Double Trouble

Chapter 4

The rough blanket was jerked off of the twelve year old's head. Fiercely, Ethan glared at the unfamiliar men. "Let me go!" he demanded, aiming a kick at his abductor's ankle. He tried to twist out of the rope that held hum to the chair. "What do you creeps want with me?"

"I told you to get the girl," the older man snapped at the others. "She's the one who saw it happen."

As he listened to his kidnappers try to defend themselves, Ethan glanced around. He was in a large warehouse. Crates were stacked all the way up to the ceiling.

"We tried, Pops," the man with more muscle answered. "She and this kid split up. We saw her with some guy, and he stayed with her. We've got Todd following them."

Clearly, the man wasn't happy with that. "Kill the boy and find her," he ordered. "I don't want her blabbing about what she saw."

"Evie?" Ethan spoke up swiftly. They looked at him. "Oh, you're not going to find her. She's got a psychic looking after her and they'll always be two steps ahead of you. And if you kill me, they'll go to the cops and track you down. The psychic will follow my spirit, or something like that. Just so you know."

There was a pause and then they laughed. "Boy, you just earned another couple hours of life," the older man said. "I don't believe that psychic mumbo jumbo stuff. So I will find that girl, bring her here, and you will watch her die. Then you'll know that stuff is nonsense before you die, of course."

Ethan shrugged. "And if you don't?" he asked. The man frowned. "Well, clearly, I've got to get something out of this deal. If you win within, say, the next ten hours, you kill us both. If you don't, you let me go and move on. I don't know what you've got against her, but you need a hobby if all you do is kill people you're mad at."

"I will keep it in mind. Very well we have a deal."

Ethan eyed him. "We've got to shake on it before it's really a deal," he reminded.

With another chuckle, the man made a motion. Ethan's right hand was released and the pair shook hands. Ethan was tied up again and the group walked to an office nearby. Tugging on the ropes, Ethan kept his eyes on the office window, reading their lips. "You really going to spare the kid?" one of the thugs asked skeptically. "Why?"

"Do I look like the sort that would break a deal with a gentleman?" the older man asked. He smirked. "It's a shame a boy can't be considered a man of business."

He looked up. Ethan swiftly grinned at him. The man smiled back and closed the curtain.

Flipping through a file, O'Hara walked up to her desk and reached, without looking, for her chair. "Hey, Jules!" a familiar voice exclaimed. Startled, the detective jumped and dropped her file. Shawn caught the file, grinning up at her from her chair. "I need to use your cell phone."

"Why?" O'Hara demanded. "And why are you sitting at my desk?"

She snatched her file out of his hands, raising her eyebrows at him. "When you weren't here, I knew you'd be back eventually," Shawn explained, standing up and moving aside. He sat on the edge of the desk as the woman took her seat. "I feel a psychic vision coming on and I need Gus."

"Why don't you call him on your own cell phone," O'Hara responded, even as she handed over her cell phone.

"By the way, if someone happened to lose a kid, what kind of punishment would there be?" Shawn asked. O'Hara frowned at him. "You know, if the kid couldn't be found and was possibly in a dangerous situation. It's a hypothetical situation I've been considering."

O'Hara shook her head. "Well, the adult in charge of watching the child would at least be convicted of negligence, something serious if the situation called for it." She hesitated, studying him intently. "Is this about the drug case? Or those kids you had earlier?"

Snapping his fingers, Shawn nodded. "Yes!" he exclaimed, dropping the phone on the desk. "The drug case. That's exactly what this is all about. Two gangs were fighting over the drugs, right? And no one found the drugs or the drug money. All the murders are tied into that original crime. I can feel it."

"'Murders?'" O'Hara repeated in astonishment as her partner walked up. She grabbed a notepad. "There's been more than one murder? Who? Do you know where the drugs and money are?"

"There's been another murder?" Lassiter demanded. He glanced around. "You've lost your shadows, Spencer."

His mouth open to answer, Shawn paused, thinking back. Ethan had mentioned Maria had a package and was meeting someone. "Yeah," he said slowly. He tensed up dramatically, putting his fingers to his head. "Oh, no! It's coming on now! I'm seeing... buses. Shakespeare! Murders!"

"What?" O'Hara asked in bewilderment.

"What's going on here?" Chief Vick asked, approaching the desk. "Mr. Spencer, how is your case-?"

Closing his eyes, Shawn threw himself on the floor. "Murder!" he wailed. "I can't focus! Gus! I need you! Gus!"

"Let me lock him up," Lassiter pleaded.

Ignoring him, the chief looked at the younger detective. O'Hara grabbed her phone and dialed Gus. Quite a crowd had gathered by the time Gus arrived at the station. Shawn was having spastic seizures on the floor. "Gus!" he cried out pitifully. "Buddy, you're finally here!"

"Shawn, what are you doing?" Gus demanded. "Juliet said it was an emergency."

Flopping once more, Shawn looked up at his partner. "I tried to send you a message through the spirits," he said, his voice weary. "Everything is clearer now that you're here. I can see what happened."

The chief looked pointedly at O'Hara, but the detective already had a notebook ready. "There has always been rivalry between the two drug rings," Shawn said, staring up at the ceiling. "Maria didn't want any part of it, but she found out about the deal going from her lover."

"Her lover?" Lassiter repeated skeptically.

"Shakespeare!" O'Hara exclaimed, remembering what Shawn had yelled out earlier. "Romeo and Juliet! Maria Jones from the one gang and someone from the other side."

"Exactly!" Shawn yelled, twitching violently. He successfully drew everyone attention back to himself. "They were meeting to run away together. But they were caught before they could get away. And both of them paid with their lives."

