Silver Time Capsule


Everyone remembers that day, November 9th 2016, when a team defeated a terrorist organization that was on the verge to cause a total chaos in the world. After nearly 25 years of peace, the enemies returned with more power and danger returned again. A new team of agents have to put the end of the misery, but this time, once and forever. Will they make it like the older generation?

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Book 1. Chapter 1. The Beginning

Flora’s POV

"Mom! Dad! We're home!"

We open the door and there is nobody waiting for us. Everything is silent until we hear scratches from the stairs. Grandma is coming downstairs, wearing a black dress. She doesn't look happy to see us and even though she forces her smile, her red eyes say the otherwise. She looks at auntie Cathy, who is also sad and we are confused. What is going on? Is somebody dead?"

"Cathy, take them to the living room!"

The room is completely empty. We see no framed pictured on the wall. There are only two on the table.

"I'll come back quickly!" aunt Cathy leaves the room.

We don't undertsant. Why is everybody so sad? We look at the pictures which have a black ribbon near the upper right corner.




We look at each other, then at the portraits of our parents. On the bottom edge we see the details.

"Sarah Robinson, nee King. 1989-2028"

"Jaydon Robinson. 1989-2028"

"Are they..."

I cannot finish the sentence when we hear a loud thump, coming from the kitchen. We rush and see grandma down, barely moving. I approach and I see her trying to breath. Her face exposes black veins that are reaching her head. Alex, out of panic, quickly fills the glass with water and I carefully raise her head.

She opens her eyes and looks at me. A teardrop falls down on her check.

"Grandma?" I ask.

Alex hold the glass, but grandma manages to raise a hand, not to take it... She refuses....

"Alex... Flora...." we hear her weak voice...

She smiles at us and we try to hold back tears. We try to help her get up, but we are too weak to hold her.

"Grandma?" I start to cry.

I hold her head with one hand and her left hand with other. Alex knees and takes her right hand. We don't know what to do... All we can think about is that she won't make it.

"Should I call-"

"No..." grandma interrupts him... "No... it's... over..."

"Grandma... please..."

Alex, as stubborn as usual, grabs a phone and calls the ambulance.

"Hello? Our grandma is not fine. She fell and.... we don't know... alright..." Then, he says the adress.

I look at grandma watching him call for help. She doesn't say anything. She looks at us and her smile is slowly fading. Her eyes are closed and we feel her hands relaxing. Her head becomes heavier. I put her head down and move my cheek on her nose. I don't feel anything.

"Granny?" Alex looks at her while holding the phone.

"She's not breathing!"

"Check her pulse!" He reminds

I feel nothing.

"What should I do?!"

Aunt Cathy comes from the upper floor and sees us in the kitchen. She hurries and stays still as she notices grandma laying down... she notices those black veins.

She sees Alex on the phone and grabs it.

"Hello, is that emergency? I'm the children's aunt! She... Let me check!

She kneels and checks her pulse. Those black lines dissapear slowly and her fave turns pale.

"She... she is dead... yes... she had those, but... alright... we are waiting..."

She takes us to the hall and leaves us there.

"Cathy? Are they... dead?"

She doesn't answer and goes upstairs.

We go and sit on the stairs. Alex tries to stop crying, but the more he forces, the harder it gets and in the end, he bursts in tears.


"She's dead," I say and he looks at me... "Daddy is dead... and now grandma is dead... we're... orphans..."

"I don't want in foster home!" he cries...

"And you won't!"

We turn around and we see aunt Cathy holding a box. She calmed down and her face becomes more serious. She gives the box to me and I see a few books, an album and... my mom's journal... Alex is still crying, looking at mom's box.

"I don't want to be with strangers!"

"It's alright, buddy!" she pats his head.

Not even an hour has passed and we found out they are dead.

"I talked with uncle Alex. And... we decided to take your custody."

"What does that mean?" Alex asks, sniffing.

"You're living with us from now on... with Sammy and Donna..." she smiles...

The paramedics come and take grandma's body. We have to attend their funeral soon.


It's been over 10 years since we lost them. Cathy told us that mom died by overdose, which was probably suicide. Dad had a heart attack next day... and then grandma died... As Cathy is a Loyal to our family, it was easy for us to learn that somebody poisoned her. Mom's journal explained the reason she died and it was sad for us... and I promised myself not to attach to anyone... except my brother.


I sleep in the plane after an evening full of tension. We got attacked back in Spain after celebrating the victory against a cult, that unsuccessfully attempted to destroy Europe, and easily escaped thanks to Harriet. Luckily, we found some clues about the attackers that lead us directly to Morocco.

I barely managed to fall asleep and rest my head until...

" Flora. Floooora! FLORA ROBINSON, WAKE UP!” yells Alex.

“What?” I ask him, after I yawn.

“We’re here!”

“Where?” I asked trying to proceed the information.

