Double Trouble

Chapter 3

No matter how fast they ran along the boardwalk, Evelyn and Ethan couldn't seem to shake the two scary looking men that followed. "What's it going to take to shake these creeps?" Ethan panted, glancing once over his shoulder. "Evie, we got to make it harder for them to see us!

Nodding once, Evelyn split away from her brother. The twelve year old girl dodged around people and through groups. Her footsteps pounded on the boardwalk as annoyed shouts filled the air. Cautiously, the girl glanced around and then, not seeing the two men, slowed to a stop.

Her eyes narrowed. "Ethan?" she called out. All she saw was people walking and admiring the view. Panicking, the girl bolted to a nearby bench. Ignoring the couple sitting on it, she jumped up and scanned the crowd. There was no sign of her brother. "Ethan!"

A hand grasped her wrist. Gasping, Evelyn spun, trying to jerk free. "Hey, kid, what's wrong?" Henry Spencer asked. Evelyn stared at him, breathing heavily. Letting go of her wrist, Henry picked her up and set her on the ground. "Look, I'm not going to hurt you, OK? Just tell me what's wrong. I used to be a cop; I can help."

He looked very familiar for some reason, making Evelyn pause. "Can I use your phone?" she asked abruptly. "I have to call Shawn, and my brother has our phone. And someone just took him so I don't have it, but I need to call Shawn. He'll help. He's the only one who can."

"Just calm down," Henry advised. "Who took your brother? What does he look like?"

"The guys who were chasing us," Evelyn answered, quickly looking around. She reached into her pocket and unfolded her last sketch. "This is Ethan." She handed it over. "You're…you're Shawn's dad, aren't you?"

Staring at the two faces on the paper, Henry almost didn't acknowledge her. Then, he looked up. "Yeah, I'm Shawn Spencer's father, though I don't think he'd willingly admit that to anyone, let alone a kid like you," he answered. "My name's Henry. What's yours?"

"Evelyn Spencer," the girl answered distractedly. She looked around the crowd again. "They took my brother."

His eyes narrowed, Henry grabbed her shoulders. "Did you just say your last name is Spencer?" he asked. "How do you know Shawn?"

The girl focused on him. "Shawn is looking for someone for us," she answered. Her eyes welled up with tears. "He'll probably be looking for us now."

"All right," Henry said. He rubbed her shoulders. "Why don't you come with me now. If someone really is after you, they're probably still around. Once we're at my house, we'll call Shawn.

Henry's cell phone rang then. Letting go off the girl, Henry gave her a stern look to make sure she wasn't going anywhere. He flipped the phone open. "This is Henry," he said.

"Hey, Dad," Shawn responded, trying and failing to sound calm. "Listen. I've got a couple of hypothetical questions for you. Where would two twelve year olds go if they were in a city they've never been before? And at what point should I call in that two twelve year olds are missing?"

"You're the psychic, Shawn," Henry responded. Visibly, Evelyn brightened. "You can't even find a set of twins?"

"I've checked everywhere I can think of! The arcade, the park, the-," Shawn responded and then broke off. There was a pause. "Wait a minute. You just said 'twins' didn't you? You're standing right next to them, aren't you?" Shawn asked . "For a moment there, I was almost worried! Let me talk to them!"

Sighing, Henry put his phone on speaker. "Shawn!" Evelyn exclaimed, grabbing the phone. "There were three guys and they had guns! Ethan and I ran, and we split up so they couldn't follow us as easily. And now Ethan is gone! They're going to hurt him! I know it! You've got to find him!"

"Hey, it's going to be okay, Evie," Shawn assured her, his tone gentle. "I'm a psychic, remember? I knew you were in trouble by the…disturbances I felt. Don't worry. I'll find Ethan. Just stick with my dad and he'll take care of you. Hand the phone back to him, all right? I'll see you in a little bit."

Henry pulled the phone back, turning the speaker phone off. "Shawn, I'm going to expect a very good explanation for this," Henry said, cutting his son off. "I'm taking Evelyn back to my house. You better be there within the hour, got it?"

"Got it," Shawn answered and Henry snapped his phone shut.

