Hearts Through Time

Chapter 4

A month later, everyone became acquainted with Ester. I even became friends with Noelle, a former AX agent. Abel told me what a great woman she was. By the way he was describing her I thought that they had some sort of relationship or something. A second of sadness shot through my heart like an arrow. I never felt like this unless it involved Abel. Have I fallen in love with him?

"No. He's just a friend." I repeated to myself.

Today the Vatican received a message that one of the churches in Barcelona was destroyed. Abel was going to investigate. I wanted to go, too. I asked Caterina if I could. For the past few weeks I've been going on missions that didn't seem dangerous. But I felt that I could handle another mission, whether it was dangerous or not.

"May I go?" I asked Cardinal Caterina.

"No. I already decided that Noelle would accompany Abel on this mission." she said to me. I left the room without saying anything. Abel must have saw that pain of rejection on my face because he too went out the door to catch up with me.

Abel saw her eyes shine, making them more like the color of a lagoon. His heart sank seeing Sara looking so sad. He saw her turn her back and go out the door as calmly as possible. He wanted to go apologize and that Caterina didn't mean to be mean if that was what Sara had intended it to be.

"Huh? Wait! Sara!"

He opened the door and was interrupted by Noelle. She stood in his way. "Ready to go yet?" she asked.

"Uh.. Well..."

"Don't worry about the money."

I turned around when I heard Abel call for me and the door opening and closing. I saw Noelle talking to him. She looked like she was flirting with him to me. I knew all too well about girls who always flirted around men. I felt my heart sting. And for some random reason I thought that the two was a perfect couple. I sighed and wandered around the halls, looking for something to do and to keep Noelle and Abel out of my mind for a while.

Meanwhile Abel watched Sara leave with a heavy heart. He really wanted to explain to make her happy. He didn't like seeing her this upset.

Ester met me in the middle of the catacombs. She waved and said hello to me. I waved back to her. She started walking by my side.

"What is it, Sara?" she asked. She must've saw the troubled look on my face, in my eyes.

I sighed and told her,"I wanted to go with Abel on a mission today but Lady Caterina chose Noelle to go with him instead."


Ester spoke again after a long moment of silence. I had a feeling that she knew what I was talking about because she had blush coming to her cheeks. (she was thinking about Abel like in the garden) "So, what do you plan to do today?"

"I'm... not entirely sure. I could help the professor clean his room. He needs it."

Both of us laughed.

"Sure. I'll ask to see if Cardinal Caterina needs anything else done. Good luck."


I later met with the professor and I told him if he wanted some help with his materials and books. "You'd find things a whole lot easier."

He thought about it and then replied,"Why not? I've been meaning to do it myself but I've got so caught up in my work that I forgot."

"Okay. Let's get started." I started sorting the books from the papers, the nuts from the bolts, the tools and other gizmos. At the pace I was going, it could be done in about an hour or two. This made the professor a bit suspicious.

So he asked me,"What made you come here?"

I stopped for a second and then went on my way to put up books in the bookshelf in alphabetical order.

"What're you talking about?" I tried fooling him.

"Why do you feel that you should help me with my mess?"

I didn't know what to tell him but the truth. I paused for a moment and then I replied to him,"I wanted to go on a mission, but couldn't, and I had to find something to do." That was part of the truth, a tiny piece was missing. He said that he heard that Abel was going to Barcelona.

"And who's going with him? Surely he isn't going alone."

"Noelle." I replied to his question.

"Ah. Now I see."

I looked at him over my shoulder. "What?"

"You like Abel."

"N-n-n-no. Of course not. How could I?" I told him what I've been telling myself. But I was smart enough to know that what I've been doing, I actually may have fallen in love with him. The bond that I shared with Abel was a friend/crush relationship; he was my friend yet I had a crush on him. I just don't know if he liked me in the same way by the way he blushes and takes a step back from me if I fall on him and we both fall to the floor or I trip and he catches me and then leaves when he sets me back on my feet.

I blushed pink when I remembered that one time our lips were crushed together when Abel was carrying a big pile of papers and didn't see me until it was too late. I remember the way that his body felt on mine, the soft warmth that his lips had. I had been kissed before but Abel's the only one who held warmth and I could feel it whenever he looks at me with … adoration, maybe?

I was finished organizing the professor's stuff when, on this night, we were called to go to the Cardinal's office. All the AX members and myself made our way there. I opened the door with the professor. I saw Abel; maybe he took the express train to get here. I then saw him with the saddest look on his face. I will never forget it. I realized that Noelle wasn't here? Where was she? I looked to Abel again, and his liquid ocean blue eyes met mine. Sorrow swam in them.

