Hearts Through Time

Chapter 3

"So, Ester's going to be here?" I asked. It'd be fun to have Ester around. The two of us didn't really talk to each other to have a conversation started.

"Yep. I'm going to pick her up right now." Abel replied to me.

"Okay." I smiled at him and then went off to do something while I waited for Abel to come back with Ester. Maybe this time I can become friends with her at an acceptable pace and not just rush and get on the wrong foot.

"Sara, how are you?"

I turned to see Professor coming my way. "Oh, hello. I'm doing fine."

He looked like he wanted to say something, but hesitated to. I waited for the words that he would have to say. I only pleaded that he didn't talk about me and Abel.

Instead he asked,"Are you planning to work or stay here?"

"I don't know."

I didn't know what to say. I really did want to stay but I had to go back to my own time. I didn't want to leave because I'd miss Abel. He was the nicest person I've ever met.

I fell silent, and the professor sensed it. To get away from talking I excused herself to stay in Caterina's office. I waited for Abel. Hours later, I heard that Abel arrived and that he lost his ID card.

"Honestly." I sighed.

"Typical Abel." I sighed again, small smiling, and shaking my head back and forth. Vaclav and Caterina laughed silently.

Pretty soon Abel, Ester, and another woman entered the room. Ester saw me and smiled. I smiled back at her. The woman that came in was introduced as Noélle.

Lady Caterina told Abel that he needed to be more responsible. He replied,"Yes, ma'am."

Everyone was then dismissed from her office. Noélle was showing Ester the Vatican and a whole bunch of stuff. It reminded me of when I first came here. I knew exactly how Ester was feeling to this place. Before I could exit, Caterina told me to come back.

"What is it, my Lady?" I asked, waiting for her order.

"The pope is missing. He has a meeting to attend to. Do you think you could find him for me?"

The pope missing? I wondered where he could be, though I didn't blame him for not wanting to come to a meeting that had many mature adults, and he was just a teenager, probably no older than myself.

"Yes, Ma'am." I bowed and replied. Exiting the door I walked down the halls wondering where Alessandro could be. I searched the rooms and I haven't found him. I decided to look in the garden. I didn't go too far because last time I went through this maze alone I was lost for a long time. Someone had to go look for me because I was missing.

"Hmmm. He's got to be around here somewhere."

I didn't know that he was hiding in the gazebo.

I didn't want to call out his name in case he got frightened that someone was looking for him and then run away again. Sighing deeply, I headed back inside. Suddenly I heard a very loud humming noise. I covered my ears as the super sonic waves entered my ears to my ear drum. It made me want to scream very, very loud to try to shut it off.

"What is that horrible noise?"

Falling to my knees and closing my eyes I prayed that it would stop. My ears was vibrating from the sound waves of where it was coming from. It then stopped. My ears was ringing. I rubbed my ears, inside and out.

"Wonder where that came from? What was it anyway?" I asked, walking back toward the professor's room. Ester and Noel came out of the room. I wanted to ask them if they heard anything.

"Uhm, did you two hear anything just now?"

"Yes, it was the professor's invention to pick up radio transmissions." Ester replied to me. She shook a little as she remembered that dreadful sound. "I'll talk to you later, Sara." She followed Noel to the garden.

I walked into the professor's 'lab' and saw a machine that looked like it exploded. Opening the door wide to come in, I saw him sitting behind his messy desk, in his messy room, with his hair sticking out in every direction. A bit of smoke was still in the room.

I coughed when I breathed it in and it reached my lungs, and I asked him,"What happened in here?"

From the tone he heard me use, he knew that I wanted to know exactly what was going on in this room just a few moments ago. "Well, I was just showing off my invention and …" his hands showed what happened to it: it exploded because of the frequency it was picking up.

"And Sister Kate came in here to find that it was me messing up the signal from her ship." he finished.

I crossed my arms across my chest. "I'm surprised Lady Caterina didn't come here personally just to find that it was you who was making such a racket." I remembered Vaclav leaving just before Noel and Ester.

"You better hope that Kate or Vaclav won't tell her."

The two of us laughed.

I then remembered what I was doing before this. "Oh, uhm, have you seen the pope anywhere? He's supposed to be in a meeting, but I can't find him."


I heavily sighed. "I'll get some help."

I closed the door behind me and thought of all the places I'd been to. I went to the main hall where the pope and the advisers sat. I searched every door and catacomb. I even searched the garden. Well, I didn't look through all of it. I had to get someone who knew their way through it to be able find the pope. But whom?

Just then Abel appeared. He looked worried. Maybe he was looking for the same person as me?

"What is it, Abel?"

"Noélle lost Ester. I can't find her either."

Ester's lost, too?

"She's gone missing, too?" I asked him.

Abel was confused. "What do you mean, too? Who else is missing?"

I replied,"The pope."

Abel had a look of panic on his face. "What if he was kidnapped? What if Ester was kidnapped?"

I told him to calm down. "We'll find them." He calmed himself and thought of where he hadn't looked.

"Have you tried the gardens?" he asked. "That was where Noélle last saw Ester."

"I didn't go far into them. I got lost last time. Do you know your way though it?" The garden was so big it would take at least a few people to find a single person hidden in it.

Abel replied,"More or less."

Was that good or bad?

"Did you find her?" Me and Abel turned around to see Noélle.

"No." both of us replied. I was looking for a different person.

"Well, I'm actually looking for His Holiness." I replied to Noélle.

She raised her brows. "Him, too?" I shook my head.

All of us were stumped. There was no way to look for Alessandro and Ester in time for his meeting. But there was someone who could find them faster that all of us combined.

