Hearts Through Time

Chapter 2

Its been over half a year since I've been in Rome. Abel has become my best friend, and I've become one of his friends that understood him better than anyone, besides Caterina. I know every quirk about him, from his love of eating food to having 13 spoonfuls of sugar in his tea.

"You know that too much sugar can give your all kinds of hearts diseases." I once scolded him. He whined like a child who wanted to eat all the sugar that could make your teeth fall out. I was still confused as to how someone like Abel could get his work done with how clumsy he was. It just didn't add up.

Was there something about Abel that I didn't know about?

No one knows how to get me back home. The Professor tried to build a time machine, but it all failed, every prototype failed to send something into the past or in any other time in the matter. But I didn't mind it. I didn't mind this time period at all. I claimed Rome as my temporary home. In time I would have to call this my permanent home.

Was it weird that I didn't want to leave and go back to my own time? I should be worried about what everyone was doing, and if they were searching for me. This is not where I belonged. And yet I felt like I made a difference here. Abel was more cheerful when I was around, I noticed, and me the same with him. At times Abel had a look of sadness or regret in his eyes. And when I came up to him with my reassuring words his dark clouds ran away and was replaced by brightness like the sun.

The Vatican was nice to help me adjust to my new life. I live next door to Abel to make sure that he didn't sleep in when it was time to go to 'work' for the AX. A few times he's already been late to get his assignment for the day, and Lady Caterina told me to be his wake up call every morning. From the look on his face I saw that day he had a look of disappointment, just like a kid who was doing something he didn't want to do. He didn't like being treated like a child, I could tell.

A few weeks later from then, Abel was always expecting me to come at a certain time in the morning. He set his alarm clock, got something to drink to help him sleep, and he would close his eyes, hoping that I wasn't too early or too late to come over.

It only took a moment for me to arrive at his place, so he'd have to get up 15 minutes earlier or so to be able to meet me at the door when I knock. This plan went better than I thought. I liked doing this, even if I had to be more responsible for Abel more than myself. Sure it could get tiring, feeling just like babysitting a child, but this was worth it to not suffer the wrath of Caterina for being late.

One morning, when I was dressed and ready to walk to the Vatican to meet with Lady Caterina, Abel was so energized like I had never seen him before. He was neat and tidy, and ready to go.

"Alright. I'm ready, let's go."

"Wait. Don't you want some breakfast first?" I asked. I was concerned about his health by how he rarely eats because of his life of poverty.

"Huh? Oh, yes of course." he gave a sheepish laugh, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

I entered into his home. It was a nice place considering that there was only the basic furniture. I saw the door to his bedroom and randomly thought of what it looked like.

"Do you have anything here?" I said to him as I followed him to the kitchen. I tiptoed and then looked in the cabinets. There was some canned food, but nothing breakfast appropriate. I walked to the fridge and saw there was only a few eggs enough to feed one person.

"A few eggs?" I asked and turned to face him. "Do have any bread for toast?"

Abel showed that he had some bread to toast in the oven. "Okay. Just sit down. I'll do this." I told him.

"No, no, no, I shouldn't let a woman slave over an oven for me." He was being chivalrous. He was such... a gentleman.

'Heh, I guess chivalry never dies.' I said to yourself. A small smile began to creep on my face without me realizing it.

"Uh, hello, Sara, are you alright?"

I blinked my eyes and saw that I was still staring at Abel. I could feel blush heating my cheeks, and I turned my head down to start cooking.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." Finding a plate, I soon served breakfast to Abel. I sat in the opposite chair across from where Abel was sitting.

"Now I feel bad." Abel said.

I looked up at him with a questionable look. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm eating breakfast, you cooking for me, and you not eating when I am." He was feeling guilty to eat in front of you.

I giggled and said,"It's alright. I ate something before I came over here." I propped my elbow on the table, and placed my hand against my head. "Besides, I'm the one who should be worrying about you." I smiled as I saw Abel blush a little; he knew I was talking about his carelessness and clumsy self.

After he finished, I wanted to help him clean up. He tired to make me sit down while he did the cleaning.

"Really, I insist. You already did enough for me today. Let me clean the mess." he said to me.

"But I'm the one who made it, and I'm the one who should clean it. This is your house, I know that, but you shouldn't have to clean up after someone other than yourself." I explained. With the two of us arguing it would take forever to get to the Vatican if we didn't go now. I sighed and came up with an idea.

