican was, and Abel did too know that I knew the way, I let him walk me there. Getting through the gates and walking down the long and enormous halls, both of us made it to the office of Cardinal Lady Caterina.

"Lady Caterina?" Abel and I walked to her desk. I saw that Caterina was a young woman with long and curly blonde hair and eyes that reminded me of steel. Dressed in red, she looked beautiful, and it made me feel self conscious, though I rarely was.

"Abel. Who is that?" I stood still beside him, staring at the lady behind the desk.

"This is Sara Bennett." He went on explaining the story about how I came to be.

"Is this true?" she turned her head to me and asked me the question.

"Y-yes, Ma'am." I replied. I still stood like a statue as she was looking me over. She examined my clothing and even how I talked. A long silent moment passed.

She then spoke,"I believe you. And with the progression of technology, I believe that time travel could be possible. Though I haven't seen it for myself." Time travel was a certain topic many people could talk about, putting in their theories and thoughts into the conversation.

She turned to Abel now. "Abel, I have a mission for you." Lady Caterina explained that he should get on the airship known as Tristan for there was a vampire targeting it to hit the Vatican, and that he should get there quickly.

"Right away." He turned back to me. "I'm sorry that I have to leave you. But I'll be back as soon as possible." That was a promise that he intended to keep. He left me in the room hoping that I'd be safe until he could come back.

"Sara, you know by now that you should stay hidden until I inform everyone of your being here. If anyone finds you they might kill you on sight, thinking that you might be a Methuselah." She saw the confused look on my face and explained what Methuselahs, or vampires, and Terrans, humans, were and what was going on here in this time.

"Wow. No wonder there isn't a whole lot of people than I remember to be here. Or even worldwide." I really have traveled into the future. I have come to grips that this was a reality, not a dream, and that until I find a way home I would have to live here for a while. Since things have changed, I'd need someone who knows everything in this time. Caterina told me that I would need Abel as my guide because he knew about the Lost Technologies that are still here.

"While you're here, you need to wear this outfit. Do not go anywhere without this, or... you know what will happen." I really had no idea what the people 1,000 years into the future could do now since no one dressed like how girls used to dress anymore. I put on the nun outfit and wondered what I should do. There wasn't any signal for my cell phone so that was a no go.

"I have some books for you to read, if you'd like." Lady Caterina had a few books about humanity of the past and future. Maybe I could find something inside those pages that could connect me with this time traveling business.

"Thank you, Ma'am." I took the books and sat down on the floor by the window. I opened a book and began to read the words. I had to wait for Abel to come for me before I could go anywhere.

A few days went by and I was introduced to the members of the AX that remained here. Through a lot of the members and Caterina, I learned that Abel was a clumsy person, losing things, and would remind you of a child. I giggled to myself as I thought that those were cute qualities he had. The few AX members that were there greeted me with kindness. I met Vaclav, Kate, and the Professor. The professor was really interested in my story of traveling through time.

"Hmmm... I never thought that it could be possible... I'll have to try it out for myself now. You have just inspired me to make a time traveling machine." Professor put a hand on my shoulder. I mentally adopted him as my father for the time being; that's what he reminded me of, a father. I smiled at him and went back to see Lady Caterina.

"My Lady?" I opened the door and walked in. I saw Caterina up from her desk coming my way.

"I have a meeting to go to right now. You can stay here for the time being. My brothers don't know about you just yet." she cautioned. When she left I waited for a while before wondering the halls of the Vatican. I pretty much knew where to go since the Professor showed me around. I heard voices and I hid in the shadows. I found myself near the council room where Lady Caterina was. Peeking from one of the door ways, I saw a room filled with an odd number of people, and sitting in the chair was the Pope.

"He looks a little young to be the Pope." I whispered as I listened in on the conversation. The tall man talking was Cardinal Francesco di Medici. He was saying something that the airship Tristan was under the control of a vampire and was going to land it on top of the Vatican. I also heard that there were innocent people on that airship, and I knew that Abel was on there as well, and that Francesco was willing to sacrifice those people to keep the Vatican safe in honor of the Lord.

