Everyday Life in Ireland

A Taste of Culture!

Darren was pushing Clodagh down the street to the nearest clothing store he knew of. Meanwhile Clodagh was busy looking around the town with wide eyes. "Wow, it's so big." Darren chuckled, this town would probably be considered tiny by someone from the city. "Ooh what's that place?" Clodagh asked pointing at a bright yellow M. Darren laughed again.

"It's a restaurant." Darren answered. A part of his mind wondered if he should bring her there for food, seeing as neither of them have actually had any breakfast. There's probably a breakfast menu or something in it, but he decided that the first piece of food that she tries from here shouldn't be from a fast food restaurant. Clodagh's stomach grumbled in response to the statement.

"Can we eat there?" she asked, licking her lips. Darren felt bad for denying her.

"No sorry, it's not very healthy, and I don't know if you can actually eat the stuff from there." Darren saw Clodagh droop her head at the fact of not being able to eat anything. Darren placed his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry ok, I'll get you some fish to eat alright." This cheered her right up.

"What kind of fish?" Darren shrugged and asked what kind she liked. "Oh I don't mind, I don't really have any sort of favourite fish, but I like squid." She smiled as though remembering moments of her past when she had the said cephalopod. Darren saw that they were getting close to the docks of the town, and sniffed for the tell tale smell of raw fish.

Darren blew and waved his hand in front of his face to get away the smell. Yep, that was it alright. Turning a corner he found what he was looking for. A small kiosk that had several different types of aquatic food lying in ice. Darren called out to the girl working behind it. "Hey Molly, got anything good." The call got the attention of the brunette girl who turned to Darren with a large smile.

"It's all good ya eejit." She said with a laugh, then noticed what, or rather who Darren was pushing. "Jesus Darren, ya didn't bring a mermaid to a fishmonger's did ya?" She said awkwardly

Before Darren could speak Clodagh cut in. "Actually I'm a Selkie." She said smiling, looking at all of the, to her eyes, delicious food. "And I think mermaids eat fish too anyway." Molly smiled.

"I like this one." She said, waggling a finger at Clodagh. "So, what can I help ya with?" She asked, with wide arms, offering all of her wares. Darren and Clodagh looked at the different fish. Unfortunately she didn't have any squids. Darren chuckled as he thought of something.

"Got any cockles or mussels?" Darren said smugly. Molly made a forced smile. She reached down to grab the tail of a fish. In a second the fish was smacked against Darren's cheek. Darren fell to the ground. "Suppose I deserved that." He said, laying on the ground.

Clodagh gasped in shock and looked angrily at Molly. "You can have this for free." She said holding the fish in front of Clodagh. "It sort of loses its worth after you hit someone with it." Clodagh's demeanour changed instantly as she squeaked and took the fish off her. She looked at it greedily and bit into it taking a large chunk off it.

Molly and Darren looked on in horror as the fish was devoured. Clodagh however, looked completely satisfied. "I'm so glad that I had something to eat." She said, rubbing her belly slightly. "I haven't had anything since Darren brought me home last night." It was at this, that Molly realised that Clodagh was wearing Darren's hoody.

Molly smirked and looked over Clodagh's shoulder at Darren. "I thought that was illegal." Darren blushed red and stood up.

"I-It sounds bad but it's not like that." Darren stammered. "I brought her in because she was hurt, and I gave her my hoody because she was cold." Molly just smirked more as Darren shrunk under her gaze. Darren continued mumbling things about how he didn't do anything until he basically turned into a blushing puddle, much to the confusion of Clodagh.

"I'm just messing with ya." Molly said with a laughing smile. Darren frowned. "Oi, it's what ya get for asking that stupid question." Molly was the one frowning now. Clodagh looked between the two curiously.

"I don't get it, do you not have cockles and muscles?" Clodagh asked, innocence clear behind her words, which is probably why Molly didn't smack her with a fish. Molly sighed and realised she'd have to explain this to a Selkie.

"'Cockles and muscles' is a lyric in a song I'm not terribly fond of." Darren began humming the tune of the song behind Clodagh, and Molly grabbed another fish's tail. Darren backed up until he was away from fish slapping distance. "Anyway," Molly grumbled. "That song has not been treatin' me well over the years." Clodagh made a small 'o' with her mouth.

Clodagh turned to face Darren. "That's not very nice." Darren was speechless and made several odd gestures, whereas Molly just laughed. "If you know she doesn't like it why did you do it?" Darren sighed.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you." Molly laughed looking at Clodagh. "Ya know what, here." Molly tossed a small fish to Clodagh, who caught it in her mouth. "You're gonna need some good grub if you're living with him." Clodagh giggled and waved goodbye to Molly as Darren pushed her away from Molly and towards a clothing shop.

"What did she mean by that?" Clodagh asked, nibbling on her fish. Darren sighed as he recalled her meaning.

"Molly thinks I can't cook." He stated bluntly. Clodagh didn't quite understand. "Why?" She asked. Darren sighed again. "She think's I can't cook because, the few times she's been at my house, I ordered take out or something."

"What's takeout?" Clodagh asked, which brought a small smile to Darren's face.

"Takeout, is food that is delivered to you, that is already cooked and tastes delicious." Darren licked his lips slightly and realised that he still hadn't had anything to eat. "Anyway, we should get you some clothes." Darren stopped pushing her and looked around. "Ah there it is."

He pushed her a bit more and stopped outside a small shop with a sign above it reading 'Galway Gala'. Luckily the door was level with the path outside so Darren didn't need to lift up the wheelchair. As they opened the door there was a small tinkling sound. A voice came from the back of the shop. "I'll be right with you."

They both looked around the shop. Darren had never actually been in here, he's only ever seen the clothes from the outside, and they looked like they'd be fine on Clodagh. Speaking of, the Selkie was currently looking around the shop in awe, she had never seen so many different colours before. And all of the different clothes definitely made her curious too.

Selkies usually never wore anything aside from their fur, which is why it's so important to them. "So, how may I help you?" A voice came from right beside them. They both jumped and turned to their side. They found an old, withered looking woman with white hair and glasses gazing at them both.

"Um, yes I'm looking for some clothes for my friend here." Darren introduced themselves. The old lady smiled and nodded her head understandingly.

"Well little miss, what kind of clothes do you like?" The woman asked Clodagh, bending down slightly to be at eye level. Clodagh put her hands together and mumbled a reply.

"Um, I'm not sure really, I don't really wear clothes that often." Darren blushed at how the sentence sounded. The old lady however, just nodded again.

"I understand my dear." She smiled gently. "You!" She snapped a finger at Darren, who shook at the sudden change in tone. "Wait outside while I help this young lady get dressed." Darren blinked and was about to retort when Clodagh cut in.

"It's ok, you'll just be right outside, right." Darren nodded. "So, I won't take that long ok?" Darren sighed and smiled.

"Alright, but if anything comes up just let me know." Clodagh giggled and nodded. The elderly woman began to wheel her away but Darren called out to her. He bent down so he could whisper into her ear. "Take care of her, ok?" Darren had a slight blush saying this. The shop owner simply smiled and nodded.

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