Hearts Through Time

Chapter 6

After a whole day of waiting, Ion Fortuna, Abel, and Ester made it back. Ion was sent to Caterina's room to talk. I wondered about Abel and Ester because they were both quiet, too quiet. "Um... are you two alright? Did something happen?" I asked.

Abel and Ester didn't reply. Ester brushed her troubles away from the look in her eyes and went somewhere. Abel sighed as he watched Ester go. "Abel?" I ask again. I locked my eyes with his and saw that there was something.

"I'll tell you later." Abel said, unsure if he was wanting to or not. He saw that Sara was worried for him, as always. He softens his smile and says,"You've done a great job protecting Lady Caterina."

"I'm the last line of defense for her. I promised her that until the end." I replied.

Abel then asked, changing to subject and the mood,"So, did you sleep well?"

"No, not really. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning." I sighed. "When Sister Kate said that she couldn't find your location, I wondered where you'd gone and what happened. Glad you both and His Eminence made if back here safely."

Abel sheepishly giggled. "Yeah." He began to rub the back of his head in embarrassment. "For making you wait, is there anything I can do to make it up?"

I thought and thought. An idea came to mind and I said,"Maybe we could have a day off and go to the outskirts of Rome? I like exploring."

I woke up from having a dream about going home, and I finally know why I'm here. It's what I'd thought before. I was going to change the world. "It must be true." When it's all done, what then?

I hurriedly put on my nun clothes and go see if Abel is ready. He was. He bumped into me.

"Sorry, Sara."

"It's okay." Yesterday I talked to Caterina about having a day off, and Abel, too, and she accepted.

"Well, where shall we go?"

"How about Ostia Antica? I've wanted to see the ruins as a kid... but they'll probably be about crumbled or even gone by now..." I wondered what it'd look like.

Abel looked at me funny. "Antica? I've been there before. But everyone uses the land to put rubble and all other debris."

Not caring what it was, I wanted to go there and see what had happened to the now over 2,000 year old buildings in the old rural area. I called for a cab. I wanted to help Abel save his money. Upon arriving, the place was sure different when I looked at a picture of it in my own time. It was dark and grey, dreary. Abandoned is the word that I was looking for.

"Wow." Back then it looked old but it wasn't compared to what I was looking at now. It looked more dark and gloomy the pictures I've seen on the internet. "Why don't we go check out where the port used to be?"


Abel and I walked the dirt roads to the edge of the city where there was a giant pile of rocks overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was called "The Wharf" port for ships to stop and people and cargo could come onto land. "It's beautiful." I sighed. The sun was still high in the sky even though it took a while to get here. The sea sparkled with the sun's rays hitting the surface and reflecting."It's beautiful after all this time." I said to myself.

I take off my nun habit and clutch it in my hand. I notice that the color of the sea was about the same color as Abel's eyes. So now I'd be comparing his eyes to the Tyrrhenian Sea. I smiled without me knowing. My thoughts were caught in the sea breeze, the smell of the water and the wind. My hair swayed with the wind, catching the breeze's smell. The crashes of small waves sounded below. How romantic!

Abel inhaled a breath and took in the scent of the sea and the wind with it. The wind blew in his face, making his pony tail fly in the breeze. He looked over to see Sara, her blue-green eyes sparkling with the sun's light just like the sea, and her black hair flies in any directions with her white skin glowing. 'What beauty!' He blushed at what he thought.

I looked over to see him watching me. He does such a cute smile that I couldn't help to blush. My eyes moved down to look at my feet. I was once again caught in my thoughts that I didn't notice Abel was calling me.

"Sara, do you want to see some old technology? Well they might be new to you."

I looked back up. "Sure."

He leads the two of us to an old house with the roof almost gone. The furniture and everything inside had been burned and ruined. Abel was digging through a pile of metal that looked like it belonged to machines. He finds what looks like an mp3 or mp4. It must have survived the Armageddon. "It's a music player." he said.

"Wow. It looks so different from what I had."

He found a speaker to plug it up to and there were many songs on it but it had many versions of Bella Notte on it. "Man, don't I feel old." I jokingly laughed. I was actually 1000 and some numbers years old.

"Well, I guess you could say that. You're older by the date on the calenders." he replied. Abel and I talked for a little bit, and I ask him why he and Ester were silent coming back the other day. "Please." I begged him. He told me about the Mars Project, and the war that he joined to avenge Lilith, for she liked humans."So you're actually older than I am, technically." But I was really only 18 years old now, pretty soon to be 19. I had plans to marry at 18 and have a job and everything. Since I was stuck here until I fulfilled my mission, however long that may be, I wanted to make a home here in this time period. Maybe with my help things in the past could change and help prevent a bad future from happening. "Since things have progressed, I wonder if I'd be the age that I am now or when I first came here?"

