Mates For Eternity


I was lying flat on the bed, my arm covering my closed eyes. I breathed in deeply and peeked a look at Edward from under my arm.

There he was, standing rigidly by the window, glaring murderously at the outside world. His arms were folded tightly across his chest and I could hear his shaky breathing. He hadn't moved from this position since I had finished telling him my story. He had simply stared at me for a couple of minutes and silently moved towards the window.

I sighed as I placed my arm back over my eyes. I just wanted him to say something; anything. Even if it was to cast me away I just wanted the chance to hear his velvet, melodious voice that I would do anything for.

Suddenly, I heard movement outside of our room. I shifted my position on the bed so that I was sitting cross-legged on the covers, facing the door. I quickly glanced at Edward but saw that he was unfazed by the approaching beings; he had probably read their minds. A moment later, a quiet knock sounded on the door. I knew that Edward was in no state to answer the door.

"Come in." I called quietly. The doorknob twisted and the door creaked open. Stood outside of it were the rest of the Cullens, sympathy written on all of their faces.

"You heard?" I questioned in a flat voice. They silently nodded. I sighed and buried my face in my hands. For a split second, everything went deadly silent, until my sobs started echoing through the room. A pair of gentle arms wrapped around my shoulders comfortingly. I quickly looked up and saw Esme staring at me with a heart broken expression. I sobbed even harder; no one deserved to be affected by my past. I didn't deserve their sympathy; I had caused nothing but pain to this family.

Esme immediately crushed me into a hug, her arms forming a loving cage around me. She rubbed my back and started rocking us back and forth, trying to calm me and herself down.

"Oh my poor daughter!" she cried, "My baby!" I squeezed my eyes shut and buried myself further into her chest. Esme's sobs now joined mine and soon I was engulfed in other sets of arms. Alice had joined in our embrace, her eyes filled with venom. She clung tightly to my arm and started wailing in sadness. I faintly heard another set of sniffles and glanced up at Rosalie who had her face buried in Emmett's chest.

"Oh Rose!" I cried. Without thinking, I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her. After a moment of shock she responded by wrapping her arms tightly around me.

"B-Bella." She trembled, "I-I'm so s-sorry!" she started sobbing even louder and she buried her face in my neck. Jasper went to comfort Alice who was now hugging Esme whilst Emmett looked at me and Rosalie in remorse. Carlisle silently glided over to Edward and whispered something in his ear.

"How could someone do such a thing?" Jasper murmured to himself whilst shaking his head slowly.

"I don't know, but I would have been on my way to kill him if Bella hadn't had done it." Emmett replied icily. More guilt overwhelmed me and I clung tighter to Rosalie. Calmness washed over me and I turned to Jasper.

"Please." I whispered, "I don't deserve to feel better. I need to be punished." I heard a sharp intake of breath and saw Edward wheel around to face me. His eyes were coal black and his lips were in a tight line.

"Everybody out." Edward growled, not taking his eyes off me. Rosalie slowly let me go. Nobody was sure whether to go or not but Edward got easily frustrated, "OUT!" he roared. Everybody ran out of the room with their mates. I turned to the door and was about to leave when Edward suddenly appeared in front of me. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them to my sides. He leaned in so that his face was only a couple of inches from mine.

"Now, you listen to me Isabella. There is no way in hell that you deserve to be punished. Do you hear me? That sick bastard got what he deserved." Edward hissed.

"But what about Charlie? And Renee? They didn't deserve to die Edward." I whispered shamefully. Edward shook his head and let go of my wrists. He angrily started pacing back and forth, snarls erupting out of his throat.

"I don't blame you Bella." He told me sternly, "They weren't good parents for you. They ignored you and didn't believe you when you told the truth." He ran is fingers through his tangled hair, tugging at it in frustration.

"But what I did to Phil-"

"NO!" Edward roared. He lunged at me and pinned me up against the wall. I could feel his heavy breath on my throat, "DO NOT SAY THAT NAME EVER AGAIN!" He raised his fist and slammed it against the wall, making a hole in the wall.

"E-Edward." I begged. "Please s-stop." He scowled at me and removed his hands from the wall. He slowly stalked around the room before picking up his music system and hurling it into the opposite wall. I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to conceal the sobs that were threatening to come out. Edward then swiped his hands across his shelves, shattering his CDs and tearing his books. The venom filled my eyes and I started trembling. He then ran over to the wardrobe and started punching it, making the wood splinter. I couldn't take it anymore so I cried out and ran from the room. I slammed the door shut behind me and dashed into one of the spare bedrooms. Once inside, I closed the door quickly and spun around, pressing my back against the wood. I slumped against it and slid down until I hit the floor. I brought my knees up to my chest and sobbed.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.

