Mates For Eternity

She's Mine


As soon as the front door of the house slammed shut, I ran full speed into the trees. All I saw was red as I hunted the little worm that called himself a man. He didn't deserve to live after what he had just done.

And I would make sure that he wouldn't live.

The fool was thinking about what he and MY Bella would get up to if they were mated. I so desperately wanted to kill him as soon as I first saw him, but I tried to reign in my control for the sakes of my family and the Denalis.

But he had gone over the line.

The positions he was imagining them in were both disturbing and revolting; but if it were me in his place then they became very appealing. I had not had sex with my Bella since last night, and I needed to be inside of her again; tonight. I knew that we had guests that would be able to hear our every moan, but I couldn't really give a fuck now. Bella was my mate and I was going to do what I liked with her. One of the many reasons that I loved Bella was because when she got over her past- I still shudder as I recall it- she became more confident and independent. I thought that this was going to be a problem at first as she may try and be defiant with me; not that it mattered because I would simply tie her to the bed until she became submissive to be. But surprisingly, when she was with me, she was submissive. She understood that she was mine and didn't try to change that.

And nothing would change that. Ever.

I was brought out of my musings when I saw the worm stop in the middle of the clearing just East of my family's house. I allowed my instincts to take over and didn't stop as I slammed into him, pinning him to the ground. I felt him struggle underneath me and I cackled maliciously.

"Do you think you can wiggle free?" I growled at him. I pulled his wrists, which I had hold of behind his back, and twisted them to face the wrong way. The worm yelled in pain as his legs flailed around trying to get me off him; pathetic.

"P-Please!" the coward begged.

"Please what?" I spat, "Please don't hurt me? Please let me go? Please forgive me for thinking about your mate even though you could hear me?" I had no intention of doing any of those. Annoyed at his constant yelping, I punched him hard in the shoulder and he screamed.

"I didn't m-mean it." He whimpered. I growled louder and pushed him further into the dirt. Of course he meant it and I didn't need Jasper's power to see the way he was looking at my love. It was only the thoughts of my pleading family and the actions of my Bella that stopped me from tearing his head from his shoulders.

But my family and my Bella weren't here now, were they? I grinned evilly at the thought. I pulled away from him but swiftly tore off both of his legs so that he couldn't run. I internally rejoiced as I saw his features distort in agony and pain. He brought this upon himself. I picked up his legs and shoved them under a tree so that he couldn't move them. I stalked back over to the boy and roughly grabbed his throat, bringing him up to my level. His hands tried to claw at mine, but he was weak. I was taller than him when he had legs so he dangled from my grip. I squeezed my hand around his neck, blocking his airways. I could crush his wind pipe right now, but I decided to have a little fun with him first.

With a terrifying roar I flung the worm into the trees, hearing him hit every one. I ran over to where he landed and just saw a crying mess. He was hunched over, trying to stop the pain that was now going through his body.

"Peter." I addressed darkly. The boy whimpered but looked up to meet my eyes. That's probably the bravest thing he's ever done. I thought sarcastically. I clasped my hands behind my back and started circling him. "How long have you been like this?" I gestured towards him.

"S-Six months." He stuttered. I internally smirked; killing him would be easy as he is so young.

"So, you think you can take MY mate away from me, do you? You think she prefers your company to mine?" Within a flash, I stood behind him and tugged his hair so that his head snapped back, my lips at his ear. "You think she would rather mate with you?" I watched as the worm remained motionless and unresponsive. I sighed and swiftly ripped off his arm, discarding it amongst the trees. The boy's screams filled the air once again; I was getting rather tired of it. I drew my fist back and punched him squarely in the jaw, trying to shut him up. Once he was on the ground, I kicked and punched every inch of him. He feebly tried to defend himself with one arm.

"SHE'S MINE!" I roared as I punched him. "I LOVE HER!" I kicked him several times. "SHE LOVES ME!" I tore off his remaining arm, grabbing his throat in a vice grip. "AND NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT! DO YOU HEAR ME? NOTHING!" I squeezed once again and I felt his wind pipe crushing between my fingers. He was choking on air so I threw him down onto the ground once again. I stalked over to him and crouched down to his level. His venom was pooling around him. I lifted his head up by his hair again and grabbed his head between my hands again.

