Double Trouble

Chapter 7

The lights dimmed until the only lights were on the stage. Mexican music started to play. Dressed in a long red dress, Evelyn danced across the stage to her partner. In a black tux and red tie that matched his sister's dress, Ethan caught her hand and spun her around.

The pair went through their routine without a single mistake. The music stopped and applause broke out. Grinning in triumph, Ethan bowed as Evelyn curtsied. The twins took their place in the middle of the stage for their points from the panel of judges.

"The style was excellent. And you both showed a lot of energy. I give you 9 points," the first judge said seriously. He made a notation on his clipboard.

The audience applauded again. The second judge had to be elbowed before he spoke up. "Uh, well, I didn't see you make any obvious mistakes, so that was…good," he said, sending a glare to his right to the judge who'd elbowed him. "I give you 8 points."

Again, the audience applauded, though not as enthusiastic as before. The judge sent a glare at them. The third judge leaned forward. "Great job, both of you," he said, holding his fingers to his head. "And I know! While I am not an expert, I am channeling the experience of long gone dancers."

Beside him, the second judge rolled his eyes while someone in the audience snorted. "Your form was excellent and the routine original. I give you...ten points," the judge went on, pausing for drama. "And that puts you in first place. With no other contenders, you win!"

Evelyn squealed, jumping up and down and trying to hug her brother at the same time. The second judge pushed his seat back and stood up. "OK, I'm out of here," he said. "I've got a job to do."

"Come on, Lassie," Shawn said, spinning around in his chair. "It's your day off. Relax a little."

The lights came on in the office as Maddie went up to the twins and hugged them. "Told you we wouldn't enter if we didn't think we could win," Ethan said triumphantly, spinning his black fedora in his hand. "Hey, can Evie and I enter a sports contest next year?"

"We'll talk next summer," Maddie said. "You both looked wonderful up there."

"Yeah," O'Hara agreed, joining them on the make shift stage at the end of the Psych office. "I think you two would have a career in ballroom dancing."

Both twelve year olds made a face at that. "That would be awful," Ethan declared. "I want to be a detective like Detective Lassiter and Uncle Henry. Hey, Uncle Henry! Will you teach me?"

Overhearing, Lassiter straightened his shoulders. "The kid knows what he's talking about," he said. "Once you get through the academy, I would be proud to take you under my wing."

Ethan considered that and then grinned. "Hey, I'm already your partner!" O'Hara objected.

"What about you, Evie?" Gus asked, before a disagreement could come up. He carefully putting his clipboard on the desk in it's proper place. "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

The girl got a wicked grin on her face and she lifted her fingers to her head. "I'm going to take after Shawn," she answered. "He already said I had talent."

Henry face palmed as Shawn bumped fists with the girl. "Wow!" Ethan said. "I didn't know you were psychic, Evie. When I am Head Detective, though, don't think I'm going to let you take over all my cases!"

"When I'm Head Psychic Detective, you won't get any cases!" Evelyn told him seriously. She closed her eyes. "I can see it now!"

"Oh, great," Lassiter groaned. "Another one!"

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