Mates For Eternity

Love Story

The Denalis had been here for a grand total of five days, but to me, it felt like an eternity. The glares from Tanya never ceased and I could tell that she was starting to get on everyone's nerves, not just mine and Edward's. Eleazer and Carmen were constantly apologising to us about her behaviour; they couldn't see why she wouldn't accept the fact that me and Edward were mates.

Peter had been unusually quiet since the encounter with Edward and it spiked my curiosity. Every time I would enter the room, he would leave. Of course, I was glad he wasn't pestering me, but still, it didn't stop me from wondering what Edward had said to him. I asked Edward once and his reply was;

"I just had a little chat with him, nothing major." Of course, being me, I believed him, but it didn't explain why he smirked the entire time like he was remembering a private joke. I simply shrugged it off.


Alice had insisted that we have a movie night tonight. Everyone was seated in the lounge, laughing hysterically at Alice and Emmett who were both fighting to put on their DVDs.

"There is no way that us men are having a soppy romance on the screen!" Emmett boomed. He was trying to put The Hangover into the DVD player when Alice swatted his hands away.

"Well, us girlsare not going to watch that!" Alice pointed at Emmett's DVD in distaste. "And Titanic is not just a soppy romance! It's a beautiful film that won eleven Oscar awards. Therefore, we will put it on!" She quickly dashed to the DVD player, but Emmett got in her way.

"Let's have a vote." Carlisle decided.

"Finally, someone with a plan!" Emmett cheered. "All in favour of putting on a real movie," he held up The Hangover, "raise your hands." Esme, Carlisle, Eleazer and Carmen all said that they were neutral on the matter but Jasper, Edward, Irina and Tanya put their hands up. Seeing that we were outnumbered by one, Alice pouted and looked down, looking like she was going to cry. I sulked slightly into Edward's lap; we only needed one vote to change the movie. But then I got an idea.

"Edward." I purred. I swivelled around so I was straddling him and leaned into his neck. I tenderly placed my lips on his throat and I heard him gulp; I smirked.

"Edward." I breathed. I trailed my lips up his throat to his chin, across his jaw and to his ear.

"Please baby," I murmured, "can we watch Titanic? Please?" I pulled back and pouted at him. He groaned and pulled me against his chest, kissing and nuzzling my hair.

"Sorry Em. Looks like we're watching Titanic." Jasper laughed. Emmett groaned as Alice squealed and darted to the DVD player.

"That's not fair!" Emmett whined as he sulked back to Rosalie.

"That's life." Rose whispered and kissed his cheek. Alice danced over t the lights and turned them off as the film started. It always used to make me cry when I was a human and I don't think that it would be any different now that I was a vampire. I quickly turned so that I was comfortably seated on Edward's lap again and leaned my back into his chest. I felt his arms snake around my waist and pull me tighter to his body. I quickly glanced around the darkened room and saw that all the couples were in a similar position to us. Kate, Irina and Tanya were all seated on the three seat sofa and Peter was in the arm chair in the corner of the room, watching the screen intently.

I soon became absorbed in the story once again however I started imagining that jack and Rose were Edward and me. I internally chuckled as my imagination got the best of me.

It was the part where Jack kissed Rose for the first time when I heard a small cry. I whipped my head around and saw Peter with venom pooling his pain filled eyes. He was watching the screen intently, but then suddenly dashed out of the room. Everyone looked around in confusion as to what had upset Peter, but they shrugged it off and carried on watching the film. But I didn't.

I had never seen Peter look so vulnerable before; I hadn't even seen Edward look that upset. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion at this new information.

"Are you alright?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"I think I need some air." I replied. I started unwinding Edward's arms from around me.

"I'll come with you." He tried to stand up but I pushed him back down.

"No. I don't want to ruin your movie time." I told him.


"Shh!" Emmett whispered. He was watching the movie with fascination and wonder. I rolled my eyes. So much for a soppy romance, huh Emmett?

"Stay." I mouthed to Edward. He seemed reluctant to let me go.

