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"I'm.. Going to fucking murder you if you don't—sHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY"

"Yoongi chill,"


"Well, he's not going to understand if you keep raising your voice, huh?"


"Shut it Taehyung, and look, Hoseok, why don't you try and explain to him that, cereal isn't considered as soup."

"A-are you serious? Taehyung what the fuc—"

"Finally, now can you explain that it's completely stupid? That's just one of the many dumbest things he had ever said,"

"I know i-it sounds really stupid but—you just have to listen to my reasons-"

"Oh shut up Taehyung, why would we listen? I sware, I'm going to leave this house."

"Listen Yoongi, maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb!"

"Watching SpongeBob every day won't get you anywhere idiot, anyways, bye, I'm packing."

"Y-you're not serious, right Taehyung? Then again.. You convinced Jin that hotdogs and sandwiches are the same things—"


Then the two turned their head to the sound of the front door closing.

It was Jin.

"Um.. Hey guys.. I came back from the market to make some sandwiches.."

Taehyung and Hoseok followed him in the kitchen and looked in the bag. There was juice, eggs, milk, watermelon,

hotdog buns, and sausages.

Yoongi then came downstairs, hearing another voice in the house, and the sound of the front door closing. He then walked towards the three. Yoongi then saw the grocery bag. Saw hotdog buns and sausages. He then sighed, hoping that it isn't what he thinks. Yoongi saw Jin on the other side of the counter which made him groan. The thought of Jin making, then eating a 'sandwich' that is actually a hotdog.

"What are you making?"

While he already knows what Jin is going to say, which made him groan even more.

"Go on, tell him what you told us,"

"Sandwiches.. "

Yoongi gave him a, 'are you fucking serious look'.

"Oh go shove some chopsticks up your ass Hoseok."

"Ready when you are, but any safe words?"


SeokJin and Taehyung ate their 'sandwiches'. Hoseok and Yoongi went upstairs to pack some clothes for their early flight tomorrow.

"Hey, where's Jungkook? He hasn't texted me back nor has come over to plan where Yoongi and I should strike next."

"Stop bugging about your boyfriend. Also, Jungkook is over at his parent's house today. Something about helping them pack for a vacation aboard."

"First, he isn't my boyfriend, gross. Second, hyung, can you try and call him? I'm busy packing with Yoongi, we're going to be gone for 2-4 days, or so."

"Sure, should I tell him or pass the phone so we can all discuss it?"

"We'll discuss it as a group, thanks."

"Alright then, I'll call till I annoy the hell out of that little shit."

"Woah, what did he do?"

"Well, Taehyung, he ate my snickerdoodles when I told all of you guys to not eat any of my snickerdoodles when I come back from the mall, and what did he do?"

"He shoved it up to his asshole—"

"What? Taehyung, what the hell?"


Jungkook answered the phone and he heard the two's conversation. Hoseok left a long time ago before Jin could rant. Hoseok has heard enough for the day.

"Alright, Jungkook, get your flatass over here, we need to discuss the plan."

"Okay, okay, let me just say bye to my parents and send them off. I'll be over in half an hour, or sooner—wait, nevermind, they called a taxi."

"Tell them that I said hi and that I hope they have a safe trip,"

"Yeah, hold on,"

"Mom, dad, Jin-hyung said hi and to have a safe trip!"

Was heard faintly on the other side from the call. Taehyung and Jin giggled a little. Jungkook heard dumb and dumber giggling and then just sighed.

"I'll be there, alright?"

"Alright, good, I'll tell Yoongi and Hoseok that you're coming here in a few."

"Oh yeah, um, hyungs?"

"Yes?" Both said dumb and dumber.

"When I get there, get ready to get your a—"

"He can't attack us if we ended that call and didn't hear him, right?"

"Whatever you say hyung, but I'm running."


"Thanks for calling me a 'bitch', 'bitch' means that it's someone who can't and won't be controlled by a man."

Taehyung then flipped his hair and then walked away, swaying his hips side to side like the badass he is. Jin then scoffed and stopped Taehyung from walking. He then swayed his hips side to side with more sass with his ass.

"Now that's how you do it correctly, sweetheart."

"You're going to need two hearts because one of them is going to be stabbed when I get the chance, sir."

"Try me!"

"Alright then!"


Then they both walked to the room where Hoseok and Yoongi are in, while aggressively holding each other's hands on the way there.


"Hyungs? I'm back!"

"We're over here kook!"

Jungkook then sprints upstairs and sits down like nothing. Everyone looks at him, then ignores it and talks about the plan. Yoongi then explains how both Hoseok and he are going to enter.

"So, Hoseok and I will enter through the ground to the safe. We'll stay there for 2-4 days, probably a few days more to seem less suspicious. Both of us will strike on the second last day and then leave on the first or second flight in the morning. We'll be taking disguised as a married couple on their honeymoon. Jungkook, any banks that are really high-tec for a real challenge this time?"

"Yeah, found two banks during the ride on my way here, England or Italy? Your pick."



"England it is, but you two, Jin and Taehyung. You both know what to do if the police ever showed up here, right? Even though it won't happen, just in case,"

"Always let the police in, and never, ever, let them leave, no matter what."

"Good, now, Jungkook, have your bags ready?"


"Let's go"


Hi guys!! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter.

Can you also comment/vote, it feels lonely here, I really appreciate it when you do.

Anyways, drink plenty of water, rest, and eat well. Stay safe during this time of event. Till' then :]

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