"And don't you forget it." I whispered into his ear. I started twisting his head when three pairs of hands grabbed me from behind and pulled me off the worm. My instincts immediately kicked in and I tried to twist out of their grip. I snarled deeply as the offenders' thoughts were a jumble of panic. They dragged me further away from the worm and I twisted and snapped my jaws at them. All three of them, Emmett, Jasper and Eleazer froze in shock for a moment before using more strength to drag me away.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I roared as I tried to get to the boy again. He needed to be killed. Now.

Edward, please. Just listen for one minute! Eleazer begged with his thoughts.

"NO! HE NEEDS TO DIE!" I responded. I heard another pair of footsteps approaching. Carlisle burst through the trees, carrying the worm's legs and arm. My eyes widened as he started trying to heal the boy.

"TRAITOR!" I screamed at him in fury. He turned to face me with apologetic eyes but I bared my teeth at him in response. How could he side with him?

Edward, son. Carmen has worked so hard to make Peter feel comfortable within he family. I understand your reasons as to why you want to kill him and trust me, he will be punished. But think about what it would do to Carmen if you killed her son… Carlisle's thoughts made me pause momentarily. It was true that I would feel guilty that I had upset Carmen, but I need to protect my Bella. As long as that thing breathes, she is in danger. Carlisle could see the conflict in my eyes.

It's only for two weeks Edward. Stay by Bella's side and you should be fine. I promise you that if he tries anything else, I and the rest of the family will stand by you. I sighed and nodded in agreement. I gently shrugged the hands off me, letting my brothers and Eleazer know that I was in control.

"Very well." I regretted speaking these words. "Two weeks."

"That's all I'm asking." Carlisle nodded. Thank you. He added in his head.

"And you." I addressed, glaring at Peter as his wounded eyes met mine. "Stay away from my girl, or I swear I will rip your fucking head off your shoulders and feed it to the wolves. You were lucky tonight." And with that, I dashed back to my Bella.

The need that I had been suppressing down for my Bella hit me with full force. I needed to make love to her right now. I pined for her touch and also needed to touch her. I needed to remind her who she belonged to, which was me. I needed to love her and pleasure her. I needed to mark her as mine.

As I got closer to the house, I could smell my girl's heavenly scent. I drove forward faster as my body started aching to be melted with hers. My body wanted to feel her and hear her moan my name. Just thinking about it made me hard.

I leapt through the front door and saw that everyone was doing their own thing. I saw Tanya smile flirtatiously as I entered but I didn't even look at her. She was so convinced that we were mates but I wasn't ever attracted to her. She was really starting to piss me off now. I had Bella, and I would never look at another woman again.

I heard a musical giggle coming from the kitchen and knew that it was my Bella. Everything about her was perfect. I quickly ran into the kitchen and saw her leaning up against the counter, laughing at some remark that Kate had just made.

Before Bella even knew I was there, I lunged for her and threw her over my shoulder.

"Edward!" she squeaked. I didn't respond as I ran up to our bedroom. When we arrived, the king-sized bed looked very inviting. I threw her onto the bed and kicked the door shut and locked it within a second. Then, I jumped on top of my Bella and roughly kissed her on the lips, shoving my tongue down her throat. She immediately responded by wrapping her arms around my neck, winding her fingers in my hair. I grunted as her tongue massaged mine and I ground my lips harder to hers. I pulled away to place a trail of kisses across her jaw, neck and collar bone. I skimmed my nose back up to her ear.

"I want you." I whispered huskily. "Now." I didn't wait for a reply as I trailed my hands under her shirt, feeling her flat stomach. Pleasurable electricity sparked from where my skin touched hers. I rubbed my hands up to her breasts and she moaned, arching her back so that she could be closer to me. It always thrilled me to know that I had this effect on her. I cupped her breasts lovingly and she moaned. But all of a sudden, she froze. I immediately stopped my actions, pulling my hands from underneath her top.

My nostrils flared as I searched the room with my eyes, looking for any danger that had stopped our intimacy. I came up black so I looked at my girl, confused.

