Kelly is the only one in Berk that can turn into a dragon every night. When she gets caught in the territory of Berks greatest enemy what will happen. Will she escape? Will they fall in love? Will she

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I got woken up by my uncle yelling again. I open my door and walk down several hall ways and enter the dragon stables. I saw my cousin and astrid slip through the storm door before it shuts. I wonder where there going?. I run back into my room and slide out my window. I climb the ladder that leads to my dragons room. I enter her room and grab the saddle and put it on her when he is sleeping. When I finish putting it on she woke up and stretched. " lets go find hiccup" I said and she toke off. It took me over a hour to find my cousin. He and his friends are attacking a ship. I fly closer and saw my uncle. I knew he saw me and so I fly to the ship. " lets go" said astride. "no! Lead the others back to Berk. I've had enough mutiny for one day." said my uncle getting on skullcrusher. I fallow as Astrid and the gang stealthily approach a cluster of tabular icebergs, collapsed against each other at the mouth of a maze. Stormfly drops a man in the snow, but before he can flee, she lands atop him and nests like a hen with her egg. " Agghh! Okay! I got you here, now get this thing off me!" yelled the man. "Never take a toy from a dragon. Don't you know anything?" said astride ,Stormfly crushes him in place under her weight.

"Gah! Why does this keep happening to me?". A massive flotilla, moored together like a floating camp in the deep water between collided icebergs. Thick chains run deep into the water, where great blasts of bubbles erupt on the surface. The unseen creature rocks the ships. Its effect alone describes it as gargantuan. " what's down there?" asked astride. I look over and saw that Fishlegs rifles through his note cards contained in his belt pouch. "Large diameter bubbles, massive lungs, cold water deep dweller, I'm thinking class five leviathan, maybe six" said Fishlegs looking through his cards. Suddenly, Stormfly is alerted to an encroaching menace and takes wing. Blow darts whiz through the air, hitting the other dragons. The effect is immediate - they fall to the ground, unconscious. Drugged.

"Meatlug! What's wrong, girl?" I said walking over to her. The man spring to his feet and draws his blades. Me and the Gang find ourselves surrounded by soldiers, camouflaged in polar bear furs, and poised to fire darts. were outnumbered. I chuckle when Fishlegs raises his hands, dropping the cards.

Moments later we board a big ship. " DRAGO!". Drago turns to see me and the Gang being forcibly escorted onto the deck. A man shakes him self free. "Get off me!" yelled the man walking to Drago. "Always great to see you, my friend! Keeping warm up here?". One of The soldiers disarmed the man and pushes him forward as Drago approaches. "Well, as you can see, I'm right on time with a new batch of dragons, just like I promised". ash awakens, groggily shaking off the effect of the blow-dart. she rears as soldiers struggle to reign her in. "Watch out! she's waking up! Keep her steady!" yelled one of the solders grabbing the ropes. "Give me some backup here!". " drop the ropes" said Drago. They do so. Ash bucks and roars, chasing off the soldiers, then focusing on Drago as he closes in. The armored dragons avert their eyes and cower as Drago passes. Ash hisses a warning, but Drago approaches, undaunted. Ash blasts. In a blur, Drago wraps himself in his dragon skin cloak. The heavy, napalm-like fire splatters against the fireproof scales, enveloping Drago in dripping flames as he persists forward without missing a step. As the blast ends, Drago drops the cloak, closing in and

holding a cold stare. Ash lets out a ferocious ROAR. Drago YELLS back with a fierce, savage scream, interrupting ash and causing her to recoil. Drago whirls his bull-hook overhead and stabs it into the deck planks. ash stirs, her aggression fading in the face of Drago's unflinching show of dominance. After a moment, ash averts her eyes and lowers her head in submission. Drago places his boot upon ash snout, pressing it into the deck planks. Suddenly ash bites Drago's foot.