My heart sank. I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. What happened?

Caterina stood from her desk, and then said in a tone that was with grief,"Noelle has passed on tonight."

Everyone bowed their heads in a moment of silence. The cause of her death was an interruption in her signal to Abel. A bell was rug and it destroyed the city and the building where she found some sort of plans. This was depressing to hear.

Abel handed the report to Caterina by placing it on her desk and left to go home. I followed him. "Wait! Don't go! If you want to talk-"

He turned to me and said,"No. I'll be fine." Abel said to me. His smile wasn't full of cheer than the usual. This was a fake smile. He wasn't fine. I let him go. My heart ached to see him like this. I wanted to comfort him but how was I going to if he didn't let anyone near him? I walked home to see that Abel's lights were off so he must be in bed already. I unlocked the door and went into my home, getting ready for bed.

In my bed, I tossed and turned trying to sleep but Abel wouldn't leave my thoughts. Knowing that he was next door to me I wanted to go and talk with him still. Or do something to help him out of this depression. I cried myself to sleep. For Noelle, and for Abel.

Abel quietly went to Sara's door and put his ear on the door. He heard her crying, saying his name, asking why must he push her away? He decides to leave; everyone he cared for died. Lilith died. Then it was Noelle. Who was going to be next? He didn't want that to happen to Sara or anyone. It'd be better if he didn't exist.

In the morning, a rainy day, all the AX members gathered in the Cardinal's office. We were silent from what he heard last night. I stood beside the professor, listening in on the conversations but not participating in them. I was still thinking about Abel. He didn't come today. He wasn't even at home when I went to check. 'Abel...'

The Rosencreutz was behind all of this, according to Caterina. From what she could figure they were heading to Rome. Everyone left to do investigate every bell in the city. I stayed in the room.

The Cardinal's uncle Alfonso, an Archbishop of Cologne, had come to visit Rome. There was something about him that kinda freaked me out. Maybe it was that sneaky look in his when he looked at me but managed to hide from almost everyone. I met him at the Vatican's door and let him in. I had to hide the chills I got just from looking at him. He went to the meeting room where His Holiness resided for the day. I followed to see what he going to talk about.

Lady Caterina didn't like it either. I could tell from the look in her eyes.

After the meeting I met up with her before she went to walk with her uncle."There's something suspicious about him." I whispered to her.

"I already know." she replied to me.

He donated a bell as a present to be symbolize the church or so I thought I heard. A bell? After what just happened in Barcelona? I've spent time studying cases and missions so this made me feel uneasy. What if it was the bell, the Silent Noise, that destroyed the city in Barcelona, and it was in the Vatican? I had to warn Abel about this. I think Rome was in trouble and I was willing to so whatever it took.

It was already night time. And I haven't found Abel. Ester told me that she found him at the fountain but then he walked away. "Sorry." she'd apologized to me. I had to find him!

I found Abel in the outside catacombs. "Abel. I've been looking for you. I think we're in danger-" He wasn't even listening. He is depressed still about Noelle's death.

"Look, everyone is still depressed about it. But that doesn't mean you can moap around, push everyone away, and do nothing. What happened was an accident. You can't just run away from it!"

He raised his tone a bit at me and said how would I know if someone you cared about had finally died. I didn't, but Ester told me that she had a loved one die, and I felt sad for her and what she went through all those years. Was there some sort of connection between the two that made them seem like a couple? I felt that pang of jealousy again when I remembered how happy Abel and Ester was together whenever they were doing something. Why?

He leaves me stunned. I couldn't say anything back to him. I could only look down at the ground below us. He apologizes to me and then walks past me, and I said to him where he could hear me,"You can always come to me for help. I'm your friend, and I always will be."

I walk away, feeling sad that he wanted to leave. I saw Abel turn in his gun and ID to Caterina. I stayed and watched. I could only feel tears come to my eyes and try to spill.

The bell was going to be struck in about 15 minutes and we had to stop it. We went into the service room to keep Alfonso from ringing the bell. Leon was supposed to examine it but he was closed off by the security guards. Lady Caterina approached her brother and demanded to examine the bell while we stood back. Vaclav was going to stop him, but it was too late. The dings of the bell made us stand still, waiting for the worst to happen.

My stomach tightened in anticipation and nervousness. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins. But nothing happened. What.. The Rosencreutz WERE behind the Silent Noise machine, and they were targeting Rome, so why didn't the ground shake, the buildings crumble, or the earth rumble? We all were in shock, except for the ones who believed that there was nothing wrong with the bell.

