Double Trouble

Chapter 6

Flinching at the strain on her arm, Evelyn struggled to get free. "Let me go!" she demanded. She tried to brace her feet on the ground, but the big man who held her simply picked her up and carried her forward. Stubbornly, Evelyn kicked her feet. "Hey! Put me down!"

In the next moment, she was slammed back onto her feet. Evelyn staggered, and tried to bolt for...well, anywhere that wasn't here. She hadn't even gone two steps before her already sore arm was caught and she was jerked back to the man's side. She whimpered in pain.

She took a moment to actually take in where they were. The group stood in the middle of the warehouse. "Ah, Rossetti," an unfamiliar voice rang out, making Evelyn flinch. "I see you found my little problem."

A second group, including the two men that Evelyn had seen earlier, entered from the other side of the warehouse. All of them carried guns.

"I want my son back, Jones," Rossetti, a heavy set man, said sharply. He stood at the head of the group Evelyn was being held by. "I know he went to that bus station to meet your daughter. I will give this girl to you in exchange for my son and the money."

Evelyn's forehead creased in a frown as she started to connect the dots. "The money?" Jones repeated, his eyes narrowing. "You will get the money only if you return the drugs, Rossetti We're business men, after all. Why should we mix business with family matters?"

"Is that why you haven't demanded your daughter back from them? And can I ask why people like you always seem to be meeting in a crummy warehouse like this? It's so cliché and Hollywood its not even funny. Well, maybe a little funny. What do you think, Evie?"

Both gangs spun towards this newcomer. "Shawn!" Evelyn exclaimed, half delighted, half terrified.

His hands in his pockets, Shawn walked forward, ignoring the guns that were now pointed at him. "Most you probably have no idea who I am," he said casually. "Well, never fear. I will clear it all up for you. My name is Shawn Spencer, and I am a psychic detective."

Jones looked startled. "You maybe wondering how I found this place," Shawn continued. "That girl you are threatening is my esteemed apprentice. Ever since you caught her, she has been sending me messages. So if you'll let her go, we'll get out of your hair and you can go on fighting."

Everyone glanced quickly at the startled Evelyn. "Mr. Spencer, while I admire your courage, I must inform you that coming here alone was a very stupid decision," Jones told him, his tone amused. "Did you really think we would just let you walk in and walk out with the girl?"

"Absolutely," Shawn responded, pausing a few yards away from each group. "I think enough blood has been spilled. I don't usually do these group therapy things, but you've left me no choice. You've really got to work through this odd hatred you have for each other."

"We haven't resorted to bloodshed yet," Rossetti protested, his gaze shifting to the floor.

Shawn jerked his hands up. "Yes, Maria, I'm listening and will relay your words," he said. The men shifted uneasily. Shawn glanced at Evelyn who was starting to grin, and he winked at her. "Yes, there has been killing, and you were one of the victims. You and him. Caught between your families."

"Don't be absurd!" Jones growled. "My daughter is a good, obedient girl. She's safe, doing her job."

"But we all know that's not true," Shawn said, spreading his arms out. "The dancing Maria caught the attention of the Rossetti son, didn't she? They needed money to escape, so they crashed your drug operation. They stole the drugs and the money, leaving you to get caught by the police. They arranged to meet at the bus station to make their get away."

The gang leaders exchanged venomous, though uncertain, looks. "But you both found out about it!" Evelyn spoke up, her voice wobbling. Shawn sent a quick frown at her. The girl raised her fingers to the sides of her head in imitation of Shawn. "So you both went to stop them. By whatever means necessary."

Her arm was released and the men edged away from her. "Yes, my apprentice," Shawn said before she could say anymore. "So, the Jones' went after the Rossetti boy and the Rossetti's went after Maria."

In an instant, the gangs were aiming their weapons at each other. "You killed my daughter?" Jones roared in fury.

"You killed my boy!" Rossetti snarled.

Shawn jerked his head at Evelyn. Swiftly, the girl darted away from the Rossetti and got behind Shawn. As the two patriarchs argued, Shawn started to back up. "On the count of three, run as fast as you can," he advised in a low voice. "because I really don't want to be here when the shooting starts. One...three!"

Before they could move, both gangs were aiming guns at them again. "Whatever quarrel we have with each other," Jones said, "we both cannot allow you to live. You might bring the police on us before we can finish this like gentlemen."

"Too late, Jones," Detective Lassiter barked, coming into sight. "SBPD! Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air!"

The police team surrounded them. Slowly, the gangs surrendered. "I never said I came alone," Shawn said with a shrug. He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and looked down at Evelyn. "You have learned well, my apprentice," he joked, making his voice low and gravely.

"Thank you, master," Evelyn responded, hugging him tightly as she went along with the joke. She frowned. "What about Ethan? Have you found him yet?"


At her brother's shout, Evelyn let go of Shawn and turned. "Ethan!" she exclaimed in delight. She ran to him and hugged her twin. "You're OK! I was worried about you!"

"That's because you're the practical twin this year," Ethan answered, trying to push her away. "Get off me!"

"Another case wrapped up nicely," Shawn declared as Gus and Henry joined him. He glanced first to where Lassiter, O'Hara, and Chief Vick were handcuffing the gang members, and then refocused on the chattering twins. "Who wants smoothies? Anyone? Dad, I'll buy."