"Where's the money now?" Vick demanded.

"The bus station!" Gus said.

Shawn glared at him. "Yes!" he said. "If you search the bus station, you'll find a bag with the money and a bag with the missing drugs."

"Detective Lassiter," the chief said, turning to her head detective. "Check it out."

As everyone scattered, Shawn got to his feet. "Thanks a lot, Gus," he said. "I spent almost a half hour on that floor and you come along and spoil my performance."

"What about Ethan?" Gus asked in a low voice. "Don't we still have to find him? And why didn't you call me if you wanted me here?"

"I gave my phone to Evelyn," Shawn answered, checking his hair quickly. "And we'll find Ethan wherever we find the second gang."

"And where's that?"

"I'm still working on that part," Shawn answered before running after Lassiter and O'Hara. "Hey, wait for us!"

"-and the last glass that I saw is the one sitting just behind that lamp over there," Evelyn said, pointing at the lamp in question. Surprised, Henry retrieved it and set it with sixteen other glasses. The girl grimaced as she rubbed her eyes. "Can we do something else now? I'm getting a headache."

"There's four more glasses. This one Shawn must have left from who knows when," Henry told her firmly. "Take one more look."

Groaning, Evelyn turned around and glanced around the room. "I don't see them," she said, her tone irritable. "Please, Henry. I know I'm supposed to be the patient and practical twin this year, but I don't want to do this anymore."

"All right, we'll take a break now," Henry said. He went and collected the other four glasses from around the room. He paused. "What do you mean you're the practical twin this year? You don't take turns, do you?"

Evelyn shrugged, sitting Indian style on the chair. "Well, we decided it really wouldn't be fair if one of us had to be the practical one all the time," she explained. "And we both couldn't be crazy because we'd drive everyone completely nuts. So we trade off every year. Though we have lapses every now and then."

"That's very thoughtful," Henry said. He set the four glasses apart from the others. He gestured at the seventeen glasses by her elbow on the in table. "You're very observant, Evelyn. Not quite as observant as Shawn, but you'd give him a good run for his money if you had to. Maddie's right. All you need to do is practice."

"Are we related to you and Shawn?" Evelyn asked abruptly. Henry blinked, taken aback by the question. "Shawn seemed pretty certain Ethan and I aren't his kids, which would be weird if we were."

Taking a seat on the couch next to her, Henry hesitated before answering. "Honestly, Evelyn, we're not sure," he said. "From your sketch, you must have seen the resemblance between your brother and Shawn." He raised an eyebrow at her. "I thought you said you didn't hear what Shawn and I were talking about."

The girl smiled sweetly. "I didn't hear him or you," she replied. "I do read lips though."

"I see," Henry said. A knock on the front door interrupted him before he could go on. "I'll be right back."

He went to the front door and opened it. He didn't realize Evelyn had followed him. She stared in horror at the man on the porch and jerked back abruptly. "Hi, I'm looking for my kid's lost dog," the man said to Henry. "You haven't seen it, have you? It's a black lab. It has a red collar. It's really friendly."

"Sorry, no," Henry answered. "You might check down on the beach."

Nodding, the man walked away. Henry frowned as he took in the man's appearance. Shined shoes and black slacks were hardly the attire most people went for this close to the beach. After a moment, he shook his head. So the guy's kid lost a dog and he wasn't dressed for the beach to look for it, it wasn't a crime.

There was silence as he closed the door. "Evelyn," Henry called out, a sinking feeling of dread forming. He waited, but there was no answer. Swiftly, Henry went to the living room. No one was there. "Evelyn? Evelyn, if you're hiding, answer me right now!"

Again, there was no answer. Searching the house, Henry found the back door ajar and a pencil lying on the ground. "Shawn will never let me live this down," Henry muttered, snatching the pencil up.

Two bags sat on the conference room table. "So, we've got the bag of drugs that belongs to the Jones' family drug ring," Shawn said, pointing to the one on the left. He moved his finger over a few inches and pointed at the other bag on the right. "And we have the money intended for the drugs."

"Exactly how will this lead us to Maria Jones' murderer?" Lassiter asked. "Never mind. Let me get a forensics team in here."

There was loud banging on the door. Looking over, Shawn saw his dad. Henry gestured for him to come out. "Just a moment," Shawn said. He went over and stepped outside. "Dad, what are you doing here?" He glanced around quickly. "Where's Evie?"

"That's why I'm here," Henry told him in a low voice. "I tried to call Gus, but apparently his phone is off. Evelyn's gone."

Shawn narrowed his eyes. "Gone? What do you mean she's gone?"

"I went to the front door and when I got back she wasn't there," Henry answered, his tone tight. "Shawn, a guy came around asking about a dog and he wasn't dressed for being on the beach. I didn't think anything about it, but I think he was the decoy. I checked all around the house and outside, but I couldn't find her."

"Dad, I left her with you so that she'd be safe!" Shawn said in a low voice.

"I know," Henry responded. "Look, I'm here to help. Do you have any idea of where she would be?"

Closing his eyes, Shawn drummed his fingers against his leg. He thought of the water on Maria Jones, and then he knew. "Down by the bay," he said, opening his eyes. "The gang's hideout is in one of the old warehouses. Well, the gang that tried to sell the drugs."

"Shawn, phone call for you," Gus snapped, leaning out of the conference room. He held up his cell phone. "Hi, Mr. Spencer. You've really got to stop giving people my number, Shawn. And Lassiter is getting really worked up in here, so you better give him something."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it. Just tell Lassie to keep his pants on, for the sake of everyone's sanity," Shawn said as he snagged the phone. "This is Shawn."

"Shawn, I think I did something stupid."

Shawn froze. "Evelyn?"

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