Flinching at the sharp click, Shawn pocketed his own phone. "Dad's got Evelyn, and he's taking her home with him," he reported, looking over where his partner was searching through the chaos. "Evan's missing, though. Did you find anything useful?"

"I found a newspaper from last month," Gus answered, holding the neatly folded paper. "You don't read the newspaper, so why did we have this? And why do we still have it?"

"It was important at the time," Shawn answered, slapping it away. "There's got to be some explanation as to why a bunch of kidnappers, who murdered their last victim over a drug issue, would now kidnap a twelve year old boy. He has nothing to do with drugs. He's not even from around here."

Gus paused and looked up. "Drugs?" he repeated. "Who said Maria Jones was killed over a drug issue?"

"I knew that hours ago. I didn't mention it?" Shawn responded, something catching his eye. He knelt down and picked up a torn piece of paper. It was one of Evelyn's sketches, and showed two men standing over a third next to a car. "Or it has nothing to do with the drugs."

Getting to his feet, Gus tried to look over his shoulder. "What are you talking about?" he demanded.

"I've got to go talk to Evelyn," Shawn announced without answering his friend's question. He started for the door. "Are you coming? I think Dad's going to grill."

For a moment, Gus wavered. "No, Shawn," he said. "I've got to do some of my round before I get fired."

"Your loss," Shawn said. "Go sell your drugs legally. I'll let you know how this all turns out."

"So, my brother promised he would be my dance partner for the summer," Evelyn explained, her tone patient. She sat on the porch railing, swinging her legs. "But since our escort disappeared with our entry papers, we're not going to be able to compete."

"And Shawn is trying to find your escort?" Henry asked, testing a hamburger. The girl nodded. Carefully, Henry set the hamburger patty on a waiting bun. He handed the plate of Evelyn. "There you are," he said, crossing his arms. The girl smiled. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Evelyn shrugged, reaching for her burger. The front door slammed shut. Henry sighed and shook his head. "Dad," Shawn called out. A few moments later, he walked from the kitchen onto the porch. "There you are."

"Shawn!" Evelyn exclaimed, balancing her plate on the rail and jumping to her feet. The girl threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "You're here!"

Henry went past them into the kitchen with a steak. Glancing once in his father's direction, Shawn returned the hug. "Of course I'm here," he said. "Are you OK?"

"They got Ethan, Shawn," Evelyn said, her voice muffled. "We split up to be harder to see, but they got him anyway."

"Yeah, I know, but I'm going to find him," Shawn answered. Keeping one arm around her, he took one step forward and reached for her plate of food. "Did you really think I would stay away when I knew my dad was feeding you? What have you got anyway?"

Twisting her head, Evelyn spotted his hand. "Hey!" she said, letting go of him. She grabbed his hand and pulled it back. "That's mine! Go get your own!"

"Shawn, I'd like a word with you in here," Henry interrupted from the doorway.

Snatching one of Evelyn's chips, making the girl squeal, Shawn followed him into the house. "Shawn, maybe you'd like to explain this," Henry said, holding up Evelyn's sketch of Ethan and Shawn. Shawn took it. "I want to know everything you know. Start talking, kid."

"First of all, this is a sketch that Evelyn did," Shawn said, examining the sketch. "Second, she shows her talent particularly in how she drew my hair. That's all I can know on first glance."

"Shawn, be serious," Henry snapped. "Who are these kids? Where do they come from?"

Sighing, Shawn handed the sketch over. "I don't know," he answered, leaning against the counter. "They're not mine, if that's what you're asking. That was Gus' first reaction." He hesitated. "They did say that their guardian's name is Maddie Spencer."

"Maddie?" Henry said thoughtfully. He shook his head. "No. Your mother and I may have gone through a bad time, but she would never have kept something like this from me. There's got to be another explanation. You said they called her their guardian? Not their mother?"

"I called Mom, but only got her voice mail," Shawn informed him, his tone serious. Over his father's shoulder, he saw Evelyn peeking through the door window. Out of his pocket, he pulled the sketch he'd found at the office. "Ethan and Evelyn have managed to get themselves into a huge mess. What do you make of this?"

Henry studied it. "I think we need to have talk with Evelyn," he said. He turned and opened the kitchen door. "Evelyn, you want to join us in here instead of trying to eavesdrop?"