" Ash!" I yell running over to her. I get on top of her and released his foot. I get off ash. Her head fly's up and she growls at me. She opens her mouth and spits fire at me. Before the fire reached me it was blocked. After a few seconds I look up and see Drago standing right in front of me. I step back and look at him. " get away from her" yelled astrid. "anyway as an added bonus, I also caught you their riders. No extra charge". "What?! Are you kidding me?!" I yelled. "But you were so perfect!" wined ruffnut. "Turns out, there's a whole bunch of them out there. They...". In a flash, Drago stops toward the man and seizes him by the throat. "how many?" said Drago. " A whole island full" said astrid. I wouldn't worry about it. My men

are hunting them down as we speak. They won't know where you're hiding. I promise you that". "Oh yes they will!" said astrid

Drago drops him as Astrid advances, staring Drago down. The man on the floor tries to signal her to stop, but it's no use. "They know we're missing and they have tracking dragons. If you so

much as touch us, Hiccup is gonna kick...". Before astrid could finish I ran over to her and covered her mouth. " she does not know what she is talking about" I said dragging her back to the group.


WE WILL TAKE DOWN THEIR ALPHA... AND THEN WE WILL TAKE BERK!" he yelled. The Soldiers CHEER in the thousands. "You're overreacting!". " get rid of him" said Drago. The soldiers

Hurl throwing knives at him,...But Stormfly lands in a blur of wings, shielding him from the flurry of blades. She gets hit with one of the tranquilizer darts and she falls over unconscious.

I felt my skin start to burn and so I look up and see the moon is out. Why does it have to be here?. I collapse on the floor while I'm holding my sides. The gang came over to me and got the shot out of hookfangs bag. Tuffnut injected the shot in the lower part of my back. I feel numb after a few seconds. My hands are starting to turn into claws and my skin is starting to turn pale white. My skin is covered in dragon scales and my hands and feet are now claws. I stand up on all fours and spread my wings. My wings glow bright yellow and the line of Grey running down my back and head turn blue. I spread my wings again and that's when the guards jump back. " how did you do that?" asked Drago. " it's a old secret" I said. I suddenly feel a tingling on my stomach and chin. I try to itch it any way I can. I try to itch it on the floor and my claws but nothing worked. " what's wrong?" asked Tuffnut. " my skin is itching really bad" I said while dragging my head and stomach on the floor. I stop itching when I hit a foot.

I look up and saw it was Drago's foot I hit. I sit and saw I am shorter than Drago when sitting down. I stand up on my hind legs and smelled the air . I hear a stomach growl and I noticed It came from Drago and some of his crew. " was that you?" I asked. " yes, we have not eaten in days" said Drago. I grab what looks like a fishing net and fly out side the ice cave. After a hour of flying I hear a loud noise. I fly to the noise and saw a Bewilderbeast spit fish in the air. I fly over and catch some fish in the net. I then hear a female voice. I turn around and she was coming over to me. She put her hand on my head. " well I guess toothless is not the only nightfury" she said. I flew away seconds later. I make my way to the ice cave once more. When I reached there Drago was still with the gang on the dock. I fly over and drop the fish. I land by some guards with a thud which made them jump. I walk over to the fish and rip the net and take five fish and fly over to the dragons. I give each dragon a fish and they ate them. "what are all the fish for?" asked Drago. " you said you have not eaten in days so I got some fish" I said. " do you want the fish cooked or turned into a stew?" I asked Drago . " surprise me" he said walking away.