All of us walked to Lady Caterina's office. I told her the bad news, and she was thinking of the same thing as Abel, Noélle, and I. "Tres, find Ester and His Holiness."

Tres walked from the corner of the room and went to do as he was told. Caterina looked back at us and said,"Keep searching. I'm sure they're on the grounds somewhere."

"Yes, My Lady." I said.

"Yes, Ma'am." said Abel and Noel.

An hour had passed and nothing was done but everyone gone in a circle. I wanted to give up but I had the patience to keep going. Hopefully Tres would be successful.

Sometime later, he came back with Ester. I saw her and walked up to her. "Where've you been?"

"I was just walking around and got lost. I... also found the pope. I heard that everyone was looking for him." she blushed pink.

"Thank you, Father Tres." I said to him.

I looked back to Ester and said,"Come on. I'll give you the rest of the tour, if you'd like." She accepted and we finished walking around the Vatican. I told Ester that it was alright being nervous around everyone here.

"I felt the same way." I said to her. She blinked in disbelief like I didn't seem new to this place. I then explained my story to her. She was surprised.

"Wow! How was that even possible?" she questioned.

I shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. The professor and I have been trying to make a time machine to send me back to my time. I don't know when, though. I've been here for a little over a year now."

The look of worry in my eyes caught Ester's attention. "You have a family?"

"Yes, I had family and friends. And now I'm worried for them because they must be wondering where I am and where I disappeared to."

It was silent for a moment until Ester spoke again. "Do you suppose that fate bought you here, that you were summoned to do some kind of task here?"

I didn't really think of that. "It's possible." I reminded herself to get back to thinking about why I came here tonight before I go to bed. "If that's so, maybe I can change the past by learning the mistakes in the future, and then prevent them from happening?"

Ester and I smiled and giggled. We were going to be best friends, since the both of us were the same age. Ester found that pretty amazing. And we promised to do our best here with their new lifes.

Today Caterina received a report that there was an island of genetically created vampire fairies. The island was called Never Land Island. I received little info about it. The island was the hoe Professor James Barry and he experimented on children. Those children became the vampire fairy children that had been attacking anyone who came near the island.

"Can I go?" I asked Caterina.

"Abel and Leon are taking this mission. You can stay and train if you wish to do so. But I recommend you do. The last mission you went on with Abel, you almost got killed. You especially do not need to end your life here."

All was silent.

"Who knows what would happen to the timeline should something so tiny could disturb it?"

I bowed slightly and said,"Yes, Ma'am."

Taking a gun I went to target practice. I was pretty good at it. But what if I came upon a vampire? They were fast and I could miss easily. Abel was great at shooting a gun. I wished that he was here to help me out with my training. There wasn't really no one to help. Tres was way too tough, Vaclav was always with Caterina, and she didn't know about the professor.

Speaking of the professor, I wondered if he was getting any closer to making a time machine that could transport something to another time. Putting away my gun and bullets I made my way to the professor's room. I knocked on the door and waited for him to say something.

"Come in."

I opened the door, and saw that his room wasn't as messy. "Oh, hello, Sara."

"Hi." I replied. I shut the door behind me and walked up to his desk.

"You've come to help me with my inventions?" he asked.

"Yes, I've got nothing to do."

Showing me how certain things, like buttons and other gizmos, worked, I tinkered on the tiny prototype of the time machine the professor had been working on. I mumbled what I said to Ester that day. "Is it because I have to change the past and the future?"

The professor heard me. He didn't know either. Who knew actually?

After hours of working, the prototype didn't seem to be working. "Don't worry. I won't stop till I get it right." he said to me when I put down the wrenches and screwdrivers and the other tools. I wanted to know why, after a year, he didn't give up trying to make time travel work.

"Why? Why do you care so much about this?" I asked him. Little by little my soul was beginning to fill with doubt that I would never go back home. I was even beginning to lose faith that Abel would not fulfill his promise to me from day 1.

The professor sighed, small smiled at me, and replied,"Because you've been like a daughter to me."

I had a picture come in my mind. I saw everyone in the AX and me included in a photo picture frame. Just like a family photo. Was this going to be my new family? My heart fluttered at the mention of having a family once again. I also had a new friend that had become part of this big family.

Now my heart was torn. Would I stay here with this family that made me welcome even though I was a complete stranger, or would I want to go back to the family and friends that I knew so well?

I smiled at the professor and said,"Thanks." His smiling green eyes met my blue-green ocean colored ones. This was a relationship I wished I had with my dad. I realized how much I missed him. I picked up a call that Abel and Leon had returned and was about to turn in their report.

"I've got to go. See ya!"

The professor smirked when I left. "Young kids..."

In Lady Caterina's office, Leon and Abel stood in front of her desk while she was reading the report. James Barry could not be found, but his experiments and notes were found, his death couldn't be verified, the children were eliminated, and they wrote a check and received a receipt from a freight ship to ship something off to Albion. What was the need to ship something in Albion, and what was in Albion?

My eyes looked to Abel, asking him questions and hoping to get answers in case he didn't want to say them in front of Caterina. Caterina questioned about the check and they said that they forgot. Caterina said that the charge would be invoiced and given to an accountant. The final charge total of money to pay back to the church was... who knows?

The two men argued over who was to pay it. Neither could decide because they said that they didn't have the money. The arguing continued. I inwardly sighed at the two grown men acting like children. Lady Caterina bowed her head, put fingers to her forehead, and said,"Some men never grow up." I wanted to laugh but instead kept it to myself.

'Oh, Abel..'

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