Double Trouble

Chapter 5

Crouched in the back seat of a black car, Evelyn peeked out the window. She got a quick look around and ducked back down. "What do you mean you think you did something stupid?" Shawn demanded, sounding worried. "Don't you know you have to go really far to qualify for stupid in my world?"

Nervously, Evelyn giggled. She heard Henry's voice in the background. "Ok. How about I did something I shouldn't have and I'm calling to get some help?" she amended.

"I will accept that," Shawn said. "Tell me."

There was the sound of a door slamming nearby, making the girl jump. "Um, I hid in the backseat of the car a murderer was driving," Evelyn explained. She peeked out again. "I thought I'd find Ethan. I'm down by the docks and I don't see him anywhere."

She heard Shawn relay that to Henry. "Get out and find somewhere safe to hide," Shawn ordered. "I'll be there as soon as I can." He paused. "And so will my dad so you better hide really well. He was worried you'd been kidnapped when he couldn't find you and now I think he's on the warpath."

"He doesn't scare me," Evelyn responded.

"That's just because you don't know him well enough," Shawn told her. "Tell me where you are, what do you see?"

"I see the outside of a bunch of warehouses," Evelyn reported. "They all look kinda run down."

The door of the car opened then. Evelyn looked up and swallowed hard as she saw the muzzle of a gun in her face. "Shawn," she said, fear in her voice. The phone was snatched out of her hand. She forced a smile. "Hi. I'm looking for my brother, Ethan. You wouldn't happen to know where he is?"

"Evelyn? Evelyn!" Shawn said, his voice rising as he got no response. He flinched as there was a loud click in his ear. He looked at his dad as he lowered the phone. "I think Evelyn just got caught, but she's down by the warehouses like I said she'd be."

"Shawn, what's going on?" Gus asked in bewilderment.

"Tell the police where she is. Now," Henry responded.

Visibly, Shawn hesitated and then turned towards the conference room. "Lassie!" he called out, forcing his tone to be excited. He put his fingers to his head. "I've had a vision! One that will neatly wrap up your two cases. I know where you can find your two drug rings."

Lassiter eyed him skeptically. "Where?" O'Hara asked eagerly.

"There are large buildings and water," Shawn explained, struggling to keep up his act. Only Gus and his father seemed to notice though. "The bay! They're down in the abandoned warehouses."

"Are you sure about this?" Chief Vick demanded.

Shawn met her eyes. "Positive," he replied.

Considering him, the chief nodded once. "All right," she said. She looked at her Head Detective. "Detective Lassiter, get a team ready. We leave in five minutes." As Lassiter moved to comply, Vick focused on Shawn again. "Mr. Spencer, do you think you'll get more once we're there?"

"You couldn't keep us away," Shawn answered. His father cleared his throat. "Oh, my dad is coming too."

Sighing, Vick shook her head in resignation. "Just this once," she stipulated. "And once we're there all three of you will stay with the cars."


As the chief joined the hustle of getting the raid ready, Henry grabbed his son's arm. "Are you sure you want to do this, son?" he asked in a low voice. "Shawn, it is highly likely that Evelyn and Ethan are already dead. Do you want to find them like that?"

Gus turned a little green as he looked at his friend. "You're still going knowing that?" Shawn asked, his tone even and completely serious. Henry nodded. "Well, then, I am too. I was supposed to keep them safe, Dad! There's still a chance that they're alive so I'm not going to get all worried about that yet."

"Henry? Shawn?"

Slowly, the pair turned. Maddie Spencer stood in the middle of the hallway. Gus moved away to give them some space. "Mom," Shawn spoke first. He pulled away from his dad to hug his mother. "What are you doing here? I only wanted you to call, not come all this way."

"Both of you called me and said you needed to talk to me," Maddie explained, embracing him quickly. She looked up at him worriedly. "And since I was coming anyway, I canceled my last appointment and came early. What's wrong, Goose? Your message and your father's message sounded urgent."

"Spencer, we're going with or without you," Lassiter called out.

Nodding, Shawn kissed his mother's cheek and took off. "We've got to go, Maddie," Henry said to his ex-wife. He caught her hand and squeezed it quickly. "We'll explain when we get back."

Frustrated, Maddie watched them hurry away. She pulled out her phone and dialed a familiar number. In the now quiet police station, she listened as her call went straight to voice mail. "Hi! You have reached Double Trouble's mailbox. Leave us a message!" Ethan's recorded voice said cheerfully.

Worriedly, Maddie just shut her phone without leaving a message.

It was very quiet in the warehouse until one of the minions arrived. "Dad!" a tall and skinny man shouted. He went into the office, his voice just barely reaching Ethan. "The Rossettis want to meet. They say they have something they want to exchange for the drugs and their boy."

