Hearts Through Time

Chapter 5

Ester is helping with cleaning up the debris from last night's encounter. She watched as Sara bravely went out of her way to make sure that everyone was alright. And that made Ester feel inferior to Sara despite the fact that Sara has been with the Vatican/AX for a little over a year now. She saw how she and Abel was almost always together when they get the chance, and heard of the praise that Sara received from Abel, expected or not.

She saw Sara now as a rival of some sort. "I'll do much better." she promised herself, promising to become more than who she is now.

I woke up in Abel's arms. My eyes fluttered open by the sun light streaming through the window. And I noticed Abel's face close to mine. He looks so cute when he's sleeping. Then his eyes opened, and he gave me a smile.

"Good morning, Sara."

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks. "It is a good morning."

This was... romantic. For a second, I thought that me and Abel were living together as spouses or lovers. The fluttering in my heart gave me a warm fuzzy and tickling sensation. Deep in my heart I wanted this to happen; I wanted Abel and I to be together. I admit it. I loved Abel. I cared for him deeply. There's something inside me trying to pull me closer to him.

"Well, I'll go make breakfast." I said as I stretched my arms and got out of his bed. "You can come over."

"Thank you." Abel said with a small smile.

I couldn't stop the feeling that my stomach was being tickled with butterflies. As I stood over my stove, my eyes looked over to Abel sitting at the table. He was sitting patiently. 'He's so much more mature when he wants to be.' I said to myself.

I flipped over the last french toast and prepared the plates. I made a bunch because I think that Abel would be hungry after suing so much energy last night. He needs to build up his strength. When I sat the plate down he was amazed at the cinnamon and sugar sprinkled toasted and buttered bread. I swear he was drooling.

"That looks amazing!"

I giggled when I heard his stomach growling. He tried the french toast and his blue eyes sparkled. He was savoring it. He looked like he had discovered heaven.

"And it tastes amazing, too!"

I knew he'd like it. "Thanks. I watched my mom make it and I've made them for a while, on special occasions." I said to him.

"You're a really great cook. I do wish you could stay here and make these french toasts all the time for me." Abel then said, feeling selfish. He gave a sheepish chuckle.

"I know." I did want to stay. I really did. I've said it many times before, and I wasn't as serious as I am now. I was old enough to make my own decisions. This is my life and I'll do what I have to.

The sun was in the sky. It was probably almost noon. Caterina told me that we could come in at any time today. I asked Abel if he wanted to help the Vatican today. "It's alright if you don't want to. I understand."

He said he would. "I can't leave it all to yourself."

After eating, we walked down the streets of Rome to get to the Vatican. It didn't look much like the Vatican in all its glory. But it would once repairs were made to the outside of it. We walked inside and saw that the giant rocky pieces from the columns were done away with, leaving only the tiny debris on the floor.

"Well, it seems that everyone's doing their part." I observed. "Hopefully you won't bump into one of the pillars like last time." I recalled to him where he bumped into one.

He blushed a little. "I won't."

As we were walking Abel felt the floor being a little slippery underneath his feet. "Sara, you better watch your st-EEEEEP!" Abel was slipping and sliding on the floor. He was about to fall on his bottom until he grabbed my shoulder for support. But then I slipped and Abel pulled me down with him. He lied on his back with me on top of him. Our eyes were closed for a second or two as we landed. And once our eyes opened, our lips were locked.

My heart gave a jump and started to pound. I could feel the blood in my veins rush hotly to my face, ears, and neck. I pulled away as did he from me and we began stuttering.


"Sorry... S-sorry, Abel. I-"

Just then Ester came with a mop in her hand and her cheeks red. I realized what position Abel and I was in. Of course I was on top of him, his leg between mine that revealed the stockings I was wearing. And our faces were still too close for comfort.

"I-I'm sorry! I should've warned someone that I mopped here! Sorry!" Ester said, trying to not look at Sara and Abel. Whether this was an accident or not this was an embarrassment. What was seen cannot be unseen.

I stood up and dusted my dress off, and I held out my hand to help Abel get up. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No. I'm fine. Really." Abel told me.

"Okay... I hope so."

