Mates For Eternity

Forks, Washington

I knew I couldn't go on like this, lying here day in, day out with nothing to do except hunt and wash. Whatever happened to the old Bella who was strong and independent? Who did whatever she could, whenever she could?

Oh yeah, she got changed into a vampire.

I groaned and rolled over onto my stomach, the moisture from the ground slowly seeping through my dress. I buried my face in the ground, thinking. I needed to do something; anything! But I was too scared. I was safe here as no one could touch me. No humans could get hurt because of me if I was here.

But where was here? Come to think of it, I didn't have a clue where I was! Which state was I in? Was civilisation near? I doubted that. I unearthed my face and placed my chin on my elbows. I hooked my left ankle over my right ankle and lifted them up in the air. I was still undecided. I wanted to explore the world, meet other vampires, and hear their stories.

But I would never tell anyone about how I got changed into this. Never. My body shuddered by just mentioning it and all my thoughts scattered all over my brain. I could feel my breakdown coming as the venom pooled in my eyes and I started hyperventilating.

"No, no, no." I whispered as I covered my face with my hands, willing my emotions to get back in line. I started taking deep breaths as to calm myself down. I swore to myself that I would never think of it. I refused to remember how I got myself damned to this life out of my own stupidity. I still couldn't stop my trembling form, so I turned over onto my back and screamed out into the heavens. My body curled towards the sky as I let out all my anger trough mindless shrieks.

After an hour or so of having my breakdown, I slowly sat up and looked at my surroundings. I could see streaks of pink and orange across the sky, accompanied by a mass of yellow coming from the east.

"And so a new day begins." I murmured as I watched the sun rise. It really was a beautiful sight. I heard the birds begin their morning song, spreading a sense of peace and tranquillity throughout the forest.

As the sun rose higher and higher, my skin started to sparkle faintly. I lay on my back allowing my hair to fan out around me and raised my right arm in front of me. I turned it this way and that and watched how the sunlight bounced of my diamond skin, throwing an array of colours into the forest.

Coincidently, two robins flew into the clearing that I was in. I didn't know if it was the same two that I saw before. I gently lowered my arm so it lay across my stomach as I observed the robins flapping about. It seemed amazing how they could go to any heights they wanted. They could fly around the world with the motion of their wings. They were free.

I decided then and there that I was going to explore the world. I wanted to be free too. I wanted to discover things for myself and have an adventure, not to mope around here for the rest of eternity.

Within a sixteenth of a second, I bolted up and started pacing. The robins shrieked and flew away but I didn't care at that moment; I was planning.

I needed to find a town or even a small village; anywhere where I could know where I was. I looked down at myself and sighed. My dress was drenched and thick with mud. Obviously I would need a new change of clothes too. But how? I didn't have any money! I groaned as I sank back down onto the soggy earth. I sat cross-legged and stared across the lake.

Maybe I could get a job? I thought. I shook my head. Too risky.

Maybe you could borrow some? My breath caught in my throat. Steal? Was that the only way for me to get clothes? To steal them? There must be another way.

There is no other way! My mind hissed at me. It will be simple. Run into a closed clothes shop, steal a few clothes and a map, run back here and change your clothes and then go wherever the hell you want using the map!

Before I knew what I was doing, I ran North in hopes of finding a town. I didn't care what it looked like as long as it had a clothes shop and a place with maps. I ran at lightening speed, like a cheetah, through the forest, smacking away branches that got in my way. I jumped over boulders and fallen trees. At one point, I climbed up a tree and started jumping through the tree tops.

I travelled through the forest for four hours, hopelessly trying to track down any humans that could lead me to a city. Just as I was about to give up, I heard the roaring engine of a car. I froze in my tracks and quickly dived into the nearest bushes. I peeked through the leaves to find the car speeding down the road. Without a moment's hesitation, I followed it at a steady pace. The road wound like a snake, slithering through the land.

After twenty minutes, I started to make out buildings in the distance. Too excited to stop myself, I sped in front of the car, still under the cover of the trees, and dashed as quickly as I could to the city. I came to an abrupt stop as I realised that the sun was still out and I would have to wait for about ten hours until I could go out. With a huff I stalked through the tops of the trees until I found a dress shop. I settled in the canopy where no one could see me, and waited.

I stared as couples entered the clothes shop and came out with bags of clothes. It was comical how many of the men seemed reluctant to go in and then ended up carrying most of the stuff for their wives. I chucked as they struggled with the weight.

Before I knew it, the shop was closing and the night had returned. I saw that there were an array of cameras pointed around the shop, and no doubt there were some inside of it too. I would have to take them out.

When the streets deserted, which took a while because of some drunken teenagers, I leapt gracefully from the canopy onto the roof of the shop. Whilst there, I pulled out the wires from the cameras. I climbed down onto the ground and went to the back of the shop. There was a grey double door which I assume led to the storage room.

Perfect! I thought.

I tried pulling the door gently, but it wouldn't budge. I then moved to pushing it, but I still had no luck. I was staring to get a little frustrated now.

Oh, what the heck? I thought and kicked the doors as hard as I could. They flew off their hinges with a huge groan and collapsed onto the floor. I smirked but it was soon wiped off my face when the alarm went off.

"Shit!" I hissed. I darted into the shop and through another set of doors. I quickly punched the cameras out and grabbed whatever clothes I could get my hands on. With one arm full, I grabbed a carrier bag and filled it. I jumped over the counter and smashed the cupboards under the desk over. And to my luck, there was a map.

Result! I praised in my head. I could hear sirens going off in the distance so I quickly snatched up the map and my bag and smashed through the display window, bolting back out into the forest. I easily picked up my scent, freesias with a hint of strawberry, and sprinted all the way back to my clearing.

When I got back to my "home", I dumped my bag onto the ground and pulled out the contents. I stripped the dress off my bodice and threw it to one side. I had managed to grab a couple of bras and some underwear from the shop so I swiftly put it on. I then resulted to pulling on a baggy grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt, with dark blue skinny jeans, black converse shoes and a plum hoodie that came down mid-thigh. Amazingly, it all fit.

Once I was sure I was comfy, I placed my torn dress into the bag and dumped it into the lake and then tore off all the price tags on my current clothes. I picked up the map off the floor and held it up. I could see that someone had circled Canada.

Is that where I am? I mused, In Canada?

I shook my head as I studied the map further. I placed my finger on Canada and trailed it down through the rest of America. My finger was currently placed in Washington when a name popped out at me.


Forks? I'm sure I had heard of that name before. I squeezed my eyes shut as I repeated the name Forks, Washington in my head, trying to remember where I had heard it before.

Bingo! I remember now! We were taught about it at high school. It was one of the smallest towns in the U.S and was one of the rainiest places in America, which was also surrounded by a vast majority of dense forest. Why, Forks seemed a perfect place to start. I smiled as I thought about all the things I could do. Maybe I could finally graduate high school. I never got the chance since I was changed…

I shook my head of my vile transformation. I memorised which routes I would take and when I should hunt. It should take me about two days on foot to get there. I folded up the map and placed it in my jean pocket. With my new found excitement, I bounded away into the forest.

Forks, Washington, I hope you're ready for me.

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