Guiltily, Evelyn nodded from where she stood a few feet from the door. She grabbed her plate off the railing, and came inside. She looked once between Shawn and Henry, and went over to Shawn. "Did you hear anything interesting?" Henry asked.

"No," Evelyn answered. "I couldn't hear anything through the door." She frowned. "How'd you know? You couldn't have seen me."

"Don't try to figure it out," Shawn advised, speaking up before his dad. He poked Evelyn's shoulder. "I've had years of trying to understand it and I haven't gotten anywhere. And all he'll say is he has eyes in the back of his head. We want to know why you drew this."

Leaning against his arm, Evelyn glanced at her work. "I draw what I see," she responded. "That's what I saw at the bus station, when Ethan saw Miss Jones get kidnapped."

Henry took the paper out of Shawn's hand. "Good detail," he said. "But a person forgets 70 percent of details within an hour of seeing it. So we won't be able to use this as a definite description."

"I don't forget!" Evelyn objected, her tone offended. She poked the paper with her finger. "That is exactly as I saw it happen! Whenever I sketch every detail is perfect."

"There's no way to prove it."

Evelyn narrowed her eyes. "Yeah there is," Shawn spoke up. "Evelyn, go draw the inside of the Psych office as you first saw it this morning. I'll be able to tell how accurate it is."

Nodding, Evelyn put down her plate on the counter and headed into the living room. "Her brother remembers what he hears, so it wouldn't be so far out there that she can remember what she sees," Shawn commented, pushing himself away from the wall. "Like me, only they haven't been through your training."

"First, we'll focus on finding Ethan, and then we'll figure out who these kids are," Henry answered.

They walked to the living room. Somewhere, Evelyn had scrounged up a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. She was bent over it, working quickly. "I have to start drawing before I remember," she said, without looking up. "And then I just see everything. Mom says if I practice I won't have to remember the details by drawing. I'll just think and be able to know."

"'Mom'?" Henry repeated, glancing quickly at Shawn.

"Maddie Spencer," Evelyn clarified, lowering her pencil. "There. That's the best I can do without taking all day."

The bare outline of the Psych office showed. Henry picked it up and Shawn turned his back. "All right," he said. He raised his fingers to the sides of his head. Henry rolled his eyes. "On the right, there is Gus' desk. He'd just put his keys there. On the left, there's the TV on the wall with a Nintendo hooked up to it."

"Yeah, that's what's there," Henry said, setting the quick sketch on the counter. "You've proved your point. What else did you see?"

Evelyn hesitated and reached for her pencil. Henry caught her hand. "Close your eyes," he ordered, "and tell me what you saw without drawing it."

"Dad, let her do it however she wants," Shawn protested. "She's not in training to be a cop when she grows up so you don't have to train her to use her gifts like you did with me."

"Tell me, Evelyn," Henry said firmly, ignoring his son.

Apprehensively, Evelyn closed her eyes. "They were standing close together," she said. "It looked like they were having an argument. The third guy acted like he was going he was going to leave, but then he collapsed. Then, one of them turned and looked right at me."

"Were they the ones who were chasing you?"

The girl nodded, opening her eyes. "Yeah," she answered. "Why did they get Ethan? I'm the one who saw them, not Ethan."

Shawn shot one last glare at his dad. "Evie, I've got to go now," he said, turning his attention to her. "Since Ethan has your phone, use mine. I'm going to meet up with Gus so call Gus to talk to me. Don't worry. I'll have Ethan back before the day is out."

Evelyn smiled as she accepted the phone from him. "I know," she said simply. "I trust you."

"Don't let Dad bully you into practicing your gift," Shawn added. "Call if there is an emergency. If Dad cuts some pineapple, that definitely qualifies and I will be here in five minutes."

Laughing, Evelyn nodded. "Just get going," Henry said, waving his hand dismissively.

Evelyn followed Shawn to the door and watched him leave on his motorcycle. "Come on and finish your lunch," Henry said. "Then, we'll play a game."

Suspiciously, Evelyn eyed him. "Sure," she said. "Do you have pineapple? Do you think Shawn will give me a ride on his motorcycle while I'm here?"

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