"Why don't we do it together?" It'd probably be faster. Abel washed the pans while I dried them and put them away. Once his kitchen was back to the way it was 15 minutes ago, I started to head out the door.

Abel saw me walking out the door while he was trying to put his gloves back on. "W-wait! What're-" He finally got his gloves on and then locked his door, luckily finding his door key in one of his pockets. He came up beside me and made his path going to work with me. It was silent on the way, and I didn't know what to talk about. So instead I said,"'Bout time you made it. I thought I was going to have to leave you."

Abel only replied with,"Sorry." He sheepishly laughed again. I randomly said something about the weather and then wondered if it would be raining. As I was walking my hand brushes against his. Or was it his that brushed against mine? I couldn't help but blush when my teal colored eyes met his crystal blue ones. He blushed, too,saying sorry over and over and freaking out.

That was one of the first times that I felt strange around Abel. I denied many times that I felt something for him. But I couldn't deny that he was the only one who ever made me feel this way. He made me feel angry, frustrated, happy, and even lonely all together. I have mixed emotions around him.

That was the day that started these feelings, and it progressed further on.

Tomorrow is a day off. Caterina told me and the AX members that today was the last working day and we deserve a break from all the hard work we've done. "I feel generous today." was her reason for giving a day off. Abel seemed happy about that.

Abel was happy to get a day off. Lately he hadn't been getting much sleep. His dreams that were his memories continued to haunt him. He tossed and turned in his bed trying to store them in the back of his mind and try to close his eyes. And when he was awake to the world after a long night, it didn't go away.

Abel felt happy and sad whenever Sara was around him. When he ever saw her, the way she was so kind, caring, and nurturing, reminded him of Lilith. He tried not to cry when her face appeared in his minds eye.

At night he would ponder and cry out,"Why?" Why was Sara here? What was her purpose being here? Was she sent here to remind Abel more about his past sins?

"Thank you." I said to Lady Caterina. After saying good bye to her, Abel and I went separate ways. I went to the store to buy something for breakfast in the morning. It was a quick trip there and back. I saw Abel's lights already out for the night. "This early?" I wondered.

This was strange, even for Abel. But this wasn't the first strange thing that happened today.

Earlier today, Abel and I was talking about wanting the peace between the Methuselah and Terrians. "Who would you be, and who would you side with?" he asked me as he and I was walking the halls of the Vatican.

I looked up at him and asked back,"Why? What's this all about?"

"N-nothing. Nothing at all." He acted like he was hiding something, to me anyway. "I just want to know." I still looked at him, wanting an explanation.

"I'm curious."

Folding my hands in front of me, my nun clothing moving with me in unison, I answered his question. "Well, I think it'd be cool to be a vampire..." My silence made Abel worry. The look in his eyes held a look of worry.

"But I would look at both sides and try to help the two however I can. I 'd have to join the human side if it meant that it could stop the war between the two races." I ended. From all the things I saw, I died inside. I always thought the future would be better but it isn't. There are still beings fighting over who is the most superior, as had their ancestors did and since the beginning of time.

Abel knew that Sara were going to answer something like that. He just knew it... He knew that he was so right about Sara having similar feelings toward Methuselah and Terrians like Lilith. He stared out in space, seeing hallucinations of Lilith taking her place, walking beside him.

"Abel, watch out!"

Abel walked into a giant stone pillar and fell down on his back. His face was red, the pillar leaving its mark on his skin. "Ow..." he said. His glasses was lopsided but surprisingly intact.

I gasped when I saw him crash and then fall. I bent down on one knee beside him and asked him if he was alright. "Abel, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." he replied, sounding a little in pain. I stood up and then lowered my hand down to help him up. He grabbed my hand and was pulled up on his feet with my help. He dusted himself off and fixed his clothing, and his glasses, as if nothing happened. He cleared his throat and went back on his way home.

I was curious about what Abel was either thinking about or distracted by to cause him to bump into that very hard pillar. "What is it with you today, Abel? First, you being silent and looking sad around me, the questions, and now this?" I stepped in his way and placed my hands on my hips.

"Is there something bothering you? You're never like this, at least with me around since day one."

Abel knew the answer to her questions. He didn't know how to answer back. He didn't want to reveal anything about him being an immortal, a Krusnik, or anything about the Mars Project. He didn't want to let her know about his past.