I take the fish and fly to a dry patch of ground. I get some rocks and wood and made a pit. I fly back to one of the ships and get a big pot. I go back to the spot and unscaled and cleaned the fish. I got carrots,clams, potatoes, and noodles. The stew was finished after a half a hour. The smell of the stew can be smelled through the whole cave. I flew back where I saw Drago go. I knocked on the door and it came flying open. " what?" he said. "it's done, and don't get snippy with me" I said with a attitude. I flew back to the fire and curled up in a ball. I fell asleep minuets later. I got woken up when I heard a burp and laughter. I notice that all of Drago's men are eating. I tried to move my wings but I realized I turned back into a human. I felt something warm around me and I noticed it is Drago's dragon skin cape. I look over to me left and Drago is sitting very close to me. I look up at him and he looks down to me. I sit up and before the cape fell off Drago grabbed it and held it agents me. I looked at him with a weird look. He let go when I grabbed the cape. I looked down and saw I'm naked. I cover my self up and blushed. I looked at Drago and he just smiled. He stood up and scooped me up in his arms. I blushed even deeper. I never been naked around a man or any person before. He took me to his room. It is a big room. He puts me on my feet and I still hold on to the dragon skinned cape. He walks to his closet and grabbed some clothes. He hands them to me and left the room. I let the cape fall to the floor and I lift the clothes to me.

They where big on me so I decide to fix that. After a while I came out of the room with a new outfit. It has a leather crop top and a dragon skin skirt. I find my way back to the fire pit. I find a empty spot by Drago and sit down. I hand him back is cape and he puts it on. " thank you for the food" said Drago. " your welcome" I said. After hours of talking to Drago I start to fall asleep. I leaned my head on his shoulder and I almost fall asleep. I feel someone lift me up off the ground. Minuets later I feel something soft on my back. I open my eyes and saw I'm in Drago's room again. I see him walking back to the bed. I blush when I see him without a shirt on. Wow, he is really muscular.

I turn on my away from him and fall asleep. Before I fall asleep I feel his arm go around my waist. Before I could say anything I fell asleep.

Ten hours later

I woke up with Drago's arm still around me. I move a little and fell him his tightened around me. I look back and see him a little awake. I turn over and lean my head on his chest. When I did that he tightened more around me. I hear his stomach growl. I look up at him and got out of bed and went out side to find my dragon. After a few minuets of looking I found her. I untied her and put her saddle on. I hear foot steps behind me and I turn my head to see Drago walking to me. My dragon bowed her head when Drago reached us. " what do you think your doing?" he asked. " I'm getting some food" I said. " how do know you wont run away and get help?". " I wont and if you think I will do that come with me" I said getting on my dragon. He gets on my dragon and I grab her rains. She bolted in the air and in seconds we reach outside. He suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist to hang on. I looked at my dragon on she looked at me. We gave each other the look.

She made a high pitch wining sound and seconds later a huge dragon came out of no were. The dragon started to chaise us. I took something out of my bag and put it on quick. I put on my flying suit that my cousin made for me. My dragon flipped over and I fell. Ash made sure Drago stayed on her back. I saw Drago grab her rains and made ash dive down. Ash tore the reins off herself and let them fall into the ocean. Drago looks a little worried. Ash came up above me and we looked at each other. I laughed when I saw her tongue stick out. I pull one of my strings and I opened my arm. In a blink of a eye I was flying. I took a quick dive and glided with my dragon by my side. " are you crazy? You could have gotten your self killed" yelled Drago. " I know. I just wanted to have some fun" I yelled back.

I look to my right and saw the other dragon that chased me. I gave him a wink and he flew away. I glided up to me dragon and Drago moved back. I sat down on ash. Suddenly baby dragons surrounded us then flew away. I look a ash and her eyes look weird. She started to fly faster and faster. I started to get scared. " ash stop!" I yelled. She did not stop flying. I look at Drago and just shrugged. After minuets of trying to stop ash we make it to a big ice cave. We keep ducking our heads away from the ice. I shut my eyes when I see a bright light. I open my eyes after seconds of keeping them shut. I saw thousands of dragons. " wow" I said. I look around more and I saw a white bewilder beast. I nudge Drago in the ribs. "what?" he said. " look down there" I said pointing to the bewilder beast. " that must be the alpha" he said. Suddenly we were bumped off ash and we fell. I pulled one of the strings on my suit and I dived down to catch Drago. Instead of me catching him I pushed him into a large batch of water. He came out of the water and went to the bank. I fly next to him and sit down.

