Everyday Life in Ireland

Just Keep Swimming

"Come on, it's not my fault it's hard." "No but it's your fault for talking me into this." "I know it hurts but you'll get used to it." "I'd like to see you try and do this." "Well I can do it myself, but it's nice to do it with someone."

I'm sure many of you were thinking something not suitable for younger audiences, when in reality...

"I can't swim properly as long as I've got this stupid cut." Clodagh complained. The saltwater had soaked the bandages and was stinging Clodagh's cut. "Why do we have to do this now?" Clodagh asked Darren, who was in the water with her.

"Because it's been almost two weeks since I fixed it up, and we need to check if you're able to swim." Darren replied, treading water. "I'm just glad I got you something to wear in the water." He said to himself. It had been a rather shocking experience when Darren said that they were going to be swimming, only to have it been put off for an hour because Clodagh didn't have any swimwear. Of course, Darren didn't know this. Clodagh simply threw off her dress when they were near the ocean, giving Darren severe blood loss.

"But why now, it's so cold." Clodagh rubbed her arms with her hands. She was right, it was becoming December rapidly, and the water was close to freezing, but Darren had powered through, all to try and help Clodagh.

"I thought seals were resistant to cold, don't they have blubber or something." Darren thought aloud, causing Clodagh to glare at him.

"I'm not 100% seal, and besides, my flukes and flippers don't have any." Clodagh said, looking down through the water to her tail. Of course Darren had no idea what a fluke was, to him it was when you messed something up.

"Uh yeah sure." Darren said trailing off. His mind went back to the challenge at hand. "Alright, now just, swim to me." Darren was holding his arms towards Clodagh, gesturing to himself with his hands. Clodagh frowned but moved her tail so she could go forward. She winced, but continued on.

It hurt a lot, but Clodagh kept trying. There were small tears forming in her eyes, but they couldn't be seen thanks to the seawater. Clodagh managed to reach Darren's outstretched arms, and grabbed onto them with her hands. Darren pulled her in close so she didn't have to swim on her own anymore. "T-Thank you." Clodagh said with broken breath.

Darren smiled. "Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you ok?" Clodagh looked up and saw him smiling. A vision ran through her head of her reaching up and kissing him. This caused her to blush fiercely. "Are you alright?" Darren asked, concerned at the redness of her face. Clodagh's reply was to dive straight down.

Darren was confused, and decided to go after her. Once he got his head under the water he opened his eyes. He couldn't see perfectly, but it was easy to see where Clodagh was. The Selkie was sitting on a bed of sand. It wasn't that deep down, as Darren had only gone far enough to where he himself could barely touch the ground. He swam down to try and sit down next to her, which was difficult underwater.

Darren tapped her on the shoulder, causing Clodagh to look up unexpectedly. She gasped, which Darren found strange seeing as he actually heard her. "What are you doing?" She asked. Darren tried to respond, but only bubbles came out. "What?" Clodagh asked. Darren sighed and tried to sign what he meant.

Eventually, he got the point across that he was worried that she just dived down. "Why were you worried?" Clodagh asked, a faint blush on her face, hardly noticeable in the water. Darren simply pointed to her tail. "You really care that much about me?" Clodagh asked, looking shy. Darren nodded. Clodagh didn't know how to feel. She had never really had time for boys, mostly because Selkie's were an all-female race.

She felt and arm around her, and turned to see Darren smiling at her under the water. Clodagh smiled back and hugged him. They stayed like that for a while, before Clodagh felt a rapid patting on her back. She looked up to see Darren with his cheeks puffed up and a finger jabbing skyward. Clodagh realised he needed air.

Clodagh swam upwards extremely quickly because she was worried for Darren. When they broke through the surface Darren gasped loudly. He sucked in air and coughed. "Thanks Clodagh." He said through broken gasps. "Thought I was a goner for a minute." He chuckled. Clodagh simply hugged him again.

"I'm glad you weren't, I would've felt terrible for drowning you, and all because of a hug." Clodagh rested her head on Darren's chest. Darren shook his head and returned the hug.

"You'd be surprised how many times I've almost died because of a hug." Darren said in a laughing tone. Rather than continue on with the story, Darren figured it was time to get out of the water. "Come on, let's get back inside and have some tea." Clodagh smiled and swam back to shore.

