Double Dare

She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

From across the room Ronald Weasly glared in fury. Hadn't Hermione known that he had loved her since fourth year? Had she started dating that Ferret just to make him jealous? If she had, it was working. Ron's anger was evident to his best friend, Harry, who was looking nervously at Ron as though he was going to explode any minute. Ron was shaking and his ears were a bloody shade of red; he was in the mood. It was the mood that had caused him to attempt to curse Malfoy to make him puke slugs in second year, and it was the mood that would most likely get them both expelled if Harry wasn't carefully watching him at all times. Ron stood up, and then thought better of it. He got a mischievous glint in his eyes. Something was up.

A few hours later Ron found Hermione in the library writing an essay for Ancient Runes. "Hey, Mione!" he greeted her enthusiastically. He was about to put his plan into action. "Where's Malfoy?" he spat, trying to look cheerful.

"Uh, hi Ron. He's going to meet me here in about an hour. Why?" she responded, finding it strange that Ron was all of a sudden so interested in Draco and her.

"No reason, can't I ask my friend a question without there being an agenda?"

"Of course you can, Ron, it's just that….."

Ron then promptly cut her off with his lips crushing down on hers. Hermione struggled to push him off, but he was much too strong.

"So that's how it is, Hermione?" a voice said from the door of the library. Ron was startled by the sudden interruption; Hermione took her chance and jabbed him in the gut with her elbow. The sharp blow took Ron by surprise, giving her an opportunity to escape. She grabbed all of her things and quickly bolted from the room to look for Draco.

She found him about an hour later. He was drifting around the Quidditch pitch in the freezing rain. "What the hell are you doing?" Hermione shouted from the ground below. It was about thirty-eight degrees and he was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

"I'm slowly freezing to death, not that you care!" he quipped back as he flew a bit higher.

"Why are you freezing yourself and why wouldn't I care?" she asked, perplexed by his response.

Draco did a nosedive and touched down to the ground. He sauntered over to her and said coolly, "Two questions, one answer, you kissed that rodent Weasly."

Hermione was now crying. "He kissed me, Draco. I didn't mean for any of it to happen anyways. Besides, why is it your business who I kiss? Why should you care, we're not really dating, right?" She regretted it the minute the words came out.

That stung Draco like a thousand knives stabbing into his heart simultaneously. "I care because I love you," he said simply and began to walk up towards the castle.

Hermione was stunned. Draco loved her? How could it be that he returned her feelings? She came back into awareness when an abnormally large raindrop landed on her head. Draco was almost at the Grand Entrance. "I love you, too," she shouted to him, running to catch up with him.

Draco froze. Had he heard incorrectly, or did Hermione Grange, the woman he loved, just told him that she felt the same way? Draco turned towards her to see that she was out of breath at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the doors. "What did you say?" He asked her in disbelief.

"I said I love you, you idiot."

Draco let out a whoop of joy as he charged down the steps and lifted her in the air. He spun in a circle dramatically, like in movies, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Hermione threw her arms around his neck and clung to him for dear life as she was tossed through the air like a sack of potatoes.

"So what now?" she asked curiously once reacquainted with solid ground.

"I guess we're going out for real now," Draco said, not really believing that he was awake and not just dreaming this.

Hermione squealed at the thought of dating Draco, the man she loved. She flung herself at him and kissed him as feverishly as a lion attacking its prey.

"I love you." They both said at the same time, enjoying the taste of the phrase that they had both been locking away since they were twelve.

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