"Hmm... I don't know. That's a good question. Maybe you can ask the Professor later."

The sun had went down, leaving no light. The moon would rise pretty soon and the stars would come out. A slow dance music began to play, and with the atmosphere from earlier and right now, it was perfect for a dance.

"Do you dance?" I asked Abel as I stood from sitting on a giant cinder brick.

"M-me? I, well, I … never really danced before.." He was stuttering.

I softly chuckled and said,"It's okay. I'll tell you how." I outstretched my right hand to him and then he took it, getting up from his sitting spot. I took his hands and put them around my waist. "Just hold me like this." And I placed my hands on his shoulders. "And I'll hold you like this."


"Now, listen to the music, relax, and it'll come to you." I told him. He was beginning to move his feet side to side, front to back, and I followed along with him. "See, that wasn't-" He steps on my toes. I winced. "Oh."

Abel apologized. "Sorry, I'm sorry."

"It's fine. No need to panic." After a few minutes of concentration he got the hang of it. I tried taking my mind off of the thought that Abel's hands were touching me where he never did, at the small of my back and my waist, and below there as well. I tried not to blush as our bodies were automatically making their way to touch the other, leaving no personal space.

As I was dancing I asked Abel,"Abel, I have to tell you something."

"Yes, what is it, Sara?"

My heart jumped in my throat, my breath got stuck in my lungs and then couldn't get air to go back in. My stomach tossed and turned. I was nervous. How would I tell him, tell him how I was feeling? I sucked in a deeper breath, tried to gather some courage, and then told him.

"I think I may have an idea why I've been bought here. I've always wanted wars to stop and the fighting between people to be ceased. Maybe I came here to know the future of humanity would lead to, and I only know and hold the key to the future... Well that is if I ever get back home." I paused.

"And... I've developed feelings for you despite a short time that it seems like we've met. I'm happy that I got to be able to develop a friendship with you, knowing that I now know some, if not all, of your past. Thank you for telling me. A true friend would let another know if there was something wrong. And... now my feelings have grown into … something more. When I think of going back, I feel like my soul's filled with dread that one day I won't be able to here with you anymore. I only hope that it doesn't happen."

The moon is out and so are the stars. It shines on Abel's pale face, and I could feel the fluttering wings of butterflies tickling inside me. His blues eyes looked into mine and there was a cloud of some sort of feeling surrounding me and Abel. He waited to see if that was all I had to say. I decided to say to end this conversation,"I love you."

Abel was listening to what Sara was saying. And when she said 'I love you', his heart skipped a beat or two. He quickly gasped and his heart beat again. What was he going to do? What would he say? Beside him a ghost of Lilith appeared and said to him,"Please don't worry about me anymore. You need to let go and look for a better future, move on toward a new beginning." His eyes suddenly filled with tears. Perhaps Sara was sent to help him and his soul, as well.

"I... I..." his voice was almost breaking. It broke my heart to see him in pain. I now knew why he was crying and wanted to comfort him. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him to me, letting him know that I were there for him, and always will be as long as I was here. He hugs me back and softly cries on my shoulder.

He soon stops and looks down at me. My hands automatically went to cup his face and then my lips come closer to his. "I really and truly love you, Abel." I said before my lips touched his. His arms coils around my back and then he gently presses his lips to mine. Under the moon light it was such a romantic evening.

Although I reminded myself that he is a Krusnik, a hunter of vampires, a supposedly called monster, I never thought of him as one. He may have surprised me at first, and a couple of more times, but I never saw him as a creature, but a being with a heart.

Walking back to the city to find the cab, I held Abel's hand and exchanged looks of happiness. Sitting together in the backseat and looking out the windows was romantic, too. We were dropped off in Rome and then walked to Abel's place.

"I'll stay with you tonight, if you don't mind." I said.

Abel smiled and replied,"I don't mind."

I stripped down to just my nun under gown and slipped into his bed. Abel came afterward wearing his PJ s. I cuddled into him and played with his long silver hair for a little while till I feel asleep.

Abel strokes Sara's cheek and dropped a kiss on the top of her head, and laid down to sleep, too.

"I'll fight, for you and everyone." he silently vowed to her.

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