Darren stood up to go get Clodagh's wheel chair, but she stopped him. "No, I need to try walking on land now." Clodagh stood on her tail, and hopped forward. Surprised, Clodagh hopped again, and again, before smiling and saying "It doesn't hurt anymore!" She hopped all around the beach and Darren could only compare it to a child jumping around in puddles.

"Thank you Darren!" Clodagh exclaimed, jumping towards said human. Darren somehow managed to catch her, ending up holding her bridal style. Clodagh wrapped her hands around his neck and hugged him once more. "I don't think I'd have been able to heal properly without your help." Much to Darren's surprise, Clodagh kissed his cheek.

Darren's face went as red as Clodagh's hair, much to her amusement. Clodagh laughed at his embarrassment, causing him to go redder. "Um," Clodagh began, causing Darren to look at her "I know I can walk and everything now, but, can you carry me back to the house?" Clodagh had her hands together, knowing the awkwardness of the question. Darren simply sighed.

"Of course, I'm your host, I have to help you in whatever way I can." Darren smiled widely and began carrying her back up to their home. Clodagh smiled and hugged him again. Darren had a flash back to the night where he had first discovered and brought Clodagh into his house. The most memorable thing in his mind was her lack of attire, which gave Darren a chuckle now thinking about it.

Out of curiosity and nostalgia Darren believed, he looked down. Blood shot from his nose unexpectedly. This got Clodagh's attention. "Darren what's wrong?" She asked looking up at him.

"I think your swimsuit fell off when you were jumping around." Darren was staring at a fixed point in the sky. Clodagh looked down and found what he was saying to be true. She instantly brought her hands there to cover her breasts. Then and idea popped into her head.

"I don't care right now." Clodagh said, returning to hugging Darren, who was in shock at what she said. "They weren't really doing anything to keep me warm, but hugging you is." Darren cursed his warm hugs. "So, just don't look down." Inside Clodagh's head, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to get Darren to stare down. However, much to her surprise, he kept his head held high.

When they got into the house, Darren sat Clodagh down on her favourite armchair, and gave her a towel. Darren got to work on the fire, keeping his back to Clodagh. "Why didn't you look?" Clodagh asked, after thinking the question to herself for quite a while.

"Because you asked me not to." Darren replied. Clodagh was annoyed at herself, it was because she asked. "Well I wouldn't have looked anyway." Darren said, flicking matches, in hopes of getting one to work. "It's not polite to look at a lady if she's not wearing anything, and didn't intend for it to be that way." Darren finally got a match lit, and was about to light the fire, when he felt arms around his waist, and two soft things pressed up against his back.

"Thank you for being a gentleman." Clodagh said light-heartedly. Darren smiled, and tossed the match into the fireplace. The fire took a while, but eventually it was roaring. Clodagh had a cup of tea in hand, and Darren did too. For a moment, Clodagh was just content to sit there in close proximity to Darren, but after realising that there was more room beside Darren she decided to get closer.

Clodagh finished her tea and hopped up, much to the interest of Darren. She came over to him and said "Is it, alright if I sit next to you?" She said, her hands together. Darren smiled and nodded.

"Of course it is." Clodagh smiled and plopped down onto the sofa next to him. Clodagh moved so that her shoulder was against Darren's. She could feel the heat emendating off him, causing her to yawn.

"Um, can you…" Clodagh trailed off, causing Darren to raise an eyebrow. "Put, your arm around me?" Darren considered this. Of course, to him it wouldn't be sexual in anyway, but, if Clodagh were to tell anyone about this moment without context, it would certainly seem so. Darren simply nodded and lifted up his arm. In a flash, Clodagh was under it and hugging him tightly. Darren chuckled and let his arm fall.

In moments, Clodagh was asleep, but Darren was still barely conscious. He had decided to tell Joseph that Clodagh's leg was healed, but he didn't respond. He could see the fire starting to dwindle, and figured it would die by the time they wake up. Darren tried to get up, but Clodagh had a firm grip on him, and he didn't want to wake her, so he decided that he would be sleeping there for the night.

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