Everyday Life in Ireland

Let's go to town!

"I know it's in here somewhere." Darren mumbled to himself as he rummaged about in a random closet. What he was looking for was unknown to Clodagh. They had just been talking and she had mentioned something about it being difficult to walk and Darren just said "I'll be right back."

"What is it you're looking for?" Clodagh asked, currently faced with Darren's back as he searched through the random items left behind by his grandparents. Her answer was a loud crash, which she winced at, imagining Darren under a lot of strange and possibly pointy items.

"Ugh, got it." Darren's voice sounded strained, probably because he was being pinned by a grandfather clock. With a heave he managed to get the clock off him and escape from the closet of despair. He came out of the closet with something tucked under his arms. He set it down, and opened it.

"It's a chair, with wheels? A wheelchair?" Clodagh thought aloud. Darren nodded, signifying she was right. "But why do I need it, this is a wheelchair too isn't it?" Clodagh asked, looking down at the chair she was currently on. Darren, confused, got down on his knees to look at the bottom of the chair. Clodagh was half right, there were 'wheels' on the chair, but they were round, they were for making the arranging of it easier, not for going around in.

"Well, sort of, but it's easier to move around in this one." Darren said, shaking the wheelchair. "Here, let's get you into it." Darren put his hands around Clodagh so he could lift her up. Clodagh let out a squeak of surprise. "S-sorry do you want to do it yourself?" Clodagh shook her head, red in the face.

"N-no it's not that it's just, could let go of my…" She trailed off. Darren was confused until he squeezed his hand and realised it was grabbing onto something squishy. Darren's face went bright red and he quickly placed Clodagh in her wheelchair and apologised. "It's ok. It was an accident" Clodagh said as she bit her lip. "I-it's not like I didn't like it or anything." Darren was incredibly close to losing a large amount of blood through his nose.

"So hey what would you like to do today?" Darren asked, attempting to change the subject. Clodagh tilted her head a little, almost confused by the statement. "Uhm, well what did you usually do when you had spare time." Clodagh simply shrugged.

"I'd probably sun myself or something, which is something I don't get to do usually seeing as its Ireland." This caused Darren to chuckle. "Um, I can't really do much though anyway." Clodagh said looking down at her tail.

"Hmm, how about we do some shopping?" Clodagh looked up from her tail to meet Darren's eye. "As much as you like that hoody of yours I feel like we should get you some clothes of your own." Darren smiled as Clodagh covered her face with the hoody to hide her blushing.

"I wouldn't mind that. It would be nice to see what a human town looks like." Clodagh said pressing her hands together. Darren smiled and began to wheel her towards the door, much to her surprise, as she didn't realise how easy it was for her to be moved.

After pushing her out the door, and very carefully down the steps, Darren decided he should implement a ramp. "Do you mind being in a car?" Darren asked, wheeling Clodagh towards a red car that looked as though it was better suited for a family than a single person. She shook her head, curious as to what being in a car was like. "Alright, let's get you in." For the second time that day, Darren wrapped his arms around Clodagh, being extremely careful not to grab anything he shouldn't be, to the slight disappointment of Clodagh.

After putting Clodagh in the front passenger seat and clipping her seatbelt, he folded her wheelchair and put it in the back. He then got behind the wheel and started the car. The vibrations sent shivers through Clodagh's spine, as she looked around worriedly for the source of the vibrations. She almost gasped when she felt a hand on her tail. Following the hand she found Darren looking at her calmly. "Don't worry ok, everything will be fine, I promise." He smiled widely and Clodagh found herself calming down instantly. Clodagh nodded and placed her hand on his own and smiled.

It stayed like this for a few seconds before Darren said "Uh Clodagh, I need both hands to drive." Clodagh's face went beet red as she took her hand off Darren's and clasped it with her other hand. Darren smiled and placed one hand on the clutch and put it into drive. He revved the engine slightly so that Clodagh would know the sound it made. She gulped slightly but put her fate in Darren. Darren smiled and began driving slowly. Once he made it out of his drive, he checked to make sure no cars were coming, and drove out.

Clodagh was fascinated by the flurry of scenery going past. She had her face up against the window trying to look at all of it. Unfortunately however her hand hit the button that opens the windows. The sudden noise made her jump back in surprise, almost causing Darren to lose control of the car. "I-I'm sorry. The noise scared me." Clodagh pointed to the small button on the car door. Darren sighed upon realising what happened, and that it was nothing serious.

"It's the button for rolling down the windows." Clodagh tilted her head and looked at the button again. She placed a finger on it gently. The noise came again, and the window on her side came down a bit more. Clodagh was apparently fascinated by this and held down the button until the window had completely gone down. Clodagh could feel the air rushing in her hair, and so, with her infinite wisdom, she decided to stick her head out the window. The sudden burst of wind was a surprise to her. She opened her mouth in shock only to have a gust of air enter her mouth.

She brought her head back in the car and coughed. "I think I ate a fly." This caused Darren to laugh. Clodagh punched him lightly on the shoulder. "That's not funny." She then pouted her arms and turned away from him. Darren sighed and rolled up the passenger's window with the button on his side. This of course made Clodagh confused as she hadn't pressed the button. "That wasn't me." She said almost defensively, pointing to the window.

Darren chuckled. "I know, it was me, I've got a button on my side too." Darren showed Clodagh where his hand was and Clodagh made a small 'o' shape with her mouth. "I put it back up cause we're getting close to the town." This made Clodagh look out the window again. She could see the rooves of buildings getting closer and closer.

"What is the town like?" Clodagh asked, staring at the large spire of a church passing them by. Darren thought for a moment.

"Well, in a town like this, everyone knows everyone. They were all very kind to me when I first moved here, so I see no reason why it wouldn't be the same for you." Darren glanced over at Clodagh and saw her expression. "Are you nervous?" Clodagh simply nodded. Darren pulled over onto the pavement. "Hey don't worry about it ok, I'll be with you." Darren smiled widely at her. This made her feel relaxed.

Darren turned off the car and looked at Clodagh. "So, what would you like to do first?"

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