"No. Nothing's bothering me. It's just that... I think I may have a headache starting."

"It's not from the giant bump, is it?" I asked, concerned and worried about him. I was just now irritated and annoyed by him but now I was worried about him, like a mother to her child.

"I sure hope not." He touched his nose. "Ouch!"

"It isn't broken?" My eyes shone a deep concern. It sparkled before my eyes and covered them like a curtain. Abel could see it.

He softly chuckled and replied,"Nope. It hurts a little but nothing to worry about."

I breathed a sigh of relieve. But that didn't stop me from wanting to make sure that he was okay. When the two of us made it home, I told Abel,"Good night, Abel."

"Good night, Sara."

"Sleep well." I told him, smiling at him, before disappearing behind the door. He opened his door and walked inside his home. Suddenly his heart felt a sting of loneliness. Why now after all this time?

"Here's to another sleepless night." he said in a monotone and unhappy voice. He had to down cubes of sugar in his few cups of tea today to give him energy from the night before. His thoughts went back to Sara when he looked around and had a recap of what happened a few times.

Sara and himself had a few meals together. And he missed it. He craved it; he wanted more of it. Sighing deeply he undressed from his priest clothing and into his night clothes. Laying down under his covers he stared up at the ceiling. He wondered how he was going to even get some sleep tonight. Closing his eyes he tried to think about Sara and hope that he would doze off into a dark and peaceful slumber.

Today starts the day off. I woke up not hearing any alarms whatsoever. If felt nice to wake up on my own. It felt like a weekend back in my time. I stretched and rubbed my eyes, and then got ready for the day. Today I wanted to spend plenty of time with Abel because... well, I didn't know where the other AX members were at. Abel was the only one who lived near me, and he was my best friend as I had said before.

I dressed in the clothes I came in but then thought about what would people say if they saw me, since I've always wore my nun clothes where ever I went. Like gang members, there could be a certain clothing that could set off guns firing.

I put on my nun clothes in case. Besides the point of protection, it was comfy. Once I was finished I wondered if Abel was up. "Knowing him, he probably isn't." I laughed to myself. I walked out the door, locking it after getting the money I earned from small jobs, and walked next door.

I knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door, though I wasn't expecting an answer. No answer came at the door. "Hm." I wrapped my hand around the doorknob and gave it a twist. It was open. Strange...

"Hello?" I poked my head through the door and saw no one. I was starting to get worried. "Abel?" Cautiously I entered Abel's home and looked for any signs of him being here. His bed was made up, and his priest clothes was laying on the sheets.

"So he should be here." I concluded.

The door to the bathroom then opened, and Abel came out naked except for a towel around his hips. His long silvery hair was wet, plastered to his face and down his back. He didn't have his glasses, so this was an awkward situation to think that he looked handsome without the glasses, too.

Abel saw me and cried out, blush creeping in his cheeks,"Oh! Sara, what're you doing here?" He crossed his arms across his chest, being indecent around a woman.

I gasped in surprise, quickly turning my face and feeling it get hot. As I closed my eyes, with my back turned, I can still see him in my mind. "I-I-I'm so sorry. Your door was open and I thought you were up getting dressed or something. I didn't know-"

"I-It's quite alright. It's my fault that I left the door unlocked. Just wait for me in the kitchen." Abel told me. I made my way to his kitchen, trying to not let my eyes wander to where they shouldn't be and shouldn't have been. I sat down in a chair and folded my hands together on the table.

"So, what're we going to do today?" Abel called out from the other room as he was drying himself and getting dressed.

"Well, I was just wanting to go hang out with you. I don't know, maybe we can just be going to places like friends always do." I called back to him. My mind went back to when me and your friends would go to the mall, a fast food restaurant, or the movie theaters to socialize.

"I guess that sounds fine."

I was nervous now, and I got up from my chair to do something rather than sit and keep thinking about Abel naked. "I'm going to make us breakfast. Is that alright?" I asked.

"Yes." Abel replied back to you.

I then prepared a small yet large amount of breakfast. A few eggs and a piece of toast and bacon for me, and for Abel I made him a lot of eggs, bacon, and a few pieces of toast. I was sure that Abel was hungry. The food was just about done when Abel came in.

He followed the scent of food cooking, and when he entered the kitchen he took a deep breath in and said,"It smells good in here."