"sorry about that" I said. " it's fine" he said wiping water off his face. I saw something on the corner of my eye. I look and it's toothless and hiccup. " you have to hide"i said. "why?". " just do it" I said pushing him to a big rock. I ran over to hiccup and hugged him. " why are you here?" he asked. "my dragon took me here" I said. He just smiled at me. " I want you to meet someone" he said getting on toothless. I get on toothless and we fly up to a cliff. I look down and saw Drago. I saw ash land right next to me. I gave her a sign and she flew down next to Drago and he got on her. They flew out of the cave. I turn around and I ran after hiccup. We make it too some sort of living room and kitchen combined. " hiccup, who is this" said a woman. " this is your niece" he said. " aunt val? Is that you" I said slowly walking to her. She nodded and I run over to her and hugged her. "hey mom, you'd never recognize it! Where we used to make weapons, we now build saddles, wing slings - we even fix dragon teeth! You wouldn't believe how much everything's changed!" said hiccup. Val handed me a plate of cup fish. I took it and picked one of the fish up then handed the plate to gobber. " Our son's changed Berk for the better. I think we did well with this one, Val." said stoick.

"Thanks, Dad".

Suddenly, Toothless and Cloudjumper suddenly perk up, sensing something unheard. Dragons swarm past the chamber, racing toward some unknown disturbance. The only thing i heard were HEAVY BOOMS that reverberate through the fortress. We ridge out to find...DRAGO'S army in the lagoon below and his forces of thousands now landed upon the launch catapults and ballistas into the icy spires, gaining entrance into the mountain's tunne. My aunt Valka tries to hurry off, fuming. My uncle Stoick stops her. "Val! It's all right, it's all right. We're a team what do you want to do?". She looks at each of use."We have to save the dragons"."got it"I said running back in. "Wait?" Yelled hiccup. "You even have a plan?" He asked. "Yes and it involves using Toothless ."OK". I got on toothless and exited the fort. I noticed i still have the flight suit on. I reached down to pit on hiccups mask. When i put it on people started to fire at me. "Get the dragon rider" one of the men yelled . while ON THE BATTLEFIELD I see dragons swooping down to engage the attackers, picking up soldiers and carrying them off while Drago stands in the line of fire, catapults continue to bring down the icy defenses of dragon mountain. Drago's men pour into the tunnels."whatever comes, keep hitting the mountain! We need to draw the alpha out" I heard drago yell." Ready the traps!". I look down and see Iron jaws are opened like bear traps, revealing screeching 'bait' dragons within. Several dragons swoop down to rescue them, only to be SNAPPED UP in the fearsome jaws.A second set of traps are cocked open, but instead of dragon cries, ZIPPLEBACK GAS seeps out... followed by an EXPLOSION. The TWINS rocket out of the trap, riding BARF and BELCH."Surprise! Yeah!". "WHAT?!". They're joined by Astrid and the rest of the GANG, bursting out of the traps atop Meatlug and Hookfang. Toothless fly's low enough to the ground i knock out several men."CUT THEM DOWN!" Suddenly i hear An earth-trembling roar i look behind me and the Bewilder beast rises behind my aunt. "The alpha! Now we have a fight!". A net suddenly envelops toothless. We CRASH heavily, but i cut myself free, sliding to a stop just paces away from Drago. " the dragon master, I've waited a long time for this!".Drago cocks his bull hook, ready to strike, but i deflect Drago's hit and attacks him. "You cannot take our dragons! They are controlled by the alpha!" I said in a deep voice."Then it's a good thing I brought a challenger".he turns to the flagship and YELLS savagely, whirling his bull hook heavy chains are released. The underwater creature, now freed, breaks the surface in an epic cascade of seawater. It rises toward the shoreline, revealing itself to be...A SECOND BEWILDER BEAST- bigger, meaner, and covered in scars that indicate years of training and abuse. The chains fall away from iron cuffs fastened to its massive 's challenger lumbers onto the beach, focused on the other Bewilder beast."No. No". "Come on! Take down the alpha!" I attack Drago with my stick , trying to stop his commands, but Drago strikes back, knocking me forcefully onto my back. He pins me as I struggle removing my stick. I notice that it got dark out quickly. The moon shines brighter than it did ever. As I turn into a dragon I'm stabbed in the chest. When lightning struck the two bewilder beast everyone stopped then I stood up and flew a few feet then fell into a chunk of ice. My cousin, aunt and uncle ran over to me but I keep trying to fly away. It's what all animals want to do when they get injured bad. They just want to be alone to die.