“In MOROCCO!!!!”

“So fast?”

“What do you think how far is between Spain and Morocco?”

“Ooooogh!“I groan.

" I know it’s really late. But we will rest for a few days after sleepless nights”

“Please don’t remind me about that” I say with disgust.

“I know sis. We need to go” Alex comforts me.

We take our bags and go to the headquarters where dorm rooms are waiting for us. I am still sleepy and luckily Harriet annoys us with history facts.

“Ugh! Can you stop that?! We’re not in a trip” Jason groans.

“Shut up!” Alex replies. “This is the only way to keep moving. And anyway, it’s not bad to hear something about history.”

“Alex is right” Harriet replies smiling.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!!! History is sooooo boring!”

“Should I better tell about scaphism... and all the details that will cause you a nightmare?" Harriet asks.


“So, shut up!”

I finally go to my dorm room and Harriet joins me like always.

We are all working in an international organization called Bureau and our mission is to stop terrorist attacks and other crimes across the world. And also, we are Warriors (gifted people with magical powers... stupid definition), except for one. And among us, only two are members of clans.

Alex and I are one of the best agents. Teammates always call us “the Robinson twins”. Our parents, Sarah and Jaydon Robinson, worked there 25 years ago and after its abolution, we had stayed in Grimsbourgh for a period of time and then travelled across the US. And then we moved in France where we had lived for a few years. We returned back in the US when we were 10. I remember mom and dad were asked to go to New York, but after aunt Grace's death, she refused, so we moved in California with grandma. Our joy didn't last long after their deaths. Aunt Cathy and uncle Alex adopted us and we stayed in Grimsbourgh.

When we joined the team, they thought we are husband and wife as we look different. I have medium brown hair and green eyes, while Alex has got blonde hair and blue eyes. We explained we inherited from our parents and it is great as we do not look similar. Speaking of the difference, Alex is older than me... by 5 f***ing MINUTES!!! And our personalities are not so identical as we expected, but maybe it might be normal for twins. Alex is optimistic, eager, loyal, trustful and he is looking for a girlfriend, while I am more serious and determined. But I am a bit sensible at animals and children... Yet... I only foster them...

Harriet Crane is an expert at history. She is one of the smartest members and I envy her a little bit. She’s American too, but from another edge of the country: Pacific Bay. She actually moved to New York when she was a child, because her mother was accepted in T.I.M.E.

Harriet is a prodigy, graduating high school at 13 and having 2 degrees at 18. She joined T.I.M.E. at 16, but as history assistant and when she got her PhD at 20, she became historian. As for her little brother, Jake, he had normal life. He was mostly proud of his genius sister and wasn't jealous, because he wanted to become a police officer. But after a serious trouble at 15, he changed his mind and he went to law school.

She's a Time Tamer, which means she can control time. One day, when we had to share a room in our dorms, I spotted a birthmark on her chest. I asked her once, but she avoided the question.

Jason Scott is our hacker. He is a born a raised Scottish despite his American roots. He’s the youngest team member (he’s 17). He is stubborn and a prankster. And despite of his complains that he's no longer a child, we still take care of him until he reaches 18. Moreover, he's the most difficult, because he gets in trouble and it took time to get along (the easiest was Alex).

His reason to get employed here was unexpected. He once tried to hack in our data base and send a few information about the terrorists. A few agents came for a visit to ask him about the job. He accepted without thinking. And I cannot say he is a irresponsible, because his parents educated him so well he can be live alone.

June Korrapati is the coroner. Her parents were scientist, too. I heard that her mother left when she was 6 and her father died when she turned 19. (Poor girl). She has 2 sisters: April and May. April is a panda caretaker and May- a singer. Her husband (I have not seen him) works in Antarctica and he’s.....a scientist (Oh god, a family of scientists). They have 3 kids: 2 girls, Carmen and Angela, and a boy, Lars.

Her children look a bit more different, but at least (maybe) inherited the eyes and a part of the personalities. Angela has short black hair, Lars - dark blonde hair and he's skin-tanned and Carmen has a darker tone and she's got black curly hair.

I found out their parents worked in the Bureau 25 years ago and they liked it so much they had dreamed to work here. Her husband was not so lucky, but he promised after finishing the work in Antarctica, he would start here.

They're both Warriors, but from different clans. June is a Healer, as for her husband, he's from the Light Clan. And when it comes to health, she's more like a mother dealing with a bunch of troublemakers (the little ones are more obedient).

And last, but not least, Jacob Weissman. He's our Lab Chief and the eldest in our team (he's 37). I don't know much details about him except for the fact that he's German-Jewish, living in with his wife and two sons. He's more reserved, but he's used to work with people. And he doesn't like when people try to dig in his past. I've heard he had a very unpleasant experience while working as a volunteer in Asia, but I guess he probably dealt with some issues.

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