"Why?" I whispered. My stomach clenched in fear of losing my first friend that I met a few days ago. I had a sense that I should pay him back for taking me to a place while I was in an unfamiliar time. He was helpful toward me and I didn't want him to go before I could do anything to repay him.

"I... I don't want to hear any of this anymore..."

I made my way back to Lady Caterina's office before she could find me outside wandering the halls. I was so worried about Abel, being the carefree kind of person that he was. Sitting down on the ground, against the wall, I became lost in the waves of many many thoughts, drowning under the weight that they put upon me.

What seemed like a moment later, Caterina came back and saw me hunched on the ground. Being a sharp woman she seemed to know why I was slouched. It seemed like she read my mind.

"So you heard." she said as a statement.

"Yeah." She didn't want to know the details of how I eavesdropped on the meeting. She approached me.

"Stand." I did as I was told, unshed tears shining brightly in my eyes. Lady Caterina didn't look worried for Abel as I did. And I wanted to know why.

"Don't worry about Abel. He knows what he's doing. He's been through so much and came back in one piece many times." I could only nod in understanding.

Just then, the hologram of Kate appeared. She told Caterina that there was a missile coming toward the Tristan airship. "Send in Gunslinger."

I wondered who this Gunslinger was, and I wanted to meet him or her. They sounded like an interesting person. Minutes later, a tall man wearing the same outfit as the AX members, brown eyes and short brown hair had come in. He was handsome, too.

"Tres, destroy the missile that is targeting the Tristan airship."

"Affirmative." He replied and went on his way.

I turned to Caterina and asked her,"Was that Gunslinger?"

"Yes. He's the last Killing Doll, or a cyborg." she explained. I was shocked to hear that. Tres didn't seem to be a robot for he looked so much like a human.

"Does he have blood or anything human about him?" I wanted to know so I wouldn't get on his bad side in the near future.

"He does but he can't be easily killed like humans. He also has half a human brain."

"I guess that's why I thought of him as a human at first." 'Wow! The future's so cool!'

Later on in the day, I heard that the airship Tristan was saved and about to land. I breathed a sigh of relieve. Abel was alright. But the other news, I wasn't happy to hear. The passengers and pilots had been killed by the vampire. The vampire had been eliminated though, and that he was associated with the Rosenkreuz Orden. I wondered if Abel eliminated the vampire... The mention of Rosenkreuz made Caterina get on the edge of her chair.

When Abel came in through the door later in the middle of the night to give his report to Lady Caterina, I smiled and ran to him. "Abel!" I hugged him. "I'm glad you're okay." Abel just gave a sheepish giggle as he patted the top of my head.

"Sara. You look different with your nun clothes on." he said to me, smiling at me because he also said that I looked cute with that hobbit on, making me look small. I blushed. No one ever called me cute before. Guys have called me hot and good looking but never cute. That made my heart beat. But I was just happy that Abel made it back safe and sound.

The next few days Abel and Tres had to go on a mission to investigate a crime scene where Methuselah had killed each other. I helped out around the Vatican while I waited for them to get back. Walking along the hall of catacombs, I met the Professor.

"Hello, Professor."

"Oh, hello, f/n. Enjoying your stay?"

"Yes. But Abel makes me worried about him sometimes." I didn't worry a whole lot though. Tres was well built for these kinds of things, and he would protect Abel if he had to. The Professor chuckled.

"I see what you mean."

To pass the time, he walked me to his office/laboratory. The room was messy with books and papers scattered around. He told me,"Don't mind the mess, please."

"Oh, no, I don't mind it. This reminds me of my room." I laughed and he laughed with me. He showed me his plans for his inventions, his research, and a whole bunch of other things. During the middle of showing me one of his inventions, he received a call from Tres.

"Alright. I'll be right there." He turned to me and asked if I wanted to come with him. I agreed to go.

"What is it?" I asked as I followed him to the front gate.

"Abel's been knocked out." he told me. I froze on the inside. 'What...?'

Tres was carrying Abel and a little girl. "What happened?" I asked as you helped professor take some of Abel's weight.

Tres replied to the question. This little girl touched his forehead and then he fell to the floor. What was she? He was to take her to the "interrogation room".

Meanwhile, in the church, Abel was placed on a front pew. I sat near his head, looking down at him and watching him sleep. The Professor watched me watching Abel. I couldn't help but worry now.