I turned to look over my shoulder and saw him fully dressed. "Go on and have a seat." I told him in a somewhat happy voice despite what happened a few minutes ago. He sat down and waited. I sat the food on a serving plate and placed one in front of him, and then placed my plate to where I was going to sit. I found a tea cup and then began to brew some tea.

"Go on and eat while you wait for a drink."


He controlled himself to eat slowly to savor the delicious taste of Sara's food. It took only a few minutes for the water to boil and then pour it over the tea bags inside the cups. I found cubes of sugar and put the same amount that Abel puts in his tea. I smiled to myself again.

Carrying the cups by the handles to the table, I sat Abel's down and then sat mine down as I took my seat. "Now enjoy." I said to him with a small smile. Both of us ate and then cleaned up. But now that breakfast was over, what was to be done first?

"I haven't had a chance to actually see all of Rome. Would you take me on a tour?" I asked him.

"Sure. I know this city like it was my own yard."

Abel showed me some beautiful and very pretty places here in Rome. I loved the architectural structures and designs of the buildings. And I've been so entranced in the moment that for a second I forgot that I wasn't in my own time. Or rather that I have adopted this time my own time. It didn't matter for whatever reason, this was a great day that it felt like a date. I've been on a few dates in your lifetime but this felt rather nice to spend time with a friend, whom I deeply cared about.

It was close to noon, and it was lunch time. The breakfast that was eaten was already gone. I heard my stomach growl, and I heard Abel's. He blushed and laughed shyly.

"I suppose you have money?" he asked. He didn't bring any money because he was too excited that he forgot.

"Yes. I have some saved from small jobs I've done." I pulled out the money and counted up to have enough to feed both of us for lunch today, and maybe buy some groceries later on. This was a whole lot than what Abel receives monthly. "Where do you want to eat?" I asked him.

He picked and then ordered what he wanted, keeping the amount of what he was allowed in mind. When the food came, I was quietly and calmly eating. I paused to look up from my pasta and see Abel tear into his food as if he never had anything to eat before. His eating habits always shocked me, no matter how many times I've seen him.

I giggled, and he heard me, looking up at me. "What?" he asked.

"You... have sauce on your face." I pointed to the side of my mouth where Abel could know where the sauce was at. "Here, I'll get it for you." I grabbed a napkin and leaned over to him to wipe his mouth.

Just when Sara did that, an image of Lilith appeared for a split second. Abel was silently crying on the inside. Yet he felt happy, like the hole in his heart was being filled. The gentle touch of Sara's hand underneath the white napkin wiped the tiny smudge off of him. For a split second he wanted to embrace her but restrained himself.

"Thank you." he smiled at me. A blush of pink appeared on his cheeks.

"You're welcome." I smiled back at him and then went back to eating. Abel didn't know how much longer he was going to take this. Sara reminded him of Lilith so much that he was somewhat confused about what he was feeling. He began to think that he was a broken man, and that she didn't need to be in his life because she could be hurt one day. He wanted to keep everything about him away from Sara.

He suddenly realized that he was caring too much for her safety. He would help her find a way home as he had promised on the first day, but he would never forget her.


This was a nice day overall. I have had thoughts of me and Abel together. Where did those come from? Surely these were just feelings of fascination and would fade soon. But why haven't they faded yet? In back of my mind a voice whispered that I had fallen in love with Abel without me noticing any signs of it. Walking home in the warm colored sunset was romantic. The way the light made highlights in Abel's hair and his face made me feel butterflies flutter in my stomach.

He caught me looking at him and he would only smile his signature smile at me. He sees me look down to hide my face and see my cheeks become a warm color like the sunset. The sun rays made her hair look a beautiful color, red-orange highlights in her raven hair. He couldn't stop staring at her.

Until we both made it home, I couldn't stop thinking about all that happened today. From beginning to the end I replayed the memories made today. This was one memory that I never wanted to lose.

"Good night." he told me.

"Good night." I replied back.

I want to go to the city of Istvan (or Budapest) with Abel. I overheard the conversation that Caterina had with him. He was supposed to find the "Star of Sorrow" there. "Can I go with you, please?" I beg. Abel looked at Caterina.

"Can she?" he asked.

Lady Caterina sighed and finally said,"Alright. But Abel has to tell you exactly what the mission's objective is." I bowed and thanked her. Abel and me went to pack a suitcase with just a few things and a change of clothing for the trip. I figured that I was only going to be there for only a day.