"Five minutes." He mouthed back. I nodded my head and proceeded to walk through the lounge, past the kitchen and through the back door. The cool air hit me and I instantly felt a bit better; it was stuffy in that lounge.

"Why did you have to put that movie on?" I heard a voice speak. I abruptly snapped my head to the voice and saw Peter looking at his shoes.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Peter looked up and I gasped. His eyes were filled with pain and loss. He stepped forward and I instantly took a step back. He sighed sadly and sat cross-legged at the edge of the forest. He aimlessly started picking at the grass.

"No one ever did tell you how I was changed, did they?" he murmured, still not looking at me. I stared at him for a few seconds and then shook my head. He sighed again and out his head in his hands.

"Is it really that bad?" I asked quietly.

"No." He groaned, "It's much worse." He pulled his head out of his hands.

"It was my first day back as a senior at my high school. I was the most popular boy; captain of the football team, had all the girls after me. At sixteen, that meant everything. It was lunch time and I was sitting with my "crowd" when I noticed someone sitting in the corner of the canteen at one of the abandoned tables. I couldn't see their face as they were buried in a book. We all thought that the person was a nerd so we laughed about them. I was then dared to go up to them and throw food on them. Being he idiot I was, I agreed and went over to them. I picked up their tray and was about to dump their food on them when they put the book down.

"What I saw took my breath away. Looking up at me was the most beautiful pair of aqua blue eyes I had ever seen. It was a girl. She had luscious fiery red hair and beautiful pale skin. She smiled at me and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I quickly looked back on my friends and remembered what I had to do. I wasn't thinking straight at the time, and my popularity was more important than her so I dumped the food on her. As soon as I realised what I had done, she had run into the girl's toilets. I had never felt so ashamed of myself.

"For weeks I tried to apologise to her, but she didn't want to know. I found out from my friends that her name was Kayleigh. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I showered her with presents and she confronted me about it. I took my chance and apologised deeply to her. Thankfully, she accepted.

"After that, we took the time to get to know each other. The more we learned, the more we realised how different we were. I loved pop whilst she had a thing for classical. She was my opposite, my other half. I knew, even then, that I would do anything for her. I got the courage to ask her out and she said yes. I took her out to dinner and it was one of the best nights of my entire life. She was funny, kind, selfless; everything that I wasn't.

"I took her out more and more, and I soon admitted to myself that I was in love with her. On her seventeenth birthday, I took her to her favourite restaurant and confessed my love to her. Amazingly, she returned her love to me and I had my first kiss with her. Sure, I had kissed many girls, but there was electricity and passion when I kissed her. We soon became boyfriend and girlfriend and I was one hundred percent sure that I was going to marry her when we were old enough.

"But then that all changed. I had come back from a club with my friends after celebrating our victory in football when a figure emerged in front of us. My friends were much more drunk than me so pushed the person around a bit, despite my protests for them to stop, but then the person attacked us. They were very strong and they bit me. Then the pain started. I was scared and I didn't know what was happening to me. I just kept burning. When I woke up, I knew I was different. My eye sight was better and so was my hearing. My throat burned viciously. But that's when I smelt it. The sweetest scent I had ever smelt. Immediately, I chased after it. And then I saw where the smell was coming from.

"Kayleigh. With my enhanced eyesight, she looked even more beautiful, even though I thought that was impossible. I realised that she was in school, but she looked so sad. I wanted nothing more than to take her into my arms and take her pain away. But I couldn't go near her in fear of hurting her. I ran back, amazed by my new found speed when I came across another scent, so I tracked that down too, only to come across a deer. Without thinking, I attacked the animal and drank its blood. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I was a vampire.

"I drank animal blood until I felt sick and then headed back to my Kayleigh. I saw some of the guys trying to comfort her and I was filled with the blackest rage. How dare they touch my Kayleigh? I stormed into that room and stopped when I remembered the scent of the humans. They all turned to me in shock, thinking I was a new kid. But Kayleigh saw who I was. She immediately ran into my open arms and kissed me. The fire in my throat ignited, but I battled to keep in control.