I enter the fortress and lay in a shallow spot. I lay my head on the bank and my body in the water. Both bewilder beast enter the water making the water level rise. I crawl up a little more so my head is above the water. I hear lots of foot steps so I look up and see all the dragons and people are in here to see me die. I see my aunt running to me and she collapsed on her knees. She starts to pet my head so I put my head in her lap and she continued to do so. I see hiccup and the gang come over to me and started to pet me. I made a weird purring noise and then Drago's bewilder beast came and lied by me and he made the same noise. Then all the dragons joined in and I feel my body getting weaker. I decided I want to be with Drago when I die so I fly then collapse by Drago. He came close to me and sat by me and started to pet me. " I'm sorry I hurt you" he said. " it's alright I'm going to be in a better place soon then I will see my family again. There is something I need to tell you I...I..." Then everything went dark.

I wake up by a eye piercing light. After my eyes adjusted I see a woman in bright white dress." You need to go back to him. It's not your time yet" she said. " who are you?" I asked. " your guardian. I have been watching over you for the past 25 years and I can tell you have been in love so many times and they'd have failed. The one who can truly love you is Drago. He has feelings for you and you have feelings for him as well. So go back to him" she said.

In a few seconds I'm back to the real world. I noticed I'm rapped into a blanket. I get out of it. I also notice I'm in a ship. I look over at the bank and see my family. They have a arrow in hand. When I see the arrows coming at me I quickly dive in the water. I burst out of the water for air. When I look to the shore there gone. I swim to the shore and get on a baby dragon.

I head to Berk and when I get there Drago PLUMMETS, BREAKING HIS FALL against the massive dragon's spines and landing hard on the ground, his bullhook landing just out of reach. Battered and weary, Drago reaches for his bullhook. Hiccup extends and fires up his Dragon Blade, hurling it like a javelin, and sticking it in the ground between Drago and his weapon, singeing his outstretched hand."Agghh!"."Hold him there Toothless!".Toothless SNARLS a warning, ready to blast."It's all over now"."Or is it?".Hiccup spins around, alarmed, as a RUSH of water THUNDERS up the Bewilder beast's throat."Oh, no!".It BLASTS, but i leap into the way, pushing hiccup out of the way. The freezing explosion misses up and envelops part of the ground.

When I rise off the ground people gasp. I looked around and people whispered. "Kelly, your alive" I heard someone say. I turn around and see hiccup. " yeah, I'm alive". We hugged. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I see hiccup back up. I know who it is. I turn around to face Drago. " I thought you were dead". " no, when I turned into the dragon I guess I had a extra life". " I'm glad your alive" he said with a smile. " I see you have a thing for my niece" said Stoick coming up behind me. " yes, I do" he said rapping his arm around my waist. I smile when he does it. I look at him and he looks at me. He leans down and captured my lips with his. People started to cheer. " we have our new Chief!" Yelled my uncle.

I pull way and look at my uncle. "Who are you talking about?" I asked. " I'm talking about your boyfriend" he said with a chuckle. we kiss once more and Gobber covers a gawking boy's eyes."oh".Gothi, the elder, taps Drago's shoulder, interrupting the romantic moment. She gestures for Drago to kneel. He does so, ash from a heap of burnt wreckage, Gothi traces a Viking symbol onto his forehead. She stands, meeting my proud, smiling eyes. My aunt turns to the silent crowd and throws up her arms." We have The new Chief!" she yelled. The Berkians erupt with cheers and applause as Drago takes in the moment, acknowledging the weight of responsibility now upon and the bewilder beast throw back there head's and BLASTS in celebration, spurring all other dragons to follow suit, lighting up the sky in a spectacular display.

