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What You Love Will Always Come Back

By Karklutz

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1- Not the Home He Needs

Harry's P.O.V.~

I sat on my twin sized bed, reading a potions book. We (my brother, James Jr or Jay) will be starting our first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry soon and I wanted to make my mum's old friend, Severus Snape, proud. She told Jay and I stories of him when we were younger, before she started to blatantly ignore me for some reason. I found one of her old photo albums of him on a weekend last year when mum, dad, (although I don't really consider them my parents anymore, especially not dad) Jay, Rozy, and Tyler went on a trip. I have kept it under my bed since, not like mum would notice, she doesn't even talk to Professor Snape all that much anymore. In fact, she still hasn't noticed even though I don't really try all too hard to hide it. She probably wouldn't care or even want it back. They used to be really close when all my siblings and I were younger, but around the time mum started ignoring me and forgetting my existence is when Prof. Snape stopped visiting. Unlike dad, he payed attention to me and praised me for things I did good. Prof. Snape was way more of a dad than my real dad ever was. Before, when mum actually payed attention to my existence, she was never the greatest mum but still a way better parent than dad. It always seemed like dad hated me for some unknown reason, like he resented me. I've attempted to ask him his reasoning before, but he's never given me the time of day, ever. Even when I was a baby. I still wonder to this day, but couldn't care all too much to put in any effort to figure the reason. I'm used to be ignored by everyone and not being cared for by anyone besides the house-elves. The only reason they probably even care is because I'm so polite and nice to them. If I wasn't, guaranteed they probably wouldn't care either. I'm glad I didn't grow up like my snotty, cocky, arrogant, idiot of a brother who only seems to ever worry about Quidditch, charms, and defense. Unlike him, I do my absolute best in school, my best to behave, and my best to stay out of everyone's way. Not to mention, I'm always willing to learn something new, even if that means doing the research all by myself. Anyways, like I was saying, I'm not cared for by anyone, not even my supposed, godfather Remus Lupin. Heck, I could die right now and they still probably wouldn't care. None of them would shed a single tear for me besides maybe the house-elves. I hate my parents, my siblings (mainly Jay), godfather, but who I utterly hate the most out of everyone I know is Albus Dumbledore. He's a manipulative old coot and anyone can see it if they're smart enough and not looking to gain anything from him. He owes me nothing and I owe him nothing. He's convinced that me and my brother have to be the ones who defeat the all-powerful dark lord, Voldemort, but I'm just a kid and refuse to take part in this stupid war. When I told him that one time when he visited, he had a look of horror on his face. Truthfully, if given the chance, I might just join Voldemort just to smite my parents and that old goat. For the greater good my ass. At least Voldemort is truthful and isn't truly manipulative. Apparently, according to dumb-as-a-door, Jay is 'the-boy-who-lived' but Jay 'needs' is brother (me) to help him against the dark wizard. Please, I'm not that stupid. 1, I value my life and 2, I couldn't care less about what Dumbledore thinks, says, wants, needs or anything like that. I utterly hate him anyways, so there is no way that he or anyone else for that matter can get me to help them and there isn't a point. Everyone knows the 'dark,' if it even is evil, will more than likely win in the end anyways. So there isn't a point in me risking my life, nope, no point at all. Although, I did end up grounded for what I said to the lying and probably cheating headmaster. It was kind of worth it to see his reaction, but I also had to endure Jay's bragging for weeks with almost no end. He finally left me alone once my grounding was over and there wasn't really any reason for him to brag anymore.

I sighed as I finished the 2nd year potions book, now 1 year ahead in all of my classes. I almost decided against going ahead in the books, but it was too tempting to not read them. Because of my thirst for knowledge, my whole family is convinced I'm going to be in Ravenclaw once we started school. I wouldn't be surprised, although, I don't agree 100% because there are a bunch of things that could make me really different than the average Ravenclaw. To be honest, I'm not sure I totally fit into any of the houses, but I'm sure the sorting hat will figure it out.

I got up and put the potions book back on my make-shift book self and looked for what to read next. As I was skimming through the numerous books, Jay came into my room. 'Great, just what I needed...' I thought sarcastically.

"Mum and dad are taking me to get new robes and mum wanted to make sure you had everything for school in a day, loser." Jay said with a sneer. I rolled my eyes, without him noticing, and nodded. I normally chose not to speak to anyone, especially people in this family, if I could help it. Jay just replied with, "Good, that means they can spend more on me. Later freak." And with that, he walked out and left me in peace. 'Finally, it felt like he was here forever.' I thought to myself as I went back to picking my next book. Although, Jay isn't wrong when he said I was a freak. I mean, I can talk to snakes which isn't very common in the wizarding world and sometimes at night I swear I can hear someone talking to me. I talk back, but the conversations don't last long. I'm sure it's just my imagination trying to give me company, but it feels so real. And some of the dreams I have of the same man over and over. Sometimes the dreams are about the man drowning his obvious sorrows in alcohol, sometimes he's commanding follows to do stuff for him, every once in a while it'll be a peaceful dream of him walking through a meadow or a garden or a forest, but more often than not it's about a lot of violence. Half of these violent stories are about him as child getting beaten at an orphanage and in the other half he's killing people or his followers are killing people. It's never the same dream, except this one that comes and goes every so often. It's about him getting the news that his soul-mate has been killed. Definitely the reasoning for all of those depressing dreams where he's basically drowning in his sorrows. I've never fully seen the man's face and no one has said his name, they just call him 'my lord.' And the man never says anyone elses name either. It's all just some great big mystery. But, there is no way I'm going to tell anyone about this. Especially not my mum, dad, or the old goat.

