Double Dare

Give Me A Long Kiss Goodnight

"Tiger?" Draco asked.

Hermione giggled. "Every believable girlfriend has got to give her boyfriend a pet name. Tiger is as good as any. Now, what's mine?"

"Alright, if I'm Tiger then you are Babe." Draco replied. He knew a chauvinistic name like Babe would really push her buttons. She had always be something of a feminist; not in the "burns her bra" sense of the word, she just made it clear to every male that came within a ten foot radius of her that she was his equal. That's what drew Draco to her in the first place. He could get along with a chick that had enough mentality to know that she wasn't some prized heifer for guys to schlup along as they pleased, not that twelve year olds think like that.

"Babe?" Hermione asked, thinking about how it sounded coming out of his mouth. "I like it. Tiger and Babe, we'll be the greatest thing since John and Yoko!" She squealed in excitement. Draco looked at her with a puzzled frown. "Never mind," she replied; it would be too long of a story. "So, where to? Are we off to Hogsmead?" Hermione asked, brushing her now purple tresses out of her face.

"Yeah." Draco sputtered. "Mione, you look wicked with purple hair," he ended awkwardly.

"Thanks Draco, now come on. We have to go have a good time so that I can tell the girls that I had a good time with my sweet little Tiger. Puuurrrrr." Hermione laughed as she did a goofy clawing gesture. Draco clearly didn't get the joke, but laughed uncomfortably anyways. "Don't look so serious, man; I was just kidding with you. I always have a good time with you; you're my best friend."

"Yeah….best friend. Um, let's go. We're going to the free concert at the Hogshead. If we don't get there by seven we'll never get good seats." Draco commented lamely.

"Wow Draco, a free concert, good to know that you care." Hermione bantered sarcastically. Draco's face fell. "Gods, I'm joking. Lighten up. What's wrong with you tonight? You've had a stick up your ass since I got here."

Draco was shocked. For the first time in his life (since second year) he saw Hermione, his best friend in the whole world, for what she really was: a girl. Not just any girl though, not some chick that would settle for any bloke, no, she was the girl. His eyes were opened for the first time. Hermione Granger was gorgeous. 'Am I blind?' Draco thought, still staring as the two of them began the trek towards Hogsmead. 'Was she always this stunning, or has she been covered by the friend shield for six years?'

"Draco, where are you going? We're here." Hermione said, derailing his train of thought. Draco snapped back into reality. Hermione was about thirty feet away. She was standing at the door staring at him. He had passed the door and was now standing outside Dorian's Knickknacks. 'Slick' he thought, jogging over to where she was waiting for him. All he could do was stare. The moon reflected in her eyes, making them glow in the dark. The line outside of Hogshead began to move and Draco sauntered coolly forward; Hermione was not so skilled. She tripped on what appeared to be nothing and fell to the ground most dramatically.

"Well if I'm not the most graceful woman here I will be shocked," Hermione laughed at herself. "I'd better steer clear of the mosh pit, huh?"

Draco was on the floor laughing, not only at her comment, but also at her lack of poise. 'What am I thinking? This is Hermione I'm thinking about. What the hell is wrong with me?' Draco asked himself, snapping out of his reverie.

"We need to go to concerts more often, Draco. That was so much fun!" Hermione said, seemingly drunk, but really just tired. They stumbled up the stairs to the Grand Entrance at three o'clock in the morning. It had gotten rather cold and Hermione was now wearing Draco's warm leather jacket. "Keep it for the night," Draco had said a few hours earlier. "Give you something to swoon about to the girls later."

"You're the boss, applesauce." Draco replied. "Shall I walk you to your dorm, or are you alright by yourself?" he asked courteously. Hermione liked that he was always courteous.

"Walk me up. It'll seem like a real date that way." Hermione said sweetly. "And kiss me on the cheek. That's how first dates are supposed to end."

Draco was shocked by her request. "Anything you want, Babe." He said, stressing the nickname a little too much.

They clambered up the stairs and she led him to the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common room with ease. "This is the nicest date I've been on in a long time." Hermione whispered. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Draco returned. Then he leaned in slowly and placed a gentle kiss on her left cheek. He felt a jolt of lightning buzz through his lips. He never wanted to remove his lips.

"See you tomorrow." She said as she gave him a quick hug and slipped through the portrait hole.

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