Mates For Eternity

Organising My Life

I had been trying to track down Forks for two days, stopping every now and then to check the map. Last time I checked I was in Idaho, so I must have been in Washington by now. My hair whipped behind me as I bolted through the dense forest, narrowly missing shrubs and trees as frustration started to take hold of me. Light rain drops started to hit the earth, only to pound heavier until it was like a storm.

I groaned in annoyance and came to a stand-still. I raised my head to the sky, allowing the beating water to assault my face and closed my eyes. I welcomed the moisture as it dripped down my face and dampened my hair. The cool water felt slightly warm against my ice-cold skin, feeling like a warm shower to a human. With a sudden rush of silliness, I spread my arms out and started twirling around, branches and twigs snapping underneath me. I giggled as I quickened my pace and kept spinning until I looked like nothing but a blur, but with my perfect eyesight, I could still see every leaf on every branch with perfect clarity.

After I was fully soaked through, I stopped my spinning but kept laughing as I was still slightly giddy. Once my laughter died down, my original frustration came crashing down on me. Low growls started erupting from my throat as I ripped out the map from my pocket. I glared down at the offending item as I trailed my route again. Suddenly, the colour from the map started running and the paper became soggy and wafer thin in my grip.

"NO!" I screamed as I shredded the map into a million pieces within milliseconds. In my fit of rage, I clutched the nearest tree and uprooted it, throwing it into another and with a groan, they both collapsed onto the floor, mud splashing a few metres high before dropping back down. Without thinking, I charged through the forest, smashing down any object that got in my way. I was on the war path so I didn't notice how the forest was starting to thin out. Dead, fallen leaves crunched beneath my feet and I childishly kicked them whilst sprinting.

Suddenly, I froze. I didn't dare breath. There were no longer trees surrounding me, but a road. I blinked several times before I dashed back into the edge of the forest, in case I got caught by a human. I listened closely to the noises surrounding me and found no trace of humans. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to my left, when suddenly, a big wooden sign with a circled tree caught my eye. I scanned the writing with my eyes, squinting slightly through the downpour and couldn't believe what it read.


I was sure that my eyes were the size of saucers, but I couldn't help the big cheesy grin that plastered my face. I leapt in the air and punched it with my right fist. A sense of accomplishment and pride washed through my being.

With my lips still tugged up at the side, I raced by the narrow road which would lead me to the city of Forks.

As I travelled, I realised that there was a lot of wildlife here and a lot of green. Not that I was complaining as it was the perfect place for me to blend in, but I wondered how the humans felt about having a forest placed in your back garden. I turned my head to face forward when small buildings caught my eye. I stopped my running and gazed in wonder as I observed the little town. My eyes drank in everything; the people who were rushing to get inside, the buildings that were gradually darkening with the rain, the puddles that were forming in the dips in the roads and pavements…it was beautiful.

I stored the information in my brain for later. Right now, my main aim was to find accommodation and role in for school. I pulled my hood over my head, shoved my hands in my jean pockets and sauntered down the streets, being careful not to make any fast movements or to even breathe; I couldn't risk the humans like that. I made sure to keep my head down so that no one would notice me; not that there was anyone around to notice me. As I was walking, I spotted a "For Sale" sign. I glanced up at the house to assess it. It was a detached, small oak cabin. It had very few windows and a front door, with wooden steps leading up to it. I assumed that, because of its size, it was only big enough for one. I listened in and found no heartbeat or breathing coming from the cabin; it seemed that it had been abandoned. With a shrug of my shoulders, I marched up to the sign, plucked it from the ground and walked up the stairs to the front door. I wrapped my fingers around the handle and gently twisted it it. With a small click, it opened and I pushed the door and stepped inside to my new home.

The welcoming smell of pine and oak filled my senses as I breathed in the smell, relishing it. As I looked around, I realised that the cabin was one story, with rooms that all connected to the hall. I padded across to the room on my left and opened it. It appeared to be a study with an oak table with a laptop, phone and lamp perched on top of it. Across the room was a bookshelf filled with dusty books that looked like they hadn't been touched in years.

Not too shabby… I thought.

I trailed into a bathroom, complete with sink, cabinet, shower and bath tub. The tiles in the room were a warm peach colour that looked very inviting, with soft, fluffy towels hanging off racks. I opened the cabinet to find shampoo, soap and conditioner in there. How odd. I then peeked into the bedroom and found a queen sized bed placed in the middle of it with a large set of drawers pressed against the far left wall. I waltzed into the living room where three loveseats sat with a widescreen T.V and a fireplace, complete with an old rugged mat in the middle of the room. Connected to the living room was the kitchen. I was surprised as I checked the fridges and cupboards and found that they were fully stocked.

Maybe whoever left intended on coming back? I shook my head of the thought. I had now found suitable accommodation and now needed to enrol into high school. Great.

I zoomed back into the study and booted up the laptop. I drummed my fingers against the desk as I waited for it to come to life. Once it did, I searched on the Forks High School website and found the number. I picked up the phone and punched in the numbers and waited as the phone started ringing on the other end. After five rings, someone picked up.

"Hello, this is Forks High School. How may I help you?" An elderly woman kindly asked.

"Hello, my name is-" I quickly thought of a name-"Matthew Swan. I was wondering if my daughter would be able to enrol into your high school?" I asked, feigning my voice to sound like a father.

It must have worked, because she eagerly replied, "Oh, of course! We would be delighted to take in your daughter! You just need to give us a few details and then she can be officially rolled in!"

She asked me for the name and age of "my daughter" and went through some health checks. After twenty minutes of agonising conversation, she finally said her goodbyes.

"Well, if Isabella would like to start on Monday, I'm sure she would feel right at home here."

"Yes, thank you. I shall tell Isabella the minute she gets home. Goodbye." I hung up the phone before she had a chance to answer me. I quickly dashed into the bathroom and eagerly started what I ad wanted to do for a long time…TAKE A BATH!

I let the hot water fill the tub as I grabbed the shampoo, conditioner and soap from the cabinet and laid out some towels. When the bath was full, I stripped off my dirty clothes and eased into the water.

"Ahh…" I sighed; it felt so good against my skin. As I soaked myself in the hot water, I contemplated about school. Was I making the right decision? What would people think of me? Would I blend in? Would I be cast away? I would need new clothes.

Before I could debate any further, the scalding water relaxed my muscles, making me slightly drowsy. I slid further into the water, submerging my head under the suface and closed my eyes in my peaceful mood.

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