Caterina was placed under house arrest. And we were being watched over by the guards. We were in like inside a prison. I listened to all the men talk about what they should do. Outside Ester tries to keep Abel from leaving. She failed but told him that we all were in danger. Coming in Lady Caterina's office door was a hooded man. He placed a paper with the layout of the Vatican on the desk and then took off his hood. He had long blonde hair, and they called him Hugue. He told us that Noelle found this and was clutching it.

Now we knew for sure that the bell was somewhere here in the Vatican.

When Abel arrived to where Caterina was being held, there was Alfonso, Caterina, and some demon like creatures. Abel transformed into his Crusnik form and attacked the demons.

We managed to escape the room without anyone looking up into the window. Tres, the Professor, Vacalav, Hugue, Leon, and I ran to the top of the Vatican where the Silent Noise would be kept. I insisted to go in case someone needed extra fire power. We saw the archbishop go toward the bell but we stopped him. Suddenly there were these aura like creatures, and it didn't seem like firing guns at them weren't going to kill them off. They were worried about me so the professor told me,"Why don't you find Lady Caterina? We can handle it."

"Are you sure?"

They were sure so I hurried away to find Caterina. When I came upon the room where Caterina was being held, I saw Abel kneeled with Caterina, and another man. I hid within the door way and listened to what was going on. Abel was in his Crusnik form, the 80% form, now. I saw him for how powerful he was. And I wanted to help but this was beyond me. Electricity sparked the room from Abel. I heard the Silent Noise bells ring.

"Oh, no." I said to myself.

I heard Abel say that he made a promise to protect the humans. And the only way to stop the Silent Noise was to kill Issak, as that was what he called himself. "Abel..."


Abel didn't strike but the bells stopped. The other man then disappeared. I saw Caterina get up and Abel collapse.

"Abel!" we both said as we ran to help him. I saw Caterina cry tears.

I too knelled beside him and hoped he wasn't dead. I saw him in his Crusnik form, use his powers, and he was stronger than enough to destroy Rome, too. This was a risk for him to take. I felt useless compared to Abel. I cried into his chest.

"Why must everything be placed on you?" I cried.

Why wouldn't he share some of it? Some of the pain, the stress?

"Sara?" I heard Abel's voice and looked into his face. "Are you alright?"

I sniffled and said with a little laugh,"It's you that needs to be alright." I wanted to kiss him, to show that I was only relieved of course, but stopped myself. Why did I think that? Besides Caterina was in the room. I wouldn't know how she'd react and I didn't want to mess with her or get on her bad side.

"Sara, you can take him home. We can't do nothing till morning." she told me when she saw that he was alright.

"Yes, Ma'am." I helped Abel get up and slung his arm around my shoulders, supporting his body with mine. A few times he lagged but we finally made it to Abel's home. I took him inside and laid him down on his bed. He looked so weak that he wouldn't be able to move right now. I decided to stay by his bedside tonight in case he needed something.

I found some bandages and cleaned the blood off of him. I covered the scratches and cuts he had. He opened his eyes again.

"You're staying the night, Sara?" he asked when he saw me sitting in a chair beside the bed.

"Yes. I want to make sure you're okay." I replied to him. I smiled at him and told him that he needed some sleep.

"But what about you? Sleeping in that chair won't be comfortable." He was still worried for me.

"What do you mean, exactly?"

"You can sleep with me."

I looked at the size of the bed. It looked like a twin size bed. Two people can barely sleep on one. "There wouldn't be enough for the two of us." I told him, while my face was heating up.

Abel then said,"We'll have work to do tomorrow. I want you to sleep well."

Tears tried to come to my eyes. After so much he would put someone before him. I shrugged my shoulders, went to the other side, and lied beside him. "Go to sleep." I kissed his cheek and layed my head on his shoulder.

"Thank you for coming back, Abel." I said. "We never would've saved Her Eminence and Rome in time if you hadn't come." Tears fell from my eyes as I closed them, trying to sleep.

"Promise you'll never do that again."

Abel turned his head to look into my upturned face, looking at him. Everyone was save. And they would be as long as he still lives on.

He small smiled at me and replied,"I promise."

I was relieved, and the weariness from the stress of the past day laid itself on me, making me feel weak. I really need sleep to make all my doubts and troubles fly away. So did Abel. He needed this.

"Good night, Abel."

"Good night, Sara."

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