My hand was still holding his, and a magical surge charged through me when our eyes met. His blue eyes reassured me that he was alright. The professor was coming down the hallway, probably looking for me. He saw mine and Abel's hand touching. He gave me a side smile with an arched eye brow, seems to be saying 'I-told-you-so'. I could only blush and snatch my hand away as if I was caught stealing something.

"I was looking for you, Abel, but it seems Sara beat me to it, as usual." He quickly winked at me.

"Don't announce it to the whole world, Professor." I mumbled. He was embarrassing both Abel and I. Ester was watching, too. Only 2 people were in the room and I was feeling uncomfortable. I never usually was uncomfortable around a crowd, but...

"Uhm, what is it, Professor?" Abel asked.

"It's alright. It can wait for another day." he replied. He turned to go elsewhere.

Abel turned back to me and asked,"Are you and the professor close?"

"Only as a father-daughter relationship." I small smiled at him.

It was the end of the day and the Vatican looked better. Maybe the repairs would be done next month or so. Abel and I are walking to our homes. There's something I need to ask him. But should I ask him? There wasn't no way for me to get home anyway, so I think...

"Abel?" I asked him, my eyes on the ground.

"Yes?" he turned to look down at me.

I looked up at him, stopped walking, and then said what I needed to. "If I was to go back to my own time, would you miss me?"

There was a silence between us. I waited for what he would say. I also hoped that he'd say my exact feelings toward this question.

"Yes. It'd be kind of boring without you here. After all, who wouldn't miss you? You're so nice and kind and-"

"Okay, okay, Abel. I get it." I giggled.

"Would you... miss me?" he asked the same question. Abel looked at Sara. The incident from today passed across his mind. The accidental kiss, the second accidental kiss. His heart beats quickened and thought that he couldn't breathe. He thought about Lilith again, taking Sara's place standing in front of him. The very thought of Sara leaving made his heart ache. He believed that Sara was his second chance for his sins. He had dreamed many times of her going back to her own time and waking up to find a tear on his cheek. Abel still waited for the reply.

"Of course I would. I'd miss you very much." I was careful to not go overboard and frighten him with any confessions. I grabbed his hand and tugged him on. I looked back over to him and that surge from earlier returned when I saw his eyes. I mentally shook off the feeling and said,"Come on."

Abel smiled and followed me home. I was going to make him something mouth watering delicious to eat after a days work. I think Abel should come over more often.

Few months later, there was a lady, named Astha, coming from the empire to look for a vampire murderer that was connected to the murder of someone in an antique shop here in Italy. Abel was sent to help her out by Caterina. I wanted to come along so I asked Abel if I could.

"Abel, do you need any help? I can help."

"No. I want you to stay." He was afraid for Sara since the Bell incident and thought that she had died then. "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you." he says. He was going to say '...to you, too.' That would've given something away. Something that he didn't want Sara to know. But he knew that he had to tell her someday, because of all the things she's done for him.

I only replied,"I understand."

He then left to go meet Astha, as he called her. I stayed with Caterina after spending sometime looking out a window, the sky getting dark and fireworks flashing in the sky. I dusted the room just to keep myself busy.

A few hours later I heard that Abel was in a hospital. Asta had taken him there after the murderer and she had an encounter and caused a havoc in the city of Rome. I was starting to get worried. Abel rarely had to be in a hospital. What could've gone wrong?

My hands were clasped together as if in a prayer, and I prayed silently that Abel and everyone was alright. "Please be alright. Please be alright." According to Astha, Abel had been shot from behind, but nowhere vital. I only hoped that it didn't do anything to him and his Krusnik body.

Kate went to call Abel. I heard Abel's voice from the communicator. I was so relieved. I felt like my heart and lungs deflated the stress and worry I had inside. "I'm so glad." I said to myself.

I was going to wait for him to come home but instead I decided to go to the festival where the pope is blessing the ashes that someone found. I heard some info about not bringing the pope first, and then I sneak to the festival, wondering what plan Abel had this time. A while later I met Abel outside afterward. Apparently he and Astha caught Enderle trying to kill the Pope, and they got him by shooting him with a silver bullet, dangerous to vampires.

"What're you doing here?" he asked, surprised to see me.