"Bella?" Alice called, "Can I come in?" I slowly got up off the floor and twisted the doorknob, allowing Alice to come inside. She walked in and I shut the door behind her. She stood still in the middle of the room when she suddenly spun around to face me.

"How are you?" she asked quietly. I merely shrugged, not trusting my voice. Alice nodded her head thoughtfully. "Don't worry; the men are trying to calm him down." I stared blankly at her and she sighed.

"Look. I know I must be really annoying you by prying you away from Edward and such. But I've seen that we're going to be best friends, well you are my best friend, and it's really hard to spend time with you since you and Edward are newly mated. So I just want to say that I'm sorry for annoying you. Am I forgiven?" she put on big puppy eyes and an irresistible pout. I quickly replayed what she'd said to me in my head and couldn't help but start laughing.

"What's so funny?" she asked, still saddened.

"Alice you silly woman! You're not annoying me at all!" I giggled.

"So…you're not mad at me?" Alice asked with a hopeful glint in her eye. I shook my head.

"Of course not, and just for the record, you're my best friend too." I told her sincerely. She squealed extremely loud before tackling me to the ground in a hug. I laughed at Alice's gesture but was soon cut off when I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Alice gracefully leapt off me before sending me a wink and going out of the door. I stood up, a bit confused, and sat down on the bed. I heard murmurs outside of the door but they were too low for me to distinguish who it was or what they were saying. I crossed my legs and waited patiently.

The doorknob twisted gently along with the sound of rhythmic footsteps dancing away. The door opened fully to reveal my Greek God. He stayed where he was for a moment, searching my face for something. He slowly took a step towards me, but I didn't move. I showed no emotion on my face as he came over to me, regret and hurt burning in his eyes. He hesitantly took my hand and gently pulled me off the bed. I was now in a position where I was stood directly in front of him. He slowly brought his hand up and caressed my cheek lovingly. I closed my eyes and leaned into his touch. The electric sparks shot through me from where our skin made contact, making my insides feel fuzzy and warm.

"Bella?" Edward whispered softly. I slowly opened my eyes and came into contact with his warm topaz eyes. I saw the venom leak into his eyes.

"I-I'm so s-sorry Bella." He sobbed. He closed his pained eyes and touched his forehead to mine. "I-I didn't m-mean to scare you." His eyes snapped open and a horrified expression crossed his face. "Oh God, I didn't hurt you did I?" He put me at arms length and frantically searched my body for any injury. I shook my head.

"No," I assured him quietly, "You didn't hurt me." I saw relief wash over his face. He pulled me into his chest and held me tightly. He repeatedly pressed his lips to my hair. I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent. It suddenly occurred to me that my mother used to do this when I was sad; she used to hold me and kiss my hair, telling me that I would be alright.

A new round of sobs broke through my body and I clung tighter to Edward.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice breaking at the end as he started to cry along with me.

"The memories, Edward. They won't go away." A moment of silence was held between us.

"I'll make them go away." Edward whispered, almost too low for me to here. I looked up at his determined face.

"What?" I questioned. He looked down at me.

"I'll make them go away Bella." Edward's voice took on a new tone of determination and force, his eyes blazing. Before I could register anything else, Edward crashed his lips to mine roughly. I moaned and immediately craved more. His tongue slid across my bottom lip, begging for entrance and I happily accepted, opening my mouth wide enough so that he could explore it. Keeping one arm firmly around my waist, his fingers fisted my hair and he pulled my face closer to his. I locked my arms around his neck and pressed my body even tighter to his. I heard a growl of lust coming from his chest and I felt my knees go weak. Edward broke the kiss to shower my face in loving kisses. Suddenly, he swiped my feet from underneath me and caught my head before I fell to the floor. He cradled me against his chest and started kissing my throat whilst carrying me over to the double bed.

He lay me down on the pillows and lay down on top of me. He balanced his weight out perfectly so that I could feel none of it. He cupped my face with one of his hands and stared at me intensely.