Interested, Ethan paused in his diligent efforts to get free. The patriarch of the group asked a low question Ethan couldn't hear. The young man made a swift response of, "Warehouse number 12."

Jones came out of his office with the man right behind him. "Well, it would be rude to ignore a respected colleague such as Rossetti," the older man said, a sarcastic note in his voice. "Keep an eye on the kid while I go. If Carl reports back with the girl, you know what to do."

The young man nodded. Within minutes, it was once again quiet. His keeper flipping through a magazine, Ethan twisted his wrists one last time. The rope that had held him fell to the floor, landing with a light thud. Moving quickly, Ethan bent down and untied the ropes around his ankles. He glanced up warily, but his captor was not watching him.

Taking a deep breath, Ethan bolted for the exit. "Hey!" the man shouted, scrambling to follow. "Get back here!"

The only sound in the area was the running footsteps and the lap of the waves on the beach. Fidgeting, Shawn tried to lean against the hood of the car. His dad paced on his right while Gus shifted from foot to foot on his left. In front of them, the police were searching the abandoned buildings.

"I noticed you didn't tell Mom that Ethan and Evelyn are probably dead," Shawn commented.

"You didn't tell the cops you lost a set of twins either," Henry responded. Shawn shrugged in response. "I guess we both figured it would be better to wait until we know something definite."

Shawn looked at the quickly vanishing cops. he thought of what Evelyn had last said: that she could see warehouses all around her. Frowning, he glanced from the buildings the cops had entered to the water only a few yards from him. "This is taking too long," he decided, pushing away from the car.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Evelyn was in the middle of this place," Shawn answered. He gestured at where the cops had gone. "At the rate they're going, they're not even going to be close for at least an hour. I'm going to go find them myself." He held up Gus' phone that he'd never returned. "I'll give you a call if I find anything."

"I'm coming with you," Henry insisted, stepping after him. He raised his hand as Shawn started to protest. "I'm not going to discuss this."

With another shrug, Shawn started walking, his dad falling into step beside him. "I'm not going to stay here alone and get blamed that you guys wandered away," Gus said, scrambling after them. "Wait for me, Shawn! Just how do you think you're going to find them first?"

"Keep your voice down," Henry ordered. "We don't want these guys to know we're coming."

Moving swiftly, the trio entered the maze of warehouses. The crash of something falling over made Henry spring for cover against the wall. He waited several moments, but there was no other sound. He looked down to find Shawn and Gus flat on the ground at his feet. The former cop rolled his eyes.

"Don't look at me like that!" Shawn told him in a stage whisper. He jumped to his feet. "I... tripped attempting a very complicated maneuver of spying that would have shocked and amazed you."

At that moment, Shawn was knocked off his feet by someone barreling into him full speed. They hit the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. "Shawn!" Henry and Gus exclaimed simultaneously. Henry froze as he saw for the first time in person the two faces that were so alike.

"Shawn!" Ethan said gleefully. He untangled himself with the skill of a kid who'd had a lot of practice and stood up. He grinned as he watched Shawn get up. "Wow! You really are psychic, which I always knew, but still! I didn't think you'd ever get here! Is Evie with you?"

Before Shawn could answer, there came a shout. "Hey kid! Get back here!"

Ethan and Shawn turned towards where the shout had come from. On hearing the unfamiliar voice, Henry reached out and grabbed the back of their shirts. He jerked them both up against the wall. As a precaution, he put his hand over Ethan's mouth to keep him quiet.

A few moments later, a tall, skinny man ran past, a gun in his hand. Ethan twisted to get his mouth free. "The head guy is meeting with some other guys here," he said. "Some guys by the name of Rossetti who want to trade something these guys think is important in exchange for drugs and some other boy."

Shawn frowned. "That's a lot of guys." Realization hit him suddenly, and he began jumping up and down. "Gus I've solved it!" he exclaimed. Becoming serious, he faced Ethan. "Where?" he demanded. "Did you hear where they're meeting?"

"Warehouse twelve," Ethan answered.

"Shawn, what are you thinking?" Henry asked suspiciously.

"OK, Ethan. This is my dad, Henry," Shawn explained. "He's going to take you back to the police, all right? Don't let him scare you."

Ethan looked Henry up and down appraisingly. "I don't see anything scary about him," he said. He glanced back at Shawn. "Wait. Where's Evie?"

"Don't worry," Shawn told him. "You'll see her soon. You better move before that guy comes back this way."

Without another word, Shawn took off at a run. Gus hesitated and then moved to follow. "He'll go faster by himself," Henry said, stopping him. "Let's go."

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