2 years later

All the rubble got cleaned off the island. I need to tell Drago some great news but I can't find him anywhere. I find Astrid so I ran over to her. "Hey, have you seen Drago? I need tell him something". " hiccup and him went somewhere" she said. " can you help me find him?" I asked. " sure let's go". We call our dragons and they fallowed there smell. I see hiccup and Drago turn to see us rising into view. Ash lands and I slide off her. I walk over to Drago who is drawing part of the map. I sit by him and tap his shoulder. He looks over at me and smile's. He stands up and I get up. " how's your day?" He asked. " it's the same as every day" I said. Suddenly the ground started to shake. The part of the ground I'm on breaks off. Drago reaches out to me but is to late I fall. I call for ash but she didn't make it.

I hit the ground hard and everything when black." wake up, wake up" I heard someone say. "Wake up!". I open my eyes and see the same woman from last time. " am I dead!" I yelled. " no, you family is trying there hardest to get you conscious". " so I just blacked out?". She just nodded. " can I ask you a favor?". " what is it?". " can you get limbs back?". " yes, with a drop of my blood". She she hands me a small glass full of blood.

Seconds later I'm back to reality. Drago, hiccup and Astrid race down the hill as I get up. I feel something in my pocket and pull out the blood. " how did you service that fall ?" Asked Astrid. I just shrugged. Ash landed by me. I walked over to her and got on her. " Drago, can we talk at home". He nodded and got on my dragon.

When we get home we sat at the table. " what is it you wanted to talk about?". " I...i'm pregnant". He looked at me in shock then smiled. We got up and hugged. " have you told anyone?". " you're the first to know" I said. We decided this is news that all of Berk should know about. We called everyone to the center of town. When everyone is here the horn blew to make people be silent. " we will be having and new member of Berk soon". " is it a new dragon" someone yelled. " no, my girlfriend is pregnant!". All of Berk erupted in cheer. I Pulled Drago to the side and took off his fake arm. " what are you doing?" He asked with a chuckle. I take out the blood and put a drop on his shoulder. Within seconds his arm grew back. He looked at me in shock then kissed me. " I love you, with all my heart" he said. " I love you too".

Nine months later

I didn't sleep that well last night since the baby didn't stop kicking. I walked to the dragon hatchery and find Drago holding my dragon's egg. " what are you doing with her egg?". " it's been nine months. The egg is no good". " poor ash she has been putting in a lot of work to get the egg ready to hatch" I said. I hear ash cooing at the egg as she lands by me. I grab the egg out of Drago hand. I set the egg by ash and she curled up to it. I hear a tapping sound. I look at the egg a little closer and see a dragon claw poking out of the shell. Ash roared and seconds later the father of the egg comes flying in. The father is cloud jumper. He lands by her and laid down. The top of the shell popes off and a baby dragon sticks it's head out. The dragon looks a lot like ash but it has cloud jumper's skin and eyes. I walk over and pick up the baby dragon. I look to see the gender and it's a girl. I set her by her parents. Suddenly another head pop's out of the egg. I pick up the other dragon. The dragon does not look like any dragon I have ever seen. He has one green eye and the other is bright blue. He has cloud jumpers wings and Ashe's skin color. I set him down and suddenly I felt a dull pain in my stomach. I put my hand on my belly and rested my body on a wall. "Whats wrong?" Said Drago putting his hand on my stomach. " it's nothing" I said walking passed him. I walk to our House and lay on the bed. I heard the front door open then close. I heard the bedroom door open. Drago lays on the bed next to me. He rapped his arms around me. We fell asleep for a few hours until I scream out in pain. "What's wrong?". I felt something wet going down my leg. " the baby is coming!". He picked me up and took me to the town medic. He lays me on the bed and sits on a chair by me.