"Who's wallet did you steal?" Henry asked. "And did you forget that your mom is waiting for us back at the police station?"

"All right, fine. Listen up, gang," Shawn said, walking over to the twins and interrupting their intense discussion. He put an arm around each of them. "We've got somewhere to be. Now, let's work out how we're going to fit in the blueberry because there's going to be three in the backseat."

The trio walked towards the exit. Henry pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it over to Gus. "What do you want me to do with this?" Gus asked in confusion. "Sir, this isn't my phone."

"Take a picture of them for me," Henry told him, nodding towards the laughing trio in front of them. Nodding, Gus snapped a quick picture. "And don't tell Shawn."

The police station was once again busy as the gang members were processes and formally charged. "I thought you said we were going for smoothies," Ethan accused, collapsing onto a bench. He glared up at the grownups. "I haven't eaten all day. Well, not since twelve o'clock."

"Dude, you were like five yards away," Shawn exclaimed. "How could you have heard that? I was whispering."

Ethan just grinned back at him. Frowning, Evelyn tilted her head as she looked down the hallway. Her eyes widened as she recognized the blonde haired woman pushing towards them. "Mom!" she squealed, running forward. "You're here! You won't believe what happened to us!"

"Mom!" Ethan echoed, jumping up. He rushed to the woman.

Madeleine Spencer hugged both of the children tightly. "I was so worried about you two," she said, moving back enough to look down at their faces. "Just what have you been up to?"

The pair started to talk at once, their voices rising to be over the other one. There was a fond smile on the woman's face as she listened to them. She happened to look up and spotted her ex-husband and son standing not far away. "Hey, hey," Maddie said, cutting the twins both off. "Let me talk to someone, all right?"

Both twins twisted to look behind them. "About us, right?" Ethan guessed. "OK. Give us a couple dollars and we'll find a vending machine somewhere."

Nodding, Maddie handed over her purse. Ethan bounced away, not ashamed to be seen with a purse. Evelyn followed, a worried frown on her face. "Maddie," Henry said, approaching the woman. Gus discreetly vanished with the twins. "Is there something you want to tell us?"

"Actually, yes," Maddie responded, taking a deep breath. She stepped to the side of the hallway. "I've been trying for years to figure out the right way to tell you without you blowing up."

Shawn leaned against the wall. "Just tell us, Mom," he said. "Dad'll blow up over anything no matter how you say it."

Henry shot his son an annoyed look, but chose not to respond. "After we first separated, I got some news," Maddie began, her tone careful. "And I know I should have consulted you first, Henry, but you were already having problems with Shawn and I didn't want to add to that."

"Did you really think I wouldn't want them?" Henry demanded.

Maddie's eyes narrowed. "You haven't let me finish," she said sternly. She paused. "You think Ethan and Evelyn are ours? How could you think I would keep something like that from you?"

"Mom, Ethan looks like me," Shawn spoke up as Henry became flustered. "He remembers what he hears like you. Evelyn can draw details most people forget. And just now they both called you 'Mom'. What else were we supposed to think? How can they not be related to us?"

"I didn't say they weren't related to us," Maddie corrected. "They are my sister Sara's children."

Her son and ex-husband stared at her incredulously. "Sara's dead," Henry finally said. "She died right after the divorce was final."

"They're my cousins?" Shawn asked.

"She died from complications of the pregnancy, but the twins survived with little trouble," Maddie explained sadly. She shook her head. "I have formal guardianship of Ethan and Evelyn, but they spend most of their time with my brother and his family in Northern California."

"And their father?" Henry asked. "Why did you feel you couldn't tell me about them?"

"Their father has had no contact with them. I doubt he even knows about their existence," Maddie answered, glancing down the hallway. She shook her head as she saw Evelyn peeking around the corner. She raised her hand to her mouth. "I didn't tell you because I promised I wouldn't. Sara didn't want the father to be forced into raising the children."

Puzzled, Shawn looked over in time to see Evelyn pull back. "Why are you covering your mouth like that?" he asked.

"Ethan and Evelyn can read lips, Shawn," Henry answered. "Maddie, who is their father?"

Shawn frowned. "Uncle Jack," he said slowly. Henry froze, a look of fury appearing on his face. "Their dad is Uncle Jack, isn't he? That's why Ethan looks so much like me."

Resigned, Maddie nodded. "Henry, just let it go," she advised calmly. She put her hand on his arm. "Ethan and Evelyn are doing fine without their father. Think of what their life would be if they were being raised by Jack? When was the last time Jack was even in the States?"

"A few weeks ago," Henry answered. "And he got me and Shawn and Gus arrested searching for that treasure. I can see you point, Maddie, but I still would have liked to know! They're my niece and nephew too! Maybe they'll turn out better than-."

"Shawn!" The twins exclaimed in unison, rushing over. Evelyn spoke first, her eyes wide, "That Detective is going to kick us out now!"

"We missed the sign in for the competition!" Ethan wailed. "I spent all summer sticking to it!"

Grinning, Shawn glanced to where Lassiter was yelling at Gus. "Don't worry," he said. "I'll fix this. Hey, Lassiter! You'll do anything to make us leave, right?"

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