"They'll hear us." She whispered, looking down embarrassed. She was referring to the guests we had and I immediately became angry. I didn't care whether they heard us or not. I was not going to stop making love to my girl because someone complained about the noise.

"Then let them hear." I growled as I placed my hands back under her top to where they were before we were interrupted. Before she could say anything else, I massaged her breasts lovingly.

"Oh Edward!" she moaned. I growled lustfully in response to hearing my name come out of her lips. I pulled away slightly and tore off Bella's shirt, leaving her top half in her lacy black bra. I realised that she was wearing my shirt, which was now ripped to pieces on the floor. Oh well, I had already worn it once.

I growled as the black bra covered up my girl's beauty, no matter how sexy the piece of lingerie was. I took one of the straps in between my teeth and ripped it off, revealing my Bella's top half. I looked down at her chest and didn't hesitate to place open mouthed kisses on her exposed flesh. My tongue swirled around her naval before I dipped it in. Once I pulled away slightly Bella proceeded to rip off my shirt too. I kneeled up as to help her remove the clothing and she kneeled opposite me. I saw her eyes cloud over in lust as she raked her fingers down my chest and stomach. My eyes rolled into the back of my head in pleasure. I cupped her face and kissed her lovingly. Without pulling away, my hands slid down her arms, down her stomach until they rested on the button of her jeans. I ripped off the denim as well as her underwear so she was completely naked in front of me. My eyes raked down her body as I held her in my arms; the perfect arc of her hips, her flat stomach, her curvy collar bones.

She's fucking gorgeous!

Without warning, Bella tore off my jeans and boxers, leaving me naked too. I watched as she marvelled at my body. But I didn't want her to look; I wanted her to feel me. I took her hand a placed in on my erection. She gasped and looked down at her hand.

"It's yours." I murmured. I then placed my free hand to cup her sex. "Just like this is mine." She nodded her head and I gently placed my hands on her shoulders, pushing her down onto the soft bed. I cupped her face with one hand and used the other to stroke her cheek.

"Bella." I whispered and I kissed her passionately. I loved this woman so much. All of a sudden, she flipped us over so that she was on top of me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. I wasn't having that. I growled playfully and flipped us back to how we were and I straddled her. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head on the pillow.

"That was naughty Bella." I scolded playfully as i skimmed my lips around her face. "And for that you need to be punished." I nibbled her ear and smiled when she writhed underneath me. I pushed my knee in between her legs and slid into the space. I placed myself at her entrance and let her wrists go, placing my hands on either side of her head on the pillow. Gently, I pushed into her, feeling her warmth. We both moaned at the pleasure. I pulled out and pushed into her several times.

"Harder." Bella demanded. Her wish was my command. I thrust harder into her, allowing myself to bury deeper inside of her. I started picking up the pace whilst kissing her body everywhere that I could.

"Edward!" she cried. I started slamming into her even harder, with loud moans escaping my mouth. I was inside of my Bella and I was the only one who ever would be inside of her. My body started trembling as my orgasm came closer. I kept grunting as I thrust in and out of her. With one last slam, my release came.

"Bella!" I moaned as I spilled myself inside of her. I felt her walls clamp down around me as she too moaned my name in ecstasy. I buried my face in her neck, trembling from my orgasm. I wish that I could stay in her forever, but I reluctantly pulled out of her. I lay beside her and wrapped the blanket around us. We weren't cold, but it made me feel closer to her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her head on my chest. Bella rolled on top of me and I started licking her neck.

"Eww, Edward!" she giggled. I chuckled lightly and settled back down into the pillows, my fingers trailing up and down her spine. Suddenly, she balanced on her elbows and started placing open mouthed kisses on my chest. I purred in pleasure as she continued her motions. She kissed all the way up to my neck and then down to my stomach. She looked up at me from under her lashes and my breath caught in my throat. Her lips were swollen, her eyes were dark and her hair had a messy look to it. It was sex hair. And I liked it.

"Like something you see?" she asked innocently, batting her eyes and resting her chin on the top of my chest. I growled in response and rolled on top of her. I placed my elbows either side of her and got ready to enter her again.

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