Six hours later

I hear a cry. I look up and see a baby. I was to tired to say anything and I blacked out.

I hear people talking but i don't recognize their voices. I open my eyes and see my aunt, uncle, hiccup, astrid and Drago. Drago moves closer to me and said " your finally awake ". I sit up and see my baby in my aunts arms. She walks over and hands me my baby. " what do you want to name her?" Drago asked. " her name is Anastasia". I kiss her head and she wakes up. She is so beautiful she has black hair like her father,green eyes and light tan skin from me. She is my beautiful angel.

12 months later

Drago and I are getting ready for Anastasia's first birthday. I went to the bakery and got the small cake. When I entered the house I almost fell over Anastasia's toys. I set the cake on the counter. I heard a giggle then laughing. I enter the bathroom and see Anastasia with a pile of bubbles on her head. I look at Drago and he is almost asleep while sitting by the tub. I shake him and he wakes up. "Honey, go take a nap. You need it". " no, I don't want to miss Anastasia's first birthday " he said a little groggy. " you won't I will wake you up before her party. Now, go take a nap" I said. He stands up and exits the room. I finished cleaning her up and brought her to her room so I can change her. I get her on the bed with a towel around her. I get her new dress and put it on her then I put her hair up in a ponytail.

I heard a knock at the front door. I picked her up and went down stairs. I open the door and see my aunt, uncle, cousin, astrid and snotlout with his son. "Hey, come on in" I said opening the door more. We all enter the living room and sit down. I set Anastasia on the floor and snotlout does the same with his son. " where is Drago?" My aunt asked. " he is taking a quick nap". " he has been getting tired a lot lately " hiccup said. " I guess being a first time father and chief is very tiering" I said taking a seat on the couch.

twenty minutes later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Drago entered the living room with a smile. Anastasia looked up at him with a one tooth grin. She starts to get up on her legs. Drago kneeled down. She stood up a little wobbly then she took a step forward then another step. When she took her first step I wanted to cry. When she took her third step she started a little run. She then made it to her father. He had the biggest grin I ever he set her down she walked to me. I picked her up and kissed her cheek then she busted in laughter.

half hour later we sang happy birthday and we ate the cake. Everyone stayed to watch her open her presents. From my aunt and uncle she got stuffed animal. The toy was almost bigger than her body. From hiccup,astrid and snotlout she got a toy dragon with four wheels and a string she can drag it around with. Drago and I get her some new clothes and lots of new toys. I personally gave her my necklace with our picture inside of it.

Anastasia looked up at her father and he looked at her. "Dada" she said. I looked at her in shock. Drago and I smile. "Dada. Dada" she said again rising her arms. Drago picks her up and kisses her cheek.

suddenly a baby dragons flew through a window and hit a near by wall. They slide down the wall onto the floor. The baby dragons are dash and jumper. My aunts and my dragons baby's. Suddenly both of the dragons scream and attach onto my leg not letting go of it. " what the heck?" I said trying to get them off me. Anastasia suddenly laugh and the baby's got off me and laid the ground by her. I walked to the window to close it but before I could cloud jumper and ashes head came through the window. Ash screamed and the baby dragons flew out the window.

everyone left while I clean up. Drago comes into the living room and helped me clean. Once we are done I sat on the couch. Drago raps his arm around me and I scoot closer to him. " having a child is exhausting " said Drago. " try carrying her for nine months then you will know exhausted". He just chuckled and kissed my head. " did you put her down for her nap?". " yes Kelly, I did". " good, now we have time together" I said getting in his lap. When we were about to kiss we heard a huge crash then a dragon roar which is followed by crying.

we race to Anastasia's room and see a huge black dragon. He looks like cloud jumper but a lot bigger. He screamed at us and picked Anastasia up with his teeth. Then he flew away. We race out side seeing lots of dragons we never seen. Some are bigger than the houses and others blended into the surroundings. I see the dragon that is holding my daughter.