"I'll make them go away." He repeated, "I'll stop them from hurting you." He desperately reattached his lips to mine and parted them with his tongue. His hands raked down my body and desire took over me once again. Without breaking away from me, Edward starting undoing the button on my jeans and then unzipped them. He practically ripped off my jeans. He moved his lips from mine and pulled off his shirt, revealing his perfect body. I bit my bottom lip, which Edward noticed and his eyes darkened. He hovered over me and gave me a sweet, passionate kiss and then crawled down my body, stopping where my shirt ended. He glanced up at me and then turned his attention back to my shirt. He gently pushed the material up, exposing my bare stomach. He leaned down and kissed my stomach reverently and pushed the material higher, placing kisses on the parts of my body that became exposed. He pulled the shirt over my head and discarded it by throwing it across the room. He pressed his lips to mine once again and I started getting more lustful so I pushed my hips into him. He moaned in my mouth and pushed back with his own hips. He released my lips and placed a lingering kiss on my left temple before crouching down to where my panties were. He hooked his thumbs under the sides and pulled them down. Once they were off, he nudged himself in between my legs.

"Edward, what are you- oh!" I moaned as I felt his tongue at my entrance. I gripped onto the sheets as his tongue started darting in and out of my entrance, my moans becoming increasingly loud every time he did it. I couldn't stop the rhythm that my hips were making and I felt the pleasurable knot in my stomach tighten. I knew my release was coming.

"Oh Edward!" I cried. He started getting faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore and screamed as I came to my release. I felt Edward drink up my juices and felt a little bit embarrassed by it. Once he was done, he hovered back over me, kissing my panting mouth and letting me taste my own arousal. Edward wrapped his arms around the middle of my back and pulled me up so that we were kneeling opposite each other. I placed my hands on his shoulders as he moved his face to the left of my throat and started sucking on the skin there. Moans escaped my mouth freely and I heard a little snap. I felt my bra get removed and Edward's hands roamed around the skin on my fully exposed back. He pulled away from my neck to work on the other side. His hands moved from my back and skimmed across my breasts. I closed my eyes in pleasure and tilted my head to the left so that he had better access to my neck. He growled appreciatively and fastened his arms around my waist, bringing my closer to him. He tilted my head back properly and assaulted my lips with his. My finger trailed from his shoulders down his chest, down his stomach until I reached the top of his jeans. I swiftly unbuckled his belt and he helped me by kicking off his jeans. I pulled his boxers off his legs to reveal his naked body. I licked my lips in anticipation as I drunk him in. I wanted to give him pleasure, like he had given me pleasure. I kissed his lips and started pecking my way downwards when Edward gently pushed me on my back, back on the bed. I looked up at him, confused.

"But I want to give you pleasure." I told him. He shook his head.

"No," he whispered, "this is for you." He hovered over me for a moment and then slowly lowered down onto me. I felt his weight press onto me. I lifted my hands so that they were either side of my head. Edward brought his hands up and held mine, interlocking our fingers on the pillows. He positioned himself on top of me and leaned down to my ear.

"I love you." He whispered passionately before he thrust deep into me. I moaned as I felt him inside of me. He pulled out and plunged back in causing pleasure and electric shocks to course through my body. I closed my eyes as he kept pulling out and pushing back in to me, burying himself deeper and deeper within me. Once he got a rhythm going, I raised my hips to meet his. He moaned along with me and tightened his grip on my hands. He pressed his lips to mine as he kept going, not stopping his rhythm. Our moans got louder and louder until I was ready. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach tighten as Edward got faster and harder with his rhythm. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter as I was about to release.

"That's it Bella." Edward encouraged. "Just let go." I didn't have to be told twice as he pushed into me one final time. I gasped as my walls clamped around him. I screamed as my orgasm took over me, causing my body to tremble. I heard Edward gasp as his orgasm took over him too. He quickly released my hands and pulled my body up to his, pressing me tightly against him as we came together. Once we were done, we collapsed onto the bed. Edward looked over at me and wrapped his arms securely around my still trembling form, pulling me up against him. I laid my head on his chest and breathed in heavily, trying to calm myself down. Edward gently took hold of my hand and pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me two more times before kissing my forehead. He opened up my palm and twisted his head so that he could kiss it. He skimmed his nose across my fingers and kissed each one before pressing my hand on his chest where his heart is.

"I love you Bella." He whispered, looking at me lovingly. I smiled and cuddled closer to him.

"I love you too Edward."

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