I shook my head at my thoughts and opened a 3rd year defense book and started reading through it. It was only 1 in the afternoon and I was already becoming somewhat bored and really tired, like normal. But, I willed myself not to fall asleep. Alas, that will failed my as I slipped into the world of dreams.

In Harry's dream~

I could see the man sitting at his desk, just going through papers and writing down things on each. Just doing normal paper work, when a man with messy, greasy black hair walked into the room. Although, I could only see that back of him.

"M'lord." The man with black hair said to get his lord's full attention. There was distress evident in his voice.

"Yes?" The lord asked, looking up from his paper. His concentrated expression turned to one of pure concern and worry.

"They took them. They took my son and my lover." The man with black hair paused for a moment before continuing. Taking in a deep breath, he said, "They killed my son, your soul-mate, and through my lover in Askaban without a trial. I can't believe his locked up in a place so horrible." The distress in the man's voice rose. The lord, after sinking all of this in, got up from his chair. With tears falling from his eyes, he went over to his friend and hugged him. "I couldn't stop them. I had gotten there too late. If only I had been quicker getting home..." The man said ad then continuing to mumble to himself about it being his fault and so on.

Once the black haired man had gotten out what he wanted to say, the lord spoke with cracked voice, "Don't blame yourself. You didn't know that they would do something so evil and torturing. We'll make them pay together, for the death of your son, my soul-mate, and the imprisonment of your husband." He took a deep breath before daring to ask the next thing on his mind, "Was it quick? His death, I mean..."

"Presumably so considering there had been only one curse used and that was the killing curse..." The black haired man dragged on the words. He didn't want to have to say them, that much was true. "He was too young to... have his life taken away from us like this... I mean how could someone be so cruel as to kill a 3 month old baby?" He chose his words carefully, speaking the truth but in a way as to not upset the other too much. All the other could do was nod and cry some more on the other man's shoulder.

"What about his body?" The lord had asked after about 5 minutes of silence besides the sobs of the 2 men.

"They took it. They were cruel enough, but to take that away from us as well, is just pure emotional torture." The black haired man said after a moment of trying to form his words. After that, they drank and drank in utter silence. Just mourning the death of the infant and the man's now imprisoned love while probably planning revenge in their heads as well.

Everything started to go black, and suddenly the lord whispered something that seemed to be directed at me, "Ceberus... my love..."

I jolted awake and looked at the time, 4:30 in the afternoon. So, I slept for 3 and a half hours. A normal nap for me. I got up and stretched. I went to my door and put my ear to it, checking for any noises. There were none, which meant my so called family wasn't back from their shopping trip just yet. I yawned and put the book back that I had started to read before I fell asleep. My mind suddenly went back to that dream. I've had that dream many of times before, but it has never ended like that. 'Odd,' is all I thought on the matter before I heard the front door opening downstairs and footsteps coming inside the house.

Once my 'family' and I were done eating dinner (with me eating the least amount out of everyone as usual), I went upstairs and went straight to bed, anticipating a hectic sort of hell tomorrow when Jay and I were getting reading for our first day at Hogwarts. I sighed and drifted off into dream land again, but this time for the whole night.

The next day, still Harry's P.O.V.~

I was waiting on the couch in the sitting room near the door, waiting for Jay and our parents so we could go to King's Cross Station and catch the train to Hogwarts. 'We are going to miss the train if he doesn't hurry up soon.' Just as I thought that, Jay can running down the stairs with mum following behind and dad following behind her. All 4 of us got into the car and started the 15 minute drive to the station. We don't use the floo network because Jay always complains about his clothes afterwards and his landings are utterly horrible and we don't use side-apparation because Jay always feels sick after, plus mum and dad would be fighting over who has to take me and who gets to take their precious Jay.

Once we were at the station and had gotten through to the platform, I got away from them as fast as I could and headed towards the train. Once on the train, I headed straight to the back of the train and found an empty compartment at the very back. I walked into the compartment, put my trunk with all my things on the top and grabbed out my wand. I put a notice-me-not spell on myself and the door of the compartment that'll hide me from my 'brother' and his so called great friends. I sighed as I remembered the day I had gotten my wand...


Jay, mum, dad, and I entered Mr. Ollivander's shop. We looked around, but didn't see anyone at first until Mr. Ollivander came into the front of the shop. "Why, it's James Potter Jr, I've been wondering when I'd be seeing you." Mr. Ollivander exclaimed, happy to see my brother like everyone else in the world. I discretely rolled my eyes and sighed internally. Of course, Jay got to figure out his wand first. It was a very basic wand to be honest. Just your normal, standard, everyday wand. Nothing really special about it. Once Jay had his wand, mum and dad left me with Mr. Ollivander to find my wand while they did some 'extra special' shopping for Jay. Jay was supposed to stay with me, but left to go find some of his friends. It took us nearly 30 minutes to find me a wand and then it turned out that I needed to get the wood changed because the wood doesn't match with my magically core. Once we found the right wood for me, sparks shot out of my wand like it had with Jay. Mr. Ollivander said my wand was most peculiar because my wand was exactly like another powerful wizard's. He said that only soul-mates normally have the same wands but said that it was probably in no way possible of that being the reason. I asked who that wizard was, but before he could tell me, my parents came back and he held his tongue to stop himself from saying anything else.

I let the memory fade as I heard my compartment door open and 3 other first years stepped into it.

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