"I wanted to come." I told him. "Come on, I'll make you a supper for another job well done."

Abel was starting to wonder about my behavior, I could tell."Why?"

"We never get to hang out much, one a month maybe. You've been too busy." A tall looking woman with long blonde hair with a red streak came up to me. Was this Astha?

"Are you..."

"Astharoshe. Are you a friend of the priest's?" she asked me.

"Yes. I'm Sara." I said.

She smiled at me. "That's a pretty name. Take care of him, alright?" she said, pointing back at Abel.


I giggled. "I will."

She went on her way back to the Empire. I turned back to him. "Come on." We both walk home, to my home, for the celebration. I had went to the store earlier this week so I had enough food for him to devour tonight.

I was talking with Ester. We needed some time alone and talk girl talk. And then we talked about our day. We were laughing and enjoying the others company

There was an explosion and a fire within the walls of the Vatican. Lady Caterina was about to be assassinated. Me and Ester received a call and made our way to Lady Caterina's room. Our guns were loaded and ready to shoot. Ester made the first move to point her gun at someone. "Hold it right there."

But there was no body around. I saw Tres there, too. We were too late and Tres had taken care of the job for us. I stand beside her and Ester does. "Are you alright, my Lady?" she asks.

"Yes." Then Caterina fell into silence.

"What is it, my Lady?" I ask. She was still silent. She looked like she was thinking about something. I was really wondering what was going on. Who was trying to attack Lady Caterina?

In the morning, Abel had heard the news and came to the Vatican to a meeting. He searched the Vatican walls for any trace of where the fire had come from or who may have started it. He came back to Caterina's quarters and stood beside father Tres, sister Kate, and me.

Caterina said,"Someone was trying to deliver a message last night."

"A message?" I asked.

"As in, from the Empress?" Abel asked.

'What for?' I questioned. What would the Empress from the Empire could want with the Vatican and Lady Caterina?

Ester had talked to Abel about wanting to go but he told her that she couldn't. She didn't really do much of anything since she wasn't a field agent in the AX. But she thought that she could handle it because she had been training for 5 months since the time she arrived in Rome.

She talked to me so she could get her frustration out. "Father Nightroad is going after a vampire. He really shouldn't go alone if he isn't going to arrest him." She went on about how she tried arguing to help Abel out.

She tells me,"Sara, I'm going to assist Father Nightroad."

Even though I wasn't an expert field agent like Abel and Tres, I knew my limits and to stay behind if need be. I wasn't going to snitch on Ester because she was my friend. "Wish me luck." she tells me as she gets her gun and then sneaks to the place where a vampire royal named Fortuna was at.

The professor found me and wanted to meet with me. In his room I waited. "What? What is it you want to tell me?"

Professor tells me that he cannot make the time line as of now since its a very delicate thing to tamper with. "Looks like you won't be going home."

In a way I was glad that I may never go back. "I'm not going home" I concluded. I didn't know to be happy or sad at the moment. Let's just say that I had mixed emotions bubbling inside me.

"I'm sorry." Professor said to me finally.

"It's okay. I don't mind staying here. I'll stay for however long it may take either you or someone else to make a time machine or use some old magic to create a portal." I said to him, small smiling. "You... can get back to work on your other projects, professor. You don't have to worry about me anymore."

The Professor smiled and replied,"I guess I don't. For now."

What did he mean by that, exactly?

As I was walking back I started to think about why I came here in the first place, and of the violence I've seen for the past year and a half, I wanted to change the world. I've always wanted to try to make the world a better place. I put pieces of the puzzle together: future with an intense world of war, past with an alright world but always filled with wars and disaster.

Could my desires to change Earth and it's people be the reason why I traveled over 1000 years into the future? But why me? I'm sure there was someone else who had the same intentions as me. I kept questioning myself over and over, and many many thoughts plagued my mind.

While Abel, and Ester, are away, I am staying and protecting Lady Caterina. Holy Knights came to assist the safety of Caterina also. After they left only everyone here in the AX was here, watching for anything suspicious. I said to Caterina,"Should everything else fail I shall protect you." I promise her.

An hour or so later, I hear that Ion Fortuna is to be escorted back to Rome. Now all I had t do was wait for everyone's return.

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