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Well now I asked the man in the castle to take me to the keeper. I visited the keeper he was really spending his last moments I asked him to tell me everything truth. He was scared at first but at last he said If I won't tell you then no one would. So listen
"When the king died every one was very sad pasha and your dad were very sad few days were spent in the sadness but after 1 month it was time to decide a new king for the future. Pasha wanted to continue the saltanat but your dad he didn't the night they both had a very big fight pasha said it doesn't matters who should become the king either you or me but the sultanat must resume. But your father won't listen at night your father was afraid that your brother might win and the sultanat may resume he was very upset, your father bribed some of the soldiers and made them kill your uncle pasha. The next day your dad announced the end of the saltanat pasha's death was a mystery to every one I knew this because one of the soldiers was my dad he died due an heart attack but not a natural but like someone killed him. Well this is the truth and now I can die peacly but pasha will not let your dad live. You must do something fast.
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