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The First Super Saiyan God


If you are a dragonball fan like me you should know that there was a super saiyan god.before Goku. So in this fan fiction, it tells you the tale of the first super saiyan god.

Action / Adventure
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The Saiyan That Would Change The Multiverse

One normal day for the saiyans had arrived again, Pototo, the only pure hearted saiyan in his race, headed to his kitchen to make breakfast. He hadn't seen his wife and child in so long that he had driven himself crazy. "All warrior saiyans train." He thought, feeling better. He dropped a 2 ton, uncutt slab of meat on the counter top. Pototo reached for a knife but he heard someone coming up behind him. "Pototo, King Vegeta would like to see you." The saiyan said boldly. "As in King Vegeta the first?" Pototo asked. "Yes," The other saiyan replied. Pototo thought he could scream out in happiness.

As they were walking through the streets of the newly claimed planet plant. Loud constructions were in place. King Vegeta had insisted on making warrior's houses first medical rooms second then the rest.

Once they had gotten to the doors of the throne room, Pototo opened them up and walked halfway across it. He was looking around, he couldn't see much as it was quite dark. Then he looked at King Vegeta and kneeled. "It is great to finally meet the saiyan to change all saiyans." He said sternly. "As you are aware, you are the only pure hearted sayan out of 3,000 other saiyans,therefore I have selected you for the super saiyan god trials." Pototo looked at King Vegeta with a confused look on his face. "What is a super saiyan god?" He asked. "King Vegeta said," As you should know, you are the first saiyan to turn super saiyan in 100 years, so then I heard about the super saiyan god and how to transform into it," King Vegeta smiled. "You need 5 other saiyans that are intent on keeping there home safe and they need to focus their energy into one saiyan that is either pure hearted or can turn into a super saiyan." He said," And you can do both," Pototo stared at King Vegeta and nodded his head, "I'll do it."
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