"Please wake up." I pleaded silently.

I was staring out in space, lost, until I heard a scream. It scared me and the Professor. My heart was thudding and pounding hard in my chest. I had to breath deeply to be able to calm my heart beats.

"Abel, are you okay?" I asked him.

"What happened?" he asked. He was confused and frightened.

"Sara, go get some water for Father Nightroad." Professor said to me. I then went to do as I was told. Afterward, I prepared a pitcher of water for the room where Elise, the little blonde haired girl, was kept for questioning. I then waited around in the church. I knelled before the altar and then prayed to god.

"Why am I here? Did you bring me here?" I waited for any answer to come. Without knowing, Elise came into the room and a gun was fired. Tres came in firing his guns at the little girl. I ducked behind a pew and waited for the bullets to stop flying.

"Father Tres, what are you doing?" I yelled over the sound of the guns. I saw Abel come in to stop the fight. He was protecting Elise. I wanted to protect her, too. From what you heard she was a witch, and could make you revisit your dreams by touching you. She was just a child and she didn't deserve to die, even if she was a threat. But I was just a mere human and could get hurt easily. What could I do?

Tres fired again at Abel, and I ducked my head again. From under the pew I saw Abel ran out the door, dodging the bullets. Tres followed. "I hope this doesn't happen everyday." I hoped and prayed.

When the coast was clear, I picked up the shells and put them in my pocket to throw away, or maybe give them to the professor. I remembered that he told me that he was working on Tres whenever he could to better improve his performance.

Outside there were no more gun shots. "Hm. Maybe they decided to give it up." I hoped that's what happened. Later that evening, the sun was going down and I heard that a nun named Sister Louise was coming to pick up Elise. She said goodbye to Abel and then Abel came into the church. He placed Tres's steel unmoving body on a pew.

The professor came in, too. "Mind telling me what happened?" he aksed.

"Yeah. What was that all about? I was hiding, hoping to keep my life." I was somewhat irritated. "And I thought my time was dangerous."

Abel only replied with,"It's a long story." Abel looked at me with eyes that reminded me of a puppy. I only sighed deeply and shook my head as I fixed the altar. When I heard that Sister Louise was here, I turned my head the same time that Abel realized that he had given Elise to the wrong person. I wanted to yell at him for being an idiot but he had to go.

"Abel..." I growled under your breath. "Caterina was right about him." I actually felt a little head ache coming on. Tres sat up and was restored, from what I heard him say. He was going to go with Abel to rescue Elise.

"Be careful." I yelled out. I walked up to the professor and asked,"So... What so we do now?"

It was almost night time and what else was there to do. I felt tired. The professor yawned and was about to retire for the night. "I'm going to wait here for Abel. I want to make sure he gets back here." I said to him. I stayed in the candle lit church, lying on one of the pews near the door and waiting for the two AX members to come home. my eyes was heavy and wanted me to go to sleep. I closed my eyes to stop them from burning, and then within a few minutes I was off to sleep.

I didn't know how long I slept but I could tell that when my eyes took a peek, it was late. And I was being carried by someone. I opened my eyes fully and saw that Abel was the one carrying me.

"Abel." I wrapped my hands around his neck so I wouldn't fall. His grip on me was slipping. He secured my body close to him, and he was holding me so he wouldn't drop me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I woke you."

"No, you didn't. My mind was telling me to wake up, anyway." I assured him. My brain just rested for a bit before feeding me thoughts of Abel and reminding me that he was supposed to come back. Just now, I feel like a child. I noticed something on Abel's face and I try to wipe it away. It was blood.

"That's not your blood, is it, Abel?" I asked.

"No. It was just a vampire's blood." he replied. He gave me a reassuring smile. I couldn't stop the butterflies inside my stomach from tingling and my face feeling hot.

'I hope so.'

Abel carried me to my temporary room and let me walk inside to get ready to go to sleep. "Sleep well, Sara." he said to me before closing the door.

"You, too." I took off my nun clothes and slipped under the covers in my under garments. Through the window I could see the moon in the sky. I noticed that it was the same moon as the one I see in my time. I was happy that Abel made it back safely. I closed my eyes and wondered what could happen next.

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