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I wish Jimin and I were that simple, in fact we’re not. I used to think that it will be just the both of us, like you know, childhood friendship turning into couple in the end. Silly me, of course it wouldn’t be just like that. **** “It’s that bitch isn’t it? Gye Bora?” Soojin said while looking at me intently. I just sighed and shrugged my shoulders as a respond, I just simply don’t want to think or talk about her. “She’s not a bitch you know, just like me, she supported Jimin too, she always has” I said while picking up the glass of milk that doesn’t look that pleasant anymore, I love milk, then and now, Jimin knows that, he knows me the best, “You’re blind Haeun, you supported him first, she just came to the picture a little while later, you deserve him, not her” Soojin said with an apparent scowl on her face.

Drama / Romance
Yong Lin
Age Rating:

Debuting? This must be a joke


I was still in my workout clothes which consist of an old worn out t-shirt and a black pair of leggings, by the looks of it, these clothes won’t last longer than a month—that is if I still haven’t debuted. Being a trainee in one of the big three Korean entertainment agencies is not an easy task, every week there will be tons and tons of practice, classes, workouts and it was followed by elimination, after all of that hard work of course it will just be another elimination—another week of another somebody leaving the company for good. Money is not an easy task either when you’re a trainee and when your mom doesn’t really support you going to Seoul to become—my mom said and I quote ‘a singing and dancing machine’, money definitely won’t come to me like rain. I mostly live by the company’s kindness, by them giving some food at the cafeteria or dorms for us trainee to sleep in, but yeah, that’s it.

I patted my stomach a few times over the last hour, I skipped my dinner at the cafeteria and instead just practice my dancing here in the studio. I sighed and moved my butt to sit at the corner of the room, I grab the water bottle which rested near my bag and drank the rest of what’s left.

“Haeun! you are debuting!” Soojin came striding towards me with a cheerful smile, I almost choked on my water just by hearing what I think she said.

Debuting? This must be a joke, some kind of prank for the fun of medias maybe?

I coughed and patted my chest a few times to prevent a choking scene and looked up to her from where I was sitting, “Where the hell that word come from? I thought me and debut didn’t go well together, don’t get my hopes up for nothing Soojin-ah”.

“You know that I am from the PR right? I know when someone is debuting and when someone is resigning, besides, I’m your best friend, why would I lie to you?” Soojin said while doing a fake hurt look by placing her hands over her chest.

“Where did you heard the news from?” I said while taking another sip of my water, I’m really not in the mood for some pranks right now, so if this is one, it better stop. The company did this to me once, they involved my dense acting when trying to prank BigBang for some reality show, how should I describe it, definitely not my best moments.

“Of course our CEO, Yang Hyun-suk sajangnim” Soojin said with a frown and at times ladies and gentleman, I almost choke on my water for the second time. I patted my chest again for a few times while coughing and looked at her seriously, like as serious as I can get.

“Really? Like really, really?” I asked her which resulted in her nodding her head vigorously.

“Yeah, like really, really, really” Soojin told me and I immediately went out of the studio, “Haeun! Don’t you think it’s too early to go to his office right now? I bet he’s went home already” Soojin yelled while trying to catch up with me, I stopped on my tracks, well she’s right, the CEO wouldn’t even be there if I asked him about it and what am I thinking? Just barging into that holy office like I’m somebody important, yeah dream on Haeun.

I must be losing my mind.

“I know you want to know the answers to your questions so badly, but I think by going and barging to the office at 1 AM is not really a good option, it won’t make you look good either” Soojin said while patting my back soothingly, she knows how badly I wanted to debut and how hard it has been these few years, I’ve done my fair share of starving and I don’t even remember the last time that I went shopping for clothes like normal girls do, it’s been too long.

“Just wait for the news tomorrow, okay? I’m only telling it sooner to you because I know how much you want this to happen and it will, don’t worry” Soojin said to me and the phone that’s on my hand pinged, signaling something is up. I raised my phone in front of my face and I saw another V-live notification, it’s him, Jimin, from BTS.

I slide the notification to the right and Jimin’s face pop up in front of me through the screen.

“How are you guys doing?” He smiled and greet his fans through the screen in fluent Korean, without me realizing what I am doing I started to smile while looking at him through the screen. Without me knowing, Soojin looked at me with some glint of cheekiness in her eyes “Still the lover boy, I see”.

I snapped my head up to her and my smile turns into scowl with red tints tainting my cheeks, “It’s not that”, “Then what is it?” Soojin asked me with a hint of amusement in her voice.

I shrugged my shoulders and adverting my eyes back to the screen of my phone, “You miss him, just admit it” Soojin looked at me with a smile, well what can I say, she knows me too well.

“I guess” I said while keeping my eyes glued to Jimin, I tapped the heart sign on the right bottom of the screen a few times, signaling that I like the video so much, but who am I kidding, of course I do, heck I miss him, how can I not?


*teaser: what’s the deal between Haeun and Jimin? well gotta read to find out ;)

Thank you for giving this book a shot, I promise you it will be fun and full of BTS stuffy hehe :)

I appreciate you clicking the read button and I will of course, update as frequent as possible (I’ll try :b)

Until then, see ya! xx, much love <3

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