Hearts Through Time

Chapter 7

Me, Abel, and Ester arrive at the empire to being Ion back. Everyone's been killed in the palace, and I chase after Ion with Ester.

"Wait!" I call for Ion. He makes it to his grandmother's bedroom to find robotic things stand near a bed that had blood all over it. Ion made a leap to cut them, and behind him there was one that had restored itself and was going to kill Ion. Ester shot at the bot and I ran to make sure that Ion was alright. Then Abel told everyone to jump. I ran to catch up to be beside Abel and then jump out of the window, and then we all were surrounded by the Empresses' soldiers. Ion is arrested for the murder of his grandmother.

"What?" I whisper. Abel helps us escape with bomb smoke screens. Abel takes us all to the empire where Astha is staying. "Why here?" both me and Ester ask him.

He only replied with,"I know someone who lives here."

The Empress told Astha to take in everyone. "But how did the empress knew we were coming?" I ask, now very curious about the Empress. After dinner, Abel leaves to meet the Empress. "Be careful." I tell him. I fell asleep before Abel made it back.

He covered Sara with a blanket, brushed some stray hair away from her face, and said good night.

I, along with the others, wake up for breakfast and I see that Abel is stuffing his mouth and tells of his plan. 'Oh, Abel.' I could only shake my head side to side in disappointment in his table manners. Astha and Ion fight about his needing help and worry about his health. It was over and resolved.

"Should we go?" Ester asks.

Ion wanted to go to town and wanted Ester to go with him. So Ester goes with ion. Abel and I go to the royal palace with Astha. I was going to back up Abel's story if they didn't believe him. And I had learned a little about politics so I was going to try my best to clean Ion Fortuna's name. The court was taking a while until the Empress was assassinated.

"Who would do this?" I ask Abel. One thing was for sure, me and Abel knew that it couldn't be someone from the Vatican, as Astha's friend had said before.

Later on, after meeting Seth in the graveyard, whom was related to Abel as me and Astha found out, we find out that Deitrick had kidnapped Ion and Ester. "We've got to save them." About a day later they were found in a prison cell. Ion was bleeding and Ester was a little scared. She told us what had happened.

"Wait, I thought he was dead." I said. Abel knew what was going on now. He opens the door and tells me,"Sara, go with Ester and to help keep everyone safe." I wasn't too sure

"I'll be alright. I'll catch up with you." he reassured me.

"Okay..." I go to Albion with her. There was the Ghetto, a place where the Methuselah didn't have anywhere to go and were being killed off. The pope came along as well to help Albion and the Vatican to come at peace. However,Vanessa Walsh was going to kill the pope so me, Ester and Alessandro all split up, with Ester and I together, trying to find somewhere to go. We make it to the underground part of the Ghetto. Dietrich's Auto-Jägers come after us, kind of trapping, but Abel saves us and brings the two of us back above ground.

"Stay." he says. We were taken to the palace there in Albion and wait for Abel. The palace was then attacked. Ester and I hid. And we both saw some man who looked like Abel, but with more blonde to his hair. He was walking to somewhere in this palace, like he'd been here before. He didn't seem to notice mine or Ester's presence anywhere. "We're going to follow him." Ester says.

"Huh? Wait, Ester! Where...?" I sighed and caught up with her. Through metal doors I wondered where we were going. In a hallway there was debris on the floor, and a hole in the wall. We keep on going down the hallway, hoping to find something. He lead us to where Abel was at. I now knew who this was. This was Cain, the one that Abel had told me about, the one whom he was made from his DNA.

I saw Abel in his Crusnik form, flying toward Cain. Ester did, too. You hit your back on the wall hoping that I wouldn't get caught. I whispered through clenched teeth,"Ester." I saw that there was a hesitation in Abel's motives. His scythe didn't cut Cain's head off like he planned on doing, I figured. Cain outstretched his hand and then I saw Abel fall on his knees and then to the ground. I couldn't believe what had happened.

I was in shock that I couldn't speak, but I could feel hot tears form in my eyes. I covered my mouth to hold in my crying. Ester screamed,"NO!" I couldn't deny the movement of my legs so I made a run for him. Kneeling down beside him I rolled him over and saw that his chest was covered in blood, and that there was a hole, too.

"No..." I softly sobbed. "No... you can't be..." It was the truth, though. He wasn't moving or anything. I picked up his head and put my forehead touched his, my tears running down my cheeks and falling onto his face.

"Abel..." My sobs were getting louder and filled more with grief.

Cain left us behind in our pain.

His body was taken and put in a coffin. Then in a church he was placed on an altar and surrounded by roses. Me and Ester cried once again. And I heard Ester say it was her fault that Abel was dead. "It's my fault, too. I should've shot him and then you could've lived." I whimper. "I failed you." I stand up and I drifted in the the sea of sorrow, remembering that I promised to help Abel fulfill his mission in life.

I pick up a rose petal and I held it to my mouth, lightly kissing it. My mind went back to that day when me and Abel first kissed, under the moon light and surrounded by man made music and the music of the night. My chest hurt again, and I cried some more. When will I ever stop crying? Will I ever stop?

Virgil Walsh comes and tells Ester that she is the heir to Albion, the secret daughter of Queen Brigitte II's assassinated son. Later Tres comes and brings a silver case with a vile of some sort of green liquid in it. He was pouring it onto the coffin and Cain then appears, planning to merge with Abel's body. He defeated Tres and was making his way toward the coffin. Me and Ester were guarding him, ready to give up our lives, and was about to be killed by Cain. Abel comes out of the coffin, revived, in his Crusnik and the two brothers fly to the sky, both in their Crusnik forms.

