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The Joker, the Bat and Midnight


what would you do if one day while trying to protect yourself from hoodlums, end up being saved by a certain villain? What would you do if this certain villain started asking you questions that make you stop and question whether life is truly worth it. Well read as Estelle tells you the adventures of her and a certain villain and watch how they strive to let the world understand the things that the less fortunate people in the system go through. I'm not very good at summaries so you may have to read the story yourself to understand what I'm talking about, ratings may change during certain chapters so please don't forget to read my notes in the beginning and the end of chapters. Than you

Action / Adventure
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chapter 1

The Joker, the bat and Midnight


Author’s note: The characters Joker, Batman, Robin and all the other marvel heroes and villains do not belong to me (except for Estelle and a few others) in another universe where Stan Lee had not come up with these characters I could have been the owner, but alas, this isn’t that universe so here you have it my first ever story to be written and published for the publics viewing pleasure. Also my English may not be fantastic and since I’m too lazy to proof read, so all mistakes and errors are solely my fault. Thank you.

WARNING!!: There might be mentions of violence, drug use, and bad words (which I have tried to tone down) IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THESE PLEASE DON’T READ!!


It is said that others would like you best if you acted as your true self, that it would be easier to acquire good friends and allies if one only showed what was underneath the veil. We as humans constantly complain about how we greatly disliked pretenders yet, why do people like us best when we pretend to be someone we aren’t. Why do we like it when others pretend to be someone they aren’t simply to satisfy our taste. Well, my name is Estelle and I’m here to tell you a story about a certain bat, a joker and myself, the one and only midnight. Prepare for your views to change, ready yourself for the journey ahead for this is no ordinary story. This is my story, the story of Gotham, the citizens and of course our legendary heroes and villains.

Author’s End Note: So yeah, that’s it for the first chapter, sorry that it’s really short but I’ll do my best in making the next chapters longer and far more interesting. I’m still trying to understand Inkitt and how it’s works so please forgive me if I do not post for sometime

Thank you.

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