Aboarding the train, I watched the world go by as we left the city of Rome and entered into a new land. I took a short nap before hearing that the stop to Istvan was about to come. I saw that Abel was asleep and woke him. The train then stopped. Grabbing both of our luggage, me and Abel stepped out onto the platform. He looked around.

"I'm sure she's supposed to be here." Abel was talking about a nun from Saint Mathias who was supposed to be waiting for us. We both walked out and saw the city at a glance. Abel then called sister Kate to make sure we were in the right city. After being confirmed, and given any information, he wanted to take a taxi. But when he checked his wallet, he was low on money.

Instead we both had to walk around, hoping to find another way to get to the church. The sun was setting and I sat on my suitcase waiting for someone to come. I sighed. "Where could sister Ester be?" I questioned as Abel fell asleep.

Night time fell, and Abel and I were captured by Count Gyula Kadar's men. "Hey, don't push so hard!" I said. And the grip one had on my wrists was making me quite uncomfortable. We both were taken to the Count and then put in his car to take us to his home. Before long, Ester finally come and she escorts us two to the church.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting." she said as she bowed. Getting to the church, Saint Mathias, food, which was just a bowl of porridge and some bread, was given to us. I ate silently as Abel scarfed his food down. Me and Ester had the same faces while looking at Abel. She quickly whispers to me,"Does he always eat like this?"

"Yes." I answered her back.

It is now bedtime and the mission was not yet complete. "A whole day. We went a whole day and couldn't find what we were looking for." I told Abel as we walked to our rooms for the night.

"Hey! It's not my fault we got lost!" Which was true. If he had known where he was or where he was going, maybe the mission would be over by now. But what can you do when your a stranger in town?

Later in the night, I could hear Abel get up next door and got dressed myself. I peeked out the door and wondered where he was going. Sneaking behind him, I followed him to the front of the church. And I also found out about Ester's plan to assassinate another person.

Her friend, Dietrich, got shot and she got arrested for her crime. Abel and I got ourselves arrested, too, so Ester wouldn't have to face this alone. Abel told her that he was a friend to her, and I told her that she could be my friend, too. After all, I felt sorry for her and wanted to help her. Taken to the count's house once again, sitting with Abel, I hear the Count talk about his wife being killed by Terrans and hearing that the bishop of the church that was set aflame died by Methuselah.

Ester cried out,"Murderer... You damn murderer!"

I could only feel her pain as I was absorbing the story. The Count told us all that his wife and himself created the Star of Sorrow, and he was going to use it to attack this city and all the Terrans in it, in order to complete his revenge of avenging his wife's death.

"But that's not the way." I said to him. Abel said that, too. I had learned from Abel that revenge doesn't solve anything. Back in my time, I wanted to get revenge on someone, and now I felt hypocritical saying so. Abel and I was tied up and we struggled to try to find something to cut the rope. For not too long, Tres frees us and then I follow Abel down to where the Star of Sorrow was kept.

Ester is trying to disable the Star and I could now see that the Count was a Methuselah. Abel takes out his gun and tells me to run. I run into a corner, hoping to stay away from the fight. Count Kadar comes toward me and I close my eyes waiting for my life to end. But then when I opened my eyes the vampire is screaming in pain. I saw a creature where I knew that was where Abel was standing.

What..? I was shocked that I couldn't speak. I turned my head to see if Ester was seeing what I was seeing. But she had her back turned trying to stop the machine. I then see Abel coming to Ester's rescue by disabling the Star. It was destroyed.

After going back to Rome, me and Abel and Caterina are alone in her office, explaining all that happened in Istvan. I asked Abel if that was him as that creature back at the now deceased count's house. He says yes, that I should not have seen that, and should pretend to not have seen it at all. He leaves and me and Caterina are left. She tells me why he is the way he is.

She tells me that he is a Krusnik, a Vampire that drinks the blood of vampires. "But why wouldn't he tell me after all this time?" I was now kind of mad at Abel for not telling me about something this serious. I learned that his power would increase more and more. He already had the power to destroy the city of Rome if he wanted to.

But I knew that Abel wouldn't do that.. Would he? I also learned that he was fighting against the humans sometime ago. But he changed his mind and rescued Caterina from being attacked. Abel was becoming more and more interesting to me. What else didn't I know, and why was I so intrigued by him?

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