I run out of the church to watch the battle. The battle ends with a draw as they are both knocked right out of the sky. The sun was coming up. And it was a day that those who are still alive are going to be glad to have.

"Abel. Are you okay?" I ask. I was worried when Cain didn't attack as Abel was falling from the sky. I'm now relieved.

"Yeah. I'm fine." he replied.

The only thing I wanted to do was hug Abel to death. And that's what I did.

Ester is the Queen of Albion. The empire of Albion and the Vatican are an alliance with another. I say good bye to Ester and go to greet Abel good bye as well. Standing out in a field with Abel and Ion, I say my goodbyes. Abel is going to search and destroy Cain, wherever he may be.

"I've done what I was called to do but... my heart doesn't think so..." I hoped that he would always remember me. "Be safe."

"You, too. Oh, and Sara... thank you for loving someone like me after all that you've seen."

Abel started to fade. "Abel?" He was gone and my world was black. Then up ahead I saw a tiny white dot and then it exploded into a bright white light. My eyes saw the painted wall that I remember touching before time traveling. Time had stopped while I've been gone for over a year. I realized I was in your own time.

I was in the clothes that I wore, the nun clothes had disappeared. "In my own.." I whispered. I fell on my knees as the weight of realization hit me hard. My friends saw me and came to help.

"Sara, are you alright?"

I was saying good bye to Abel for a safe trip, but now... Abel isn't here anymore. Tears formed in my eyes and then I start crying, face close to the floor and my shoulders shaking.

"Abel.." I softly sobbed.

"Sara! What's wrong?" my friends asked, worried about me. "Do you have a stomach ache? Cramps?"

This wasn't no dream. This felt too real to be a dream. I've lost Abel, again. Night before last I had lost him, and now I had lost him a day later. When I calmed down, I tell my friends all about Abel and the future.

"I miss him so much. He was there for me, when I was sad, lonely, or even happy. Even when he made me hate him and think him to be childish at times I just couldn't hate him.. He was that likeable.. There won't be no one like him. He didn't try to flirt with me and get in my pants. He was a gentleman. And I'll always love him for a thousand years and many more."

My friends looked at me like I was crazy and that I just had a dream. I didn't say anything else to them. I knew what happened and what was true. When everyone walked around Rome, I knew where everything was, and what was to be replaced.

"When did you become an expert on Rome?"


It was Abel that had changed me. And I think that I've changed Abel, too. I wondered if there was someway to contact him. Because there wasn't no one like him in any time period, the past, present, or farther into the future. I was going to remain faithful to him, even if it meant living my life as a single woman forever. My heart belonged to him.

Returning home, I was quiet more than usual. My parents were worried about me, but I told them that it wasn't anything. I didn't talk to or tell anyone else about the future because my friends already thought I was crazy. Everyday was going by so slowly. How I longed to go back!

Graduation had happened. I wasn't so happy that day. I just put on a fake smile as I got my piece of paper saying that I had finished high school. A few weeks later, grabbing a piece of paper I write a letter to my parents saying that I had traveled to the future the day of the field trip and was going to stay with a friend, and to not worry about me. I had turned 18 and was ready to live my own life. I wrote down everything that I wanted to say and then laid it down on the desk across the room.

I wished every night that I could go back to be with Abel again. One night while a star was shining very bright I made a wish on it and then found myself in the city of Rome, Abel's Rome. I somehow traveled in time, to Abel's time. I went to the Vatican to visit Caterina. When she saw me she was confused. She heard that I had disappeared and thought that I was back home."I thought you..."

I knew what she was talking about."I did. But I wanted to come back." I replied to her. "Do you have any idea where Abel gone?"

She told me where she last heard from him and I followed the trail. I walked on and wouldn't stop to find him. I asked everyone if they'd seen a tall man with long silver hair. Some had seen him and some hadn't. I picked up hints and clues to where he could be. Until at last, I saw him. He was over looking the sea in a tall grass field.

"Abel!" I started to run toward him.

Abel thought he was hearing things. He was hearing Sara's voice and maybe it was because he missed her. She was good company and she was like Lilith reincarnated, her soul reincarnated. "Abel!" he turned around and he saw her black hair and her smile. She hugged him, almost knocking him over

"Sara? But how...? You disappeared." he asked her.

"Time has bought my heart to you. Time has bought us together. I don't know exactly if it's destiny, fate, or some other unknown force, but... I want to be with you, Abel. My life was meaningless without you. I thought about you everyday, and I couldn't concentrate or do anything without it reminding me of you."

Abel was shocked.

"Besides, if I remained faithful to you, it wouldn't have stopped my heart from missing you so. So... that's why I'm here." I hugged him again, glad it wasn't a pillow that I was hugging. "Like it said in the scriptures, 'I'll follow where you go, and your people is my people', or something like that." I giggled softly.

Abel couldn't agree with her more. "You're right. It does say something like that." He small smiles and hugs her back.

"I want to join you." I say to him.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes. Everyone's fine at the Vatican and it'd take me a while to be able to find something to live in and find a suitable job. Being with you is what I want to do. I want to help you defeat your evil brother and save humanity. I already left clues in the past to prevent more wars from happening. And I'd like to keep Ion from being lonely."

"Thank you, Sara." He smiled at me.

I tiptoed and pressed my lips to his, wrapping my arms around him. He hugs her back while he absorbed this moment into his memories. A happily ever after was just beginning for him.

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