Mates For Eternity

What Do We Do?

Grave silence took over the family after they had processed what Alice had just said. The only thing that was heard were the shuffling of feet as the vampires went to their respective mates to hold and comfort them. Soon after, dry sobs starting echoing throughout the room. I was still in shock about what had been done; what Tanya was doing. She was sending us all to our deaths.

Edward simply guided me to the couch in the living room, placed me on his lap and held me extremely tight. Occasionally, he would kiss me and nuzzle into my neck and hair, but he didn't utter a word. No one moved for hours as the same thought was running through everyone's head;

We were doomed.


It was approximately one in the morning when I heard footsteps leave the kitchen. Carlisle and Esme appeared at the doorway of the living room. They looked calm, but I could tell that inside, they were very worried.

"Edward? Bella?" Carlisle asked. As soon as he took a step in our direction, a vicious snarl erupted from Edward. He snapped his jaws at Carlisle, who immediately retreated back to his place by Esme's side. Once he was there, Edward growled and nuzzled his face into my neck, keeping his coal black eyes fixed on Carlisle. I stared at him wide-eyed.

"What's happening to him?" I whispered fearfully. I tried to lean away from Edward, but as soon as I did, he growled and pulled me back to him, crushing me to his chest.

"It's alright Bella." Carlisle soothed, "He feels threatened as you are in danger. All of us are feeling it, but because you two are newly mated, it's affecting Edward the most." All through his explanation, Carlisle's wary eyes stayed on Edward.

"When will it stop?" I questioned whilst looking at Edward who was glaring at Carlisle with an eyebrow raised, daring him to come closer.

"It depends on how long it takes him to control his emotions. Just comfort him; assure him that you're alright." I nodded and proceeded to stroke Edward's cheek. He didn't relax out of his posture, but I saw a bit of amber come back into his eyes. Quietly, Carlisle led Esme out of the room, leaving me and Edward to be alone.


I stayed with him until morning, softly stroking his cheek, running my fingers through his unruly bronze hair; anything that would make him calm down. The rest of the family had joined us half an hour ago, talking tactics about what to do when the newborn army arrived with Tanya. Edward stayed out of the conversation, stroking my hair and kissing my wrists and neck, but I listened intently.

"Do the Volturi know about this?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know. Everything to do with the newborns is fuzzy, but I have seen them discussing what to do about it." Alice answered coolly, although I could see the frustration in her eyes.

"Why do we need the Volturi? It's only a couple of newborns; we can take them." Emmett stated enthusiastically.

"It's not as simple as that." Jasper drawled, his southern accent clear, "Newborns are strong, stronger than you Emmett. If one of them gets a hold of you, then you're dead. They're bloodthirsty creatures. Once they've started, there's no stopping them." A short silence ensued.

"How many are there?" Eleazer asked. Alice's face went blank for a moment before she shook her head and sighed.

"I'm not sure, but I think there are around thirty, including Tanya."

"If the Volturi won't intervene, then what are we going to do?" Esme questioned, looking up at Carlisle. I could see worry in her eyes, but it didn't seem to be for her; it seemed to be for her family.

"We fight!" Emmett jumped it before Rosalie grabbed his shirt and pulled him back down next to her.

"Don't be so silly Emmett!" Rosalie scolded, "We can't ju-"

"Emmett's right." Jasper whispered. We all looked at him astonished.

"What?" Kate asked.

"Judging by Alice's visions and the amount of time Tanya has had, these newborns seem pretty inexperienced. Tanya wouldn't think to look for powers in the newborns; she would just look for strength. We have at least four powers that we can use to our advantage. And even if any of these newborns did have powers, Bella would be able to use her shield to-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence." Edward seethed, "Bella is not going to be fighting anyone."

"Edward, she could be our only hope." Jasper tried to reason with him. Edward merely growled, picked me up bridal style and dashed out of the door. He ran outside into the cool morning air and darted through the trees with me in his arms. Seconds later, I found us at our meadow.

"Edward, what are you-" But I didn't get to finish my sentence as Edward's lips crashed onto mine. I gasped at the sudden contact which allowed Edward's tongue to slip through my lips and into my mouth. Edward set me on my feet and fisted my hair, bringing my face closer to his. I moaned in pleasure and proceeded to kiss him back just as fiercely. Without breaking the kiss, Edward ducked slightly and wrapped his arms around my legs, bringing them up around his waist. I moaned again and closed my eyes as his lips attacked my neck and throat, awakening my lust and desire. I wrapped my arms around his neck to allow him to gain more access to my throat. He moved his hands to my bum and squeezed. I snapped my eyes open and growled lustfully. I used my body to push Edward onto the dew-covered grass, with me falling on top of him. I crushed his lips with mine as I straddled him. I felt his hands rub up and down my sides and I pushed down on him, teasing him. Edward moaned and growled at the same time, pushing his hips up towards me. I attacked his lips with mine once more and trailed my hand under his shirt, feeling his strong stomach muscles. I licked my lips and pulled the shirt off him, leaving him topless below me. I trailed my fingers down his bare skin, electric sparks shooting up my arm from where our skin made contact. As I was distracted, Edward swiftly undid the buttons of my blouse, again, and immediately snapped my bra off, leaving me topless too. His eyes clouded over in lust as he kissed my lips and gently rolled us over so that he was on top. My hands reached down to remove his jeans with success as he did mine. Our bodies moved in synchronisation as we took off each other's underwear. We were now completely naked. Edward skimmed his nose down my face, neck, chest and eventually stopped on my stomach.