"I kept my secret from Kayleigh for as long as possible but she noticed how I was acting different. Eventually I told her what I was, expecting her to go running and screaming. But she didn't. She accepted me and told me that she didn't care what I was. She still loved me so I did the one thing that I had wanted to do for a few weeks; I had asked her to marry me, even though she was only seventeen and I was eighteen, and she said yes. I had never been happier in my entire life.

"But I didn't know we weren't supposed to tell humans our secret. These vampires in black cloaks cornered us with the intention to kill Kayleigh. I fought for her as hard as I could but I watched as they murdered her before my eyes. I felt as if my soul had been ripped out of my body. I did nothing but mourn over her for a month until I started killing humans. The love of my life had been taken from me; what made everyone else so different?

"I stumbled across Alaska where Eleazer found me, only a few weeks ago. I had every intention to change Kayleigh to be my mate after we got married but the hooded figures wouldn't listen. I shamelessly flirted with every female I could, including you, trying to find a new mate to take the pain away, but so far it hasn't worked." Peter was full out crying once he finished his story and I had to hold back my sobs.

"I-I don't want you to feel sympathy for me." He choked. "I j-just ask for your forgiveness." Peter looked at me with those pain-filled eyes once again.

"I forgive you." I heard a quiet voice behind me. I turned around and saw Edward looking at Peter with pity in his eyes.

"How long have you been standing there?" I whispered to him. Edward sighed and glided over to me.

"I heard the whole thing." He murmured into my hair.

"Nothing happened between us!" Peter said quickly. Edward chuckled.

"I know Peter, it's alright. But would you mind if I stole Bella for a bit?" Peter quickly nodded and Edward picked me up bridal style and ran in the forest.

"Does this mean that you and Peter will stop fighting now?" I asked hopefully as the trees whizzed past us.

"I wouldn't say friends, but I'm willing to start over with him now that I've heard his reasons." Edward mused.

"Thank you." I whispered. A moment of silence passed between us. "Um…Edward. Where are we going?" A wide grin spread across Edward's face.

"It's a place that only I know of. I want to share it with you." I was touched by his gesture. I was about to thank him when we stopped in a beautiful round meadow. The grass was a lush green with purple, yellow, blue and white flowers growing in it. The moonlight shone down on the small area, making it seem more beautiful. Edward set me down on my feet and I wandered into the middle of it.

"Edward… it's beautiful." I breathed. I sank down to the dry grass and lay on my back, gazing at the stars. Edward immediately rushed to lie down by my side. We star gazed for a while and talked more about our hobbies. But I was soon reminded of Peter.

"I can't believe what he went through." I murmured, still looking at the stars.

"I know. I can't even imagine myself living without you." Edward whispered. He rolled so that he was on top of me and stroked my cheek gently. I leaned into is palm and closed my eyes.

"Then don't." I breathed. I felt his lips on mine and then they disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw him gazing at me with an unfathomable expression. Suddenly, he grabbed my hands and gently pulled me up to a standing position. Edward stood in front of me, still holding my hands and took a deep breath.

"Bella, ever since I first saw you, I wanted you to be mine. You are my life and if anything ever happened to you, I could never forgive myself. There's nothing on this Earth that I want more than for you to be officially mine, for all eternity. You are the love of my life and I will never want anyone other than you. So I ask you tonight."

Edward got down on one knee and pulled out a blue velvet box from his pocket. He opened the box and inside was a diamond ring. It had a silver band with a small circular diamond in the middle of it.

Edward's scorching eyes looked into mine, and I swear that he could see my soul.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Will you marry me?" My eyes filled with venom. I was speechless. Never had I imagined that Edward would ask me to marry him. I thought that it was something only humans did. But, regardless, I knew my answer right away.

"Yes." I whispered. Edward's face lit up and a huge smile spread across his face; I couldn't stop myself from smiling either. He carefully took the ring out of the box and slid it onto my ring finger on my left hand. He stood up and wrapped his arms around me, spinning me round. Once he set me down, he cupped my neck with his hand and kissed me passionately and lovingly. I returned is emotions, and I could swear that I heard fireworks going off in the distance.

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