"ash!" I yelled. She flew by me and I got on her. We raced after the dragon but before I could reach them a big dragon comes out of the sky. It's a red death. Ash goes up as the red death fallow us.

end p.o.v

Kelly pulls Ash into a turn. They plummet, gaining tremendous speed. The wind buffets them as they target the Red Death as super sonic speed. KABLAM! Ash unloads a fireball against the Red Death's head. It goes down with a rumble as they climb anew. Suddenly, the enraged behemoth RISES into frame... flapping its wings furiously. A daunting sight. Kelly and ash DIVE into the tangled sea stacks - they weave through the rock like rabbits through a briar. The Red Death SNAPS at them, but cannot reach them. Hiccup and Toothless PULL AHEAD.

The Red Death SMASHES through the canopy of rock and pulls in behind Toothless. He BURSTS THROUGH fifty-foot formations like they were saplings.

Kelly and Ash can't slow the monster down. Kelly eyes the clouds above. An idea hits her. She locks eyes with ash. BLAST! They narrowly dodge a column of flame and smoke. They

reach the low-hanging clouds and pierce them. The monster follows, immediately losing them in the hampered roars out of nowhere, Toothless DIVES at the huge dragon,BLASTING and PUNCTURING a hole in its wing. Kelly and ash are gone again before the dragon can get a shot at them. Kelly and ash dive in again and again, using the clouds to hide and surprise as they puncture the monster's BELLOWS in frustration and WHIRLS around, unleashing fire blindly, in all directions. Kelly sees the glow of fire cutting towards them. She pulls Ash into a turn. They fly directly into the Red Death's face, taunting it.

The Red Death OPENS his mouth. The familiar gas HISS emanates from his throat ignition is coming. Ash fires point blank down the monster's throat. Its

amassing gas is ignited, BACKFIRING into the monster,erupting in a chain of blasts throughout its body. Kelly and ash BURST from the clouds, the Red Death on their tail, exploding from within. It glances forward and sees the ground rushing up. It throws open its wings, attempting to put on the brakes, but the punctured, damage wings can't stop its momentum. As the Red Death chokes on the expanding fireball, he see ash suddenly pull out of the dive, streaking up, past its head. The red death bits one of her wings off making Kelly and ash plummeting to berk.

"Kelly!? Kelly!?" Drago yelled Through the ash, Drago saw the motionless silhouette of

Ash. " Kelly". He hurries to the dragon's side. Ash is roughed up, Drago looks to the sky in despair. He buckles at the knees,overwhelmed by the loss. Hiccup pushes through the crowd, his eyes welling by stoick. They flank Drago as he kneels, slumped over.

Behind them, a ring of Vikings form, keeping a respectful distance. As the dust and smoke clear, a ring of dragons can also be seen, gathering just behind and between the stirs and groggily rolls her head toward Drago. Their eyes meet.

Ash unfolds her wing, revealing Kelly, unconscious,clutched safely against her chest. Drago's eyes widen. He scoops Kelly into his arms. Listens to her heart. " she's alive!" He yells. All of Berk erupted in cheers. Kelly opens her eyes and said " where's my baby?" She said weakly. " I'm sorry but... ". Before he could finish his sentence she bursts in tears. " I will never see my baby again!" She said in sobs.

Six years later

In a far, far away island laughter can be heard for miles. Inside the island laid a little girl with a soul of a dragon but mind if a human. She has been surrounded by dragons as long as she can remember. Every year on her birthday she sees amazing explosions in the sky in a far way island. She wants to get closer but her protector won't let her go out side their shelter. She has not been around her own kind for years. The only thing she has is a necklace with the initials A.D.


I have been surrounded by dragons my hole life. I love dragons but I want to know who my family is. The only thing I have is a necklace. Will I ever get to know who my family is and do they even love me?.

riting here ...
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