"Mine." He breathed against it, kissing my stomach softly. Without warning, he hovered over me again and propped himself up on his elbows. He gently kissed my temple as he nudged into me.

"Ooh." I moaned as I felt him inside of me again. My reaction must have pleased him, for he pulled back slightly then thrust into me. I moaned in great pleasure and hooked my ankles around his waist as he continued to pump into me. I rocked my body and raised my hips to meet his as we shared passionate kisses and moans of pleasure during our love making. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally climaxed, with Edward following soon after. We made love another seven times before Edward became somewhat coherent again.


"Again!" Emmett boomed. I rolled my eyes as I heard everyone else in the clearing sigh. This would be Emmett's fifth time!

We had decided to go with Jasper's plan; we would fight Tanya and her newborns. However, there was a catch.

I wasn't allowed to fight.

I had had a screaming fit when I found out I couldn't fight. I had completely ignored Edward's demands to calm down and ran up to our room, locking the door behind me so I could sulk in peace. It was all Edward's idea and I could tell from the way that Jasper looked at him accusingly. Edward constantly banged on the door that night, demanding that I let him in. When I still refused, he broke the door down.

I was brought out of my musings by Irina waving her hand in front of my face.

"Bella? Bella!" I shook my head and blinked.

"Umm, sorry." I smiled sheepishly. Irina rolled her eyes playfully.

"Shall we try again?" She asked sweetly. I sighed but nodded, concentrating on grasping my shield. We had eventually made a deal that if I wasn't allowed to fight, then I would use my shield to protect the family. Again, Edward was reluctant but thankfully the family sided with me.

I stretched my shield over Kate and she nodded, indicating that she had felt its effects. I then tried to spread it over Eleazer, who was further away, watching Emmett train with Jasper, a calculating look on his face. However, once it touched him, my shield snapped into place. I growled in frustration; I couldn't seem to get it right!

"Don't worry Bella, you'll pick it up eventually." Irina soothed, touching my cheek. After offering me a small smile, she sauntered over to watch the fight between Emmett and Jasper. Kate soon followed after and eventually I shrugged and decided to watch too.

I saw Emmett's bulky form charge at Jasper, who was standing still and calm a few metres away from Emmett. As Emmett was about to lunge for him, Jasper was suddenly on Emmett's back, his teeth next to Emmett's throat.

"Never go for the obvious kill." Jasper scolded Emmett as he climbed off him. Emmett's nostrils flared in annoyance.

"Again." He ordered.

"No, it's my turn." Edward stated, gliding gracefully towards Jasper. Emmett grumbled profanities under his breath as he trudged back to our group. Edward and Jasper stood opposite each other. I didn't know who would win this fight; Edward could read minds, but Jasper had the experience.

They both waited patiently until Jasper swiftly moved to strike Edward. At the last second Edward moved out of Jasper's way, causing Jasper to miss him. Their fight continued like this for ages until Jasper started to get irritated.

"You can't just keep dodging attacks Edward. You have to fight me." Jasper snarled as he continually lunged for Edward.

"What if I don't want to?" Edward asked smugly. A smirk flitted across Jasper's face.

"Fine." He said. Just as he was about to lunge for Edward again, Jasper swiftly turned so he was facing me and lunged. I knew Jasper wouldn't hurt me, but it didn't stop me from taking an involuntary step backwards.

"NO!" Edward roared. As Jasper was in mid-flight, something crashed into him, causing him to be knocked off his path. I looked to Jasper and saw him sprawled beneath Edward's snarling and trembling form. He held Jasper by the throat as he pinned his arms above his head.

"HOW DARE YOU TRY AND HURT BELLA!" Edward screamed in Jasper's face. Instead of recoiling or wincing, Jasper simply smirked at his brother.

"Now that's what you need to do when you fight the newborns." Edward looked confused for a minute before realisation dawned on his face; Jasper was just using me so Edward would attack.

"Don't ever do that again." Edward threatened as he helped Jasper up. Jasper rolled his eyes and dusted himself off as Edward ran over to me.

"Are you ok?" I rolled my eyes along with Jasper.

"Of course I'm ok." I replied.

One by one, Jasper fought the rest of the family, excluding me thanks to Edward, and I could see the improvement in their fighting skills. We practised for three nights before Alice informed us that Tanya and her newborns would be arriving in five days. But I knew we were ready.

However, it occurred to me that my family was fighting for me. I know that Edward had made it clear that I wouldn't be fighting, but right now, I didn't care. Tanya had threatened mine and Edward's relationship and if she wanted me, then so be it. Because one thing was for sure;

I wasn't walking away from this battle without fighting Tanya myself.

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